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Rock Solid Jeopardy

"Walk the Line"

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The Ronettes,
The Beatles,
The Ramones

Phil Spector
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This Cincinnati-based funk band was famous for R-rated album covers like "Skin Tight," "Honey" and "Fire"

Ohio Players
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Know-it-alls enjoy pointing out that this song is named after a famous mad scientist, NOT his most famous creation.

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This physically attractive Australian songstress was the first performer to do double duty as host and musical guest

Olivia Newton John
Show answer

Mi Generacion

My Generation
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"The Dirt"

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Boomtown Rats,
Def Leppard,
Shania Twain

Mutt Lange
Show answer

A shirtless David Bowie is so sexy and smoldering on the front cover, you might not notice he has canine hind-quarters on the back cover

Diamond Dogs
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Luxury features of this classic Dutch import include yodeling and eephing breaks, and a delightful rhyming title.

Hocus Pocus by Focus
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This British band joined the prestigious "3 song club" by playing their old hit "Yellow" late in a 2008 Jon Hamm episode.

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Boris La Arana

Boris the Spider
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"Sweet Dreams"

Patsy Cline
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Butch Vig
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This singer/songwriter is so vain, she wore only a negligee and jackboots on the cover of 1975's "Playing Possum"

Carly Simon
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This Southern fried classic, written by Dicky Betts, is named after his daughter.

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This four-word phrase was spoken by Sinead O'Conner as she tore up the picture of the Pope in 1992

Fight the real enemy
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Mago del flipper

Pinball Wizard
Show answer

"Scar Tissue"

Anthony Keidis
Show answer

Tom Petty,
Stevie Nicks,

Jimmy Iovine
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Warhol superstar Joe Dellasandro is the hunky cover model not only on The Smiths debut album, but also this infamous Rolling Stones classic

Sticky Fingers
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If you hear this song on the radio, it's probably as a prelude to a Roy Orbison cover.

Pretty Woman
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The night Elvis Costello did his infamous song-switch in 1977, he was actually filling in for this punk band that cancelled at the last minute

The Sex Pistols
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¿Quien Eres?

Who are you?
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"I'm Not There"

Bob Dylan
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Guided By Voices

Ric Ocasek
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This Prince album did some retailers have to cover up not only because the star was naked, but also because of a phallic-looking flower near his groin area

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Despite its ominous feel, this song's title was NOT inspired by Ralph Kramden's catchphrase on "The Honeymooners."

One of these Days
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The 90-minute show must have felt twice as long on 12/14/02, when host Al gore welcomed this Vermont jam band

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de la Cara

Face Dances
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Double Jeopardy

"Celtic Soul Brothers"

Come On Eileen
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In "Ain't Love a Bitch," Rod Stewart reminisces about this former lover

Maggie May
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I have a beard and recorded duets with Christopher Cross, James Ingram and Grizzly Bear.

Michael McDonald
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Her hit single "Roar" debuted at number 1 with over a half million first week downloads.

Katy Perry
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Tina Weymouth

Talking Heads
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In the song "America," it takes Paul Simon four days to hitchhike to Pittsburgh from this city.

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Gangnam Style
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Cheap Trick and Wilco both have songs that shout it out loud to this heavy metal gods

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I sit on a stool, have a funny nickname, and know a lot about missile defense systems.

Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter
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Peter G. Hernandez is the real name of this superstar, scheduled to perform at Super Bowl XLIII

Bruno Mars
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Kathy Valentine

The Go-Go's
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In 1997, the Violent Femmes re-recorded their classic "Kiss Off" for the soundtrack of this John Cusack movie, named after a toney Detroit suburb

Gross Pointe Blank
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Afternoons & Coffee Spoons

Mm Mmm Mmm MMM
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This 90s indie rock band gives a tip o' the hat to themselves, and the Beatles, in the song "Volcano Girls"

Veruca Salt
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I be the original lead singer on classics like "China Grove," before illness (and the guy with the beard) forced me out.

Tom Johnston
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Bryan Kelley & Tyler Hubbard make up this country pop duo, named after the border between their home states.

Florida Georgia Line
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Kim Gordon

Sonic Youth
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On the classic triple album "69 Love Songs" The Magnetic Fields rhyme the name of Michigan's state capitol with this word.

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"Singing in My Sleep"

Closing Time
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In "On the Radio" Regina Spektor references this Guns n' Roses song when she says "that solo's awfully long, but it's a pretty song…"

November Rain
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I have long hair, a porn 'stache, sang lead on "Black Water" and was the only original member left when the band broke up in '83.

Patrick Simmons
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Ed Helms, Will Forte, and Jasons Bateman & Sudeikis play the members of this British band in the video "Happy Wanderer."

Mumford & Sons
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D'arcy Wretzky

Smashing Pumpkins
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The best-selling record of 1942 was Glen Miller's swingin' 78 about having a gal in this southwestern Michigan city

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"Life is Hard"

Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
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In the Stephen Malkmus love song "Jenny & the S-Dog," the couple shares an intense love for this Dire Straits album.

Brothers in Arms
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I be the bass player who wore a beret and was, in 70's parlance, an actual brother.

Tiron Porter
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This multi-talented "N.E.R.D." is featured on two of the biggest hits of the year, "Blurred Lines" and "Get Lucky."

Pharrel Williams
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Laura Balance

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The first song on indie rocker Sufjan Steven's "Michigan" album pays tribute to this "Roger & Me" city

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Final Jeopardy
An apartment building at 96 St. Mark's Place in New York City is featured on the cover of this classic album

Physical Grafitti

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