Episode 257: Songs About Girls

Episode 257: Songs About Girls
Pat and April play their favorite songs which feature girls' names in the title. It's just that simple and fun too!
From June 16, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

April Richardson

00:00:00 Pat, April, and Kyle welcome us to the show. The gang start off this episode with some TV talk. April has rarely seen an episode of Friends (!) or Seinfeld (!!!). What were her shows? Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Melrose Place, 90210 (the original). April has also never watched Breaking Bad. She's seen a couple of scenes, but they were too gruesome for her. She can't handle the violence. And forget Game of Thrones because wizardry and "renaissance fair" shenanigans are not in her wheelhouse. Does she like any fantasy? Not really.
00:05:00 Pat and April aren't into the fiction books. April, much like Johnny Five, needs input; real people, real facts. More TV talk: Pat and April both agree that Veep and Silicon Valley are great shows with funny people on it. But enough about the boob tube, let's get into music. Pat suggested some possible topics to April, one of them being an all Garth Brooks episode. But April doesn't want to be blamed for all of the listeners unsubscribing from the podcast at once.
00:10:00 Pat is the only person in April's social circle who also likes Garth Brooks. Kyle mistakenly brings up Chris Gaines.
"Don't bring up Chris Gaines. That never happened. I Eternal Sunshine'd Chris Gaines out of my head."
- April

"Would you do an only Chris Gaines episode?"
- Kyle

"He didn't exist. I don't know what you're talking about."
- April

What is April's favorite TV show ever? Mr. Show. She got to go to a taping for the revival With Bob and David. Then the conversation turns to Love on Netflix. April doesn't like when a TV show has no likable character. And not likable like "smiles and rainbows," likable as in "this person is tolerable to hang out with." TV Solid strikes again, urgh! Damn you new golden age of television. Damn you!!!
Alright! Now let's get into the music. Today's topic is round two of a topic that was done ALLLLLLLLL the way back near the beginning of the podcast. It's songs with girl names in the title. Pat decided to take the extreme route and pick songs with ONLY the girl's name in the title. No "Ruby Tuesday" or "Proud Mary."
00:15:00 Pat starts us off with Marshall Crenshaw. Off the album Good Evening, the song is "Valerie".
April's first pick is from Pulp head honcho Jarvis Cocker. Off the album Further Complications, it's "Angela".
What do you call a female Ramone? Simple: "Ramona" by Ramones from the album Rocket to Russia.
Speaking of Ramones, April's next pick name checks Joey Ramone. Off the album It's My Club and I'll Play Want I Want To, it's "Debbie Loves Joey" by Helen Love.
00:20:00 Going right along, Pat's next pick is by Stevie Nicks. This is "Greta" off the album Street Angel. Pat and April both seem to enjoy the songs and albums that do not get love.
April was listening to Prince all day long when he died. Here's an obvious one: "Darling Nikki" off of Purple Rain.
00:25:00 Pat and April discuss the death of Prince. Prince always looked healthy, he was a vegan. April woke up to a text from Dave Holmes and then she didn't want to get out of bed. April saw him four times and they were the best four concerts she'd ever seen in her life. Super talented, prolific. April describes him and Bowie as being for everyone. They were weird, but also acceptable at the same time. Purple Rain was this avenue into a sexual world that April just didn't know about.
00:30:00 We go from Prince to Billy Idol. Off the album Devil's Playground, the song is called "Cherie".
Up next for April are those Seattle grunge gods, Nirvana. It's "Polly" off the album Nevermind. Kyle brings up the documentary "Soaked in Bleach." April thinks it was Courtney who pulled the trigger and sent Kurt to the great gig in the sky. They discuss the science behind it. "Heroin must be great," wonders Pat. April intends to do all the drugs when she's 80 and has no more life left to live. Horse, crank, paint, acid. She'll even toss in one of those Warhead candies and YOU KNOW the damage those can do.
00:35:00 We go from the mumble and bumble of grunge to the peppy steps of The Four Seasons. The song is "Marlena" off the album Golden Hits of the Four Seasons. Pat and Pardo saw Frankie Valli a little while ago and he lip syncs about 95% of the show. And he barely opens his mouth too, it's sad. Kyle surmises that all the old people in the crowd don't even notice.
April goes a similar route and heads old school with her boy Elvis Presley. Off the album ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits, it's "(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame". April does love Elvis' fondness for girls with black hair. "That always made me feel better as a kid growing up looking like Wednesday Adams."
00:40:00 Pat and April discuss last names. April used her husband's last name when she got married, but when they split, she went right back to Richardson. She intends to keep it as such for the remainder of her days. April has a brand to maintain, after all. The next song for Pat was written about actress Theresa Russell. It was going to be called "Theresa," but when it came time to record, it was changed to "Athena" by The Who from the album It's Hard. Roger Daltrey HATES the song, so it never gets played.
The next song for April is by a band called Larrikin Love. The song is called "Happy as Annie" off the album The Freedom Spark.
00:45:00 April mentioned Dave Holmes earlier. Dave will be on an upcoming episode talking about his new memoir. April calls him her favorite writer. She and Dave hosted a Prince dance party. But what about Rick Springfield? Would a dance party be thrown in HIS honor? Probably by Pat. Pat plays "Kristina" off the album Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet.
00:50:00 Kyle brings up an episode of The Eric Andre Show where Rick Springfield is tied to a dolly and screaming for help. Even as the band is playing a song, Rick is just screaming for someone to help him. April and Kyle bond over their love for Eric Andre and his insane antics. April then plays "The Best of Jill Hives" by Guided by Voices off the album Earthquake Glue.
Out of all of Pat's songs today, this is his favorite on the list. Off the album In Dreams: The Greatest Hits, it's "Claudette" by Roy Orbison. Pat is baffled that his wife Pilar loves Chris Isaak, but she doesn't like Roy Orbison. "Because she doesn't want to bang Roy Orbison," answers April. Well then.
00:55:00 April was going to play "Amy" by Elton John, but since she already played it on the Sir Elton episode, she goes with "Sheila, Take a Bow" by The Smiths off the album Louder Than Bombs. Is April's love for Morrissey unconditional? No, she keeps her fandom in check. Not everything he does is great.
Pat follows up The Smiths with the appropriate song "Sheila" by Aerosmith off the album Done with Mirrors.
01:00:00 And then April goes with Morrissey solo with "When Last I Spoke to Carol" from the album Years of Refusal. April would rather have no new Morrissey album than a bad Morrissey album. She was having dinner with Tony Visconti (hold on, let me pick that name up off the floor) and admitted that she would rather have Morrissey retire than go out there at 75 and try to be the dandy fop that he is. She doesn't think this way for every artist, but for some, there is no shame in stopping. Don't get lamed out.
01:05:00 April thought about Morrissey retiring and just being a writer, but then she read his fiction novel and.... hoo boy. It's about a relay team that accidentally kills a demon, and then the demon haunts them. The book takes place in Boston in the 1970s, yet every character talks like Morrissey: A sad Englishman concerned about Margaret Thatcher. She really liked his autobiography, but Morrissey should stay away from fiction.
Pat takes us away from Morrissey and towards the Irish rock of Thin Lizzy. Off the album Fighting, it's "Rosalie".
April unintentionally sounds like Owen Wilson when introducing her next song. It's "Planet Claire" by The B-52's off their self-titled album.
01:10:00 Pat and April discuss The B-52's and their big hits. Pat spills the beans that Chris Isaak might be coming on the show. "Who gets to be the co-host on that show, April Richardson?" asks April, totally nonchalant. Pat also suggests that ABC's Martin Fry might be on the show too, perhaps, maybe. He brings up the new ABC album The Lexicon of Love II, a sequel album to the original.
01:15:00 Pat often gets Fry mixed up with Bryan Ferry. Suave Englishmen in suits, they all look alike. But he would certainly not confuse Fry with anyone in April's next pick, The Cure. She plays "Charlotte Sometimes" from the album Standing on a Beach.
Pat's mom/Kyle's grandma's name is "Lucinda". Pat plays a song of the same name by Jesse Malin off the album Glitter in the Gutter.
01:20:00 The next song for April is by The Bluetones. Off the album Science & Nature, the song is called "Emily's Pine".
No signs of stopping as Pat's next pick is by friend of the show Heather Stewart. The song is "Evelyn" off the album What It Is. Pat had no idea Heather could sing so well, she was always just his friend Heather.
April doesn't mean to bragg (HA HA!! See what I did there? Come on people, let's hear it for the ladies), but her next pick is by her friend Billy Bragg. Off the album England, Half-English, the song is "Another Kind of Judy".
01:25:00 On the way to the show, April was listening to music. What kind of music?
"It was a mix I made for somebody and I was testing it out to make sure it was rad before I gave it to him."
- An actual sentence said by an adult woman in 2016

April burns mixes and plays it in her car to make sure it flows well. And if it's not rad enough, it's back to the edit bay. "You're nuts," utters Pat. Oh, he's kidding. That actually is a smart thing to do, in my opinion. At the very least to make sure the CD doesn't skip.
Pat gives apologies to Blondie, The Monkees, Elvis Costello, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. His last pick is "Rosie" by Peter Wolf off the album Long Line.
01:30:00 Pat goes through the usual plugs. If you want to catch April on Facebook, she has a fan page RIGHT HERE. Her private page and the goings-on on it are none of your business, thank you very much. April gets overwhelmed with social media sometimes. There are some not-so-nice people out there.
Let's not dwell on that, let's end with some music. April takes us out with "Louise" by The Human League off the album Hysteria.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00 Valerie Good Evening Marshall Crenshaw Pat
00:15:00 Angela Further Complications Jarvis Cocker April
00:15:00 Ramona Rocket to Russia Ramones Pat
00:15:00 Debbie Loves Joey It’s My Club and I’ll Play What I Want To Helen Love April
00:20:00 Greta Street Angel Stevie Nicks Pat
00:20:00 Darling Nikki Purple Rain Prince April
00:30:00 Cherie Devil’s Playground Billy Idol Pat
00:30:00 Polly Nevermind Nirvana April
00:35:00 Marlena Golden Hits of the Four Seasons The Four Seasons Pat
00:35:00 (Marie’s the Name) His Latest Flame ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits Elvis Presley April
00:40:00 Athena It’s Hard The Who Pat
00:40:00 Happy as Annie The Freedom Spark Larrikin Love April
00:45:00 Kristina Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet Rick Springfield Pat
00:50:00 The Best of Jill Hives Earthquake Glue Guided by Voices April
00:50:00 Claudette In Dreams: The Greatest Hits Roy Orbison Pat
00:55:00 Sheila Take a Bow Louder Than Bombs The Smiths April
00:55:00 Shela Done with Mirrors Aerosmith Pat
01:00:00 When Last I Spoke to Carol Years of Refusal Morrissey April
01:05:00 Rosalie Fighting Thin Lizzy Pat
01:05:00 Planet Claire The B-52’s The B-52’s April
01:15:00 Charlotte Sometimes Standing on a Beach The Cure April
01:15:00 Lucinda Glitter in the Gutter Jesse Malin Pat
01:20:00 Emily’s Pine Science & Nature The Bluetones April
01:20:00 Evelyn What It Is Heather Stewart Pat
01:20:00 Another Kind of Judy England, Half-English Billy Bragg April
01:25:00 Rosie Long Line Peter Wolf Pat
01:30:00 Louise Hysteria The Human League April