Episode 251: Rock In Peace Vol. 2

Episode 251: Rock In Peace Vol. 2
Kyle sits in as Co-Host as he and Pat play their favorite songs by recording artists that no longer walk the earth but remain in our hearts and ears. *Recorded weeks before Prince left the earth.
From May 5, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Kyle Dodson

00:00:00 Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show. That's right, this is a Dodson-only venture, so strap in for Pennsylvania references and banter a-plenty. Murray was supposed to be here, but his illness has taken hold of him at an inconvenient time. Of course he's fine now because this episode was recorded BACK IN FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!! This should be fun. Anyway, Pat and Kyle are here for Rock in Peace Vol. 2. They also both have brand new cars. Pat got a Prius, Kyle got a Corolla. Toyota Boys, through and through. Pat and Kyle compare their new vehicles' fancy features like backup cameras and bluetooth. And glory holes. Don't ask. Suzanne Dillingham is sitting at the table as well, probably horrified. Murray, you silly billy, we miss you but, as Queen once said, the show must go on.
00:05:00 Wait a minute, hold the phone, it's time for another edition of

Here's the deal: Pat sometimes writes reviews for Pop Culture Beast and he'll get CDs from bands that he's never heard of. So we're gonna hear some songs with completely fresh ears. Today's album is New Dawn by Aunt Mary, a Norwegian progressive rock band from the 1970s. Kyle rattles off the band members, which sounds like the potential character list for season 3 of Fargo. Fittingly, the album is dedicated to former vocalist Jan Groth, who died in 2014.
  • "Been There, Done That" --- Pat doesn't hate it. Suzanne loves it. Not that bad from Kyle.
  • "G Flat Road" --- Pat doesn't hate it that either. The drums are kickin'.
  • "Slave Parade" --- The gang likes this too! This First Listen is turning out pretty good.
  • "Blind Date" --- Hot damn.
If you want the album, be the first to email Pat for it. And put your address too, otherwise it's going into the trash with the rest of the penis enhancement emails.
00:15:00 Pat and Kyle go over the history of Aunt Mary. There isn't a hell of a lot, but judging by this new album, you might like what you hear if you seek it out. Before we get to Rock in Peace Vol. 2, we've got even more new business with some

  • James from Brooklyn issues a challenge: Try to do a show without playing any 80s music. "Quit it."
  • Ben from Michigan really likes The Cramps. He thinks they should play them more. Oh, and Pat... go fuck yourself.
  • David from California enjoyed the 2015 in Review and wants to recommend some albums: Art Angels by Grimes and My Love is Cool. Oh and Pat.... you're great.
  • An unknown caller has a short and simple message: "Pat Francis... go fuck yourself."
  • Another unknown caller has an episode idea: The saddest songs you know. Pat go fuck yourself, yes, yes.
  • Troy from New York has a show topic: Albums where a band "jumped the shark" and lost their way; sell-out songs, sell-out albums, that kind of stuff. Kiss going disco for "I Was Made for Lovin' You" or Elton John doing The Lion King are his examples. Should bands stay the same (i.e. Ramones)? Should they evolve like Madonna? Very interesting topic.
Thanks to all those listener calls. Pat and Kyle will try to feature more of them from here on out.
Okay, FINALLY, let's get into Rock in Peace Vol. 2. Lot of fallen rockers lately, especially in the past few months. This edition of RIP will mostly feature artists who died in 2015 or 2016. Freshly dead, as they say.
Pat plays "Midnight Confessions" by The Grass Roots off the album Golden Grass. The Grass Roots have a bunch of songs that people probably know, even if the band isn't exactly a household name. Rob was 67, Pat is 52. This frightens Pat. Grill died after complications from a stroke. This frightens Pat EVEN MORE.
This next artist died on New Year's Eve.
Pat plays "Pink Cadillac" off the album Everlasting. That song of course was written by Bruce Springsteen.
00:30:00 Up next is a man named
Pat plays "Stranger" off the album Modern Times. Grace Slick is retired, but still around. Pat thinks out of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship, Jefferson Starship has some amazing songs. When Kantner left, they became just Starship.
00:35:00 Light 'em up and pour 'em out for this next one.
Pat plays "I Ain't No Nice Guy" by Motörhead featuring Ozzy Osbourne off the album March ör Die. It's a nicer tune than you would expect from Motörhead, but it's appropriate for a Rock in Peace episode.
Rock in Peace to one of the masters of the groove:
Pat plays "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind & Fire off the album I Am.
00:40:00 Moving on now to
Eagles, not The Eagles. Glenn Frey, not Glen Fry. Pat shakes his head at these spelling and grammatical errors on the Twitter and the Facebook. Pat plays "No More Cloudy Days" by Eagles off the album Long Road Out of Eden.
00:45:00 Sometimes rockers die and it's a shock. Sometimes.... it isn't.
Forty-fucking-eight. And yet... not the youngest guy on Pat's list. Pat plays "She Builds Quick Machines" by Velvet Revolver off the album Libertad. Scott died of drugs, which is not a surprise given his surprise. Still, given his talent and age, it's sad.
00:50:00 Pat is a big fan of this fallen rocker's band.
After Gary left the band, he ballooned up in weight. Pat thinks it's because of his drinking problem, but Suzanne disagrees. She thinks it looks more like bloating from steroids. In any event, it's sad because besides being a guitarist, Gary wrote a lot of the hit songs for the band. Pat plays one of them, "Take It on the Run" by REO Speedwagon off the album Hi Infidelity. One of Pat's favorite guitar solos.
Prog rockers, bow your heads in solidarity.
Before his death, Chris Squire was in EVERY single incarnation of Yes. Pat plays the big hit "Roundabout" by Yes off the album Fragile.
"It's like cohesive electric jazz, but about wizards."
- Kyle, describing progressive rock
00:55:00 Steve Lukather was on this show. But today we're talking about his bandmate.
Pat plays "I Will Remember" by Toto off the album Tambu. Mike died of ALS at 59.
The next dead rocker is from a supergroup.
Pat plays "White Room" by Cream off the album Wheels of Fire.
01:00:00 This is the youngest guy on Pat's list: He died at 31.
Pat plays "Foolin'" by Def Leppard off the album Pyromania.
Even though they just did a tribute show, Pat still wants to honor him.
Bowie looked pretty healthy until his sudden death. Then again, he usually had a cigarette in his mouth when shown in his younger days.
01:05:00 Pat plays "Blue Jean" off the album Tonight. Pat wonders what the lyrics even mean. Who knows what was going on in that beautiful brain of his.
As we wrap up, Pat drops A BOMBSHELL: Dirty iPod is coming back. That's right, the filthiest MP3 player this side of the Mississippi will be returning to the program.
01:10:00 We've reached the end of this musical mausoleum. Pat takes us out with a very appropriate song, "Rock and Roll Heaven" by The Righteous Brothers off the album Give It to the People.
.......Or does he?
Via the magic of music (and last minute editing), the show ends with "Purple Rain" off of Purple Rain.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Been There, Done That New Dawn Aunt Mary Suzanne (First Listen)
00:10:00 G Flat Road New Dawn Aunt Mary Kyle (First Listen)
00:10:00 Slave Parade New Dawn Aunt Mary Pat (First Listen)
00:10:00 Blind Date New Dawn Aunt Mary Pat (First Listen)
00:25:00 Midnight Confessions Golden Grass The Grass Roots Pat
00:25:00 Pink Cadillac Everlasting Natalie Cole Pat
00:30:00 Stranger Modern Times Jefferson Starship Pat
00:35:00 I Ain’t No Nice Guy March ör Die Motörhead feat. Ozzy Osbourne Pat
00:35:00 Boogie Wonderland I Am Earth, Wind & Fire Pat
00:40:00 No More Cloudy Days Long Road Out of Eden  Eagles Pat
00:45:00 She Builds Quick Machines Libertad Velvet Revolver Pat
00:50:00 Take It on the Run Hi Infidelity REO Speedwagon Pat
00:50:00 Roundabout Fragile Yes Pat
00:55:00 I Will Remember Tambu Toto Pat
00:55:00 White Room Wheels of Fire Cream Pat
01:00:00 Foolin’ Pyromania Def Leppard Pat
01:05:00 Blue Jean Tonight David Bowie Pat
01:10:00 Rock and Roll Heaven Give It to the People The Righteous Brothers Pat
01:10:00 Purple Rain Purple Rain Prince Pat