carrie scott

Episode 392: Sexy Strings

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The Listener's Series continues as Pat and Kyle welcome Carrie Scott (Creator of the Rock Solid Data base) to the Guest Co-Host chair to play rock songs that feature strings! You know violins, cellos etc.

Episode 348: LIVE All Request Episode with The Listeners

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This episode was recorded LIVE at the Rock Solid/On The Page Studios in front of an intimate crowd of listeners and friends! The following people took a turn at the mic and fun was had by all! Participants include... Christy Stratton, David Guitierrez, Carrie Scott, Murray Valeriano, Jessica Welsh, West Anthony, Leigh Ann Magier, Mike Siegel, Tom Neuerberg, Patrick Dupuis, Pilar Alessandra, Gage Agnew, Nichol Del Barrio, Mike Schmidt, Aaron Lowe, Amy Lehman, Mario Del Barrio + Pat and Kyle!