Episode 256: Shuffle, Repeat

Episode 256: Shuffle, Refeat
Pat and Kyle are joined by author and television writer Jen Klein to discuss her new YA novel "Shuffle, Repeat."
From June 9, 2016

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Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show. This week features a special guest by the name of Jen Klein. She is a writer of both young adult novels AND she is a staff writer on a little show called Grey's Anatomy. Pat and Jen became friends when their kids went to the same preschool. Jen has also written a lot for animated shows like Bratz, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Astroblast!, ToddWorld, and others.
00:05:00 Jen's first YA book Jillian Cade, (Fake) Paranormal Investigator was released last year and this year, she is releasing her second YA book Shuffle, Repeat, which is why Jen is here on Rock Solid. Someone else who is close to being on Rock Solid is Rick Springfield, whom Pat has wanted to get in here since forever.
00:10:00 Before we delve into Jen's new book and related music and such, it's time for Jen to be introduced to

Here's the deal: Pat sometimes writes reviews for Pop Culture Beast and he'll get CDs from bands that he's never heard of. So we're gonna hear some songs with completely fresh ears. Today's album is Allies by Jamie Kime, who is part of Dweezil Zappa's Zappa Plays Zappa band.
  • "Pelt" -- It's an instrumental track. And based on Jen's sleuthing skills, the album cover does not have any vocal credits at all. But Pat and Jen liked the groove. Kyle likens it to elevator music.
  • "Bottlerocket" -- Faster-paced, Kyle playing a little air drum. They liked it better than "Pelt."
  • "Philadelphia" -- A lot slower.
  • "Shinebox" -- Another instrumental, it's fine, no big deal.
Overall the album is suitable instrumental rock. It gets a hearty "ok" from the trio. Pat reiterates, once again, that if you want the album, be the first to email him and YOU NEED TO INCLUDE YOUR FULL ADDRESS.
00:20:00 With all that done, Jen tells us about Shuffle, Repeat. The book is about two high school seniors, June and Oliver, who are forced by their mothers to drive to school together every day. They have different philosophies about everything, including music. They end up playing a game where anytime one of them proves their philosophy is right, they can add a song to their shared playlist that they listen to while driving to school. And maybe, just maybe, they might be falling in love as they do it. Maybe. Pat asks Jen how she plans her book. Jen has a document for each book called "Shit that Happens in No Particular Order." It's exactly how it sounds. Little pieces of scenes and character backstory that are patched together to make the story. The final version of the book is rather close to the original vision.
00:25:00 Jen likes how with a book, you have a lot more ownership over it than a movie or TV script. Pat's daughter Sarah actually read the first drafts of both of Jen's books before they even went to the editor. Jen even wrote a dedication to Sarah in Shuffle, Repeat! Awwwwwwwwww. Pat also has five copies of Jen's new book to give away to the listeners, and they've all been beautifully signed by the author herself!
00:30:00 A word of advice from Jen: If you're signing a book or movie poster or something like that, come up with a new signature that is different than your regular signature, so people can't forge it. She is one smart cookie. In the back of the book is the "Sunrise Songs" playlist, which is the playlist of songs that the main characters in Shuffle, Repeat listen to on the way to school. All the songs on the playlist are real, except for one song.
00:35:00 Pat suggests that (fingers crossed) when the book becomes a movie, the studio will contract a musician to write the song for real. But that's all hypothetical, let's focus on the real songs in the here and now. Pat is going to play the real songs that are on the playlist. The first song on the list is by none other than Air Supply. Off their Greatest Hits, it's "Making Love Out of Nothing at All". It was written by Jim Steinman and it COMPLETELY SOUNDS like a Jim Steinman.
00:40:00 Jen picked it because her sister in college had her answering machine message ask the caller about the meaning of the song. Yup. The next song is "Gone Daddy Gone" by Violent Femmes off their self-titled album. It's one of Jen's favorite Violent Femmes and it's an important song for June. No spoilers here. Who are Jen's favorite artists? She has no idea. On the drive over, she was listening to Prozac, the Hamilton soundtrack, The Beatles. It was more shuffle than repeat.
00:45:00 Up next on the playlist is definitely a Pat Francis song. It's "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake. There are actually THREE different versions of the song and Pat makes it his mission to play a little bit of all three. Seriously. He mainly plays the original from Saints & Sinners, though. Good heavens, it was like Title Fight: Round 2 all over again. Kyle prefers the rock radio version of '87. Pat can't choose. HE JUST CAN'T DECIDE!
00:50:00 Moving on from Coverdale and the boys, Pat plays the next playlist song. Off the album Blah-Blah-Blah, it's Iggy Pop with "Cry for Love". Kyle asks if there were songs that she wanted in the book that Jen couldn't fit in. No, Jen could do what she wanted. Pat gushes that the future movie version of the book already has a soundtrack. Of course there is only room for one version of "Here I Go Again."
00:55:00 What's Jen's writing schedule like? She just wrote in the mornings before work, the evenings after work, and on the weekends. She wrote the first draft in just a few months, all the while still working on Grey's Anatomy. Hollywood Producer Kyle has some predictions. Demi Lovato stars as June and she records the made-up song as the single for the soundtrack. Hollywood Producer Pat chimes in: Richard Dreyfuss as Oliver. I would have gone with a Yaphet Kotto, but to each his own. Pat gushes over the look of the book. He doesn't know what any of the words mean, but the colors and pictures sure are nice. We return to the music with "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" by Cutting Crew off the album Broadcast.
01:00:00 Pat compliments Jen for being able to write a book in three months because if he tried to do it, there would no time for anything else: eating, sleeping, loving his family. Nothing. Jen admits that she is a fast typer. The next song on the playlist is "Heaven" by Warrant off the album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.
Pat plays two punk bands back to back. The first is The Clash with "London Calling" off the album London Calling.
01:05:00 The second is Ramones with "I Wanna Be Sedated" off the album Road to Ruin.
We get another 80s hit with the next song on the playlist. It's "Angel" by Aerosmith off the album Permanent Vacation.
01:10:00 Cruising right along this playlist with a band called Pansy Division. The song is called "Luv Luv Luv" off the album Absurd Pop Song Romance. Pansy Divison is a Queercore punk rock band out of San Francisco. Kyle asks Jen if any of the songs on the playlist are from other people. Some are from her sister.
We've got another Pat Francis Special for you. It's "I'll Be There for You" by Bon Jovi off the album New Jersey.
01:15:00 The next band Pat can barely pronounce. It's Ume with "Chase It Down" off the album Monuments.
Is this a band? Is it a person? Pat wants to know about Alesana. It's a band, says Kyle. And they are right up Kyle's alley being a screamo hardcore metal band. The song is called "This Is Usually the Part Where People Scream" off the album Where Myth Fades to Legend. "That's the kind of bullshit that I like," admits Kyle.
01:20:00 After a brief interruption from Dueling Trumps, Pat plays the next playlist song. Off the album Hysteria, it's "Love Bites" by Def Leppard. In the book, June hates Oliver's music and Oliver despises June's music. Pat somehow brings it back to Richard Dreyfuss in the movie adaption. Somehow his Dreyfuss impression sound like Trump. Good god. The book takes place in Ann Arbor, Michigan where Jen grew up until she was 13.
01:25:00 The next playlist song is Wax Fang with their single "Hearts Are Made for Beating". More Richard Dreyfuss, apparently he meets Susan Sarandon the lunch lady. Don't ask.
Pat used to get driven wild by the album cover of the next song, No Secrets by Carly Simon. Why? Well it's daytime and her brights are on. Pat plays "You're So Vain".
01:30:00 Pat started reading Carly's autobiography in February and he's STILL reading it. He reads, like, a paragraph a week and he forgets what he read. But he doesn't forget the next song, "The Search Is Over" by Survivor off the album Vital Signs.
Jen can be found on Twitter @JenKleinTweets and you can go to her website JenKleinBooks.com.
01:35:00 For some reason, Pat and Kyle will not let this Richard Dreyfuss thing go. Kyle actually saw Dreyfuss speak once. It was essentially an old man rant. Thanks to Jen for coming on the show, talking about her book, signing some books, and putting up with the usual shenanigans. The last playlist song that Pat plays is "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" by Nico Vega off the album Lead to Light.
01:40:00 Some Rock Solid news: Kyle is in the midst of working on a new website for the show! The young gun is tinkering away on the old keyboard. It's gonna be the new home for these recaps and it'll be pretty damn cool. Pat takes us out with the theme song to the podcast, "Song Away" by Hockey off the album Mind Chaos. Thank you again Jen and buy Shuffle, Repeat now people!
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Pelt Alleys Jamie Kime Jen (First Listen)
00:10:00 Bottlerocket Alleys Jamie Kime Kyle (First Listen)
00:15:00 Philadelphia Alleys Jamie Kime Pat (First Listen)
00:15:00 Shinebox Alleys Jamie Kime Pat (First Listen)
00:35:00 Making Love Out of Nothing at All Greatest Hits Air Supply Pat
00:40:00 Gone Daddy Gone Violent Femmes Violent Femmes Pat
00:45:00 Here I Go Again Saints & Sinners Whitesnake Pat
00:50:00 Cry for Love Blah-Blah-Blah Iggy Pop Pat
00:55:00 (I Just) Died in Your Arms Broadcast Cutting Crew Pat
01:00:00 Heaven Dirty Rotte Filthy Stinking Rich Warrant Pat
01:00:00 London Calling London Calling The Clash Pat
01:05:00 I Wanna Be Sedated Road to Ruin Ramones Pat
01:05:00 Angel Permanent Vacation Aerosmith Pat
01:10:00 Luv Luv Luv Absurd Pop Song Romance Pansy Division Pat
01:10:00 I’ll Be There for You New Jersey Bon Jovi Pat
01:15:00 Chase It Down Monuments Ume Pat
01:15:00 This Is Usually the Part Where People Scream Where Myth Fades to Legend Alesana Pat
01:20:00 Love Bites Hysteria Def Leppard Pat
01:25:00 Hearts Are Made for Beating Single Wax Fang Pat
01:25:00 You’re So Vain No Secrets Carly Simon Pat
01:30:00 The Search Is Over Vital Signs Survivor Pat
01:35:00 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Lead to Light Nico Vega Pat
01:40:00 Song Away Mind Chaos Hockey Pat