Episode 253: Hard & Heavy

Episode 253: Hard & Heavy
This episode goes to 11 as Pat and Kyle play their favorite hard rock and heavy metal songs with some listener requests thrown in too!
From May 19, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Kyle Dodson

00:00:00 Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show. If you've come for a serious, straightforward discussion about the dynamic world of music, you've come to the wrong place. This is a silly show. There will be tangents and banter and wacky jokes galore. And there will be plenty of hard rock and heavy metal songs because this episode is HARD & HEAVY!!!!!!!! Pat spends the opening minutes thanking various people for their donations to the podcast. Thanks peeps. Anyway, Pat and Kyle both love the hard rock and the heavy metal and such. Pat tends to lean more towards the hard rock side, while Kyle digs the metal masters. There will also be listener requests! But Kyle will NOT be playing the song "Beast and the Harlot" by Avenged Sevenfold. "Because they suck," Kyle says. Jeez Kyle, tell us how you really feel! Right? Who's with me, people?
00:05:00 An attempt to play a listener request goes awry (When does it not), so Kyle starts us off. Off the album Stabbing the Drama, it's "Stabbing the Drama" by Soilwork. Yup, that's metal. Specifically Swedish melodic death metal. Those lovely Swedes and their penchant for screaming. Pat would not prefer an entire episode of that. "If it's all yelling, I feel like I'm at my parents' house for Christmas," he says. In other Pat news, he reveals he has a toenail growing under his toenail. Doesn't hurt though, and he can't wait for it to fall off to see what's underneath. "What if it's a pearl?" he excitedly wonders.
00:10:00 Pat takes the time to recommend the episode of Never Not Funny where he and one James Pardo recount their visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (Episode 1809 CLICK HERE) before introducing his first pick. It's UFO with "Rock Bottom" off the album Phenomenon.
Young Master Kyle is able to fix some technical issues and play the first listener request. Matt Burkey requests "Enter Sandman" by Meta *whispers*... Wait, what? *whispers*.... Seriously? Alright, then. It's actually a cover done by Pat Boone off his album In a Metal Mood: No More Nice Mr. Guy. Wow. Woooooooooow.
Kyle cleanses the palate with "Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch off the album Phenomenon
00:15:00 It only took fifteen minutes for Ozzy Osbourne to arrive. Pat plays Over the Mountain off the album Diary of a Madman. Rock in Peace, Randy Rhoads.
A listener requested Nine Inch Nails, so Kyle obliges with "The Great Destroyer" from Year Zero. We're six songs in, what would Kyle's dad/Pat's brother think of all this metal mayhem and hard rock hooliganism? He wouldn't be a fan... except for Pat Boone.
00:20:00 Up next for Pat is Rainbow with "Death Alley Driver" off the album Straight Between the Eyes. Remember kids: Christy Stratton once called Joe Lynn Turner "the dreamiest of the Rainbow lead vocalists."
Kyle is up with his next band, Sick Puppies. Off the album Dressed Up as Life, it's the song "Cancer". A lot of melody with Kyle's choices so far. "You would like a band called Creed," suggests Pat. He sorta remembers having Creed's greatest hits once, but it was lost in the great Pat Francis MP3 Purge.
00:25:00 UP THE IRONS! Pat recently saw Iron Maiden on tour and loved it. Of course he did, it's IRON BLOODY MAIDEN! Pat plays "Wrathchild" off their second album Killers. Pat gives a nod to Iron Maiden for finding a logo and an icon (Eddie) on the first album and pretty much sticking to it for their entire career.
00:30:00 Pat continues to compliment the Iron Maiden show for being great; the audience was rowdy, but not violent. Good on you, Maiden fans. Kyle takes us back to some contemporary Swedish death metal with a band called In Flames. Off the album Come Clarity, it's the title track "Come Clarity". Does Kyle sing these songs in his cars? Sometimes. Pat sings everything in the car AND drums on the steering wheel. He used to pound on drumsticks while riding an exercise bike.
00:35:00 According to Kyle, Soilwork and In Flames are good friends. You see, even in the world of melodic Swedish death metal, it's the heart that strums the chords. Yup, I wrote that. Pat plays his next pick, Def Leppard. From their first album On Through the Night, it's the hard rockin' "Wasted". Very different from the later 80s Def Leppard stuff.
00:40:00 The next band for Kyle is called Sonic Syndicate. He considers it a "poppy" metal guilty pleasure because the previous albums are much heavier and there was a lineup change. He plays "Burn This City" off the album We Rule the Night. Okay, "poppy".... I don't think that word means what you think it means.
Some random metal musings: Pat's still trying to get Frankie Benalli from Quiet Riot on the podcast. He and Kyle also don't agree with the way AC/DC treated Brian Johnson and are not interested in Axl Rose temporarily fronting the band. Pat orders Kyle to go to YouTube and try to find an AC/DC cover band to see if they can spot a soundalike for Brian Johnson.
00:45:00 In the meantime, Pat plays his own Swedish metal men. It's Krokus with "Eat the Rich" off the album Headhunter. Screw cover bands, get the lead singer of Krokus! Kyle meanwhile finds an AC/DC cover band called Back in Black and plays a little of them Hells Bells. The audio quality is poor, OH KYLE!!!! He finds their version of "You Shook Me All Night Long" and Pat and Kyle don't like him. Thumbs down from the Dodson boys.
Frank Sanchez gets a request in under the wire (literally as they're recording and requests "Painkiller" by Judas Priest from the album Painkiller.
00:50:00 Pat and Kyle ponder the classic metal band. To them, it's between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Kyle argues Metallica too could be there. Pat doesn't know why, but he just isn't a Metallica, Megadeth, or Motorhead fan. He respects the bands, but they just can't grab him. Fair enough, sir, fair enough. Moving on, Kyle saw his next band on their farewell tour in a crowd of about 100. Off the album Pressure the Hinges, it's Haste the Day with "Pressure the Hinges".
00:55:00 James Alvarez and a bunch of other lovely people suggested the FANTASTIC band Ghost. James, you beautiful bastard. Kyle obliges with the song "Cirice" off the album Meliora. Mr. Alvarez, Travis Kennedy, Pat, and Kiss saw Kiss play a non-makeup acoustic show and it was a great show with a deep set.
01:00:00 There was some self-deprecating stage patter from Paul and Gene, it was a lot of fun. "Thupendouth," as the Starchily would say. Pat's next pick is the self-titled debut of Skid Row. He walked into a record store as they just so happened to play it and he was enamored by it. The dulcet tones of Sebastian Bach, the lucid licks of Snake Sabo. He bought the album right there and then. Years later he saw Skid Row w/o Sebastian and they were less than stellar. Pat plays the song "Makin' a Mess".
Kyle's got some avant-garde concept album metal for us all to enjoy. It's Dog Fasion Disco with "Moonlight City Drive" off the album Adultery.
01:05:00 Going back to Ghost, Kyle thinks they look scary, but cool scary. Well, when you have a lead singer dressed as a Satanic Pope named Papa Emeritus III and a bunch of shrouded musicians called the Nameless Ghouls, you know that band enjoys the theatrics. Pat returns us to the classic metal with "Digital Bitch" by Black Sabbath off the album Born Again, which is the lone Sabbath album to have Ian Gillan on lead vocals.
Speaking of B.S., Kyle's next band has a song called "Bullshit". Off the album You'll Rebel to Anything, it's Mindless Self Indulgence. The lead singer's name is Jimmy Urine. "I don't think it's his real name," Kyle opines.
01:10:00 RIP RJD. Pat plays "Hungry for Heaven" by Dio off the album Sacred Heart. Love ya Ronnie, you grandmother-bodied god!
Super group alert from Kyle Dodson. This is "Judith" by A Perfect Circle off the album Mer de Noms. Pat doubts the super group validity of this band. These new-fangled kids with their Maynard James Keenan and their Josh Freese and their James Iha. Do they match the powerhouse that is Asia? I think not.
Pat throws some love to Thin Lizzy with "Cold Sweat" off their last studio album Thunder and Lightning.
01:15:00 While Pat still... STILL... contemplates how to pronounce Lynott, Kyle plays his next pick. Off the album Scurrilous, it's "Sex Tapes" by Protest the Hero.
01:20:00 Pat gives apologies to the German Scorpions and instead goes for the British Whitesnake. He plays the bit hit "Still of the Night" off their self-titled album. Pat and Kyle saw Whitesnake live and basked in the glory that is David Coverdale's full head of lustrous hair.
Kyle gives his apologies to Static-X and 36 Crazyfists. What can ya do? Instead he goes for the band Killswitch Engage with the song "My Curse" from the album As Daylight Dies.
01:25:00 Thanks to Kyle for pulling double duty and being both a co-host and a producer. He admits it was hard to pick the songs. Hard rock and heavy metal, they're deep alcoves of musical goodness. Pat and Kyle take us out with the returning Iron Maiden. It's "The Trooper" off the album Piece of Mind.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Stabbing the Drama Stabbing the Drama Soilwork Kyle
00:10:00 Rock Bottom Phenomenon UFO Pat
00:10:00 Enter Sandman In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy Pat Boone Matt Burkey
00:10:00 Rawkfist Phenomenon Thousand Foot Krutch Kyle
00:15:00 Over the Mountain Diary of a Madman Ozzy Osbourne Pat
00:15:00 The Great Destroyer Year Zero Nine Inch Nails Kyle
00:20:00 Death Alley Driver Straight Between the Eyes Rainbow Pat
00:20:00 Cancer Dressed Up as Life Sick Puppies Kyle
00:25:00 Wrathchild Killers Iron Maiden Pat
00:30:00 Come Clarity Come Clarity In Flames Kyle
00:35:00 Wasted On Through the Night Def Leppard Pat
00:40:00 Burn This City We Rule the Night Sonic Syndicate Kyle
00:45:00 Eat the Rich Headhunter Krokus Pat
00:45:00 Painkiller Painkiller Judas Priest Frank Sanchez
00:50:00 Pressure the Hinges Pressure The Hinges Haste The Day Kyle
00:55:00 Cirice Meliora Ghost James Alvarez
01:00:00 Makin’ a Mess Skid Row Skid Row Pat
01:00:00 Moonlight City Drive Adultery Dog Fashion Disco Kyle
01:05:00 Digital Bitch Born Again Black Sabbath Pat
01:05:00 Bullshit You’ll Rebel to Anything Mindless Self Indulgence Kyle
01:10:00 Hungry for Heaven Sacred Heart Dio Pat
01:10:00 Judith Mer de Noms A Perfect Circle Kyle
01:10:00 Cold Sweat Thunder and Lightning Thin Lizzy Pat
01:15:00 Sex Tapes Scurrilous Protest the Hero Kyle
01:20:00 Still of the Night Whitesnake Whitesnake Pat
01:20:00 My Curse As Daylight Dies Killswitch Engage Kyle
01:25:00 The Trooper Piece of Mind Iron Maiden Pat