Episode 245: Electric Light Podcast

Episode 245: Electric Light Podcast
Pat and Guest Co-Host David Wild dive deep into the ELO catalogue and play their favorite Jeff Lynne compositions.
From March 24, 2016

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat and David Wild welcome us to the show. It's the first time David's been back since the live Sammy Hagar episode (you know, the one that had Kyle shunned off in the corner like an unloved stepchild). David admits that he struggled to remain respectful of Pat during the episode (instead of, you know, insulting him like everybody else does). David also admits that his wife LOVES Jimmy Pardo, star of stage and screen. Pat is merely a conduit to Pardo, the main attraction. Pat and David also get into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame talk. They agree in their disappointment of Peter Cetera not showing up to the ceremony. David's met Chicago, they're a nice group of gentlemen, so he assumed it's Cetera who is an ass. But Jeff Garlin (name drop #1) says that Cetera is the nicest guy in the world.
00:05:00 Funny enough, Terry Kath's widow is married to the man behind today's topic: It's Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra. ELO will be the music on the docket, but David did bring some solo Jeff Lynne. David calls Lynne the most dominant member of a group ever: He wrote, sang, produced, and recorded everything. There's criticism that he produces too much, but David can't get enough of it.
00:10:00 There will no Wilburys, but David mentions his love Cloud Nine by George Harrison, which Lynne produced. Pat recommends Joe Walsh's Analog Man, which prompts David to remember how he saw Joe perform live with Ringo Starr on drums (who was wearing a Knack T-shirt) and Jeff Lynne on bass. Jesus. David also once went to a Christmas party at Tom Petty's house. There were about thirty people there, including Harrison and Lynne. Jeeeeeeeesus. Someone offered David drugs, but he declined. Then afterwards David realized "Fuck, I could have been a Wilbury."
00:15:00 Okay, let's kick off the music. David starts things with his favorite Jeff Lynne song, which was originally done by his band The Move, but he prefers the ELO version. It's an alternate mix of "Do Ya" from the box set Flashback.
Pat's first pick is from the same album as the normal version of "Do Ya," A New World Record. The song is "Rockaria!". Friend of David's Adam Carolla also enjoys this song, apparently.
00:20:00 David first got into ELO with the album Eldorado. He plays "Can't Get It Out of My Head". Very beautiful. David realizes that he fell in love with The Beatles through the people they inspired (ELO, The Raspberries).
The movie may have sucked eggs, but the soundtrack sure didn't. Pat plays "All Over the World" from the soundtrack to Xanadu.
00:25:00 David is wearing a laminate from the ELO show that was held a few months back at the Fonda Theatre. Ringo was there, Walsh was there, Pat's "good friend" Steve Lukather was there. It was a great show. Pat and David wonder what Kyle is thinking of these songs. He likes them. Kyle's also a little sleepy because he was cleaning up after Pardcastathon... for free. Well, when you're working for Pardo, his presence is payment enough. David lets slip that he recently interviewed Paul Simon about his new album. He predicts it will be an album of the year from Mr. Simon.
00:30:00 Pat and David gush over Paul Simon a lot, including the album Hearts and Bones. But they don't gush over Songs from The Capeman. Enough about Paul Simon, this show's about Jeff Lynne and ELO, dammit! David plays a song from the under-the-radar 2001 album Zoom. The song is called "Melting in the Sun". Pat is rediscovering Zoom.
00:35:00 David calls Lynne a "high level of studio genius" and he and Pat discuss his work with Randy Newman. They also bring up a Randy Newman album cover that has him in Kiss makeup, which just sounds incredible. Pat plays a deep cut from the album Face the Music called "Down Home Town".
The next song for David is off of the third album On the Third Day. It's "Showdown". As the song fades out, David has gone to Pat's CD collection (oh, they're recording in Francis Manor, by the way) and picked out Mick Jagger's solo album Wandering Spirit. Why? Because HE WAS THERE WITH RICK RUBIN!!!!
00:40:00 Well la-di-da, David's hung out with Rick Rubin. So have Pat and Kyle. Well, sort of. They met him at a Jerry Lewis show. Pat got a picture. It was a thing. Meanwhile Rick personally showed David the music video for Johnny Cash's "Hurt." Okay, he wins. Back when Pat was still a stand up comedian and doing morning radio, he got to go to the prize closet and get something for free. He picked Wandering Spirit, which wouldn't be released for another two weeks. David once got an advance copy of a John Mellencamp album... and promptly left it in the cab.
00:45:00 Oh, one time Jagger read something David did and liked it, so he called David up and asked him to write the liner notes for the Stones compilation Forty Licks... which was due the next day. Pat brings us back to ELO with "Turn to Stone" off the double album Out of the Blue. But forget that, David's got another CD. It's Big World by Joe Jackson, which is a live album with no audience noise. The first time David interviewed Joe Jackson, he was very rude. David had enough and called Jackson an asshole. This turned Jackson right around because he thought David was an asshole simply because he was a music writer and he's dealt with a lot of asshole music writers over the years.
00:50:00 David is just enamored with Pat's CD collection. He could probably pick out any CD at random and just tell a story about that artist. They consider a future episode about such an idea. After mulling over the idea of bringing John Oates onto the podcast, David plays a song that he considers to be the story of his love life. It's "The Diary of Horace Wimp" off the album Discovery. David thinks Lynne brings soul to the machine.
00:55:00 Pat's next pick is from the album Balance of Power (which is actually Pardo's favorite ELO album). The song is called "Heaven Only Knows". At this point, the band is pretty much down to Lynne, Richard Tandy, and Bev Bevan. Lynne and Tandy are always together, much like Petty and Mike Campbell. By the way, at Petty's Christmas party, Campbell was the only Heartbreaker invited. DAVID WILD was invited to Tom Petty's Christmas party. Meanwhile Benmont Tench was cooking up some Spaghetti-O's on a hot plate.
David plays another track from Balance of Power, "Calling America".
01:00:00 The guys turn to the new ELO album, 2015's Alone in the Universe. Pat plays "Dirty to the Bone". David's pick from the album is the title track "Alone in the Universe". David once again hones in on Pat's CDs. The man just can't keep away.
01:05:00 Pat plays a selection from Eldorado. The song is "Boy Blue". David compliments the other members of the Rock Solid, especially those of the female variety. Hubba hubba. Murray made note that he enjoys listening to ELO with his son. This reminds David of his and son's mutual love of Bowie. They both cried when they found out he died. David's just happy that Bowie liked him.
01:10:00 David talked with the director of the Grammys when Jeff Lynne was scheduled to perform; David just wanted Lynne to play "Mr. Blue Sky" off of Out of the Blue. David plays the song here. Meanwhile David is still thinking about Christy and April. Or Betty and Veronica, as he calls them. Pat wonders why Jeff Lynne rerecorded his ELO hits a few years ago. David says it's so he can keep all the licensing money. And to prove that he could do the songs better than the originals.
01:15:00 Pat's next pick off of A New World Record. It's the opening track, "Tightrope". David follows this up with another track off the album, "Livin' Thing".
01:20:00 David describes Lynne as very unpretentious. He learned all his tricks from listening to the radio. Pat and David discuss Long Wave, Jeff's album of pop standards. Pat hates standards, but he likes this. He also hates Rod Stewart doing the Great American Songbook, which David wholeheartedly agrees with. Pat then plays a song from another under-the-radar album, Time. The song is called "The Way Life's Meant to Be".
01:25:00 David does indeed play a song from Lynne's solo album Long Wave. It's a cover of the Everly Brothers' "So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)". David enjoys it because Lynne took an old song and made it not sound old. This leads to a discussion about watching old movies with young kids. They like some and don't like others. Pat then drops a bombshell on David, saying that the palace guard on the back of the Discovery album is Brad Garrett!
01:30:00 David is absolutely shocked at this revelation and he KNOWS BRAD GARRETT! My word. Pat plays "Shine a Little Love" off the album Discovery. Here is another shocking revelation that David recently went through: He recently discovered that Van Halen's "I'll Wait" was co-written by Michael McDonald!
David's last pick is another one from A New World Record. The song is "Telephone Line".
01:35:00 A New World Record is Pat and David's favorite ELO album. They also discuss a sundry of things including The Foo Fighters, Randy Newman, and Rick Springfield.
01:40:00 This has been an absolute blast, even if David spent 80% of the time ogling Pat's CD collection. You can find David on Twitter @Wildaboutmusic. We end the show, strangely enough, with a Randy Newman song that is about Electric Light Orchestra. Off the album Born Again, it's "The Story of a Rock and Roll Band".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00 Do Ya (Alternate Mix) Flashback Electric Light Orchestra David
00:15:00 Rockaria! A New World Record Electric Light Orchestra Pat
00:20:00 Can’t Get It Out of My Head Eldorado Electric Light Orchestra David
00:20:00 All Over the World Xanadu Soundtrack Electric Light Orchestra Pat
00:30:00 Melting in the Sun Zoom Electric Light Orchestra David
00:35:00 Down Home Town Face the Music Electric Light Orchestra Pat
00:35:00 Showdown On the Third Day Electric Light Orchestra David
00:45:00 Turn to Stone Out of the Blue Electric Light Orchestra Pat
00:50:00 The Diary of Horace Wimp Discovery Electric Light Orchestra David
00:55:00 Heaven Only Knows Balance of Power Electric Light Orchestra Pat
00:55:00 Calling America Balance of Power Electric Light Orchestra David
01:00:00 Dirty to the Bone Alone in the Universe Electric Light Orchestra Pat
01:00:00 Alone in the Universe Alone in the Universe Electric Light Orchestra David
01:05:00 Boy Blue Eldorado Electric Light Orchestra Pat
01:10:00 Mr. Blue Sky Out of the Blue Electric Light Orchestra David
01:15:00 Tightrope A New World Record Electric Light Orchestra Pat
01:15:00 Livin’ Thing A New World Record Electric Light Orchestra David
01:20:00 The Way Life’s Meant to Be Time Electric Light Orchestra Pat
01:25:00 So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) Long Wave Jeff Lynne David
01:30:00 Shine a Little Love Discovery Electric Light Orchestra Pat
01:30:00 Telephone Line A New World Record Electric Light Orchestra David
01:40:00 The Story of a Rock and Roll Band Born Again Randy Newman Pat