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Epsiode 279: Cover Songs Once Again

Smile Train auction winner Dave Hansen takes over the Co-Host seat and chooses the topic so get ready for "Cover Songs Once Again!" Kyle produces and plays songs too while Dave's brother Ron provides some off the cuff and off the mic commentary. Remember the whole episode is for the children.

Episode 248: The Brothers Gibb

Episode 248: The Brothers Gibb

Smile Train auction winner Josh Fitzgerald takes over the show this week by choosing Christy as his Co-Host and pushing Pat into the Producer's seat. Josh's topic of choice is the music of the Bee Gees so hang up your disco ball and practice your high falsetto for this hit filled episode!

Episode 195: The Cheap Zappa Trick

Pat welcomes Frank Biernat (Pop Culture Beast Kickstarter winner) to the Co-Host chair as they play songs from 2 of their favorite artists... Frank Zappa and Cheap Trick. Come for the music stay for the bar fight story!

Episode 137: Comic-Kaze


This week Pat gets rocked with a BAM! POW! ZAP! as Smile Train/Pardcast-A-Thon auction winner Travis Kennedy sits in as Co-Host to play songs that relate to comic book characters.