Episode 238: Everything & Nothing

Episode 238: Everything & Nothing
Some people have everything and some people have nothing so this week Pat and Co-Host Mike Siegel will give you something by playing songs with those 2 words in the title. Kyle Dodson produces!
From February 4, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel

00:00:00 Pat and Mike welcome us to the show. Kyle is wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt, which reminds Mike of a Youtube video he saw that mashed Iron Maiden and The Monkees. Of course since Mike is here, it's time for Pat to tell him now about the whole Sammy Hagar episode. Mike was surprised how subdued David Wild was throughout the episode. Pat says David let him take the wheel on this one. Sammy got an honorarium for appearing at Sketchfest (a.k.a. a nice chunk of change). When Sammy was handed the check, he declined, telling the festival organizers to sign it over to the San Francisco Food Bank.
00:05:00 Pat relates that Sammy's back was all screwed up for some reason and he doesn't know why. Maybe it's because Sammy jammed with Toby Keith and John Mayer in Cabo the night before. "Lifting a keg of margaritas," guesses Mike. Sammy was legitimately a very nice man. He was nice to Pat, he was nice to the fans who brought stuff for him to sign. He's just so full of life and he looks like a normal guy. Chris Isaak was there too, he was a nice guy as well. "Dressed like he's gonna be the next Doctor Who," describes Mike.
00:10:00 Well it's a new year, new opportunities, new guests are abound. Mike is certainly excited. He's going to New York in April to promote his upcoming Taiwan show for CNBC and he recently spent a couple of weeks on cruises performing for the masses, making them laugh, typical Fly Honey behavior. Pat wants the show to go on a rock cruise to interview bands. Kyle isn't as ecstatic about the idea.
Today's topic is called "Everything & Nothing." It's just songs with those words in the title. Yup, that's it. Mike starts us off with the band Rockpile. Off the album Seconds of Pleasure, the song is called "You Ain't Nothin' but Fine".
00:15:00 Pat's first song is by The Foo Fighters. He plays "Something from Nothing" off the album Sonic Highways. That is the song that was recorded in Chicago with Rick Nielsen. Speaking of Nielsen and Zander and the like, Pat and Pardo are going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in New York. Wait a minute, Mike is gonna be in New York at the same time! Maybe they can bunk together, suggests Mike. Why not? A trio of grown men, rooming together, playing around, giving each other friendly massages. Maybe something happens, who knows, it's New York.
The next song for Mike is by a bunch of young punks. Off the album Road to Ruin, it's Ramones with "I Wanted Everything".
00:20:00 Pat never got to see them perform. Mike saw them via dumb luck. Joey looked frightening up close. Pat met Johnny at a video store. Speaking of brother bands, Pat plays a band with actual brothers in it. It's The Kinks with "She's Got Everything" off the compilation album The Ultimate Collection. Ray and Dave Davies recently played on stage for the first time in YEARS. Will this go anywhere? Pat thinks that since these older rockers are kicking the bucket, this may be the kick in the ass they need to bury the hatchet and get together. Mike recently realized that Lemmy outlived his dad. Of course Mike's dad had heart disease, diabetes, and a poor diet. But putting that side-by-side with Lemmy's cancer and a daily consumption of Jack Daniels and cigarettes, it still baffles Mike.
00:25:00 It's time for Mike to turn the macho factor up to 11. Off the album Tom, it's "Without Love (There Is Nothing)" by Tom Jones. Good lord, I think I grew an extra layer of chest hair just by listening to that song.
Pat takes us from macho to piano with his next pick. It's "Nothing from Nothing" by Billy Preston off the album The Kids & Me.
Up next for Mike is a man known as John Wesley Harding. Off the album The Confessions of St. Ace, it's "I'm Wrong About Everything". The song was on the High Fidelity soundtrack, which Mike applauds.
00:30:00 Now it's time for a little Andy Gibb, courtesy of Pat Francis. He plays "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" off the album Flowing Rivers. Andy was 30 when he bought the farm. Meanwhile Barry is the oldest Gibb brother and he's the only one still kicking. It's a strange world.
In an interesting turn of events, it's Mike who is playing The Pretenders this episode. He plays "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" from the album Loose Screw.
Pat now has some very early music from The Police. It's so early that Andy Summers doesn't even play on the song. Off the box set Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings, the song is "Nothing Achieving".
00:35:00 HOLD ON!!!! Stop the presses, everybody just stop moving. Faster Pussycat is now following Rock Solid on Twitter. This is not a drill, people. Mike suggests that Pat get these guys in here for an interview. Pat makes clear, in no uncertain terms, that that is not happening. Aaaaaaaand Faster Pussycat has just blocked Rock Solid on Twitter. Anyway, Mike plays his next pick. It's Crowded House with "Everything Is Good for You" off the album Recurring Dream: The Very Best of Crowded House.
00:40:00 "It's about what we saw when his pants tore." That's how Kyle describes Pat's next pick, "Everything" by Lenny Kravitz off the album Black & White America. Some random talk ensues. Kyle is drinking a Japanese tea, Pat's wife Pilar made some bok choi, and Pat has an idea for Bernie Sanders' campaign song: The Blue Oyster Cult doing "I'm Bernie, I'm Bernie, I'm Bernie for you!" Oh brother.
Mike now has a nice slice of 80s cheese. Off his self-titled album, it's Richard Marx with "Don't Mean Nothing".
00:45:00 Richard Marx is 52 and still looks great. He must be praying to the same Sumerian blood god as John Stamos and Rob Lowe. In any event, Pat's next pick is a friend of the show. It's Ricky Warwick with "Nothing Is Real" from the album Tattoos & Alibis. Pat hopes to see Black Star Riders/Thin Lizzy live soon.
00:50:00 Pat and Mike discuss the Guns N' Roses semi-reunion at Coachella. Maybe Axl is all chill now, who knows. Pat wonders about a documentary that would focus on autograph seekers. He comes up with the name "90 Minutes from Stardom" because that's how long people wait for autographs after a show. Pat dismisses that he isn't like the super weirdos that froth at the mouth for autographs... sure, Pat, sure. Mike takes us back to the music with the super groovy "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky" by Claudia Lennear off the album Phew!.
00:55:00 Pat wants to do a series of episodes with Mike about The Rolling Stones, but separated by decades. Therefore the first episode would be The Rolling Stones' 60s songs. Mike is certainly interested. Pat plays his next pick, which is actually a double shot of the same song. First he plays "Everything I Own" by Bread from the album Baby I'm-a Want You. Then he segues into the same song done by Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs off the album Under the Covers, Vol. 2.
Pat mentions the Live David Bowie Tribute Show that is happening at Improv Lab in Hollywood. Most of the Rock Solid gang will definitely be there (April is a maybe because of scheduling conflicts, so we'll see) and Heather Stewart will be doing two acoustic David Bowie covers. Free of charge. In the meantime, Kyle found the Iron Maiden/Monkees mashup and it's fantastic.
01:00:00 For his next pick, Mike plays "Nothing Really Matters" by Madonna off the album Ray of Light. Mike calls it her last consistent album.
Pat saw his next pick open for Van Halen on the 5150 Tour. They played five whole songs. Off the album No Fragile, it's Bachman-Turner Overdrive with "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet". Mike is still reeling from the last time we heard a little BTO. "How can you take them seriously after 'Takin' Care of Christmas'?" he asks.
Mike's next guy is Bobby D, Bob Dylan. Off the album Oh Mercy, it's "Everything Is Broken".
01:05:00 According to Kirk Dodson (Pat's brother, Kyle's dad), Bob Dylan tied with Kenny Rogers for the worst concert he's ever seen. Kenny played for 45 minutes and then stopped. And this was in his heyday! Mike ran into Kenny Rogers after a show and Kenny was carrying a pizza. Pat once saw Rob Halford in a hotel walking with two young gentlemen (mmm hmmmmmm). Pat takes our minds off of the Metal God and onto Men at Work. The song is "Everything Is Broken" off the album Two Hearts.
"This is one of Stevie Wonder's best."
- Mike, introducing his next pick.

"'I Can't See Nothing'."
- Kyle, with the line of the episode.

Mike plays "You Haven't Done Nothin'" by Stevie Wonder off the album Fulfillingness' First Finale. The Jackson 5 sing backup on the song. Pat and Mike discuss the various ages of the Jacksons.
Pat plays his next pi-- Oh wait, it seems like someone entered the studio. Is that? No, it can't be. Why... yes, it is! It's Michael Schenker, renowned guitarist for UFO, Scorpions, and Michael Schenker Group. Say hello, Michael.

Wow, what a nice thing to say. Pat plays "Nothing Man" by Bruce Springsteen off the album The Rising.
Mike boosts the cool for all us hepcats out here. He plays "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" by The Velvet Underground off the album Loaded.
01:15:00 More High Fidelity soundtrack talk leads to Mike discussing the Spanish channel on the cruise playing Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Mike did not enjoy that particular picture. Pat's last pick is by Rick Springfield and it's a song that was played on the Sammy Hagar episode. The song is "I've Done Everything for You" off the album Working Class Dog.
01:20:00 This has been a fun episode. Mike Siegel bringing it as usual. He apologizes to Tom Petty, Poison, Wham!, Hall & Oates, and Air Supply. Instead, Mike closes us out with "The Streak" himself, Ray Stevens. It's "Everything Is Beautiful" off the album Everything Is Beautiful.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 You Ain’t Nothin’ but Fine Seconds of Pleasure Rockpile Mike
00:15:00 Something from Nothing Sonic Highways The Foo Fighters Pat
00:15:00 I Wanted Everything Road to Ruin Ramones Mike
00:20:00 She’s Got Everything The Ultimate Collection The Kinks Pat
00:25:00 Without Love (There Is Nothing) Tom Tom Jones Mike
00:25:00 Nothing from Nothing The Kids & Me Billy Preston Pat
00:25:00 I’m Wrong About Everything The Confessions of St. Ace John Wesley Harding Mike
00:30:00 I Just Want to Be Your Everything Flowing Rivers Andy Gibb Pat
00:30:00 Nothing Breaks Like Your Heart Loose Screw The Pretenders Mike
00:30:00 Nothing Achieving Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings The Police Pat
00:35:00 Everything Is Good for You Recurring Dream: The Very Best of Crowded House Crowded House Mike
00:40:00 Everything Black and White America Lenny Kravitz Pat
00:40:00 Don’t Mean Nothing Richard Marx Richard Marx Mike
00:45:00 Nothing Is Real Tattoos & Alibis Ricky Warwick Pat
00:50:00 Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky Phew! Claudia Lennear Mike
00:55:00 Everything I Own Baby I’m-a Want You Bread Pat
00:55:00 Everything I Own Under the Covers, Vol. 2 Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs Pat
01:00:00 Nothing Really Matters Ray of Light Madonna Mike
01:00:00 You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet Not Fragile Bachman-Turner Overdrive Pat
01:00:00 Everything Is Broken Oh Mercy Bob Dylan Mike
01:05:00 Everything I Need Two Hearts Men at Work Pat
01:10:00 You Haven’t Done Nothin’ Fulfullingness’ First Finale Stevie Wonder Mike
01:10:00 Nothing Man The Rising Bruce Springsteen Pat
01:10:00 Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ Loaded The Velvet Underground Mike
01:15:00 I’ve Done Everything for You Working Class Dog Rick Springfield Pat
01:20:00 Everything Is Beautiful Everything Is Beautiful Ray Stevens Mike