Rock Solid-opedia

Episode 144: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. R

Episode 144: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. R
Rock Solid-opedia returns as Pat and Christy tackle the letter "R."
From April 10, 2014

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Christy Stratton

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Kyle mentions that he works at Vin Di Bona Productions, which is where Christy worked during the earthquake of '94. Kyle does production stuff on America's Funniest Home Videos.
Christy and her son Johnny love the Frozen soundtrack. Pat's daughters love them too, so much so that it has brought them closer together as sisters. Adorable. Pat's youngest daughter sings in the shower every night. She doesn't think that anyone else can hear her, so she goes full throttle. News flash: everyone can hear her.


We got a couple of listener phone calls, so let's hear what they have to say:


  • Brian from Green Bay loved the 1977 episode. That was his birth year. He also loved the Stephen Bishop interview.
  • An unnamed caller from Parts Unknown got inspired by the "Power Ballads" episode for a topic of his own. It's called "Sentimental Street." These are songs that correspond to key moments in one's life: prom, first date, losing your virginity, etc.
00:05:00 Christy's son Johnny comes up in conversation again. His full name is John Eli Mann. Christy wanted him to have a presidential-sounding name. She also wanted Gainesville to be in his name, but decided not to at the last minute. Pat wonders how "John Eli Mann, will you please approach the bench" sounds. Nice one, Pat. Kyle thinks it's a football player's name. Eli comes from Christy's husband's mother's name Elaine, who died. It's a Jewish tradition to name offspring after relatives who have passed away, whether it's the full name or just the first initial.
Christy still works for MTV. Her husband Gary Mann was recently on Pat's wife Pilar's podcast On the Page. Gary was really nervous, but Pat says that he did great.
Pat introduces today's topic: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. R! Yes, we finally return to the Rock Solid-opedia after what seems like a lifetime. Christy really loves the letter R because she had so many artists to choose from.
00:10:00 Christy believes she and Pat will crossover on a bunch of their choices. She didn't pick any Rush because she assumed Pat would already pick them, but Pat reveals, in a devastating twist, that he didn't pick any Rush either! My God, Pat, what kind of supervillain are you?!?! Not even Thanos would pull something like that on us.
My heartache over a Rushless episode aside, Christy kicks us off with her first pick. It's Rainbow with the song "Jealous Lover" from their Jealous Lover EP. This has Joe Lynn Turner on lead vocals, who Christy calls "the dreamiest of the Rainbow lead singers." Well, Ronnie James Dio did have the body of a 73-year-old grandmother from Sharon, Massachusetts, so I don't think I can argue with her on that one.
Pat goes head-to-head with Christy by whipping out his first pick, also by Rainbow. This time, Graham Bonnet ("the second dreamiest Rainbow lead singer," according to Christy) is on lead vocals. From the album Down to Earth, it's their biggest hit "Since You Been Gone".
Pat and Christy both agree that Rainbow was a great band. They also lament Ritchie Blackmore's recent career choices. Blackmore, the man who founded both Rainbow and Deep Purple, two of the most hard rockin' bands of all time, is now playing medieval music with his wife Candice Night in a band called Blackmore's Night. Get it? 'Cause that's their last names. And put together, they sound like a phrase. Do you see the wordplay that is going on here?.... *sigh* This makes me sad.
Dear Ritchie,
Stop doing this. Please stop doing this. You wrote "Smoke on the Water" for fuck's sake. Have some pride in yourself and stop dressing like an extra from "A Kid in King Arthur's Court."
Moving on, Christy's next pick is by Bonnie Raitt. It's a song called "Streetlights", from the album Streetlights.
00:15:00 Pat once again follows in Christy's footsteps, with his next pick being a Bonnie Raitt song. Off her Grammy Award winning album Nick of Time, it's "Thing Called Love". Pat asks Christy who would win in a fight: Bonnie or Lucinda Williams? Christy thinks Lucinda would win, but Bonnie would put up a hell of a fight.
Back in the day, our beloved Christy Stratton was in a sorority. When she went on spring break, her next pick was inescapable. It's "Street Tuff" by Rebel MC, from the album Rebel Music. Christy really liked to dance back then, but just can't find the time now.
00:20:00 Pat's next pick, the now broken up R.E.M. put out an album called Up in 1998. Off that album, it's the song "Daysleeper". Pat likes the song, but is confused by the lyrics. Christy enlightens him to the fact that the lead character works at night, so he sleeps during the day. Hence, "Daysleeper." Pat feels like a real lunkhead. Pat asks Christy the same question he asked April Richardson on the "Mental Patient Songs" episode: Should R.E.M. get back together? Christy says no, but agrees with Pat that it would be cool if they got back together with Bill Berry for one last hurrah.
When it comes to The Ramones, Christy got in a little late to the party. She hopped aboard with their 1983 album Subterranean Jungle, which is where she got her next pick. The song is "Time Has Come Today". Pat also started late with The Ramones, which is why he loves their 80's albums so much.
00:25:00 For his next pick, Pat delves into the world of Glam Metal with the band Ratt. The song is called "One Step Away" and is off their album Detonator. Pat has a real soft spot for that type of sound. Christy gives Pat credit for his "In Defense of Ratt" speech.
Christy's next song is the complete opposite of what Pat just played. If you were a divorced dad in Texas in the 70s (like Christy's dad was), then you had Charlie Rich's album Behind Closed Doors. The Silver Fox had a way to dig deeper into your soul than anyone else could. So let's all crack open a bottle of Lone Star, look out the window with a hand on one hip, stare into the setting sun, and slowly nod to the sweet sounds of "I Take It on Home".
Pat digs himself out of his "Ratthole" with his next band, Rockpile. From their album Seconds of Pleasure, it's "If Sugar Was as Sweet as You". Although that was Rockpile's only album, it wasn't actually their only album. When Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds, both part of Rockpile, did solo albums during that time period, it was Rockpile who played on those records. Seconds of Pleasure was simply the only album that was credited under the Rockpile banner.
00:30:00 We go new school with Christy's next song. It's a band called The Raveonettes. From their album Whip It On, the song is "Attack of the Ghost Riders".
Pat also keeps it current with one of Jack White's many projects, The Raconteurs. It's their hit song "Steady, As She Goes", off their first album Broken Boy Soldiers.
We all know that Christy loves David Lee Roth, so it should come as no surprise when she plays "Damn Good" from his second solo album Skyscraper.
00:35:00 Diamond Dave's voice ain't what it used to be, says Pat. Christy defends Mr. Roth, saying that he was better known as a frontman rather than as a lead singer.
David got an 8.3 from the US judge, an 8.1 from the England judge, a 7.9 from the Russian judge, and a 7/10 split from his groin.
Jake E. Lee, former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne during the Bark at the Moon/The Ultimate Sin era, has a new band called Red Dragon Cartel. Pat plays a song from their self-titled debut album. It's the song "Feeder", featuring Robin Zander on lead vocals.
Before venturing into full blown Rolling Stones territory, Christy takes a detour into the solo career of Keith Richards. She picks a song from his second--and so far, last--solo album, Main Offender. It's a track called "Wicked as It Seems". Pat and Christy both love Keith's two solo albums, this one and his first, called Talk Is Cheap. Pat claims that it's even better than a lot of what The Stones were doing at the time.
Pat's next pick is from an album that he can barely pronounce, Wovoka. It's the band Redbone, with their song "Come and Get Your Love".
00:40:00 Christy brings the whole episode to a entirely new level of adorableness. There's a group called Rockabye Baby! that does lullaby versions of classic rock songs. She plays "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution," "No Quarter," and "Welcome to the Jungle." Because there's nothing more awesome than lulling your infant to sleep with AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Guns 'N Roses. Seriously, that is awesome.
But that's not Christy's pick, though. No, her next pick is a funky brew by Rufus and Chaka Khan. It's "Tell Me Something Good" from the album Rags to Rufus. That groovin' tune is one of Christy's "mental patient songs."
Pat gives apologies to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their song "Can't Stop". In a total flip, Christy is the one following Pat this time, as she also dumps the RHCP and their song "Suck My Kiss". Has the student become the master?! Will Pat strike Christy down?! If he does, will she become stronger than he could possibly imagine?!?!
"No. Get on with the recap, nerd."
00:45:00 Ahem... Anyway, Pat pays tribute to the recently deceased Lou Reed. It's a song called "Wild Child" from his self-titled debut album. Christy once saw Lou on the streets of New York City, but she was too shy to talk to him.
Pat doesn't have any songs by The Rolling Stones, so it's up to Christy to let us hear 'em. She picks a deep cut from Tattoo You. It's a song called "Worried About You".
Along with The Rolling Stones, Pat gives apologies to Todd Rundgren, Rush (apologies don't cut it for this one, Francis), and The Rascals, specifically their song "People Gotta Be Free".
Pat's last pick is by REO Speedwagon. From their strangely-titled album You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Tuna Fish (seriously, why would you call it that?), it's an uplifting song called "Blazin' Your Own Trail Again".
00:50:00 Pat and Christy both want to do a deep cuts show. But they also want to make it fun, meaning good songs that happen to be deep cuts, rather than just picking a bunch of boring songs that no one knows.
Christy's last song comes to us from Rock Solid favorites The Replacements. It's a song called "I'll Be You", and it's from their album Don't Tell a Soul. Pat really likes The Replacements. He recently got their entire discography from a listener who sent it to him.
00:55:00 Kyle takes us home with a band called Rain Must Fall, which a friend of his plays in. From the album Wednesday Starts the Weekend, it's a song called "Magnolia".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Jealous Lover Jealous Lover EP Rainbow Christy
00:10:00 Since You Been Gone Down to Earth Rainbow Pat
00:10:00 Streetlights Streetlights Bonnie Raitt Christy
00:15:00 Thing Called Love Nick of Time Bonnie Raitt Pat
00:15:00 Street Tuff Rebel Music Rebel MC Christy
00:20:00 Daysleeper Up R.E.M. Pat
00:20:00 Time Has Come Today Subterranean Jungle Ramones Christy
00:25:00 One Step Away Detonator Ratt Pat
00:25:00 I Take It on Home Behind Closed Doors Charlie Rich Christy
00:25:00 If Sugar Was as Sweet as You Seconds of Pleasure Rockpile Pat
00:30:00 Attack of the Ghost Riders Whip It On The Raveonettes Christy
00:30:00 Steady, As She Goes Broken Boy Soldiers The Raconteurs Pat
00:30:00 Damn Good Skyscraper David Lee Roth Christy
00:35:00 Feeder Red Dragon Cartel Red Dragon Cartel Pat
00:35:00 Wicked as It Seems Main Offender Keith Richards Christy
00:35:00 Come and Get Your Love Wovoka Redbone Pat
00:40:00 Tell Me Something Good Rags to Rufus Rufus and Chaka Khan Christy
00:45:00 Wild Child Lou Reed Lou Reed Pat
00:45:00 Worried About You Tattoo You The Rolling Stones Christy
00:45:00 Blazin' Your Own Trail Again You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Tuna Fish REO Speedwagon Pat
00:50:00 I'll Be You Don't Tell a Soul The Replacements Christy
00:55:00 Magnolia Wednesday Starts the Weekend Rain Must Fall Kyle

Episode 025: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. T

Episode 025: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. T
Pat and Gary dig into their iTunes catalogs and pull some choice cuts from the letter T.

From December 29, 2011

Recapped by Steve Herold from


New Business: Pat saw an early screening of the US remake of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and enjoyed it so much he's writing a fourth book for the series titled "The Girl Who Rocked Solidly."

  Gary brings up a recent round of Jon Bon Jovi death rumors igniting on Twitter (not true).

The guys discuss the recent Grammys nominations in which we learn Bruno Mars bugs Gary and he likens Mumford & Sons to Dexy's Midnight Runners.


Bruce Springsteen makes another guest appearance to talk about the Grammy nominations for Best New Artist. His choice: Little Steven Van Zandt.

00:10:00 Gary plays: "All Together Now" by the Beatles, "T for Texas" by Jimmie Rodgers, "Tea for Two" by Doris Day, "The Letter T" by Plain White T's (actually the song "Hey There Delilah" with new lyrics for a Sesame Street appearance), and finally Mr. T asking -- nay -- demanding us to "Shut Up, Fool!" Which leads us to this week's topic: Rock Solid-opedia: Volume T.

Pat loves when bands sell out as The Tubes did when they teamed up with 80's mega-producer David Foster and Toto guitarist Steve Lukather to write the hit "Talk to Ya Later" from The Completion Backward Principle.


Gary disagrees, thinking the song represents The Tubes reaching their full potential. He also questions if they had instead teamed with David Foster Wallace would the song have a magnitude of footnotes. The joke sails gracefully right over Pat's head.

  Gary plays "Now We Can See" by Portland-based band The Thermals from Now We Can See. According to Gary, lead singer Hutch Harris has the coolest name in rock.

Pat plays a song by that other Canadian power trio: "Magic Power" by Triumph from Allied Forces.


Per Gary, to quote another Triumph: "The song is excellent… for me to poop on."

  In high school, Pat was told he had to see Triumph live because they had an awesome light show, and needed it cause they're not the most handsome trio of dudes.
  Gary plays "Gravity" by bay-area band Translator from the 1985 album Translator which Wounded Bird Records (sort of the new Rhino Records) released for the first time on CD in 2007 with a few bonus tracks.
00:20:00 Pat plays "Old Friends" by Roger Taylor from Happiness? Taylor's other gig was drummer for Queen and this song was written for former band mate Freddie Mercury. According to Gary, and Pat agrees, Taylor could really rock a mullet.

Gary's next selection, he claims, is the least sexy "sexy song" and gave him the creeps but also calls it one of his favorites. It's "Teach Me Tiger" by Nino Tempo & April Stevens (although when released as a single it was just credited to April Stevens) from the album Teach Me Tiger.


Pat feels like it's the type of song he'd expect to hear in a Sean Connery era James Bond movie. When Bond walks into some bar in Asia, a woman would be singing this on stage. Matt chimes in that he actually liked the song, although it made his skin crawl.


Due to Matt's distain for James Taylor, Pat decided not to play any of his songs, but opted for another Taylor: Andy Taylor of Duran Duran with his solo attempt at hair metal stardom (with ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones): "When the Rain Comes Down" from the album Thunder.


Gary feels Pat should really keep his love for some of these songs to himself. At least it's available on iTunes, unlike Gary's selections, which are only available in Gary's car. Matt wonders: Why wasn't John Cusack flipping hamburgers to this song during a montage in an 80's Savage Steve Holland-directed movie?

  Gary plays "Your English Is Good" by Tokyo Police Club from Elephant Shell.

Pat plays "Toughest Street In Town" by Thin Lizzy from Black Rose: A Rock Legend.


Pat admits whenever people ask him to listen to an album he says "okay" but never listens. But in this case, he did. Gary feels the song was sung from the point of view of a real estate agent. A question from Matt leads to the guys singing an a cappella version of "The Boys Are Back In Town."


Gary hails from Castro Valley, CA, which means he reps O-Town, thus his next choice is "If I Had No Loot" by Tony! Toni! Toné! from Sons Of Soul.


Echoing Matt's previous comment about film montages, Pat feels this song would've worked in "The Help" while the women were cleaning up.


Pat also wishes for a Tony! Toni! Toné! …Tone-Loc tour. Apparently, recent guest Kim Shattuck of the Muffs filmed a pilot in the 90's where her band was trying to be killed and the cop on the case was played by Tone-Loc. Gary's title for the failed show: Snuff the Muffs.

00:35:00 Pat's last selection: "A Little Is Enough" by Pete Townshend from Empty Glass. Gary asks Pat if he thinks Pete is happy. Pat doesn't think so.

Before they get to Gary's last song, some of the bands Pat skipped:

  • T. Rex
  • Traveling Wilburys
  • Toto
  • Train.

Some Gary skipped:

  • Television
  • Tegan & Sara
  • TV On the Radio
  • that dog.
00:40:00 Gary's last song was inspired by his recent viewing of the movie "Young Adult." "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub from Bandwagonesque figures heavily into the plot.
  Playout: Calling back to the opening of the show, Pat talks up the opening credit sequence of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and the song that plays during it, a cover of the Led Zeppelin classic "The Immigrant Song" by Trent Reznor, Karen O and Atticus Ross.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00Talk to Ya LaterThe Completion Backward PrincipleThe TubesPat
00:10:00Now We Can SeeNow We Can SeeThe ThermalsGary
00:15:00Magic PowerAllied ForcesTriumphPat
00:20:00Old FriendsHappiness?Roger TaylorPat
00:20:00Teach Me TigerTeach Me TigerNino TempoGary
00:25:00When the Rain Comes DownThunderAndy TaylorPat
00:25:00Your English Is GoodElephant ShellTokyo Police ClubGary
00:30:00Toughest Street In TownBlack Rose: A Rock LegendThin LizzyPat
00:30:00If I Had No LootSons Of SoulTony! Toni! Toné!Gary
00:35:00A Little Is EnoughEmpty GlassPete TownshendPat
00:40:00The ConceptBandwagonesqueTeenage FanclubGary
00:40:00The Immigrant SongThe Girl With The Dragon TattooTrent ReznorPat

Episode 106: Rock Solid-opedia: Volume N

Episode 106: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. N
This is the 'N', beautiful friends... Volume N of the Rock Solid-opedia, that is!

From July 18, 2013
00:00:00 The gang and Kyle Dodson are in the studio today.

Gary recently enjoyed the new Big Star documentary Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me.


  Gary talks about a teen movie from a few years ago titled Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Gary recommends the soundtrack, which includes a band called The Stiff Dylans. Pat feels that everything associated with the movie sounds dirty.

Gary introduces Rock Solid's new sponsor


It seems that drugs were a little too easy to get in the 70s.
  This week is Rock Solid-opedia Volume N (Paula Deen's favorite letter)
  Pat kicks off this volume with his favorite No Doubt album: Here's "Don't Let Me Down" from the album Rock Steady.
00:10:00 Gary plays an indie darling: The National - "Don't swallow the Cap" from the album Trouble Will Find Me.
  Next are the progressive views of Ted Nugent - "Free For All" from the album Free For All.
  A listener turned Gary onto this Scottish band: Noah & The Whale - "Silver & Gold" from the album Heart of Nowhere.

Pat next plays a guy who was weird before weird was cool: Gary Numan - "Cars" from the album The Pleasure Principle.


If you want to hear Gary Numan with some crunchy guitars check out his band Tubeway Army.



  Here's Gary's favorite song of 2007: Kate Nash - "Foundations" from the album Made of Bricks.
00:20:00 Pat admires this artist's 1972 comeback hit and his feathery hair: Ricky Nelson - "Garden Party" from the album Garden Party. BTW, this song is apparently his reaction to a 1971 gig that went poorly where he was booed when he played his newer songs.
  Some sweet musical criticism from Mojo Nixon - "Don Henley Must Die" from the album Otis.

Pat plays the catchy song of the 90s: New Radicals - "You Get What You Give" from the album Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too.

This song was in the running for the Low Times podcast's "Most 90s song of the 90s." It apparantly lost out to "Sex and Candy."

00:25:00 Gary plays his favorite song by this artist: The New Pornographers - "Sing Me Spanish Techno" from the album Twin Cinemas.

The first concert that Pat went to was Kiss during the Dynasty tour. The opening band during that tour was New England - "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" from the album New England.


They first album was producted by Paul Stanley. He stops by the studio to explain his producting process.


This song freaked a young Gary Lucy the fuck OUT: The Normal - "Warm Leatherette" from the album Single.

  Who knew the Monkees had any solo records? Pat did, cuz here is some Michael Nesmith - "Joanne" from the album Magnetic South.
00:35:00 Gary plays the third-tier Eagles: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" from the album Will the Circle Be Unbroken.
  Next Pat plays a song by Night Ranger. No, not that song. Instead, he plays that non-Sister-Christiany "Sentimental Street" from the album 7 Wishes. [ed. note: I remember very clearly my brother using a Sharpie to draw a Night Ranger logo on his painters cap. It looked pretty good].
00:40:00 Gary just finished a book by Chuck Klosterman titled I Wear The Black Hat, a book about villany. He devotes an entire chapter to our next artist: NWA - "Express Yourself" from the album Straight Outta Compton.
00:45:00 Pat goes for the Oscar juggarnaut Randy Newman - "Something Special" from the album Land Of Dreams.
  Gary shares a suggestion from listeners Jim in IL and Mike in CT. They demand Kraut Rock! NEU! - "Hallogallo" from the album Neu. Hallogallo is German for 'wild party
  Gary continues with the listener suggestions with Jack from FL's choise New York Dolls - "Pills" from the album self-titled debut.
  He closes the request line with some NIN: NINE INCH NAILS - "Kinda I want to" from the album Pretty Hate Machine.
00:50:00 Pat ends his list with the 70s witch/sprite/cocaine enthusiast Stevie Nicks - "Enchanted" from the album The Wild Heart.

Gary burns through his N list with

  • The Negro Problem - "Buzzing" from the album Post-Minstrel Syndrome
  • New Order - "Perfect Kiss" from the album Lowlife
  • Neon Trees - "Everybody Talks" from the album Picture Show.
  • Nada Surf - "Electricution" from the album If I Had A Hi-Fi.

BTW, if you post a review of Rock Solid on iTunes you could win a copy of that Nada Surf album!


What band did Martha Quinn interview that didn't pan out to well because they were rude to her? 3/3

— Rock Solid (@RockSolidShow) July 19, 2013

  Matt plays us out with Harvard fellow Nas - "New York State of Mind" from the album Illmatic.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00Don't Let Me DownRock SteadyNo DoubtPat
00:10:00Don't swallow the CapTrouble Will Find MeThe NationalGary
00:10:00Free For AllFree For AllTed NugentPat
00:10:00Silver & GoldHeart of NowhereNoah & The WhaleGary
00:15:00CarsThe Pleasure PrincipleGary NumanPat
00:15:00FoundationsMade of BricksKate NashGary
00:20:00Garden PartyGarden PartyRicky NelsonPat
00:20:00Don Henley Must DieOtisMojo NixonGary
00:20:00You Get What You GiveMaybe You've Been Brainwashed TooNew RadicalsPat
00:25:00Sing Me Spanish TechnoTwin CinemasThe New PornographersGary
00:25:00Don't Ever Wanna Lose YaNew EnglandNew EnglandPat
00:30:00Warm LeatheretteSingleThe NormalGary
00:30:00JoanneMagnetic SouthMichael NesmithPat
00:35:00Will the Circle Be UnbrokenWill the Circle Be UnbrokenNitty Gritty Dirt BandGary
00:35:00Sentimental Street7 WishesNight RangerPat
00:40:00Express YourselfStraight Outta ComptonNWAGary
00:45:00Something SpecialLand Of DreamsRandy NewmanPat
00:45:00Pillsself-titled debutNew York DollsGary
00:45:00Kinda I want toPretty Hate MachineNine Inch NailsGary
00:50:00EnchantedThe Wild HeartStevie NicksPat
00:50:00BuzzingPost-Minstrel SyndromeThe Negro ProblemGary
00:50:00Perfect KissLowlifeNew OrderGary
00:50:00Everybody TalksPicture ShowNeon TreesGary
00:50:00ElectricutionIf I Had A Hi-FiNada SurfGary
00:55:00N.Y. State of MindIllmaticNasMatt

Episode 101: Rocksolid-opedia Vol. QXY

Episode 101: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. QXY
They are the forgotten ones. The unloved. The orphans. Now Pat and Gary devote a whole episode to these wastrels of the Rock Solid-opedia: Q, X and Y. Won't you please give them an hour of your time?

From June 11, 2013
00:00:00 Gary mistakes himself for Pat, to hilarious comic effect. You so crazy, Gary!
  Kyle Dodson is dubbed the new and improved
  Gary went to see Inara George in concert, who is now amount his favorite vocalists, especially now that the great Blossom Dearie has passed away.

Pat has a new iPod Shuffle. It's great, because its internal computer voice will tell you the name of the song that's playing.

Curiously, though, Pat's iPod has become sentient! It has now become:


"Taylor Swift: I would hit that ass so hard.'"

- Dirty iPod

Gary has some apologies:

  • Episode 099 was suggested by Ron Brandt from Long Island, NY.
  • Some phone calls didn't come through, but Gary got the gist.
  • Ray from Ohio (the birthplace of Devo) calls to bitch share constructive feedback about Episode 097 - "Family Tree". He claims that they didn't mention Julian Lennon.
  • James from Brooklyn has two episode suggestions: "Hitting the high notes" (bands with falsetto singers) and "Great sibling bands". As an example he makes an Instant Request for "Emmylou" by the Swedish band First Aid Kit.
  • A call all the way from Italy! Luigi asks if the gang can do a whole show about rainbows.
    Both Gary and Pat feel that they could do it. As a preview, Gary plays The Doors classic "Reading Rainbow."
00:15:00 Gary kicks off the topic with some Quasi - "California" from the oddly titled album Featuring "Birds"
  Pat takes us back to the 80s with Portland's own Quarterflash with "Take me to heart" from Take another picture
Gary shares that Quasi and Quarterflash are both from Portland and that Quarterflash's original name was Seafood Mama, which was a Portland restaurant. Gary has the 45 of Seafood Mama's more indy version of "Harden My Heart." Check it out.
  Gary plays the latest from Queens of the stone age - "I sat by the ocean" from Like clockwork
00:20:00 Pat breaks out Suzi Quatro (a.k.a. Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days) "Stumblin' in" from If You knew Suzi
  Gary shares that Danny Wilde, from the Rembrandts, was also in a band called The Quick. They played a grandiose song called "Hilary" from the album Mondo Deco.
  Pat wonders if The Rembrandts made much dough from the Friends theme. Well, according to this article, the band made an estimated $4.5 million from the tune. Not bad.
00:25:00 The quintessential Q band for Pat is Queen. He chose o play "Don't Stop me now" from Jazz
  Gary moves into X with X-ray Specs - "Oh bondage up yours"
  Pat goes super-meta with X - "Fourth of July" from See how we are.
00:30:00 Gary's band is twice as good as Pat's: XX - "Crystalized" from their self-titled album.
  Pat's next tasty tune is from XTC - "Senses working overtime" from English Settlement.
00:35:00 Gary sneaks in a B-B-B-BONUS-S-S-S XTC clip - "Respectable street" from Black Sea.
  Gary's real next song is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest album - "Sacrilege" from mosquito
  Pat breaks out some RAWK with Y&T - "Summertime Girls" from Down for the count. [ed note: one of Mrs. Editor's all-time favorites]
  This was Gary's song back when Rock Solid started: Yuck - "Get Away" from their self-titled album.
00:40:00 Pat goes hick with Trisha Yearwood - "Walkaway, Joe" from an album of the same name.
  Gary reaffirms his indy cred by playing Yo La Tengo - "Tom Courtenay" from an Electropura
  Pat takes us back to the era of synthecizers with Yes - "Love will find a way" from Big Generator
00:45:00 Pat almost played a song from a "supergroup" made up of members of Toto and Yes. Put those two band names together and you get the (awful) new name Yoso. We dodged a bullet on that one.

Here's another


The super-catchy "I don't see her anymore" from Yanks

  Pat goes classic with Neil Young's "Rockin' in the free world" from Freedom.
  Gary and Janie were thinking about who The Bird and the Bee should cover next. They though that Neil Young would be good. They also thought about Lionel Richie [ed. note: ding, ding, ding!]
00:50:00 Gary plays a good group undone by a dumb name: Urusei Yatsura - "Kewpies Like Watermellon"from Stunray
  Pat teases an annoucement that will happen on Episode 105 (hint: you're reading in right now)
  Matt plays us out with Rock n Roll Hall of Famer: Terminator X - "Buck Whylin'" from Terminator X and the Valley of Jeep Beets
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Emmylou The Lion's Roar First Aid Kit
00:15:00 California Featuring "Birds" Quasi Gary
00:15:00 Take Me to Heart Take another picture Quarterflash Pat
00:15:00 I sate by the ocean Like Clockwork Queens of the stone age Gary
00:20:00 Stumblin' In If you knew suzi Suzi Quatro Pat
00:20:00 Hilary Mondo Deco The Quick Gary
00:25:00 Don't Stop me now Jazz Queen Pat
00:25:00 Oh bondage up yours Single x-ray specs Gary
00:25:00 Fourth of july See how we are x Pat
00:30:00 Crystalized XX XX Gary
00:30:00 Senses working overtime English Settlement XTC Pat
00:35:00 Respectable Street Black Sea XTC Gary
00:35:00 Sacrilege Mosquito Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gary
00:35:00 Summertime Girls Down for the count Y&T Pat
00:35:00 Get away Yuck Yuck Gary
00:40:00 Walkaway, Joe Walkaway, Joe Trisha Yearwood Pat
00:40:00 Tom Courtenay Electropura Yo La Tengo Gary
00:40:00 Love will find a way Big Generator Yes Pat
00:45:00 I don't see her anymore Single Yanks Gary
00:45:00 Rockin' in the Free world Freedom Neil Young Pat
00:50:00 Kewpies Like Watermellon Stunray Urusei Yatsura Gary
00:50:00 Buck Whylin' Terminator X and the Valley of Jeep Beets Terminator X Matt

Episode 17: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. P

Episode 017: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. P
Choice cuts from the "P" section of Pat and Gary's iTunes.

From November 3, 2011
00:00:00 Gary says they received so much hate mail about the naughty episode that they played last week. Tipper Gore is up in arms!

Gary leads us into another segment of


Gary shares with us the hot (at the time) internet sensation Lana Del Rey. After Gary reads the names of her three sings ("Video Games," "Blue Jeans," and "Diet Mountain Dew" Pat theorizes that she's just trying to get an endorsement deal.


After hearing "Video Games" Pat is cautiously positive. He wants to hear more. Her voice reminds him to Riffraff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show (in a good way).


Gary is a bit more critical. He likens her to pumpkin products in October. When you have your first pumpkin flavored whatever you think "I love pumpkin! I should eat it all time!" But when November rolls around you're tired of it.


Pat thinks it's Justified; Gary thinks it's a bit Unwarranted. This leads to the shocking, first ever

00:11:50 To introduct this week's topic, Silent Partner Matt Belknap cuts off Pat in midsentence* to play the Pixies song that was kicked off of the Shrek 2 soundtrack titled "Bam Thwok."
*[ed. note: that is some cold-hearted shit, bro]
00:13:20 Gary kicks it off with the a band that wrote a song called the most depressing ever [ed. note: Nice way to start a show, Gary]. The Pernice Brothers - "The Weakest Shade of Blue" from Yours, Mine & Ours
00:15:55 Pat brings us a newcomer named Robert Plant. He covers a Los Lobos tune called "Angel Dance" on his album Band of Joy.
00:18:10 Gary gives us a grunge pop trio names Papas Fritas with "Hey Hey You Say" from Helioself.
00:20:20 Pat spins a fascinating yarn about early Journey. After three Journey albums that went nowhere the band decided to get a new singer. Once Journey's manager heard a demo tape by a guy in the band Alien Project, he knew they had their new singer. The song is "If You Need Me Call Me" and the singer is Steve Perry. Steve included this song on his Greatest Hits album.
00:24:10 From the great city of Cleveland, Ohio comes Pere Ubu with the "hit song" (according to Gary) "Final Solution"
00:26:05 Pat gives us "The Fixer" from the Pearl Jam album Backspacer
00:28:55 When Gary first moved to Portland he was just pulling out of the darkest period of his life. His first apartment was a dank flophouse. On the last day of staying there he walked out and saw the Canadian pop band The Pursuit of Happiness. He said hello and wound up hanging out with them and seeing their show. That was the turning point in his life. Here they are with their power pop masterpiece "She's So Young" from Love Junk
00:32:15 Pat claims that you can't have a "P" list without featuring Billy Squire's band Piper with "Who's your boyfriend" from Can't Wait
00:34:05 When you ready, I mean really ready, to get down and make sweet, sweet love, Gary demands that you play Teddy Pendergrass' "Close The Door" from an album of the same name.
00:36:35 Pat next gives us Tom Petty - "Waiting for tonight" from his box set Playback.
00:38:45 Gary next lays on us flat background vocals of Polara - "Source of Light" from Polara
00:41:35 Pat finishes up with Pink - "Raise your glass" from her greatest hits album.

Gary shares his apologies with Pavement, Pulp, John Prine, Louie Prima, Portastatic, Portishead, Pure Praire League, Prince, Phoenix, Pearl Jam, Peaches and Herb, Parliment, Prefab Sprout, Psychodelic Furs, Pilot, Stan Phillips and the Posies and their fantastic album Frosting On The Beater.


According to Gary, the best thing to come out of Belgium was Plastic Bertrand and his single "Ca Plane Pour Moi"

00:45:55 Pat shares his apologies with Graham Parker, Pink Floyd, Prince and The Psychodelic Furs.
00:46:15 Pat finishes the show with the supergroup SuperHeavy with the song "SuperHeavy" from the album SuperHeavy.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:11:50 Bam Thwok Single The Pixies Gary
00:13:20 The Weakest Shade of Blue Yours, Mine & Ours The Pernice Brothers Gary
00:15:55 Angel Dance Band of Joy Robert Plant Pat
00:18:10 Hey Hey You Say Helioself Paps Fritas Gary
00:20:20 If you need me call me Greatest Hits Steve Perry Pat
00:24:10 Final Solution Single Pere Ubu Gary
00:26:05 The Fixer Backspacer Pearl Jam Pat
00:28:55 She's So Young Love Junk The Pursuit of Happiness Gary
00:32:15 Who's Your Boyfriend Can't Wait Piper Pat
00:34:05 Close the door Close the door Teddy Pendergrass Gary
00:36:35 Waiting for tonight Playback Tom Petty Pat
00:38:45 Source of light Polara Polara Gary
00:41:35 Raise your glass Greatest Hits so far Pink Pat
00:43:45 Ca Plane Pour Moi Single Plastic Bertrand Gary
00:46:15 Superheavy Superheavy Superheavy Pat

Episode 013: Rock Solid-opedia, Vol. A

Episode 013: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. A
Choice cuts from the "A" section of Pat & Gary's iTunes.

From October 6, 2011
00:00:00 It's Rock-Thirty, so it's time for Pat and Gary.

Gary gives the answers to last week's Name That Solo contest:

  • AC/DC - "Highway to Hell"
  • Thin Lizzy - "Boys Are Back In Town"
  • The Pixies - "Monkeys Gone To Heaven"
  • Steely Dan - "Reeling in the Years"
  • Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain"
  • Pat Benetar - "Shadows of the Night"
  • Weezer - "Buddy Holly"

Another "Not So Great Moments in Hip Hop History."

Ed McMahon singing the Free Credit Score Rap. So sad.

"It's hard out there for a gimp.'"

- Pat commenting on Ed M's skillz

Game time


The Letter "A" Quiz


•  She sold 12 million copies of her debut album Songs In A Minor.  Show answer

•  In ABBA, what do either one of the A's stand for?  Show answer

•  Kenny Loggins inspired by the work by A.A. Milne?  Show answer

•  Carrie Underwood sang what Heart song during American Idol?  Show answer

•  The hometown of Crissie Hynde and Devo?  Show answer

•  In the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs' song "MAPS", what does the A stand for?  Show answer

00:10:30 Gary's first entry is some unapologetic grungy fun: Arches of Loaf - "Web In Front" (from Icky Loaf)
00:11:45 Pat kicks it off with American Hi-fi - "Flavor of the Week" from their self-titled debut album.
00:13:30 Gary feels that bands like American Hi-fi or Blink 182 should believe and belt out their melodies more. The Boss stops by to demonstrate how it's done.
00:13:45 Gary's next song has it all: pirate costumes, native American war paint, kookiness: Adam and the Ants - "Beat Our Guest" from Antics in the Forbidden Zone.
00:15:55 In Australia this band in called The Angels, but in God's Country (USA! USA! USA!) they're called Angel City - "Take A long line" from Face to Face

Gary had SOOOOOO many "A" artists that we wanted to play that he had to have a separate ceremony in the backroom of the Menchies in Encino. The turnout was disappointing, but he still wanted to play some of the highlights :

  • Award for Best Song by a Band Whose Greatness is Kinda Hard To Get Across in Just One Song: American Music Club - "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
  • Award for Best Song by a Band Who, If They Were The Subject of a Biopic, The Lead Singer Would Almost Certainly be Played by Patton Oswalt: Accept - "Balls To the Wall"
  • Best Jackie Chan Tribute: Ash - "Kung Fu"
00:20:55 Gary follows up with The Auteurs - "Showgirl" from New Wave
00:22:38 Pat serves us up some Fiona Apple - "Get Him Back" from Extraordinary Machine.

Gary hates this song. It's part of the Yacht Rock that Gary called Cuckold Rock, about wussy guys being wussies about being wronged. It's Ace with "How Long" from Five-A-Side.


Other offenders include:

00:28:30 Pat first heard this song during a promo for the show One Tree Hill. It got stuck in his head and now he's sharing it with us. Augustana - "Boston" from All the Stars and Boulevards
00:30:00 Gary shares another badly named band. Athenaeum - "What I Didn't Know" from Radiance
00:32:00 Before he took a puss pill, Pat liked Brian Adams - "Lonely Nights" from You want it you got it.

Gary checks back in with the ceremony at Menchies to see what's going on:

  • Best Song by a Properly Names Emo Band: The Academy Is - "About A Girl" from Fast Times at Barrington High
  • Best Drinking Song that will Make You Never Want to Drink Again: Azure Ray - "The Drinks We Drank Last Night" from Hold On Love
  • Best Band Named After a Middle Eastern Political Party or a Crocheted Hair Piece: The Afghan Whigs - "Gentlemen" from Gentlemen
00:36:05 Gary's digging this band right now, because they have something in common: they both have no musical ability. It's Art Brute - "Direct Hit" from It's a Bit Complicated.
00:38:10 StarchildPaul Stanley comes by to discuss why he's not as entrepreneurial as Gene Simmons.
00:39:00 Country and Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Trace Adkins sings a song that makes Pat cry like a little BITCH! Whoa, sorry! I channeled my inner frat boy there for a second. It's "You're gonna miss this" from American Man.
00:42:00 After Pat's trip to Bummertown, we take a lighter hearted detour with The Avalanches - "Since I Left You" from an album of the same name.
00:43:20 Pat turns to the bad boys from Boston: Aerosmith - "Lightning Strikes" from their underappreciated album Rock and a hard place.
00:45:15 Gary's next song is Jon Auer's cover of "Green Eyes" from the album 6 1/2
00:46:55 Pat's next song is a track by the "supergroup" Asia - "Finger on the Trigger" from Omega
00:49:00 It's like the old saying goes, you never forget your first. This was Gary's' first digital download from a music blog. It's Arkansas' Ashtray Babyhead - "Bomb" from the album Radio
00:51:10 Pat takes it on home with AC/DC - "Anything Goes" from Black Ice

Gary closes out the ceremony at Menchies:

  • Best 80s Pop Nugget by a Scotish and/or Austrailian Band - Male Vocalist: Aztec Camera - "Oblivious" from the album High Land, Hard Rain
  • Best 80s Pop Nugget by a Scotish and/or Austrailian Band - Female Vocalist: Altered Images - "I could be happy" from Pinky Blue
  • Best Electronic Album for People Who Think They Don't Like Electronic Music: Air - "Moon Safari" from an album of the same name
  • The Fruit and Fiber Lifetime Achievement Award: The Apples In Stereo
00:57:05 The boys end the show with "For Now" from the broadway show Avenue Q
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:30 Web in front Icky Loaf Arches of loaf Gary
00:11:45 Flavor of the Week American Hi-Fi American Hi-Fi Pat
00:13:45 Beat our guests Antics in the Forbidden Zone Adam and the ants Gary
00:15:55 Take a long line Face to Face Angel City Pat
00:18:00 Johnny Mathis' Feet Mercury American Music Club Gary
00:18:00 Balls to the wall Balls to the wall Accept Gary
00:18:00 Kung Fu 1977 Ash Gary
00:20:55 Showgirl New Wave The Auteurs Gary
00:22:38 Get Him Back Extraordinary Machine Fiona Apple Pat
00:24:50 How Long Five-A-Side Ace Gary
00:28:30 Boston All The start and boulevards Augustana Pat
00:30:00 What I didn't know Radiance Athenaeum Gary
00:32:00 Lonely Nights You want it, you got it Brian Adams Pat
00:34:20 About a girl fast times at barrington Hight The academy is Gary
00:34:20 The drinks we drank last night hold on love Azure ray gary
00:34:20 Gentlemen Gentlemen Afghan Whigs Gary
00:36:05 Direct Hit It's a bit complicated Art Brute Gary
00:39:00 You're gonna miss this American Man Trace Adkins Pat
00:42:00 Since I left You Since I left You The Avalanches Gary
00:43:20 Lightning Strikes Rock and a hard place Aerosmith Pat
00:45:15 green eyes 6 ½ Jon Auer Gary
00:46:55 Finger on the trigger Omega Asia Pat
00:49:00 Bomb Radio Ashtray Babyhead Gary
00:51:10 Anything goes black Ice AC/CD Pat
00:53:50 Oblivious High land, hard rain Aztec camera Gary
00:53:50 I could be happy pinky blue altered images gary
00:53:50 moon safari moon safari air gary
00:53:50 The apples in Stereo gary
00:57:05 for now The original broadway cast Avenue Q Gary

Episode 009: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. Z

Episode 009: Rock Solid-opedia Volume Z
Choice cuts from the "Z" section of Pat & Gary's iTunes.

From September 8, 2011

00:00:00 "Bruce Springsteen" starts off the show with a poorly executed knock-knock joke.
00:01:40 Pat picked up London Calling based on Gary's recommendation from Episode 008. He's now a Clash convert

Pat thinks that The Clash's Sandinista should be cut down significantly. "Bruce" does a mini count off to count the number of track on the album.

00:02:30 Pat suggests that all of the sad parts of The Who's Tommy could be cut out to make it a happy story. It'd be called Tom!
00:03:15 Gary shares Glen Campbell's cover of "Hold On Hope" by Guided By Voices. He recommends the entire album Ghost On the canvas.

One of the show topic suggestions that fans have given is "When good artists do bad songs." Pat came up with two while working on this episode:

  • Joan Jett rapping on "Black Leather"
  • REO Speedwagon doing a reggae version of "Keep on loving you"
"I'm ch-ch-ch-cherry bummed.'"

- Gary, commenting on the Joan Jett song
00:10:50 Gary kicks off the first Rock Solid-opedia with Philadelphia's Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer. Gary plays "This was All a bad idea."

Pat heard this song in a record store and thought it was Mick Jaggar. It was actually Billy Corgan's band Zwan ("Honestly"). This was Zwan's only album, which led Pat to call this album their Zwan song. This elicits a Rock Solid Thumbs Down from

The Silent Partner!

00:14:15 One of Gary's favorite obscure nuggets is The Zulus with "I Cant wait to tell you the news"
00:16:40 Pat goes obvious with ZZ Top ("Tush"). He talks about ZZ Top's obsession with sex, the subject of ALL of their songs.
00:18:40 Gary plays the non-hair metal 80s band Zebra - "Tell Me what you want". Pat then reveals that his next song was ALSO Zebra. That's a Rock Solid-oincidence, friends!
00:21:30 Gary tells the tale of Zapp, a five piece 70s funk band. The initial modest success led a "too much too soon" downward spiral, cuminating in a murder/suicide involving two members of the band. Gary plays their most influencial song "more bounce to the ounce" which was the precursor to the West Coast G-Funk sound.
00:24:45 Pat, unsurpisingly, plays some Robin Zander - "Reactionary Girl"
00:27:05 According to Gary, this is the record you need to get: The Zombies - Oddessy And Oracle. He plays the lovely "This will be our year"
00:29:20 Gary gives away Patton Oswalt's entertaining book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland. Check it out, fools!
00:30:40 In another Rock Solid-oincidence, Pat's next pick was also The Zombies - "She's not there"
00:32:45 Gary: Before The New Pornographers, Carl Newman was in the Burt Bacharach influenced Zumpano - "oh that atkinson girl"
00:35:10 Pat plays some Zappa! Dweezel Zappa, that is. He plays "My Guitar Wants to kill you mamma"
00:36:25 Gary breaches the Zappa subject. Both he and Pat do not get Frank Zappa (ed. note: amen to that, brother!). Gary feels that he had a contempt for the listener.
00:37:45 Pat next choice is Warren Zevon - "I was in the house when the house burned down" from Life will kill you.
00:39:30 Pat gives away a digital copy of The Foo Fighter's Wasting Light.
00:37:45 Gary closes out the show with some more of The Zombies - Care of Cell 44
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:03:15 Hold On Hope Ghost on the canvas Glen Campbell Gary
00:06:25 Black Leather Good Music Joan Jett Pat
00:06:25 Keep on loving you '89 REO Speedwagon Pat
00:10:50 This was All a bad idea The Popsicle eP Zolof the rock & roll destroyer gary
00:12:20 Honestly Mary star of the sea zwan pat
00:14:15 I can't wait to tell you the news Down on the floor The zulus Gary
00:16:40 Tush Fandango! ZZ Top Pat
00:18:40 Tell me what you want Zebra Zebra Gary
00:21:30 More bounce to the ounce Zapp Zapp Gary
00:24:45 Reactionary Girl Robin Zander Robin Zander Pat
00:27:05 This will be our year Odessey and Oracle The Zombies Gary
00:30:40 She's not there Begin here The Zombies Pat
00:32:45 Oh that atkinson girl Look what the rookie did Zumpano Gary
00:35:10 My guitar wants to kill your momma My guitar wants to kill your momma Dweezel zappa pat
00:37:45 I was in the house when the house burned down Life'll kill ya Warren zevon Pat
00:40:45 Care of Cell 44 Odessey and Oracle The Zombies Gary