Episode 242: 1 Word Bands

Episode 242: 1 Word Bands
Pat and April play their favorite songs from their favorite "1 Word Bands" it's just that simple!
From March 3, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

April Richardson

00:00:00 Pat, April, and Kyle welcome us to the show. For the second week in a row, we are recording at Pat's house, Francis Manor. The room is only slightly smaller than April's apartment, according to her. Pat's wife Pilar let Pat decorate the room with his rock books and rock memorabilia and such because she doesn't want it spreading over the rest of the house like a disease. April gets it. "I wouldn't want Kiss' faces looking at me while I cooked," she says. It's been a while since April has done a solo episode (Sir Elton was all the way back in November), what has she been up to? She went to the David Bowie memorial in Brixton, England.
00:05:00 There were flowers GALORE. Lots of people. April did not want to go to the Bowie childhood home because she didn't want to bother anybody. That said, when April was in Manchester, she went to ALL of The Smiths' places. She almost stole an armoire from Morrissey's house, but security caught her at the last second. April is currently wearing an Elton John sweatshirt that she got at a recent concert. It was to promote his new album. She also saw him perform in the Tower Records parking lot. Oh it was a whole big hullabaloo. What did Pat and Kyle see recently? Paul Stanley's Soul Station! Woooo! Funny enough April saw Paul at the Elton concert, but didn't want to bother him because, well, she can't stand him.
00:10:00 Paul Stanley's Soul Station is the Starchild's version of an R&B/soul revue. Pat and Kyle got free tickets. The band was good. As for Paul? Not so much. People openly complained that Paul sucked as they left the show, leaving April horrified. Pat thinks Paul should just stay in his lane. His high-pitched, paint-faced, platform-shoed lane. Pat and Kyle waited for autographs, naturally. They got Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, current Kiss members. Paul only signed for a couple of people, then left. April doesn't like that; Johnny Marr signed for everybody! Meanwhile April's roadie friend got a job order from New Order. This is a big in for April to meet Bernard Sumner, then promptly cry.
00:15:00 Today's topic: One word bands. That means no "The" bands. Pat is aware that he could have fallen down an 80s corporate rock hole (Loverboy, Styx, etc.), but he did his best to actively avoid it. April kicks things off with her first band Electronic. She plays "Vivid" off the album Twisted Tenderness. Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner, an April Richardson-approved duo if ever there was one.
00:20:00 After some futzing around with Pat's wifi , Pat plays his first pick Squeeze. Off the album Babylon and On, the song is "Hourglass".
April matches Pat's one word s-band with one of her own. Off the album Lil' Beethoven, the song is "Suburban Homebody" by Sparks. Pat knows without a shadow of a doubt that he would not enjoy a whole album of that....
00:25:00 ....Just as April knows without a shadow of a doubt that she can not get into Pat's next pick, Rush. Pat plays "Driven" off the album Test for Echo. "Wizards" is how April describes Rush. And what the hell is wrong with wizards, April? Huh?! THEY MASTER THE MAGICAL ARTS!!!!
Aaaaanyhoo, April's next pick is an artist known as LoneLady. Pat asks why she is called LoneLady? "Because she alone is making these great tunes," responds April. Makes sense. April plays "Hinterland" off the album Hinterland. How does April find these artists, wonders Pat. Word of mouth, according to April.
00:30:00 Pat's next pick is the band Rooney. Off the EP Wild One, the song is called "Suckceed".
His choice of song causes April to play a song called "Succexy" by Metric off the album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?.
Pat decides to play some metal. It's a band that he could not get anyone to go with him to see. And he wouldn't go to the concert by himself. April is totally understanding. "Pussy," she sneers. Pat plays "No One Like You" by Scorpions from the album Blackout.
00:35:00 April's next one word band are the British rockers Muse. Off the album Black Holes and Revelations, the song is "Supermassive Black Hole". For some reason the conversation turns to proper battery disposal. Kyle just chucks them away in the trash all willy-nilly.
Up next for Pat is Blondie. He plays "(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear" off the album Plastic Letters.
April goes new wave for new wave with her next pick. Off the album New Traditionalists, it's Devo with "Pity You".
00:40:00 April is still rocking out to Urgh! A Music War. But there is a big mystery about the movie that she is trying to figure out. There was a band in the movie called Invisible Sex that seemingly performed only once. Their identities were a mystery. There is very little to no information about them, at least as far as April can find. Who are they? Are they a masked supergroup? Are they aliens? It's confounding April to no end. Pat brings April back to the 21st century with his next pick, Jet. The song is "Last Chance" off the album Get Born.
The next one word band for April is called Ash. Off the album 1977, the song is called "Girl from Mars".
00:45:00 Pat and April are recording this on Super Tuesday. April is panicking about the possibility of the coming apocalypse with these 2016 elections. It's no longer funny for her. Pat and Kyle don't mind, they're too busy shaving their heads and spray painting their mouths all shiny and chrome.
Pat takes a quick moment to promote Pardcast-a-thon 2016, Never Not Funny's annual show to raise money for Smile Train, an organization that raises funds for surgeries for children born with cleft palates. The show takes place on Saturday, March 5, and it is a 12-hour marathon of laughs with BIG STARS!!!! Matt Walsh! Scott Aukerman! Doug Benson! Plenty of others that I'm too lazy to look up! In all seriousness, watch the show and donate. It's a fantastic cause.
Pat takes us back to the music with Journey. But not Journey with Steve Perry and not Journey with Asian Steve Perry. It's Journey with Steve Augeri. Off the album Arrival, the song is "To Be Alive Again".
00:50:00 Pat, April, and Kyle discuss the fascinating topic of the two different covers for Arrival, the US and the import. They prefer the import. Meanwhile April is trying to figure out a palate cleanser. She goes with "Moving" by Supergrass off their self-titled album.
Pat is quite attracted to Annie Lennox. April gets it, she digs the sharply angled, androgynous 80s lady look. Pat plays "Thorn in My Side" by Eurythmics from the album Revenge.
00:55:00 Pat tells a story he heard on Steve Jones' show Jonesy's Jukebox. David Bowie invited Gary Oldman to stay on his yacht for a few days. One day Gary is shaving and hears Bowie strumming on the guitar and singing "Space Oddity." It was at that moment that it occurred to Gary that David Bowie was his friend. April follows this up with her next band, an outfit called..... um..... Fischerspooner. Is that right? Fischerspooner? Am I putting that right? Okay then. The song is "Never Win" off the album Odyssey.
01:00:00 Try as he might, Pat cannot avoid playing a little Foreigner. Off the album Agent Provocateur, the song is "Tooth and Nail". April and Kyle are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND after listening to that song. Lost in space.
April crash lands back to Francis Manor to play her next pick Ministry. She plays "I Wanted to Tell Her" off their first album With Sympathy. That was back when Ministry was still synthpop, before they became an industrial metal band. Pat wants a death metal band called The Evangelicals. It's just something he wants.
So it seems that Pat is checking out Oasis. April is flabbergasted. "In 2016?! You're checking up on them... in 2016?!" Flabbergasted. Pat plays "Up in the Sky" off the album Definitely Maybe.
01:05:00 Kyle discovers the plans for something called a sky slide, while April plays her next pick. It's the other side of the Battle of Britpop, Blur. Off the album Parklife, the song is "End of a Century".
This whole episode is Pat and April going move-for-move with one another, as Pat plays a song off an album called End of the Century. Pat plays "Chinese Rock" by Ramones.
01:10:00 April's second to last pick is by Misfits. Off the album Legacy of Brutality, it's the song "American Nightmare". April sticks up for Glenn Danzig. And she sure as hell does not approve of that video of Danzig getting punched in the face. Not. One. Bit.
Plugs time. Remember to check out Pardcast-a-thon and donate to Smile Train. Also, check out April's TV show Almost Genius on TruTV.
01:15:00 Pat's last pick is "Spread Your Wings" by Queen off the album News of the World.
I have one word for this episode: FUN! April takes us out with "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon off the album Gimme Fiction.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00 Vivid Twisted Tenderness Electronic April
00:20:00 Hourglass Babylon and On Squeeze Pat
00:20:00 Suburban Homeboy Lil’ Beethoven Sparks April
00:25:00 Driven Test for Echo Rush Pat
00:25:00 Hinterland Hinterland LoneLady April
00:30:00 Suckceed Wild One Rooney Pat
00:30:00 Succexy Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? Metric April
00:30:00 No One Like You Blackout Scorpions Pat
00:35:00 Supermassive Black Hole Black Holes and Revelations Muse April
00:35:00 (I’m Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear Plastic Letters Blondie Pat
00:35:00 Pity You New Traditionalists Devo April
00:40:00 Last Chance Get Born Jet Pat
00:40:00 Girl from Mars 1977 Ash April
00:45:00 To Be Alive Again Arrival Journey Pat
00:50:00 Moving Supergrass Supergrass April
00:50:00 Thorn in My Side Revenge Eurythmics Pat
00:55:00 Never Win Odyssey Fischerspooner April
01:00:00 Tooth and Nail Agent Provocateur Foreigner Pat
01:00:00 I Wanted to Tell Her With Sympathy Ministry April
01:00:00 Up in the Sky Definitely Maybe Oasis Pat
01:05:00 End of a Century Parklife Blur April
01:05:00 Chinese Rock End of the Century Ramones Pat
01:10:00 American Nightmare Legacy of Brutality Misfits April
01:15:00 Spread Your Wings News of the World Queen Pat
01:15:00 I Turn My Camera On Gimme Fiction Spoon April