Episode 015: Got Your Number

Episode 015: Got Your Number
Gary and Pat pick their favorite songs with numbers in the title.

From October 20, 2011
00:00:00 Gary and Pat start out the show talking about the weird noises that Midnight Oil made in the "Beds Are Burning" song.

Matt lays down the law with the boys by making each of them drop three songs. [ed. note: clearly, he has gone mad with power]
00:02:25 Gary blanantly disregards Matt by playing one of the songs in the background, namely "Mondo 77" by Looper from The Geometrid.

Rolling Stone's Celebrity Playlists

Which would you rather listen to?
Playlist A Playlist B Playlist C
  • Bob Marley
  • Peter Tosh
  • Toots and the Maytolls
  • Greg Issacs
  • Burning Spear
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Alice Cooper
  • Queen
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Talking Heads
  • Beyonce
  • Maroon 5
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Dixie Chicks
  • Celo Green
This belongs to...  Show answer
This belongs to... Show answer
This belongs to... Show answer
Both Pat and Matt chose "B"
00:06:55 Pat plays a clip from comedian Todd Barry's Medium Energy album about Behind The Music.
00:08:30 Gary gives us a



Five different people suggested to Gary that he listen to the pseudo-soul artist Mayer Hawthorne - "The Walk". Gary recommends it!
00:12:00 Gary kicks off the topic with one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time: Elliot Smith - "waltz no. 2" from XO
00:14:20 Pat lays out another depressing song: Marshall Crenshaw - 2541 from Miracle of Science
00:17:00 Gary cheats a bit by referencing a band with a number in its name: 3RA1N1AC - "Kiss me u jacked up jerk" from Hissing Prigs In Static Couture
00:19:15 Pat goes back to 1978 for The Who's - "905" from Who Are You
00:21:00 Gary stayed at his uncle's place one summer and every day they'd play "Trick of the Light" from Who Are You
00:21:40 Gary plays the pride of Boise, ID: Built to Spill - "Carry to Zero" from Keep it like a secret
00:24:25 Pat is down with The Family; The Partridge Family, that is. He shares that super sappy "Echo Valley 26809" from Sound Magazine
00:27:20 Gary gives another Prince composition with The Time - "777-9311" from What Time Is It?
00:30:20 On October 25, 2009 Pat, Matt and Mike Segal saw U2 in concert, where the played "One" from Achtung Baby.
00:33:10 Gary spins "Made-up love song no. 43" By The Guillemots from Through the Windowpane.
00:35:10 Pat thought this song would have been a good wedding song, until his wife pointed out that "Will you be my number 2" by Joe Jackson (from his Greatest Hits album) is about a guy looking for a rebound.
00:37:55 This is one of those artists that Gary is loyal to and hopeful for no matter what. It's Chris Stamey with "fourteen shades of green" from the album Travels in the South
00:40:40 Pat shares that he's heading back to his hometown for his thirtieth highschool reunion [ed. note: he graduated high school when he was nine] where he'll be in charge of the music. He's stoked!
00:42:05 Pat wraps up his list with Elvis Costello - "45" from his 2002 album when I was cruel
00:44:20 Gary is forlorn about the break-up of Sonic Youth's royal couple Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. In their honor he plays "100%" from Dirty
00:47:15 Pat Recommends
  • An awesome site that has almost anything about music: It's incredible!
00:47:35 Pat's playout song for this show is "Factory of Faith" from I'm with You by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:12:00 Waltz No. 2 XO Elliot Smith Gary
00:14:20 2541 Miracle of Science Marshall Crenshaw Pat
00:17:00 Kiss me U Jacked up Jerk Hissing Prigs in Static Couture 3RA1N1AC Gary
00:19:15 905 Who Are You The Who Pat
00:21:40 Carry To Zero Keep it like a Secret Built to Spill Gary
00:24:25 Echo Valley 26809 Sound Magazine The Partridge Family Pat
00:27:20 777-9311 What Time Is It? The Time Gary
00:30:20 One Achtung Baby U2 Pat
00:33:10 Made-Up Love Song No. 43 Through the Windowpane The Guillemots Gary
00:35:10 Will you be my number 2 Greatest Hits Joe Jackson Pat
00:37:55 Fourteen Shades of Green Travels in the South Chris Stamey Gary
00:42:05 45 When I Was Cruel Elvis Costello Pat
00:44:20 100% Dirty Sonic Youth Gary
00:47:35 Factory of Faith I'm With You Red Hot Chili Peppers Pat

Episode 014: Should Have Been Hits

Episode 014: Should Have Been Hits
In a perfect world, these songs would have topped the charts... at least according to Pat and Gary!

From October 13, 2011
00:01:20 Pat went to see Nick Lowe. The show was awesome, but, like at a lot of rock shows, the actual show didn't start until WAY after the time on the ticket. But, the show was good and he scored an autograph!
00:3:25 Gary acknowledges that it's Rocktober, but he also likes to get a jump on his taxes, so for him it's also H&R Blocktober.
00:04:15 Time for another "Not so great moment in hip hop history"
From 1998: Joe Pesci - "Wise Guy"

"What Is Your Rock Star Destiny" according to Tiger Beat Magazine

After a number of question, the results were:
  • Pat is a Selena Gomez
  • Matt is a Ke$ha
00:11:25 Pat started with the semi-super group Tinted Windows - "Can't Get a Read on You" from their self-titled album.
00:13:35 Gary kicks it off with what he calls the best song from 2005: Rilo Kiley - "Portions for Foxes" from More Adventurous
00:16:15 From 2007, Jesse Malin, formerly from D Generation, favors us with "Broken Radio" from Glitter in the Gutter featuring Bruce Springsteen.
00:18:20 Pat and Gary recreate the first interaction between Jesse and The Boss
00:20:00 In the late 90s this San Francisco group seemed like they would be the next Third Eye Blind, but they never took off. Creeper Lagoon - "Big Money Struggle" from Watering Ghost Garden
00:22:10 From 2006 the Gin Blossoms released their comeback album titled Major Lodge Victory and the single "Learning the Hard Way" Gary affectionately calls Pat the "Golden Retriever of music fans" due to his loyalty to groups who are past their popular peak.
00:24:25 Gary tries to shy away from willful obscurity, but this band is a little tough to track down. He calls them the Creeper Lagoon of the 80s, another San Francisco band that should have taken off: Yanks - "I Don't See Her Anymore"
00:26:55 Off of Pat's favorite albums from 2010 it's Bad City - "Take Me for a Ride" from Welcome to the Wasteland
00:29:50 In 2010, about the same time that Foster the People came out with "Pumped Up Kicks", The Limousines released the single "Very Busy People." Gary thinks that the wrong song became the big hit.
00:32:30 From Roger Daltrey's last proper solo album, Rocks in the Head, comes "Days of Light"
00:36:05 Gary's going all the way back to 1969 [ed. note: my brotha!] comes "the greatest song of all time" according to Gary: Bubble Puppy with "Hot Smoke & Sassafras" from A Gathering of Promises
00:38:45 From Chrissie Hynde comes JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys - "If You Let Me" which tells the story of Chrissie and JP's May-December romance.
chimes in on a similar subject: Sinead O'Connor looking for a boyfriend via Twitter.
00:44:40 Here's some Brit Pop from 1994: "King of the Kerb" from Echobelly's album On.
00:46:20 From the 1998 album Candy from a Stranger, "No Time for Waiting" from Soul Asylum
00:47:25 The boys pontificate on why Soul Asylum faded away while Bon Jovi still tours. Gary feels that David Pirner's hair was not a sustainable commodity.
00:49:20 This is a power pop guy who never broke through: Tommy Keene - "Places That Are Gone" from an album of the same name
00:51:25 Pat talke about Rooney a lot and for good reason. They make good music and they're underappreciated. Case in point: "I Can't Get Enough" from Eureka
00:53:05 Gary talks about the Digivangelist Christopher Coppola, brother of Nicolas Cage. In one of the episodes he talks about shooting a video for Rooney.
00:54:00 From 1977 comes an album much sought after by vinyl nerds: Van Duren with "Oh Babe" from Are You Serious?
00:55:30 Pat finishes up with Rockpile, a weird pseudo-band that featured Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Terry Williams and Billy Bremner. For years they couldn't record under their name, since both Nick and Dave where under solo contracts. Instead, they would record either Nick's or Dave's solo stuff. Finally in 1980 they released their one album under the Rockpile name titled Seconds of Pleasure. The single for which is "When I Write the Book"
00:58:25 To close out Pat plays The Bangles - "Annalee" from Sweetheart of the Sun
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:11:25 Can't Get a Read on you Tinted Windows Tinted Windows Pat
00:13:35 Portions for Foxes More Adventurous Rilo Kiley Gary
00:16:15 Broken Radio Glitter In the Gutter Jesse Malin Pat
00:20:00 Big Money Struggle Watering Ghost Garden Creeper Lagoon Gary
00:22:10 Learning the Hard Way Major Lodge Victory Gin Blossoms Pat
00:24:25 I Don't See Her Anymore Yanks Yanks Gary
00:26:55 Take Me for a Ride Welcome to the Wasteland Bad City Pat
00:29:50 Very Busy People The Limousines The Limousines Gary
00:32:30 Days of Light Rocks in the Head Roger Daltrey Pat
00:36:05 Hot Smoke & Sassafras A Gathering of Promises Bubble Puppy Gary
00:38:45 If You Let me JP, Chrissie and the Fairground boys Chrissie Hynde Pat
00:44:40 King of the Kerb On Echobelly Gary
00:46:20 No Time for Waiting Candy from a Stranger Soul Asylum Pat
00:49:20 Places That Are Gone Tommy Keene Tommy Keene Gary
00:51:25 I Can't Get Enough Eureka Rooney Pat
00:54:00 Oh Babe Are You Serious? Van Duren Gary
00:55:30 When I Write the Book Seconds of Pleasure Rockpile Pat
00:58:25 Annalee Sweetheart of the Sun The Bangles Pat

Episode 013: Rock Solid-opedia, Vol. A

Episode 013: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. A
Choice cuts from the "A" section of Pat & Gary's iTunes.

From October 6, 2011
00:00:00 It's Rock-Thirty, so it's time for Pat and Gary.

Gary gives the answers to last week's Name That Solo contest:

  • AC/DC - "Highway to Hell"
  • Thin Lizzy - "Boys Are Back In Town"
  • The Pixies - "Monkeys Gone To Heaven"
  • Steely Dan - "Reeling in the Years"
  • Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain"
  • Pat Benetar - "Shadows of the Night"
  • Weezer - "Buddy Holly"

Another "Not So Great Moments in Hip Hop History."

Ed McMahon singing the Free Credit Score Rap. So sad.

"It's hard out there for a gimp.'"

- Pat commenting on Ed M's skillz

Game time


The Letter "A" Quiz


•  She sold 12 million copies of her debut album Songs In A Minor.  Show answer

•  In ABBA, what do either one of the A's stand for?  Show answer

•  Kenny Loggins inspired by the work by A.A. Milne?  Show answer

•  Carrie Underwood sang what Heart song during American Idol?  Show answer

•  The hometown of Crissie Hynde and Devo?  Show answer

•  In the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs' song "MAPS", what does the A stand for?  Show answer

00:10:30 Gary's first entry is some unapologetic grungy fun: Arches of Loaf - "Web In Front" (from Icky Loaf)
00:11:45 Pat kicks it off with American Hi-fi - "Flavor of the Week" from their self-titled debut album.
00:13:30 Gary feels that bands like American Hi-fi or Blink 182 should believe and belt out their melodies more. The Boss stops by to demonstrate how it's done.
00:13:45 Gary's next song has it all: pirate costumes, native American war paint, kookiness: Adam and the Ants - "Beat Our Guest" from Antics in the Forbidden Zone.
00:15:55 In Australia this band in called The Angels, but in God's Country (USA! USA! USA!) they're called Angel City - "Take A long line" from Face to Face

Gary had SOOOOOO many "A" artists that we wanted to play that he had to have a separate ceremony in the backroom of the Menchies in Encino. The turnout was disappointing, but he still wanted to play some of the highlights :

  • Award for Best Song by a Band Whose Greatness is Kinda Hard To Get Across in Just One Song: American Music Club - "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
  • Award for Best Song by a Band Who, If They Were The Subject of a Biopic, The Lead Singer Would Almost Certainly be Played by Patton Oswalt: Accept - "Balls To the Wall"
  • Best Jackie Chan Tribute: Ash - "Kung Fu"
00:20:55 Gary follows up with The Auteurs - "Showgirl" from New Wave
00:22:38 Pat serves us up some Fiona Apple - "Get Him Back" from Extraordinary Machine.

Gary hates this song. It's part of the Yacht Rock that Gary called Cuckold Rock, about wussy guys being wussies about being wronged. It's Ace with "How Long" from Five-A-Side.


Other offenders include:

00:28:30 Pat first heard this song during a promo for the show One Tree Hill. It got stuck in his head and now he's sharing it with us. Augustana - "Boston" from All the Stars and Boulevards
00:30:00 Gary shares another badly named band. Athenaeum - "What I Didn't Know" from Radiance
00:32:00 Before he took a puss pill, Pat liked Brian Adams - "Lonely Nights" from You want it you got it.

Gary checks back in with the ceremony at Menchies to see what's going on:

  • Best Song by a Properly Names Emo Band: The Academy Is - "About A Girl" from Fast Times at Barrington High
  • Best Drinking Song that will Make You Never Want to Drink Again: Azure Ray - "The Drinks We Drank Last Night" from Hold On Love
  • Best Band Named After a Middle Eastern Political Party or a Crocheted Hair Piece: The Afghan Whigs - "Gentlemen" from Gentlemen
00:36:05 Gary's digging this band right now, because they have something in common: they both have no musical ability. It's Art Brute - "Direct Hit" from It's a Bit Complicated.
00:38:10 StarchildPaul Stanley comes by to discuss why he's not as entrepreneurial as Gene Simmons.
00:39:00 Country and Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Trace Adkins sings a song that makes Pat cry like a little BITCH! Whoa, sorry! I channeled my inner frat boy there for a second. It's "You're gonna miss this" from American Man.
00:42:00 After Pat's trip to Bummertown, we take a lighter hearted detour with The Avalanches - "Since I Left You" from an album of the same name.
00:43:20 Pat turns to the bad boys from Boston: Aerosmith - "Lightning Strikes" from their underappreciated album Rock and a hard place.
00:45:15 Gary's next song is Jon Auer's cover of "Green Eyes" from the album 6 1/2
00:46:55 Pat's next song is a track by the "supergroup" Asia - "Finger on the Trigger" from Omega
00:49:00 It's like the old saying goes, you never forget your first. This was Gary's' first digital download from a music blog. It's Arkansas' Ashtray Babyhead - "Bomb" from the album Radio
00:51:10 Pat takes it on home with AC/DC - "Anything Goes" from Black Ice

Gary closes out the ceremony at Menchies:

  • Best 80s Pop Nugget by a Scotish and/or Austrailian Band - Male Vocalist: Aztec Camera - "Oblivious" from the album High Land, Hard Rain
  • Best 80s Pop Nugget by a Scotish and/or Austrailian Band - Female Vocalist: Altered Images - "I could be happy" from Pinky Blue
  • Best Electronic Album for People Who Think They Don't Like Electronic Music: Air - "Moon Safari" from an album of the same name
  • The Fruit and Fiber Lifetime Achievement Award: The Apples In Stereo
00:57:05 The boys end the show with "For Now" from the broadway show Avenue Q
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:30 Web in front Icky Loaf Arches of loaf Gary
00:11:45 Flavor of the Week American Hi-Fi American Hi-Fi Pat
00:13:45 Beat our guests Antics in the Forbidden Zone Adam and the ants Gary
00:15:55 Take a long line Face to Face Angel City Pat
00:18:00 Johnny Mathis' Feet Mercury American Music Club Gary
00:18:00 Balls to the wall Balls to the wall Accept Gary
00:18:00 Kung Fu 1977 Ash Gary
00:20:55 Showgirl New Wave The Auteurs Gary
00:22:38 Get Him Back Extraordinary Machine Fiona Apple Pat
00:24:50 How Long Five-A-Side Ace Gary
00:28:30 Boston All The start and boulevards Augustana Pat
00:30:00 What I didn't know Radiance Athenaeum Gary
00:32:00 Lonely Nights You want it, you got it Brian Adams Pat
00:34:20 About a girl fast times at barrington Hight The academy is Gary
00:34:20 The drinks we drank last night hold on love Azure ray gary
00:34:20 Gentlemen Gentlemen Afghan Whigs Gary
00:36:05 Direct Hit It's a bit complicated Art Brute Gary
00:39:00 You're gonna miss this American Man Trace Adkins Pat
00:42:00 Since I left You Since I left You The Avalanches Gary
00:43:20 Lightning Strikes Rock and a hard place Aerosmith Pat
00:45:15 green eyes 6 ½ Jon Auer Gary
00:46:55 Finger on the trigger Omega Asia Pat
00:49:00 Bomb Radio Ashtray Babyhead Gary
00:51:10 Anything goes black Ice AC/CD Pat
00:53:50 Oblivious High land, hard rain Aztec camera Gary
00:53:50 I could be happy pinky blue altered images gary
00:53:50 moon safari moon safari air gary
00:53:50 The apples in Stereo gary
00:57:05 for now The original broadway cast Avenue Q Gary

Episode 012: Going Solo

Episode 012: Going Solo
What's the number one reason bands break up? Solo albums! Pat and Gary discuss their favorites.

From September 29, 2011
00:00:00 Pat and Gary try some stage patter.
00:01:15 Gary appeared on the great On The Page podcast, which is hosted by Pat's lovely and talented wife Pilar Alessandra.
00:01:30 Gary was infected by the Salena Gomez bug while listening to some Top 40 radio. He's mesmerized by her hit "Love Song."
00:04:50 As a topic appetizer, Pat plays the English and Spanish version of Diamond David Lee Roth's "Yankee Rose." Dave recorded a version of Crazy From The Heat in both languages.
00:09:50 Pat leads with Joey Ramones' posthumously released album Don't Worry About Me ("Squakbox")
00:11:50 Gary counters with Frank Black's second post-Pixies album Teenager of the year ("Headache").
00:13:20 Pat: In 1980 Barry Goudreau, the rhythm guitarist from Boston released a self-titled album that only barely counts as a solo effort, because he use Boston's singer and drummer to play on the album. ("Dreams" and "Hard Luck")
"That's more Boston than that movie 'The Fighter'.'"

- Gary
00:16:20 Gary: Former child actor Jenny Lewis, of popular L.A. band Rilo Kiley, released Rabbit Fur Coat.
00:19:45 Pat: During a time of turmoil, when the Rolling Stones weren't really talking to each other, Keith Richards released Talk Is Cheap with the song "How I Wish"
00:21:55 Gary: Another older fella is Lindsey Buckingham. He released a solo album in 2011 titled The Seeds We Sow ("That's The Way Love Goes"). Pat also endorses Lindsey's album Gift Of Screws
00:24:20 One of Pat's favorite albums from 2010 is The Killers' Brandon Flowers effort Flamingo ("Jilted Lovers And Broken Heart" and "Was It Something I Said")
00:26:40 Pat and Gary talk about their respective experiences witnessing marriage proposals at concerts (at Bon Jovi and The Bird & The Bee shows, respectively). They agree that public, spectacle proposals are lame.
00:28:10 Gary talks about a weasley guy on Millionaire Matchmaker who wants twin baby girls. Click here to see his audition. He finally mentions the twin baby girls right before the end.
00:30:10 Gary shares Fred Schneider's solo album, which was a huge departure from his usual B-52s fare (ed. note: do you smell that? It's fresh irony). Fred Schneider and the Shake Society - "Monster"

Pat doesn't like the J. Geils Band, but he loves Peter Wolfe's solo stuff, including "Tragedy" and "I don't want to know" from Midnight Souvenirs.

Gary shares an interesting side note: his first concert was The J. Geils Band with special guest U2.

00:36:50 According to Gary, for record nerds the holy trinity of solo albums is Ore by Skip Spence, I Am The Cosmos by Chris Bell and Pacific Ocean Blue by Dennis Wilson ("The River Song")
00:40:25 Pat's favorite Kiss solo album is Ace Freely's. Peter Kriss' is awful.
00:41:40 Gary's favorite Beatles solo album is Paul McCartney's Ram ("Too Many People").

Game Time!


- Name That Solo -

This is an audio game for the home audience.


Pat Recommends

00:46:48 Gary's new sign-off: "Rock n roll is good-time music. Why don't you listen to it?"
00:46:55 Gary closed out the show with Morrissey's "First of the gang to die" from the album You are the quarry.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:01:30 Love Song Salena Gomez
00:04:50 Yankee Song Crazy from the heat David Lee Roth
00:09:50 Squakbox Don't Worry about me Joey Ramone Pat
00:11:50 Headache Teenager of the year Frank Black Gary
00:13:20 Dreams Barry Goudreau Barry Goudreau Pat
00:13:20 Hard Luck Barry Goudreau Barry Goudreau Pat
00:16:20 Rabbit Fur Coat Jenny Lewis Gary
00:19:45 How I Wish Talk is Cheap Keith Richards Pat
00:21:55 That's thw way love goes The seeds we sow lindsey buckingham gary
00:24:20 Jilted lovers and broken hearts Flamingo brandon Flowers pat
00:24:20 Was it something i said Flamingo brandon Flowers Pat
00:30:10 Monster Fred Schneider and the Shake Society Fred Schneider Gary
00:32:40 Tragedy Midnight Souvenirs Peter Wolfe Pat
00:32:40 I don't what to know Midnight Souvenirs Peter Wolfe Pat
00:36:50 The River Song Pacific Ocean Blue Dennis Wilson Gary
00:41:40 Too Many People Ram Paul McCartney Gary
00:46:55 First of the Gang to die You are the quarry Morrissey Gary

Episode 011: The Year In Rock: 1991

Episode 011: The Year In Rock - 1991
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's seminal album "Nevermind," Pat, Gary and guest Jimmy Pardo discuss what they were listening to in 1991.

From September 22, 2011
00:00:00Former MCA record executive Jimmy Pardo comes to visit!
00:02:20Gary asks Jimmy how often he would visit the bone zone in the back of the record store. Jimmy confirms that he got plenty o' action.
00:03:30Jimmy laments the decline of the record store and misses the experience. Gary suggests the gang create a virtual Rock Solid record store. Jimmy is skeptical.
00:05:00Another "Not So Great Moments in Hip Hop" from Pat:
00:06:20Paul Stanley stops by the studio to explain what happened.
00:06:55Gary has uncovered some possible plagerism:

"Options" - Gomez
- vs. -
"Gonna Get Yr blood sucked out" - Viva Voce
00:08:30Another case:

"Viva la Vida" - Coldplay
- vs. -
"Foreigner Suite" - Cat Stevens
- vs. -
"I can fly" - Joe Satriani
- vs. -
"The songs I didn't write" - The Creeky Boards
00:09:50And the most shocking example:

"I'll be watching you" - The Police
- vs. -
"I'll be missing you" - Puff Daddy
Musical Zip Codes! Jimmy vs. Pat

•  60607  Show answer

•  02124  Show answer

•  85015  Show answer

•  90280  Show answer

•  48708  Show answer

•  33156  Show answer

•  07470  Show answer

•  German zip: 10115  Show answer

•  Canadian zip code: V2P 0A1  Show answer

00:18:50What was Pat rocking to in 1991? "Headlong" by Queen.
00:20:45Gary didn't think that grunge was the future of music. He thought that Jesus Jones would be the sound of the 90s. ("Right Here Right Now")
00:22:10Jimmy's choice for 1991 listening is from International Pop Overthrow's self-titled album - "Material Issue". At the time, this made Jimmy's 1991 Top 20 Albums of the Year
"Now, your top 20 of the year, then you'd go into the living room, stand in front of the TV and tell your parents what they are?"

- Pat
00:25:10Pat chooses the heartland rocker John (Cougar) Melloncamp - "Love and Happiness". From Pat's favorite JCM album Whenever we want it.
00:27:201991 was the worst year of Gary's life: he lost his job, lost his lady, got kicked out of his place and got involuntarily committed to an institution. Finally, he had to go live with his mom.
The one thing that got him out of bed was driving his sisters to school. His sister Megan lived for this song: Shanice - "I love your smile"
00:30:35Jimmy: In 1991 Chicago released their twenty first album and the "rockin'" song "If it were you"
00:34:25Pat loves a story song, which brings us to Aldo Nova - "Young Love" from Blood on the Bricks
00:37:10Gary, back in Modesto, had nothing going on and nothing to do, so he'd just drive around and listen to music, such as Jimmie Dale Gilmore - "I think I'm going to go downtown"
00:40:00Since 1985 Jimmy has been a fan of Marillion, when they came out with "Kayleigh." In 1991 the band came out with Holidays in Eden and the single "Cover my eyes."
00:44:10Pat: Tom Petty - "Learning To Fly" from Into the greatwide open
00:46:10Gary: 1991 wasn't all bad. He would work as an inventory taker, listen to his walkman and rock out to Teenage Fanclub's Bandwagonesque
00:48:15Gary is surprised that he hasn't any of the following:
  • Mr. Big - "Be With you"
  • Great White - "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"
  • Extreme - "More Than Words"
00:50:40Jimmy thinks that this band got a bad wrap, but he loves their first album. It's The Crash Test Dummys - Ghosts that haunt me ("Superman").
00:54:20Pat likes Van Hagar, which is unfortunate. In 1991, they came out with For Unlawful carnal knowledge ("Top of the world").
00:56:40According to Gary, no song captured the non-specific longing better than The Blake Babies' song "Out There" from the album Sunburn.
00:59:10Jimmy wanted to play School of Fish - "Three Strange Days", but instead he went with Roll the Bones by Rush.
01:03:40Gary closes out with "the best song of 1991," the divinyls - "I touch myself"
00:05:00All Hell's breakin' looseLick it upKissPat
00:20:45Right Here Right nowDoubtJesus JonesGary
00:22:10Material IssueInternational Pop OverthrowInternational Pop OverthrowJimmy
00:25:10Love and HappinessWhenever We WantedJohn MelloncampPat
00:27:20I Love Your SmileInner ChildShaniceGary
00:30:35If it were youChicago XXIChicagoJimmy
00:34:25Young LoveBlood on the bricksAldo NovaPat
00:37:10Tonight I think i'm going to go downtownJimmie Dale GilmoreGary
00:40:00Cover my eyesHolidays in EdenMarillionJimmy
00:44:10Learning to flyInto The Great WideopenTom PettyPat
00:46:10Star SignBandwagonesqueTeenage FanclubGary
00:50:40SupermanGhosts that Haunt MeCrash test DummiesJimmy
00:54:20Top of the worldFor unlawful carnal knowledgeVan HalenPat
00:56:40Out thereSunburnthe blake babiesGary
00:59:10Roll the bonesRoll the bonesrushjimmy
01:03:40I touch myselfThe divinylsThe divinylsGary

Episode 010: Songs About Girls

Episode 010: Songs About Girls
Pat and Gary pick their favorite songs that have girls' names in the title!

From September 15, 2011
00:00:00 Gary tries a new sign-in phrase: "what it do"
00:00:45 Pat tells about going to Conan to see the Foo Fighters. They wound up laying eight songs.
00:03:00 Pat talks about the great documentary New York Doll about NYD bassist Arthur "Killer" Kane. Both he and Gary highly recommends it.
00:04:20 Gary's stoked about the many records coming out this week, such as Wild Flag, Mates of State, Das Racist
00:05:55 Pat's stoked about a couple of Bob Segar live album reissues as well.
"The older I get, the more sense Bob Segar makes.'"

- Gary
00:06:20 Gary builds on Pat's pre-topic list with his "Not So Great Moments in Rap History": The horrendous Brian Wilson song "Smart Girls"


In honor of Rock Solid's tenth show, Gary put together a quiz featuring answers all related to the number ten.


•  Tenth Avenue Freeze Out: The Big Man is the subject of the song. What other E Street Band member is in the song?  Show answer

•  Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were members of what band  Show answer

•  What group took off their cover of Cat Steven's "Peace Train" off of their album after the Islam controversy?  Show answer

•  What 1952 Bull moose Jackson song was covered by Aerosmith on Toys in the Attic?  Show answer

• gives 2.5 out of 5 stars to which artist's debut solo album Nine out of Ten Scale?  Show answer

•  In March 1991 this band recorded their debut album at London Bridge Studios in Seattle.  Show answer

•  Big Audio Dynamite recorded Number 10 Upping Street. Who lives at Number 10 Downing Street?  Show answer

•  Which of these songs is not over ten minutes?

  a) Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin
  b) Cowgirl In The Sand - Neil Young
  c) Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf
  d) Marquee Moon - Television

 Show answer

•  What Orchestral piece from 1928 became a hit in 1980 because of the Blake Edwards movie "10"?  Show answer

•  Which album was recorded over the course of ten days at difference live shows?  Show answer

00:15:35 A listener made a great new logo for Rock Solid based on The Black Keys album cover (see above).
00:16:20 Gary shares the "Kathy Fong is the Bomb" from Tsar's self-titled album
00:18:15 This is one of Pat's "mental patient" song that he can listen over and over again. From Danny Wilson's album Meet Danny Wilson - "Mary's Prayer"
00:20:15 Gary plays Glasvegas - "Geraldine," a song that's sung from the point of view of a social worker
00:22:25 According to Pat, this is Lou Reed's attempt to write a hit: "I love you Suzanne"
00:24:00 In 1968 The Buckinghams released "Susan" with a very 60s, very strange mid-song interlude.
00:26:05 In 1999 Blondie released their comeback album. It sucked, but the single "Maria" was pretty awesome, according to Pat (ed. note: and me).
00:27:55 shares a "Maria" story: Matt was in a tattoo parlor while this song was playing on the radio. A big burly biker next to him heard that song and said "man, Debbie Harry: still got it."
00:28:30 Gary also has a "Maria" story: in 1999, during his first showbiz job at Win Ben Stein's Money, he heard music coming from the Mad TV set. He wandered over and saw Blondie performing. It was an "I've made it" moment for him.
00:29:35 A 1992 ditty from Seattle's own Flop - "Anne"
00:31:15 1982 Utopia released the song "Lysistrata" which is an ancient Aristophanes play where the women of Greece withhold sexual favors in order to move the men to negotiate peace. Saucy!
00:33:15 Gary has never claimed to be the world's smartest man. Thus, he thought that Squeeze's classic "Pulling Mussels from a Shell" was titled "Pulling mussels for Michelle."
00:35:10 Only one guy could write a song about a guy who's in love with a girl who's dead: Alice Cooper - "cold Ethel"
00:36:30 Gary thinks this song deserves to be right up there with the top Eleanor songs: Wes Cunningham's "I love Eleanor"
00:38:35 Pat breaks out the Marshall Crenshaw track "Mary Anne". Gary says that we all owe Marshall a letter of apology for not making him a bigger star.
00:40:25 What if the girl you're in love with is actually a dangerous disease? You'd have The Smoking Popes' "Rubella". "Bruce" stops by to say that this is similar to his song "Whooping Cough Glenda"
00:41:25 Gary and Pat avoided the obvious girl songs like "Allison," "Veronica" and "Beth." But Gary did pick a Beth-type song by Butch Walker & the Let's-Go-Out-Tonights - "Bethamphetamine (Pretty, Pretty)"
00:43:30 Pat announced that Mark Stockslogger won the Foo Fighter album. Then, controversy! Mark won the Patton Oswalt book, so they (unethically?) chose a new winner.
00:44:55 Gary announces another giveaway of Record Collecting for Girls by Courtney E. Smith

  • Pat suggest that Rock Solid listeners search out the The Bridge School Collection. The albums come from an annual benefit concert where big music stars donate their time to raise money for The Bridge School, a non-profit organization who serves individuals with severe speech and physical impairments.
00:46:30 Matt shares his first playout song of the podcast: "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:35 Kathy Fong is the bomb tsar tsar gary
00:16:20 Mary's Prayer Meet Danny Wilson Danny Wilson Pat
00:20:15 Geraldine Glasvegas Glasvegas Gary
00:22:25 I love you suzanne New Sensations Lou Reed Pat
00:24:00 Susan Mercy, mercy, mercy The Buckinghams Gary
00:26:05 Maria No Exit Blondie pat
00:29:35 Anne Flop and the Fall of the Mopsqueezer! Flop Gary
00:31:15 Lysistrata Swing to the right Utopia Pat
00:33:15 Pulling Mussels from a Shell Argybargy Squeeze Gary
00:35:10 Cold Ethel Welcome to my nightmare Alice Cooper Pat
00:36:30 I love Eleanor Polyanna Wes Cunningham Gary
00:38:35 Mary Anne Marshall Crenshaw Marshall Crenshaw Pat
00:40:25 Rubella Born to quit The Smokin' Popes Gary
00:41:25 Bethamphetamine (Pretty, Pretty) The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites Gary
00:46:30 Jane Says Nothing's shocking Jane's Addiction Matt

Episode 008: Double Downsizing

Episode 008: Double Downsizing
Classic double albums get whittled down to a more manageable length.

From September 1, 2011
00:00:37 Gary's new sign-on attempt: "What it do?"
00:00:45 Gary talks about the VMAs.
00:02:05 Brian May was at the VMAs and he's sticking with the hair, though he's gray now.

00:02:20 Gary dug Young the Giant's performance.
ask about that SOB Chris Brown.
Double Down: 
Bands, Songs or Albums that have a repeated word

• The group with Simon Lebon Show answer

• Elvis Costello sang this on SNL Show answer

• Neil Diamond song Show answer

• Song from the Tompson Twins Show answer

• English Group covered by No Doubt Show answer

• A band known for their covers Show answer

• Garage band classic sang by the Kingsman Show answer

• A song written by Tommy James, covered by Billy Idol Show answer

• Amy Grant Song Show answer

• Neil Young song from Rust Never Sleeps Show answer

• David Bowie song Show answer

• John Par song Show answer

• Radiohead song Show answer

• Judas Priest album Show answer
00:13:15 Gary feels that speakerboxxx / the love below by Outkast can be significantly trimmed down. In fact, he cuts it down to a double sided single:
  • I like the way you move
  • Hey Ya
00:15:40 Pat is not afraid to tackle the big boys: The Beatles' White Album.
  • "Back in the U.S.S.R."
  • "Dear Prudence"
  • "Glass Onion"
  • "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"
  • "Wild Honey Pie"
  • "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill"
  • "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
  • "Happiness Is a Warm Gun"
  • "Martha My Dear"
  • "I'm So Tired" (ed. note: this omission is a crime!)
  • "Blackbird"
  • "Piggies"
  • "Rocky Raccoon"
  • "Don't Pass Me By"
  • "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?"
  • "I Will"
  • "Julia"
  • "Birthday"
  • "Yer Blues"
  • "Mother Nature's Son" (ed. note: another crime!)
  • "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"
  • "Sexy Sadie"
  • "Helter Skelter"
  • "Long, Long, Long"
  • "Revolution 1"
  • "Honey Pie"
  • "Savoy Truffle"
  • "Cry Baby Cry"
  • "Revolution 9"
  • "Good Night"
00:20:05 During his youth, Gary corrupted a young woman named Carrie Butler by trading all of his Kiss albums for all of her Beatles albums. She went down the dark path after that.
00:21:20 Gary does some serious slashing of 69 love songs by the Magnet Fields.
  • "(Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy"
  • "When My Boy Walks Down The Street"
  • "I Don't Want To Get Over You"
  • "Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long"
  • "The Book Of Love"
  • "The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side"
  • "Papa Was A Rodeo"
  • "Reno Dakota"
  • "Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits"
  • "I Think I Need A New Heart"
  • "All My Little Words"
  • "Yeah! Oh, Yeah!"
  • "A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off"
  • "Come Back From San Francisco"
  • "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing"
00:26:45 Pat likes the banjo, because it's so hard to play. He's jealous of those multi-talented bastards like Steve Martin and Ed Helms who are funny and can play the banjo.
00:27:20 Pat takes on Fleetwood Mac's first post-Rumours album: Tusk
  • "Over & Over"
  • "The Ledge"
  • "Think About Me"
  • "Save Me a Place"
  • "Sara"
  • "What Makes You Think You're the One"
  • "Storms"
  • "That's All for Everyone"
  • "Not That Funny"
  • "Sisters of the Moon"
  • "Angel"
  • "That's Enough for Me"
  • "Brown Eyes"
  • "Never Make Me Cry"
  • "I Know I'm Not Wrong"
  • "Honey Hi"
  • "Beautiful Child"
  • "Walk a Thin Line"
  • "Tusk"
  • "Never Forget"
00:33:55 Gary takes his scissors to London Calling by The Clash:
  • "London Calling"
  • "Brand New Cadillac"
  • "Jimmy Jazz"
  • "Hateful"
  • "Rudie Can't Fail"
  • "Spanish Bombs"
  • "The Right Profile"
  • "Lost in the Supermarket"
  • "Clampdown"
  • "The Guns of Brixton"
  • "Wrong 'Em Boyo"
  • "Death or Glory"
  • "Koka Kola"
  • "The Card Cheat"
  • "Lover's Rock"
  • "Four Horsemen"
  • "I'm Not Down"
  • "Revolution Rock"
  • "Train in Vain"
00:39:25 Pat stares down the Rolling Stones much lauded Exile on Main St.:
  • "Rocks Off"
  • "Rip This Joint"
  • "Shake Your Hips"
  • "Casino Boogie"  
  • "Tumbling Dice"
  • "Sweet Virginia"
  • "Torn and Frayed"
  • "Sweet Black Angel"
  • "Loving Cup"
  • "Happy"
  • "Turd on the Run"
  • "Ventilator Blues"
  • "I Just Want to See His Face"
  • "Let It Loose"
  • "All Down the Line"
  • "Stop Breaking Down"
  • "Shine a Light"
  • "Soul Survivor"
00:45:00 Gary shared that Bruce Springsteen's double album The River was originally was orignially supposed to be a single album titled The Ties The Bind. You can check it out at
00:45:45 Bruce visits to give us a little background on the decision and then he counts it off:
00:48:00 They boys close out the episode a song that was played on Breaking Bad: The Pretenders "Boots of Chinese Plastic"
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:13:15 I like the way you move Speakerboxxx/The Love below Outkast Gary
00:13:15 Hey Ya Speakerboxxx/The Love below Outkast Gary
00:15:40 back in the U.S.S.R. The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Dear prudence The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Glass Onion The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 While my guitar gently weeps The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Happiness is a warm gun The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Blackbird The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Rocky Raccoon The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Why don't we Do it in the road? The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 i will The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Birthday The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Helter skelter The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:15:40 Revolution 1 The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles pat
00:21:20 (Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy 69 Love Songs The Magnetic Fields Gary
00:21:20 Reno Dakota 69 Love Songs The Magnetic Fields Gary
00:27:20 the Ledge Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 Think About me Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 Save Me A Place Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 Sara Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 What makes you think you're the one Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 storms Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 that's all for Everyone Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 not that funny Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 Angel Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 that's enough for me Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 I know i'm not wrong Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:27:20 tusk Tusk Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:33:55 train In Vain London Calling The Clash Gary
00:33:55 London calling London Calling The Clash Gary
00:33:55 Death or glory London Calling The Clash Gary
00:39:25 Rocks off Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 Rip this joint Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 Shake your hips Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 tumbling dice Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 Sweet virginia Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 loving cup Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 happy Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 all down the line Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 shine a light Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:39:25 Soul survivor Exile on Main St. the rolling Stones Pat
00:48:00 Boots of chinese plastic break up the concrete The pretenders Pat

Episode 007: Bond Themes

Episode 007: Bond Themes
Solid, Rock Solid. This week Pat and Gary discuss the 46 year history of James Bond theme songs!

From August 25, 2011
00:00:00 Gary sign on: "They're not booing they're saying 'Bruuuuuuuuuce!'"
00:00:30 First appearance of Pat's Springsteen (though he doesn't count it off).
00:01:00 On Gary's recommendation on last week's show, Pat picked up The Muffs Blonder and Blonder. Loves it!
00:02:14 Gary talks about his collection of Army Man magazine, "the Rosetta Stone of modern comedy" edited by George Meyer
00:03:10 Pat plays a clip from Paul Stanley talking about the evil in the world.
(with an awesome game-themed song)
Rock Solid $25,000 Pyramid: Movies Named After Songs
•  C. Thomas Howe in blackface:  Show answer

•  Will Wheaton finds a body:  Show answer

•  Julia Roberts plays a dirty whore:  Show answer

•  Patric Dempsey pays a girl to be his girlfriend:  Show answer

•  Nick Cameron in a remake of the above (Pat can't pull it):  Show answer

•  Reese Witherspoon goes back home:  Show answer

•  It's Molly Ringwald birthday:  Show answer

•  Jason Biggs makes sweet love to a pastry:  Show answer

•  Whoopie Goldberg is a thief:  Show answer

•  Julia Roberts and Justine Bateman ina band together:  Show answer

•  Matthew Brodrick is cheating on Meg Ryan:  Show answer

00:08:35 A visit from
who gives us movie title that Pat couldn't pull: "Love Don't Cost A Thing."
"Unless it has 'Tyler Perry' in the title, I don't know the movie"

- Pat
00:09:25 As of this recording, there have been 22 James Bond themes
00:09:45 Gary doesn't like James Bond, because he likes "the rule of law, the sovereignty of nations and my right not to be killed at the whim of the British government."
00:11:40 Gary: "The older I get, the more Nancy Sinatra makes sense." Nancy Sinatra, "You Only Live Twice." This is Pat's choice for worst Bond theme. The track was put together from 21 different takes.
00:14:00 Pat: From 2008, Jack White and Alicia Keys, "Another Way To Die"
00:16:45 Gary: the theme from Thunderball. Originally it was going to be a song called "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" by Dionne Warwick, but instead they went with "Thunderball" by Tom Jones. Tom is so manly that he reportedly fainted after singing the last note of the song.
00:21:20 Gary: The theme from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" was originally sung by Louis Armstrong, but it was so good, that even the Fun Lovin' Criminals could make it sound good: "We Have All The Time In The World."
00:24:00 Pat: Carly Simon's "No Body Does It Better" from "The Spy Who Loved Me." Works well as a standalone song, according to Pat.
00:28:30 Pat: This is the opposite of what Carly Simon does. Sheryl Crow sells out with the "Tomorrow Never Dies." The Pretenders and Garbage also fell victim to the "we have to make this sound like a Bond theme" mistake.
00:30:00 Gary: Dean Martin and James Coburn did James Bond takeoffs, but where was the blaxploitation James Bond? There never was one, but at least there was a theme: "Agent Double O'Soul" by Edwin Starr.
00:31:45 Another bad theme from Pat: Madonna's "Die Another Day." The spoof song she did for Austin Powers ("Beautiful Stranger") is way better. Pat, regrettably, does an Austin Powers impression.
00:35:05 Pat's vote for best Bond theme is Sir Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die."
00:37:55 Gary's favorite is Herb Alpert's theme from the original Casino Royal.
00:39:15 The rest of Pat's worst Bond themes:
  • Licensed to Kill by Gladis Knight
  • The Living Daylights by A-Ha
00:40:20 One more Bond-related oddity: The Toy Dolls' "James Bond Lives Down Our Street."
00:41:55 Pat's top Bond themes:
  • "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney
  • "No Body Does It Better" by Carly Simon
  • "Another Way To Die" by Jack White and Alicia Keys
  • "A View To A Kill" by Duran Duran
  • "Goldfinder" by Shirley Bassie
Sizzling Link from Gary:
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:11:40 You Only Live Twice You Only Live Twice nancy sinatra Gary
00:14:00 Another way to die Quantum of solace Jack white & Alicia keys pat
00:16:45 thunderball Thunderball tom jones gary
00:21:20 We have all the time in the world on her majesty's secret service fun lovin' criminals Gary
00:24:00 Nobody does it better The spy who loved me Carly simon Pat
00:28:30 Tomorrow never dies tomorrow never dies Sheryl crow Pat
00:30:00 Agent Double O'Soul soul master Edwin Starr Gary
00:31:45 die another day die another day Madonna Pat
00:35:05 live and let die live and let die Paul McCartney Pat
00:37:55 The theme from casino royale The theme from casino royale Herb alpert Gary
00:39:15 Licensed to kill Licensed to kill Gladys Knight Pat
00:39:15 The living daylight the living daylights A-Ha Pat
00:40:20 James bond lives down our street James bond lives down our street The toy dolls Gary
00:41:55 A view to a kill a view to a kill duran Duran pat
00:41:55 Goldfinger Goldfinger Shirley bassie pat

Episode 004: Sophomore Surge

Sophomore Surge 004
Pat and Gary compare and contrast their favorite follow-ups.
From August 4, 2011
00:00:35 Gary tries a new sign-on: "How's everyone doin' out there tonight! OW!"
00:00:50 Pat and Gary were on Doug Loves Movies!
Pat: "Do think Doug was toasted that day?"
Gary: "Yeah, he probably roasted a magic j-bone"
- Rock Solid
00:01:20 Favorite musicians in movies:
Pat: Brian Adams in Pink Cadillac (not really)

Dwight Yoakam in Sling Blade

Mariah Carey in Precious

Gregg Allman in Rush
00:03:37 Some sophomore slumps:
  • Terence Trent Darby - Neither Fish Nor Fowl
  • The Knack - ...But the Little Girls Understand
  • Meatloaf - Dead Ringer
00:04:27 The boys play rock, paper, j-bone to see who goes first. Gary's rock wins
00:05:15 Nevermind is the obvious sophomore surge album, so Gary didn't pick that. Instead, he picked another Butch Vig produced album: Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins. They play "Today"
00:08:00 Pat chooses Van Halen II by Van Halen. The Top 20 Single from this album is "Dance The Night Away"
00:09:13 Gary isn't a grammar stickler, but when Diamond David Lee Roth talks about "buttless chaps;" aren't all chaps buttless?
00:09:50 The instrumental from VH II is the j-bone-a-licious "Spanish Fly"
00:10:40 In "D.O.A" Pat thought the lyric "We were broke and hungry on a summer's day..." was "we were smokin' hombre on a summer's day..."
00:11:35 THIS is the reason that Gary wanted to do a show like Rock Solid: The Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy. "It's like if Neil Young was in Kraftwerk."
00:13:50 Pat picks the Belknap favorite: Sweet Baby James by James Taylor
00:15:00 Gary read a book titled "Fire and Rain", which looks at 1970 through the prism of four albums of the day (Let It Be, CSNY, Deja Vu and Sweet Baby James). According to the book, after the 1960s, Taylor was seen as the leader of The New Apathy of the 70s
00:16:43 Gary wanted to choose More Songs about Buildings and Food by The Talking Heads, just on the title alone, but instead he chose Elvis Costello's This Year's Model. Elvis recorded his first album with a band named Clover (later known The News from Huey Lewis and The News).
00:17:42 Sidebar: Huey Lewis reportedly has a huge crank. On the opposite end of the wang spectrum is Peter Frampton's lil' Pettie.
00:18:30 "No Action" from Last Year's Model
00:19:15 Pat shares the 20 million selling title Fearless by Taylor Swift. Pat CLAIMS that he started listening to Swift because of his daughters (ed. note: I don't know if I buy that...).
00:22:50 Gary: This second album was a major paradygm shift for The Beastie Boys, Paul's Boutique ("Shake Your Rump")
00:25:20 Pat rocks out with "Whole Lotta Love" and "Livin' Lovin' Maid" from Led Zepplin II
00:28:30 Gary's aunt gave him an inflatable zepplin when he was a kid. Pat had an inflatable Huey Lewis that took FOREVER to blow up.
00:29:05 Gary can write a book about his favorite sophomore album: Pinkerton by Weezer ("Why Bother").
00:32:15 This artist's first album charted at number 84. Her second sold 11 million copies, had two #1 hits and won four Grammys: Carole King's Tapestry ("So Far Away")
00:34:30 Honorable mentions:
  • Radiohead - The Bends
  • Blondie - Parallel Lines
  • Def Leppard - High and Dry
$25,000 Album Cover Pyramid: Round One
— Rolling Stones —
•  Closeup of a pair of jeans:  Show answer
•  A weird layer cake:  Show answer
•  A collage of black and white photos with a guy with billiard balls in his mouth:  Show answer
•  A newspaper ad for wigs:  Show answer
•  A 3D hologram, they're in wizard costumes:  Show answer
•  Charlie Watts walking with a donkey:  Show answer
•  Weird silver lion:  Show answer
00:37:05 Anything related to music releases. A list of everything coming out in the near future.
00:38:00 One of his music-related site.
$25,000 Album Cover Pyramid: Round Two
— Classic Rock —
  • There's a grand movie palace on one side and a dilapidated building on the other: Styx, Paradise Theater
  • There's a hand holding a razor blade: Judas Priest, British Steel
  • A woman in a short skirt in a bathroom: Foreigner, Head Games
  • A guy in red leather pants, you can only see his butt: Loverboy, Get Lucky*
  • A space ship bursting out of a glass orb: Journey, Escape
  • Guys carrying painting in front of a museum: Rush, Moving Pictures
* Creepy trivia: the button on Get Lucky belonged to a 14 year old girl.
00:40:55 Gary tries a new sign-out: "Stay black!"
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:20 Today Siamese Dream Smashing Pumpkins Gary
00:08:00 Dance The Night Away Van Halen II Van Halen Pat
00:10:00 Spanish Fly Van Halen II Van Halen Pat
00:10:40 DOA Van Halen II Van Halen Pat
00:11:40 Crystal Lake The Sophtware Slump Granddaddy Gary
00:13:55 Sweet Baby James Sweet Baby James James Taylor Pat
00:16:40 No Action This Year's Model Elvis Costello Gary
00:19:20 Fearless Fearless Taylor Swift Pat
00:22:50 Pauls Boutique The Beastie Boys Gary
00:25:20 Whole Lotta Love Led Zepplin II Led Zepplin Pat
00:29:05 Why Bother? Pinkerton Weezer Gary
00:32:15 So Far Away Tapestry Carole King Pat

Episode 003: CD Force Feed

Episode 003: CD Force Feed
Pat and Gary "force feed" each other CDs from their opposing genres. Will the guys spit out these strange new tastes, or will there be a "Mikey likes it" moment?
From July 28, 2011

00:00:00 Gary tries out a new sign-on: "one-two, one-two, you don't stop"
00:01:00 Rock Solid is getting great reviews and a general outpouring of love.
Gary challenges Pat to a "Van Halen Spoken Word Quiz" where Pat has to identify the song in which Diamond David Lee Roth does a spoken word interjection. Pat DOMINATES!

• "I reach down between my legs, ease the seat back" Show answer
• "I brought my pencil!" Show answer
• "One break, coming up!" Show answer
• "I like the way the line runs up the back of those stockings" Show answer
• "Have you seen junior's grades?" Show answer
00:04:10 Pat gave Gary the latest Cars album called Move Like This and Gary gave Pat Brothers by The Black Keys.
00:04:37 Pat thinks the Brothers album "is for trust-fund hipsters." Gary is incredulous.
00:04:45 Pat had a hard time getting past the "look how clever and cute we are" album cover. Gary informs Pat this won the the Grammy for best packaging and is an homage to an album by Howlin' Wolf.
00:11:30 Once Pat gets home he will delete the album from his iTunes. Gary sounds aghast.
00:12:15 Gary feels he should have gone first, because he felt that The Cars new album is "not too shabby." He doesn't understand why The Cars broke up, since "no one [in The Cars] did anything [of merit.]" Pat points out that Rick Okasic made six solo albums. Gary doesn't seem impressed.
00:15:25 Gary was going to give the album his full recommendation of "full buffet," but in light of Pat's scathing comments about Brothers, he will give The Cars album "a la carte."
00:16:20 Gary says that people may wonder why go through this exercise? He counters "do you just want to get by or do you want to flourish [by expanding your horizons]?"
00:17:40 They both agree that "Sad Song" from The Cars album is tasty.
00:22:00 The boys triy to review The Foo Fighters album is titled Wasting Light, but they don't actually have the album handy. Whoops! Instead Gary shares some Dave Grohl stories.
"Yeah, that was the best part of Thor: the end.'"

- Gary Lucy
00:28:05 Pat tells a story of meeting Taylor Hawkins at a gas station. Fist bumps were exchanged.
00:30:20 Gary's favorite Foo Fighters song is the acoustic version of "Monkey Wrench."
00:33:50 Pat: "iTunes is the greatest and worst thing to happen to music."
00:34:25 Pat reviews new releases:
  • Kelly Rowland - Here I am
  • Joss Stone - LP1
  • America - My Back Pages (covers album)
  • Aretha Franklin - 30 Greatest Hits
  • The Blues Brothers on Blue Ray

Gary tries his latest sign-off: "Grease for peace!"

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:06:30 Tighten Up Brothers The Black Keys Pat
00:17:40 Sad Songs Move Like This The Cars Gary
00:38:10 Get Away Yuck Yuck Gary