Episode 254: Two Hands Clapping

Episode 254: Two Hands Clapping
Pat and Murray play their favorite songs that feature "hand claps." Please hold your applause for an episode that was 3 weeks in the making!
From May 26, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano

00:00:00 Pat, Murray, and Kyle welcome us to the show. Murray finally has his gift basket from Josh Scott Fitzgerald. Murray is at first incensed that Pat and Kyle stole his Reese's Cups, but the bottle of rum more than makes up for it. And there's a card! What a nice way to start the pod. Murray's a little tired, but excited to be here. Pat's up and charged due to a previous recording with April.
00:05:00 Murray takes a taste of the black cherry rum. Consensus: A little cough syrupy. But it's daddy's night out, so down the gullet it goes! Oh lord, now Murray is getting in on the Trump impression game. The infection is spreading. Murray had to rush to get the songs for this topic and "Oh, that rum is harsh."
00:10:00 Today's topic is about songs that feature handclaps. Pat stresses "predominant handclaps," but Murray thinks you can bend those rules. BUT WAIT! Kyle has his own installment of

Kyle apologizes to Murray because he hates this band. Yes, it's the new single "Bored to Death" by Blink-182 from their new album California. "Every song that Blink-182 does sound like the same song," says Murray. "And that song sucks." Pat and Kyle enjoy it, as well as the artwork. They hope I add it to the recap. "Andrew Rich has great taste in music and would never add that crap to it," argues Murray. Pat decides to tweet me to find out my thoughts on Blink-182.

More on that in a little bit.
00:15:00 Murray named a track on his album Rusty Cow after Blink-182 and it was all about how he hated the band. It's his most downloaded track. Pat is actually pretty tired of Weezer and their nerdy antics. Murray tries to think of a Weezer collaboration, but can't of think it. It's actually a new Monkees song that Rivers Cuomo wrote called "She Makes Me Laugh" from their new album Good Times!. The trio really like it.
00:20:00 Okay, handclap songs. Are you ready Pat? Are you ready Kyle? Alright fellas, LET'S GOOOO!!!!! Murray's first pick is "The Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet off the album Desolation Boulevard. "They might as well call that song 'Speeding Ticket,'" says Murray. OOOOH! A response from me on Blink-182!

Murray's respect for me: OUT THE WINDOW! Speaking of Sweet, Pat tells a story about him and Kyle seeing Yes and the guy next to them was talking up a storm about how bands with their original lead singer sound the best. It turns out the guy was actually the new lead singer of Sweet, Joe Retta! How peculiar.
00:25:00 While Murray skedaddles to the bathroom, Pat and Kyle listen to some new Sweet with Joe Retta on vocals. "It sounds like he swallowed a ghost," says Kyle. Who knows though, it's YouTube. In any event, Pat's first pick is one Billy Joel. Off the album The Stranger, it's "Only the Good Die Young". In Pat's hometown, the song was CONDEMNED (!) for being perceived as anti-Catholic. Hellfire! Brimstone!
00:30:00 Murray's next pick is from the 2015 Year in Review. It's "S.O.B." by Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats off their self-titled album. Rateliff looks remarkably like former guest and Tom Petty superfan Geoff Tate who, coincidentally enough, just agreed to do a Bob Seger episode with Pat.
Up next for Pat is the duo Hall & Oates with "Private Eyes" off the album Private Eyes.
00:35:00 The next song for Murray dons the leather jackets and shades. It's Ramones with "Judy Is a Punk" off their self-titled album. Not only does it feature handclaps, but it's got KAZOOS! "If you ever do a kazoo episode, you can play that song," suggests Murray. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! (glug glug glug)
Handclaps abound in Pat's next pick, "Hanginaround" by Counting Crows off the album This Desert Life. Murray will not listen to any Counting Crows until Adam Duritz gets a haircut. Pat heard a rumor that it's all a weave. Pat's joke: "I always say when your hair is falling out, weave it alone."
00:40:00 Murray's got a clapping cover! It's Bauhaus doing a version of "Telegram Sam" from their compilation album 1979-1983. Pat doubts the validity of these claps. They don't sound like handclaps; too digital, perhaps. "Maybe he's clapping on a Casio," says Murray.
This next guy not only went into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, but HE HAD A CONVERSATION WITH MURRAY! Pat plays "Take the Money and Run" by Steve Miller Band off the album Fly Like an Eagle. Pat and Murray compliment the classic rock radio station KLOS for playing deeper stuff.
00:45:00 Murray's story about speaking with Mr. Steve Miller. He's playing a casino and Miller is playing a nearby theater. Murray got to sneak a peak at the encore songs. The next day Murray spots Miller at a coffee shop in the hotel and goes to say hi. Murray compliments Miller for having the crowd on their feet. The two chit-chatted for ten minutes. Super awesome guy. Murray got a deeper appreciation for Steve Miller just watching him perform live and talking with him. Fin. Murray returns to the punk world with "No Fun" by The Stooges off their self-titled album.
00:50:00 Murray likes what he knows with The Stooges, and if given the choice, would go with New York Dolls over The Stooges. Pat steers the ship in another direction with Sheryl Crow. Off her self-titled album, the song is called "A Change Would Do You Good".

So it seems that in the middle of the song playing, the computer crashed. Luckily the previous fifty minutes were saved, but everything afterwards was gone. So now it is THREE WEEKS LATER and Murray is back to re-record the rest of the episode. AND THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE! Oh, what a comedy of errors. As someone who's experienced computer issues before, I know the pain.
00:55:00 Murray plugs his now relevant dates. MurrayValeriano.com. He also has a NEW Facebook fan page, Murray Valeriano Comedy. Now that those are all out of the way, Pat and Murray remember NOTHING about the previous part of the episode. So goodbye callbacks and references.
01:00:00 While they are at it, Murray officially announces his guest for his live podcast at LA Podcast Festival 2016. It's Greg Behrendt. Murray and Greg are going to bring their guitars and tell campfire stories. It's going to be magical. Pat will be at the Festival with Never Not Funny, BUT if Rock Solid gets a slot, then Pat will not do Never Not Funny at the Podcast Festival. He'll instead do the Burbank Comedy Festival with Never Not Funny. But again, that's ONLY if Rock Solid gets a slot. If it doesn't get a slot, Pat will do NNF at the Podcast Festival. Courtesy of Matt Burkey, here's a handy chart:
Murray returns us to the music with "Comfort Eagle" by Cake off the album Comfort Eagle.
01:05:00 Pat lays down some podcast business: There will be some new voices in here due to other co-hosts having engagements that are keeping them busy. Mike is going out of town for a few weeks, Christy is starting her writing gig with Modern Family, April's doing standup on the East coast with Chris Hardwick, and Murray is going overseas to do standup for the military. So, in the coming weeks: Terri Nunn from Berlin, comedians Cathy Ladman and Brian Noonan, authors Jen Klein and Dave Holmes, plus some episodes in the can with April, Christy, and Mike. Lot of things going on with Rock Solid.
Shoutout to Christy. Pat plays "My Best Friend's Girl" by The Cars from their self-titled album.
01:10:00 While Pat grabs pizza, Murray chats with Kyle. What's Kyle's worst stand up gig so far? In college, he performed in the basement of a McDonald's. It was an actual dining area. Some people came, most people just ate and stared in bemusement. As Pat reappears, Murray plays his next pick. Off the album Centerfield, it's John Fogerty with "Centerfield".
01:15:00 In between the recordings of this one episode, Pat saw Todd Rundgren in concert. As he was getting an album signed by bassist Kasim Sulton (of Utopia fame), Pat asked him if he was going to tour with Meat Loaf (whom he'd played bass for many times) in the Fall. "Nooooooo, never again!!" replied Sulton. And then he laughed and walked away. Oh boy. Pat and Murray saw Motion City Soundtrack together and Murray was super impressed with Toni Thaxton's ability to drum hard (or pound the skins, as they say in the biz) for long periods of time.
The song that Pat immediately thought of when he thought of handclaps is "We Will Rock You" by Queen off the album News of the World. Mike is just sick of that song and "We Are the Champions" (as evidenced by the Worst of the Best episode). He gets so mad he just hurls his bag of cocaine at the radio in frustration.
Murray follows this up with his favorite Queen song, "Radio Ga Ga" off of The Works.
01:20:00 After musing over the idea of recording half an episode, waiting a year, and then recording the other half (a.k.a. the Boyhood method), Pat and Murray discuss Queen at Live Aid and watching Live Aid in general. Then Pat plays a song that is probably being played right now as we speak. Off their album LP, it's The Rembrandts with "I'll Be There for You".
01:25:00 "When they say music soothes the savage beast, they were talking about this voice." Murray plays "Wavelength" by Van Morrison off the album Wavelength.
Up next for Pat is Styx. It's "Too Much Time on My Hands" off the album Paradise Theatre.
Murray's got some sand on his hands for his next clapping song. Off the album All Summer Long, it's "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys.
01:30:00 50 Years of Pet Sounds. Elliot Easton recently put Pet Sounds on blast on Facebook. He says the previous two Beach Boys albums are more accessible and where the sounds of Pet Sounds can be found first. Also, Revolver puts Pet Sounds in the dust. Murray agrees with the last part, but he still stands by Pet Sounds. Pat and Kyle inquire as to whether Murray got his bones jumped to the album (as well as any others), but Murray's lips are sealed.
Pat goes to his old pal Neil Diamond with his next pick. Off the album The Feel of Neil Diamond, it's "Cherry, Cherry". Jewish Elvis, handclapping and dreidel spinning like a boss.
01:35:00 Some various chit chat leads to Murray's next song. Off the album The Fine Art of Surfacing, it's "I Don't Like Monday" by The Boomtown Rats. Pat brings up the lip sync show. "How is that a show?" Murray wonders. A whole show of lip syncing gets boos all around.
01:40:00 Pat is determined to buy a copy of The Fine Art of Surfacing... if the price is right. In the meantime, he plays "Head Over Heels" by The Go-Go's off the album Talk Show. Murray calls foul, he does NOT think those are handclaps. And Murray, ever the man with the memory, remembers Pat giving him shit three weeks ago for the non-handclaps of "Telegram Sam." So there!
Murray's next pick is by Jack White. Off his album Blunderbuss, it's "I'm Shakin'".
01:45:00 Pat apologizes for playing an overplayed song, but he loves it so much. Off their self-titled album, it's "More Than a Feeling" by Boston. Somehow we come full circle and Murray thanks Josh for the gift basket. Good lord, what a mess.
Murray's next is by a band that, once again, Pat thinks sucks. It's Badfinger with "No Matter What" off the album No Dice.
01:50:00 Thanks to Murray for shlepping back here after three weeks to complete the episode and bear the brunt of nonstop jackassery. Your patience is incredible.

Pat takes us out with "One World" by Utopia off the album Swing to the Right.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Bored to Death California Blink-182 Kyle (New Music Roundup)
00:15:00 She Makes Me Laugh Good Times! The Monkees Murray (New Music Roundup)
00:20:00 The Ballroom Blitz Desolation Boulevard Sweet Murray
00:25:00 Only the Good Die Young The Stranger Billy Joel Pat
00:30:00 S.O.B. Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats Murray
00:30:00 Private Eyes Private Eyes Hall & Oates Pat
00:35:00 Judy Is A Punk Ramones Ramones Murray
00:35:00 Hanginaround This Desert Life Counting Crows Pat
00:40:00 Telegram Sam 1979-1983 Bauhaus Murray
00:40:00 Take the Money and Run Fly Like an Eagle Steve Miller Band Pat
00:45:00 No Fun The Stooges The Stooges Murray
00:50:00 A Change Would Do You Good Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow Pat
01:00:00 Comfort Eagle Comfort Eagle Cake Murray
01:05:00 My Best Friend’s Girl The Cars The Cars Pat
01:10:00 Centerfield Centerfield John Fogerty Murray
01:15:00 We Will Rock You News of the World Queen Pat
01:15:00 Radio Ga Ga The Works Queen Murray
01:20:00 I’ll Be There for You LP The Rembrandts Pat
01:25:00 Wavelength Wavelength Van Morrison Murray
01:25:00 Too Much Time on My Hands Paradise Theatre Styx Pat
01:25:00 I Get Around All Summer Long The Beach Boys Murray
01:30:00 Cherry, Cherry The Feel of Neil Diamond Neil Diamond Pat
01:35:00 I Don’t Like Mondays The Fine Art of Surfacing The Boomtown Rats Murray
01:40:00 Head Over Heels Talk Show The Go-Go’s Pat
01:40:00 I’m Shakin’ Blunderbuss Jack White Murray
01:45:00 More Than a Feeling Boston Boston Pat
01:45:00 No Matter What No Dice Badfinger Murray
01:50:00 One World Swing to the Right Utopia Pat