Episode 392: Sexy Strings

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The Listener's Series continues as Pat and Kyle welcome Carrie Scott (Creator of the Rock Solid Data base) to the Guest Co-Host chair to play rock songs that feature strings! You know violins, cellos etc.

Episode 388: Shaun Cassidy

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Pat and Kyle welcome writer/producer Shaun Cassidy (New Amsterdam, Emerald City, American Gothic, Roar) to the show to discuss the time in his life when he was a recording artist!

Episode 387: Bryan Adams

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Pat and Kyle welcome Alexi Lalas back to the Co-Host chair to discuss the recording career of Bryan Adams AKA "The Groover From Vancouver."

Episode 383: Remembering Ben Orr

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Pat and Christy pay tribute to the memory of The Cars bassist Benjamin Orr. They also discuss the upcoming biography by Joe Milliken entitled "Let's Go!: Benjamin Orr and The Cars." Kyle plays the tunes and cracks wise.

Episode 381: KISS Solo Albums - Track By Track

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Pat Francis and Kyle Dodson welcome comedian Courtney Cronin to the Guest Co-Host chair to discuss all 4 KISS Solo albums from 1978. The album listening order was chosen randomly and the trio goes meticulously track by track through each LP. This is a must listen for KISS fans. Fans of F-U-N are invited too.

Episode 379: The Beach Boys

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The Listener's Series continues as Pat and Kyle welcome Kevin Hartbarger to the Guest Co-Host seat to discuss one of his favorite bands... The Beach Boys!! Get ready because this one is epic in length!

Episode 378: Remembering Ronnie

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Pat sits down with special guest Wendy Dio to discuss the legendary career of her husband Ronnie James Dio as well as her ongoing charity work for cancer research.