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Episode 383: Remembering Ben Orr

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Pat and Christy pay tribute to the memory of The Cars bassist Benjamin Orr. They also discuss the upcoming biography by Joe Milliken entitled "Let's Go!: Benjamin Orr and The Cars." Kyle plays the tunes and cracks wise.

Episode 348: LIVE All Request Episode with The Listeners

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This episode was recorded LIVE at the Rock Solid/On The Page Studios in front of an intimate crowd of listeners and friends! The following people took a turn at the mic and fun was had by all! Participants include... Christy Stratton, David Guitierrez, Carrie Scott, Murray Valeriano, Jessica Welsh, West Anthony, Leigh Ann Magier, Mike Siegel, Tom Neuerberg, Patrick Dupuis, Pilar Alessandra, Gage Agnew, Nichol Del Barrio, Mike Schmidt, Aaron Lowe, Amy Lehman, Mario Del Barrio + Pat and Kyle!

Episode 344: Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018

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Pat, Christy and Kyle play some of their favorite songs from the 2018 Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees.

Episode 338: 2017 Year in Review

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The whole Rock Solid crew, sans April, get together to drink wine and play music that was released this past year! Good riddance 2017 and never show your face around these parts again! If you like people talking over each other for 3 hours then this episode is for you!

Episode 248: The Brothers Gibb

Episode 248: The Brothers Gibb

Smile Train auction winner Josh Fitzgerald takes over the show this week by choosing Christy as his Co-Host and pushing Pat into the Producer's seat. Josh's topic of choice is the music of the Bee Gees so hang up your disco ball and practice your high falsetto for this hit filled episode!

Episode 240: Live Tribute to David Bowie

Episode 240: Live Tribute to David Bowie

Pat, Mike, Christy, David, Murray, Kyle and musical guest Heather Stewart pay tribute to the music and legacy of David Bowie. This show was recorded LIVE at the Improv Lab in Hollywood, California. 

Episode 222: The Warmth of Vinyl

Episode 222: The Warmth of Vinyl

No CDs, no mp3s, no wav files not even a computer because this week Pat and Co-Host Christy Stratton are playing nothing but good old-fashioned records. So sit back and get ready to enjoy pops, crackles, skips and hopefully some laughs because it's time to hear the warmth of vinyl.