Episode 141: Debbi Peterson

Episode 141: Debbi Peterson
Pat is joined in studio by founding member, drummer & vocalist of The Bangles Debbi Peterson! Debbi chats, laughs and sings but sadly refused to do any Egyptian walking. Ryan Budds also sits in as guest producer.
From March 20, 2014

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Kyle and Matt are busy working, so today's episode will feature comedian/writer Ryan Budds in the producer's chair.
Welcome to the show, Ryan. Now GET TO WORK!
Pat introduces this week's special guest. It's founding member/drummer/lead vocalist of The Bangles, the lovely and talented Debbi Peterson!
Even though The Bangles are one of Pat's favorite bands, he admits he never saw the band live until very recently, when they performed at the Whisky a Go Go. He was very impressed with the show, especially Debbi's live drumming skills.
Debbi talks about her beginnings as a musician. She and her sister Vicki Peterson decided to form a band together when Debbi was a teenager, with Debbi on drums and Vicki on guitar.
00:05:00 Debbi and Vicki recruited Susanna Hoffs on guitar and vocals and Annette Zilinskas on bass. After calling themselves The Colours and The Supersonic Bangs, they chose The Bangs as their name. In 1981, they recorded a single as The Bangs called "Getting Out of Hand", which Pat plays.
00:10:00 Soon after they released the single, The Bangs signed with the label Faulty Products and were managed by Myles Copeland, who is Stewart Copeland's son. The band first released an EP in 1982 as The Bangs, but after being threatened by a lawsuit from another band called The Bangs, the group decided to change their name to The Bangles. The EP was then re-released as Bangles on IRS Records in 1983. Myles then helped the band get signed to CBS Records.
Pat and Debbi talk a bit about all girl rock bands. There just don't seem to be that many new ones out there. Pat, Debbi, and Ryan bring up older bands and artists like Heart, The Bangles, Dum Dum Girls, and Joan Jett, but wonder why the newer girl bands aren't at that level yet.
Around this time in The Bangles' history, Michael Steele joined the band as the new bassist. Pat thinks she's really tall because of what he's seen in photos, but Debbi isn't so sure. Must be the hair. Susanna, on the other hand, is really short.
Michael (far left) is actually 5'8", but compared to Susanna (far right), she's practically a center for the Boston Celtics.
After Michael joined the group, the four released their first studio album in 1984, All Over the Place. They released two singles from the album. Pat plays the first one, which has Susanna on lead vocals, called "Hero Takes a Fall".
00:15:00 The other single from the album, "Going Down to Liverpool", features Debbi on lead vocals. Everyone in The Bangles sang lead vocals on the albums, similar to The Beatles. Pat plays the song. After listening to it, Ryan and Pat concur that singing and playing the drums at the same time is an incredible feat. Debbi says that once you start to think about it, that's when you mess up.
Much like Billy Joel (and much unlike Bruce Springsteen and U2), The Bangles only recorded the songs that were on the album.
00:20:00 Debbi breaks out the acoustic guitar to perform a song live. From The Bangles' first album, Debbi plays a song called "Live".
Working with producer David Kahne on All Over the Place was a bit of a nightmare for the band. After making Debbi do a bunch of vocal takes for "Going Down to Liverpool," he flat out told her that she couldn't physically sing the song. What a jerk.
Two years later, The Bangles released their successful second album Different Light. The good news: It sold a lot of copies and went to #2 on the charts. The bad news: David Kahne came back as producer, causing further problems for the group. For the song "Walk Like an Egyptian", every Bangle member except Debbi got to sing lead vocals.
00:25:00 Not only that, but Debbi doesn't even play drums on the song. They used a drum machine, which Debbi programmed. "Walk Like an Egyptian" hit #1, but it was a very bittersweet feeling for her. She was filming a soda commercial with Gina Schock from The Go-Go's at the time.
Speaking of The Go-Go's, Pat brings up the supposed "rivalry" between The Go-Go's and The Bangles, which never even existed. The two bands are friends with each other and have performed together a few times. Debbi, though, wouldn't want to do a full tour with them because she feels like it's too gimmicky. Meanwhile, a lot of bands like Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Foreigner do those types of tours all the time.
With the release of Different Light, The Bangles were in full swing: tours, music videos, etc. Still no money yet, according to Debbi. That came later. Myles was still there manager at the time too.
Hey ladies, the 80s called. They want their... oh wait. Nevermind.
One of the hits from Different Light was "Manic Monday", written by Prince under the moniker Christopher. That guy sure does love his singular names. Prince wanted The Bangles to sing over his own music tracks, which the band refused to do.
00:30:00 Pat plays "Manic Monday" and asks Debbi about how the group were getting along at this point. Things were going good, but Susanna started to get a lot of focus as "the face" of the group, which was problematic in a band where all four members both wrote and sang lead vocals on the albums. Pat plays two songs featuring Debbi on lead vocals, "Standing in the Hallway" and "Not Like You".
00:35:00 In between Different Light and the next studio album, The Bangles worked with Rick Rubin on the Less Than Zero Soundtrack. They contributed the song "Hazy Shade of Winter", which is also on their Greatest Hits album. Pat for a long time didn't realize it was originally by Simon & Garfunkel. Pat plays The Bangles' version, remarking how the intro's wintery aura makes him feel cold.
00:40:00 1988 saw the release of The Bangles' third studio album, Everything. They happily told Daniel Kahne to hit the bricks and brought in Davitt Sigerson as producer. Of the first three albums, Pat says that this one is his favorite. He then plays the lead single, "In Your Room".
Pat asks Debbi about Michael during this period. Michael always was more of a solitary person, and had started to want to do her own thing. That said, she was a fantastic bass player live.
Pat plays another single from Everything, this one having Debbi on lead vocals. The song is called "Be With You".
00:45:00 Pat plays another song from Everything with Debbi on lead vocals called "Some Dreams Come True". Myles and the band parted ways during this time and got new management, which unfortunately further harmed the band's existence. Everything ended up being the band's last album (at the time), as they broke up in 1989. The Bangles were no more.
Like Ozzy Osbourne's sobriety, The Bangles were not around for pretty much all of the 90s.
Susanna went off and did a few solo albums, but they were not as successful as her work in The Bangles. In fact, none of the band members' solo projects were as big as The Bangles. After all the drama, not only did Debbi not want to work with The Bangles, she wasn't sure if she wanted to still be in the music business.
00:50:00 Some months following the split, Debbi started writing songs. She got together with Siobhan Maher from the band River City People to form the group Kindred Spirit. Debbi also reunited with Myles, who put the duo on IRS Records. From their first (and only) album Kindred Spirit, Pat plays "Memories Run Deep".
After years of being broken up, Susanna reached out to the rest of the group about a possible reunion. Susanna and Debbi got together first, putting to bed all of the old conflicts. Vicki was apprehensive, but soon agreed to rejoin.
00:55:00 The three women wrote a song for the "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack" called "Get the Girl". Michael agreed to come back and play bass and sing. Once all four members of the band were back together, it was just like old times (in a good way). The Bangles were back.
Now that they were back together, The Bangles started playing and working on new material, which eventually became their fourth studio album, 2003's Doll Revolution. Pat tells a quick story about the first time he met Debbi. He went to an Elvis Costello concert at the Wiltern Theater where Susanna performed with Costello for a bit. Costello came back to the Wiltern a few years later and Pat brought both an Elvis Costello album and The Bangles' Everything to get signed. Pat figured that there was a chance Susanna would appear again. After the show, Pat ran into Debbi and Vicki and, despite their befuddlement as to why in the hell Pat had a Bangles album at an Elvis Costello concert, got their autographs. Pat plays two songs from Doll Revolution with Debbi on lead vocals: "Ask Me No Questions" (which was originally a Kindred Spirit song) and "Lost at Sea".
01:00:00 Debbi straps on the acoustic guitar again to perform another one of her songs from Doll Revolution, live in the studio. The song is called "Here Right Now".
01:05:00 In the eight year gap between Doll Revolution and the next album, Michael Steele amicably left the band. There is always an open door for her to come back. The Bangles were now a recording trio. Pat remarks again how great the band is live.
The Bangles' current lineup. Behind Rush, they are now my second sexiest rock trio.
Pat takes us to The Bangles most recent work, their 2011 album Sweetheart of the Sun. This is Pat's all time favorite Bangles album. He gets a 1960s/Grace Slick/Psychadelic vibe from it. Debbi describes the album's influences and tone as being reminiscent of early 1970s Laural Canyon and Carole King. Pat plays the first of four song choices from the album (all featuring Debbi on lead vocals), "Ball 'n' Chain".
01:10:00 Debbi considers this The Bangles' best recording experience. Pat plays "Mezmerized" and later comments that this is how The Bangles were meant to sound. Debbi agrees. Pat has praised this album for months and Debbi remarks that there will be more of this type of music on the way. Pat announces that he is giving away three copies of Sweetheart of the Sun--each personally signed by Debbi Peterson herself. He plays the third Debbi song from the album, "One of Two".
01:15:00 Pat endorses the album again before thanking Debbi and Ryan for a great show. He intends to end the episode with the last of four song choices from Sweetheart of the Sun featuring Debbi on lead vocals, "What a Life", BUT HOLD YOUR HORSES, PAT!!!!!! It turns out, Debbi doesn't sing lead on that song, Vicki does. Oh, what a comedy of errors. Debbi gets in a last minute plug for a concert featuring her and John Wicks from The Records, and Pat plays the song to end the show.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Getting Out of Hand Single The Bangs N/A
00:10:00 Hero Takes a Fall All Over the Place The Bangles N/A
00:15:00 Going Down to Liverpool All Over the Place The Bangles N/A
00:20:00 Live All Over the Place The Bangles Debbi (Live In-Studio)
00:30:00 Manic Monday Different Light The Bangles N/A
00:30:00 Standing in the Hallway Different Light The Bangles N/A
00:30:00 Not Like You Different Light The Bangles N/A
00:35:00 Hazy Shade of Winter Less Than Zero Soundtrack The Bangles N/A
00:40:00 In Your Room Everything The Bangles N/A
00:40:00 Be With You Everything The Bangles N/A
00:45:00 Some Dreams Come True Everything The Bangles N/A
00:50:00 Memories Run Deep Kindred Spirit Kindred Spirit N/A
00:55:00 Ask Me No Questions Doll Revolution The Bangles N/A
00:55:00 Lost at Sea Doll Revolution The Bangles N/A
01:00:00 Here Right Now Doll Revolution The Bangles Debbi (Live In-Studio)
01:05:00 Ball 'n' Chain Sweetheart of the Sun The Bangles N/A
01:10:00 Mesmerized Sweetheart of the Sun The Bangles N/A
01:10:00 One of Two Sweetheart of the Sun The Bangles N/A
01:15:00 What a Life Sweetheart of the Sun The Bangles N/A

Episode 112: Wang Chung

Episode 112: Wang Chung
Everybody has fun in the studio as Jack Hues and Nick Feldman sit in to discuss the '80s and beyond.

From August 29, 2013
00:00:00 The show starts out with no fun n' games this week, because the gang has some big shot guests in the studio today: Jack Hues and Nick Feldman, known collectively as Wang Chung!
Gary tells the story of The Dreyfus Affair: A 19th century French army captain who was framed for treason. Emile Zola wrote an open letter in a Paris newspaper, condemning the action, titled "J'accuse" meaning "I accuse."

Besides being an ardent condemnation of anti-Semitism, J'accuse as a phrase also sounds pretty cool. Thus, the musician Jeremy Ryder became Jack Hues.
Though known now for their sophisticated sound, in 1977, after they met through Melody Maker, they had a more punk rock, angry sound.
00:05:00 Gary and Pat talk to Wang Chung about their early days, playing with U2, Human League and Depeche Mode, and others.
Pat asks what Wang Chung means. The boys are evasive, calling it a bit of a cosmic thing.
Wang Chung's first album (when they were known as Huang Chung) was released to high hopes, but it failed to hit. Since then, though, the album has gained a bit of a cult following, being name-checked by Trent Reznor as a favorite of his. [ed. note: I found a quote from Trent stating that it was "all guitar-base-drums. Still a real good record."]
America's first popular introduction was the super-catchy "Dance Hall Days" from the album Points on the Curve.

Gary clearly remembers hearing it for the first time and appreciating this song's combination of Roxy Music smoothness and mysterious, aggressive lyrics admonishing the listener to 'grab their baby' in various places.
00:10:00 One interesting story about Dance Hall Days: while Michael Jackson was putting together Thriller, Wang Chung met with Quincy Jones. Michael wanted to record the song, but he wanted to change the lyrics. In the end, it didn't work out.
Next, Pat plays a deeper cut from Points on the Curve titled "Wait".

When Pat compliments Nick's bass playing on the track it is revealed that the bass was actually an electronic bass sound produced by the Fairlight CMI.

Fairlight CMI
Nice low-end sound, dude.

This leads to an interesting discussion about balancing acoustic and electronic music and how it influenced their sound at the time.
00:15:00 Jack, very subtly, steers the conversation to Wang Chung's new album Tazer Up!. Pat plays a track off the album titled "City of Light".
Gary asks about the Tazer Up! song "Abducted by the 80s". Nick's daughter heard comic/poet Rob Gee read a poem of the same title. She shared it with her dad, who decided to make it into a song.
00:20:00 Pat plays the band's other big song for Point on the Curve: "Don't Let Go".

After the song, Jack chuckles about how they were so serious back then.
The gang talks about making videos back in the day. The band had varying degrees of involvement with the video concepts. For their iconic vid "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" they had quite a bit of input. The band notes that one channel in the UK banned the video, for fear that it would cause seizures.

"Everybody Have Fun Tonight"
A year before "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" director William Friedkin asked Wang Chung to do the soundtrack for his new movie To Live An Die In L.A. They did it without seeing the movie first. Friedkin wound up cutting the movie to the music.

Jack tells a funny story how neither the director nor the band wanted to have a song named after the movie, but the song apparently just flowed out of him.

Pat plays "To Live And Die in L.A." from the original soundtrack.
00:30:00 Another soundtrack the band worked on was for The Breakfast Club.
"They were worried that they wouldn't be considered 80s enough."

- Gary, on why Wang Chung did The Breakfast Club soundtrack
The song from the Breakfast Club soundtrack, "Fire in the Twilight", was written along with the producer which was a "interesting" according to Jack.
00:35:00 The band favors the gang with an in-studio performance of "Space Junk", the single from their Greatest Hits album.
00:40:00 After the awesome live song, Pat plays one of their new songs: "Driving You"
The band says that the live crowds are really responding well to the new stuff. They're expressing that they like it, which Nick really appreciates.
Just because there's a guest, doesn't mean that we're skipping

Today, we're playing Wang Chung, Wang, Chung or Wang Chong Game!

Each correct answer will be from one of the following:

A Wang Chung song

Fashion designer Vera Wang

TV news reporter Connie Chung

or First-century Chinese philosopher Wang Chong

•  "When Maurie and I decided to have a baby, we took a very aggressive approach"

Connie Chung
Show answer
•  "Believe, do and share in what is true."

Wang Chung
Show answer
•  "When I design a wedding dress with a bustle, it has to be one a bride can dance in."

Vera Wang
Show answer
•  "On the platform I saw your hat form a kind of halo in the crowd."

Wang Chung
Show answer
•  "Heaven has neither mouth nor eyes arms nor legs."

Wang Chong
Show answer
•  "On the edge of oblivion all the world is Babylon and all the love and everyone a ship of fools sailing in."

Wang Chung
Show answer
•  Bonus question: "Dave's not here, man!"

Cheech and Chong
Show answer
00:45:00 Pat moves on to their smash 1986 album Mosaic, kicking it off with "Everybody have fun tonight"
00:50:00 The song "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" originally had a slower pace and meant to be a bit ironic.
Pat next plays "Hypnotize Me" from the same album.

Both "Hypnotize Me" and "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" went to number two on the charts.
00:55:00 After a long tour to support Mosaic, the band records The Warmer Side of Cool, which didn't do as well. Pat asks how that happens. The band explains that the pendulum swung away from the band's sound. The new album was also a bit heavier, as demonstrated by the track "Praying to a New God" and "What's so bad about feeling good?"
01:00:00 Gary can't let the band leave without having them talk about their triumphant rendition of Nelly's "Hot In Here." They wanted to a Brittney Spears song, but it was already taken, so their "Dance Hall Days" producer suggested the Nelly song.

Wang Chung covering Nelly (starts at the 4:15 mark)
After The Warmer Side of Cool, the band took a twenty-year-long break in recording, but they stayed busy: Nick worked in A&R and both were busy with family and producing.
The guys play a great in-studio rendition of "Dance Hall Days"
01:05:00 For more info on Wang Chung follow them on Twitter, Facebook and on their site.
They close out the episode with "Driving You" from Tazer Up!
Time Song Album Artist
00:5:00Dance Hall DaysPoints on a CurveWang Chung
00:10:00WaitPoints on a CurveWang Chung
00:15:00City of LightTazer Up!Wang Chung
00:20:00Don't Let's GoPoints on a CurveWang Chung
00:20:00To Live And Die In L.A.To Live And Die In L.A. SoundtrackWang Chung
00:30:00Fire in the TwilightThe Breakfast Club SoundtrackWang Chung
00:35:00Space Junk In-Studio Wang Chung
00:40:00Driving to YouTazer Up!Wang Chung
00:45:00 Everybody Have Fun TonightMosaicWang Chung
00:50:00Hypnotize MeMosaicWang Chung
00:55:00Praying to a new godThe Warmer side of coolWang Chung
00:55:00What's So bad about feeling good?The Warmer side of coolWang Chung
01:00:00Dance Hall DaysIn-studioWang Chung
01:05:00Driving to YouTazer Up!Wang Chung

Episode 024: Merry ChristMuffs!

Episode 024: Merry ChrisMuffs!
Kim Shattuck of the Muffs drops by to share her holiday favorites, scream, and eat a LOT of cookies.

From December 22, 2011
Recapped by Steve Herold from
00:00:00 Gary and Pat skip the "New Business" and introduce this episode's special guest: Kim Shattuck of the Muffs (
  Gary is so excited to have Kim in the studio that he claims to need to lay on the ground and breathe into a paper bag. Pat fills us in on everything he's learned about Kim in the last 2 seconds: she's painting her new house, eats gluten-free, she's a tall drink of water and has been married 8 years.

Gary collects himself enough to discuss The Muffs' 20th anniversary and give the listener a taste of their music: "Agony" from Blonder and Blonder and "Kids in America" from Hamburger but more famously the Clueless soundtrack.


Kim doesn't seem thrilled with the "Kids in America" cover so much. She doesn't make any money from it, and swears she'll never do another cover.

  We also learn Kim's earliest inspiration was hearing the Stray Cats when she was in college.
  Gary wanted Kim on the podcast for this particular episode because Kim had been releasing a Holiday podcast herself the last few years. Gary would play them if he was having a party.
00:10:00 Pat leads us into this week's topic: Holiday songs by playing "Christmas [demo]" by Pete Townshend from the album Another Scoop (original a tune from The Who album Tommy).
  Gary claims not to be a fan of the "sexy" or "funny" Christmas songs like "Baby, It's Cold Outside" or "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer."

Kim plays "December" by Kay Starr found on various compilation albums including Christmas with the Stars: 50 Favorite Carols & Songs and Swingin' Songs for Santa.


Pat remarks how Christmas is the time of year when even phonies are nice.

00:15:00 Gary plays "Christmas Time Is Here" a cover by Belle & Sebastian of the classic Charlie Brown Christmas song. Gary calls it a noble failure. Pat calls it admirable but nobody can touch the vocal styling of the Peanuts. Kim let's us know the song used to make her sister cry.
  Gary asks Pat and Kim their favorite Holiday specials. Pat: "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Kim: "The Year Without A Santa Claus." Gary: "It's Your First Ramadan, Charlie Brown."
  Pat plays "Christmas Time Again" by Extreme from A Very Special Christmas, Volume 2. Pat is not a fan of the band but loves this song.
00:20:00 Kim plays "When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter" by Gene Autry from the album Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Other Christmas Classics.
  Gary takes this time to point out that they are all wearing sweaters and Pat introduces his new character The Guy Who Gets Offended By Everything.
  Pat plays "The Chanukah Song." Not Adam Sandler's original, but Neil Diamond's cover found on his album A Cherry Cherry Christmas. According to Pat, Diamond sings this like he doesn't realize the song was meant to be funny.
00:25:00 Gary plays "Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas" by Eels from Useless Trinkets.
  Kim plays her own personal Christmas song "Nothing For Me" by The Muffs from the album Hamburger. She wrote the song based on a dream/nightmare she had when she was young about finding no presents for her under the Christmas tree.
  Pat plays "Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)" by The Ramones from Brain Drain. Kim believes Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee are now dead due to the black hair dye they used.
00:30:00 Gary's favorite traditional Holiday song is "Sleigh Ride" which has been covered by numerous artists. He plays his favorite version by the Ronettes from the album A Christmas Gift For You.
  Kim wants to play "Cool Yule" by Charlie Parker but seems she forgot to bring the song with her. Instead she plays "The Merriest" by June Christy from This Time Of The Year.
00:35:00 Pat plays "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by (executive producer) Jimmy Pardo & Scott Aukerman from A Holiday EP.
  Gary plays "Christmas Treat" by Julian Casablancas of the Strokes. The song is a cover of a song originally done by the Saturday Night Live cast.
00:40:00 Kim plays "You Don't Have To Be A Santa Claus" by the Mills Brothers from the album Christmas Stars.
  Pat plays "Feels Like Christmas" by Cyndi Lauper from Merry Christmas…Have A Nice Life. An album's whose title their all not sure if she means as an insult.
00:45:00 Gary plays a song that is in his words "the bleakest Chrsitmas song of all": "Fairy Tale of New York" by the Pogues and Kristy MacColl from If I Should Fall From Grace With God.
  Pat excuses himself to go to the bathroom, upon returning he claims he hasn't been able to enjoy any of the past 48 minutes due to having to go to the bathroom so bad.
00:50:00 Kim plays "White Christmas" by the Ravens which appears on many various Best Of collections by the band.
  Gary asks Kim her favorite Christmas gifts. From her childhood, it was a Mickey Mouse watch. From her husband, it was a digital camera that she's used in her side project doing photography.
  With everyone else out of songs Pat mentions some of the tunes he's going to skip: "Father Christmas" by the Kinks and U2's version of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" and decides his last tune will be "2000 Miles" by the Pretenders from the Learning To Crawlalbum.

…and then remembers he wants to play a song from his favorite Christmas album of all-time: "The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole from The Magic of Christmas.


Gary jumps in with a little trivia: Mel Torme wrote the song during a heatwave in the summer. He was so hot, he was trying to think of Christmas memories to cool off like "Jack Frost nipping at your nose" when he suddenly realized these might make some good lyrics. Turns out, he was right. To which Pat thinks Hollywood needs to step up and make a biopic with his preferred stars Gerard Butler or Robert Downey, Jr.

00:55:00 The playout tune is, no surprise, "Christmas, Christmas" by Pat's favorite band Cheap Trick.
  Afterthought: Pat, Gary and Kim made this a very special Holiday episode indeed discussing such topics as glory holes, BJ's, bestiality, cancer, rape, murdering Natalie Wood and reformed drug addicts looking like Iggy Pop.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00Christmas [demo]Another ScoopPete TownshendPat
00:10:00DecemberChristmas with the Stars: 50 Favorite Carols & SongsKay StarrKim
00:15:00Christmas Time Is Here  Belle & SebastianGary
00:15:00Christmas Time AgainA Very Special Christmas, Volume 2ExtremePat
00:20:00When Santa Claus Gets Your LetterRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Other Christmas ClassicsGene AutryKim
00:20:00The Chanukah SongA Cherry Cherry ChristmasNeil DiamondPat
00:25:00Everything's Gonna Be Cool This ChristmasUseless TrinketsEelsGary
00:25:00Nothing For MeHamburgerThe MuffsKim
00:25:00Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)Brain DrainThe RamonesPat
00:30:00Sleigh RideA Christmas Gift For Youthe RonettesGary
00:30:00Cool YuleA Cool YuleCharlie ParkerKim
00:30:00The MerriestThis Time Of The YearJune ChristyKim
00:35:00Baby, It's Cold OutsideA Holiday EPJimmy Pardo & Scott AukermanPat
00:35:00Christmas Treat   Julian CasablancasGary
00:40:00You Don't Have To Be A Santa ClausChristmas Starsthe Mills Brothers Kim
00:40:00Feels Like ChristmasMerry Christmas…Have A Nice LifeCyndi LauperPat
00:45:00Fairy Tale of New YorkIf I Should Fall From Grace With GodThe Pogues and Kristy MacCollGary
00:50:00White ChristmasBest OfThe Ravens Kim
00:50:00Father Christmas   The Kinks Pat
00:50:00Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" U2Pat
00:50:002000 MilesLearning To Crawlthe PretendersPat
00:50:00The Christmas SongThe Magic of ChristmasNat King ColePat
00:55:00Christmas, Christmas Cheap TrickPat

Episode 011: The Year In Rock: 1991

Episode 011: The Year In Rock - 1991
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's seminal album "Nevermind," Pat, Gary and guest Jimmy Pardo discuss what they were listening to in 1991.

From September 22, 2011
00:00:00Former MCA record executive Jimmy Pardo comes to visit!
00:02:20Gary asks Jimmy how often he would visit the bone zone in the back of the record store. Jimmy confirms that he got plenty o' action.
00:03:30Jimmy laments the decline of the record store and misses the experience. Gary suggests the gang create a virtual Rock Solid record store. Jimmy is skeptical.
00:05:00Another "Not So Great Moments in Hip Hop" from Pat:
00:06:20Paul Stanley stops by the studio to explain what happened.
00:06:55Gary has uncovered some possible plagerism:

"Options" - Gomez
- vs. -
"Gonna Get Yr blood sucked out" - Viva Voce
00:08:30Another case:

"Viva la Vida" - Coldplay
- vs. -
"Foreigner Suite" - Cat Stevens
- vs. -
"I can fly" - Joe Satriani
- vs. -
"The songs I didn't write" - The Creeky Boards
00:09:50And the most shocking example:

"I'll be watching you" - The Police
- vs. -
"I'll be missing you" - Puff Daddy
Musical Zip Codes! Jimmy vs. Pat

•  60607  Show answer

•  02124  Show answer

•  85015  Show answer

•  90280  Show answer

•  48708  Show answer

•  33156  Show answer

•  07470  Show answer

•  German zip: 10115  Show answer

•  Canadian zip code: V2P 0A1  Show answer

00:18:50What was Pat rocking to in 1991? "Headlong" by Queen.
00:20:45Gary didn't think that grunge was the future of music. He thought that Jesus Jones would be the sound of the 90s. ("Right Here Right Now")
00:22:10Jimmy's choice for 1991 listening is from International Pop Overthrow's self-titled album - "Material Issue". At the time, this made Jimmy's 1991 Top 20 Albums of the Year
"Now, your top 20 of the year, then you'd go into the living room, stand in front of the TV and tell your parents what they are?"

- Pat
00:25:10Pat chooses the heartland rocker John (Cougar) Melloncamp - "Love and Happiness". From Pat's favorite JCM album Whenever we want it.
00:27:201991 was the worst year of Gary's life: he lost his job, lost his lady, got kicked out of his place and got involuntarily committed to an institution. Finally, he had to go live with his mom.
The one thing that got him out of bed was driving his sisters to school. His sister Megan lived for this song: Shanice - "I love your smile"
00:30:35Jimmy: In 1991 Chicago released their twenty first album and the "rockin'" song "If it were you"
00:34:25Pat loves a story song, which brings us to Aldo Nova - "Young Love" from Blood on the Bricks
00:37:10Gary, back in Modesto, had nothing going on and nothing to do, so he'd just drive around and listen to music, such as Jimmie Dale Gilmore - "I think I'm going to go downtown"
00:40:00Since 1985 Jimmy has been a fan of Marillion, when they came out with "Kayleigh." In 1991 the band came out with Holidays in Eden and the single "Cover my eyes."
00:44:10Pat: Tom Petty - "Learning To Fly" from Into the greatwide open
00:46:10Gary: 1991 wasn't all bad. He would work as an inventory taker, listen to his walkman and rock out to Teenage Fanclub's Bandwagonesque
00:48:15Gary is surprised that he hasn't any of the following:
  • Mr. Big - "Be With you"
  • Great White - "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"
  • Extreme - "More Than Words"
00:50:40Jimmy thinks that this band got a bad wrap, but he loves their first album. It's The Crash Test Dummys - Ghosts that haunt me ("Superman").
00:54:20Pat likes Van Hagar, which is unfortunate. In 1991, they came out with For Unlawful carnal knowledge ("Top of the world").
00:56:40According to Gary, no song captured the non-specific longing better than The Blake Babies' song "Out There" from the album Sunburn.
00:59:10Jimmy wanted to play School of Fish - "Three Strange Days", but instead he went with Roll the Bones by Rush.
01:03:40Gary closes out with "the best song of 1991," the divinyls - "I touch myself"
00:05:00All Hell's breakin' looseLick it upKissPat
00:20:45Right Here Right nowDoubtJesus JonesGary
00:22:10Material IssueInternational Pop OverthrowInternational Pop OverthrowJimmy
00:25:10Love and HappinessWhenever We WantedJohn MelloncampPat
00:27:20I Love Your SmileInner ChildShaniceGary
00:30:35If it were youChicago XXIChicagoJimmy
00:34:25Young LoveBlood on the bricksAldo NovaPat
00:37:10Tonight I think i'm going to go downtownJimmie Dale GilmoreGary
00:40:00Cover my eyesHolidays in EdenMarillionJimmy
00:44:10Learning to flyInto The Great WideopenTom PettyPat
00:46:10Star SignBandwagonesqueTeenage FanclubGary
00:50:40SupermanGhosts that Haunt MeCrash test DummiesJimmy
00:54:20Top of the worldFor unlawful carnal knowledgeVan HalenPat
00:56:40Out thereSunburnthe blake babiesGary
00:59:10Roll the bonesRoll the bonesrushjimmy
01:03:40I touch myselfThe divinylsThe divinylsGary

Episode 006: The Best Albums You've Never Heard

Episode 006: The Best Albums You've Never Heard
Pat and Gary share their favorite under appreciated albums and welcome Kathleen Wilhoite into the studio to perform.

From August 18, 2011
00:00:50 Rock Solid scandal!
During episode 005 Pat mistakenly said that "I Don't Want To Talk About It" was a cover of a Cat Steven's song, but the song he meant to play was "The First Cut Is The Deepest."
This earns Pat a
00:02:10 Gary shares the most rock n roll moment of his life.
While working as a teenage DJ at the Aloha Roller Palace, Gary was asked by a customer to play "Like A Virgin" by Madonna. Though he knew that this was STRICTLY AGAINST THE RULES he decided to lock the DJ booth and play the record. This made him a hero to the skaters and a persona non grata with his (soon to be former) boss, who told him to "Turn in your lei!"
00:06:30 Gary tells us that Billboard magazine called this one of the albums of the year. Fresh as a Daisy by Emitt Rhodes ("Fresh as a Daisy"). In 2009 a documentary on Emitt was released called "The One Man Beatles."
00:08:30 Pat, to no one's surprise, shares a gem from Cheap Trick. Right after the release of their 1997 self-titled album (also called the Dead Ant album) their record label went bankrupt. Without a record label to promote it, it fell off the radar. ("Say Goodbye" & "Anytime")
00:11:04 When Gary was a mailman he was delivering mail to a record store that was hosting Cheap Trick! He had them sign his pepper spray.
00:12:19 Gary: During a time when record labels were trying to find the next Green Day, Reprise Records decided to sign another punk pop power trio named The Muffs. They put out Blonder and Blonder. ("Agony")
00:14:10 Pat: In 2007 Rooney put out the under appreciated Calling the World ("Paralyze").
00:16:45 Gary: In 2000 the much-sought producer Jon Brion put out the album Meaningless ("Meaningless").
00:20:00 Rock Solid's first in-studio guest! Pat found Kathleen Wilhoite's album one day while looking through the record bins. He recognized Kathleen from her action work. He decided to give it a try. Now he and his wife Pilar love this album! The often give it as gifts and play it during parties.
00:23:35 Kathleen plays "Wish We Never Met"
00:28:30 Kathleen wrote that song after a long line of dating "bottom feeders and amoebas." Gary: "Your pain, our gain."
00:32:55 Gary: Daniel Johnston, the bipolar and schizophrenic musician, had his songs covered by his crush Kathy McCarty on her album Dead Dog's Eyeball ("Museum of Love").
00:36:10 Pat: Stones fan don't seem to like Mick Jaggar's solo stuff, but Pat thinks his 1993 effort Wandering Spirit is great ("Wired All Night" and "Evening Gown")
00:39:40 Kathleen tells stories about meeting George Thoroughgood, Jeff Healey, Sam Elliot, John Doe and acting in Roadhouse (there were Playboy bunnies, guns and free flowing beer the whole time).
"Was Sam Elliot's mustache friendly?'"
"It had its own trailer!"

- Gary & Pat
00:43:40 Pat: In 1998 The Knack put out their comeback album called Zoom. Pat considers this their best album. ("Poppa's Dead")
00:49:05 In 1987 Gary studied this album like the Talmud: Lolita Nation by Game Theory ("Slip" and "Chardonnay").
00:53:10 Scott Miller, the genius behind Game Theory wrote a book titled Music: What Happened? It covers music between 1957 and 2009 and writes about his favorite music for each year.
00:55:10 Contest! Gary gives away a copy of the book.
00:55:37 Kathleen's album isn't on iTunes, but you can get it at her website.
00:57:00 Kathleen plays out with "Dumb Old Girl"
01:00:53 Gary's new sign-off: "Yeah, I'm gonna be there


Pat thanks

Time Song Album Artist Who
06:30 Fresh as a Daisy Emitt Rhodes Emitt Rhodes Gary
08:30 Any Time Cheap Trick (aka Dead Ant) Cheap Trick Pat
10:22 Say Goodbye Cheap Trick (aka Dead Ant) Cheap Trick Pat
12:19 Agony Blonder and Blonder The Muffs Gary
14:40 Paralyze Calling the World Rooney Pat
16:45 Meaningless Meaningless Jon Brion Gary
23:35 Wish We Never Met Pitch Like A Girl Kathleen Wilhoite Pat
32:55 Museum of Love Dead Dog's Eye Kathy McCarty Gary
36:10 Wired All Night Wandering Spirit Mick Jaggar Pat
36:10 Evening Gown Wandering Spirit Mick Jaggar Pat
43:40 Poppa's Dead Zoom The Knack Pat
43:40 Can I Borrow a Kiss Zoom The Knack Pat
43:40 Harder On You Zoom The Knack Pat
49:05 Slip Lolita Nation Game Theory Gary
49:05 Chardonnay Lolita Nation Game Theory Gary
57:00 Dumb Old Girl Pitch Like A Girl Kathleen Wilhoite Pat