Episode 227: Two Hit Blunder

Episode 227: Two Hit Blunder
The "Rock Solid Dictionary" describes a "two hit blunder" as a song that charted very low or failed to chart at all after the initial success of a band's 1st big hit! Pat, Mike and Kyle will now play some of those blunders!
From November 19, 2015

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel

00:00:00 Pat, Mike and Kyle welcome us to the show. We're doing a really late night record due to technical difficulties with April's Elton John episode from last week. I'm sure all that sex talk did them no favors when it came to time management either, but oh well. By the way, completely unrelated to today's co-host Mike Siegel, other co-host Christy Stratton's web series Everyone's Crazy but Us is now out! You can watch it on Funny or Die or on YouTube. There are rave reviews coming from all sides, including myself. I watched the whole thing in one sitting like a delicious meal. Mike is a little annoyed though for not getting cast as Kate Walsh's husband. In any event, congratulations Christy!
00:05:00 But enough about Christy, who isn't even here, let's talk about Mike. He just got back from Taiwan to film a travel special there. He ate some stinky tofu. Pat's wife Pilar wanted Mike to bring some home, which would have stunk up Mike's bag had he decided to oblige her. Which place has the best food? Mike says Italy and Thailand. Pat can't even describe how good the food is in Italy. "Is it like the Olive Garden?" asks Kyle. Italian food in Italy and Italian food in America taste different. It's a matter of preparation and specific cultural taste, guesses Mike. Which place has the worst food? Mike says The Philippines. There's a lot of deep fried, brightly colored food. The hot dogs are "circus red," as Mike describes. Speaking of food, Pat took his daughter to Disneyland. Boy oh boy, there were a lot of scooter-riding food lovers at Disneyland.
00:10:00 Pat felt that there was no shame when it came to these gargantuan galoots. One guy had a scooter loaded up with snacks in the basket. Meanwhile Mike ate great in Hong Kong and still lost weight. Hey, they don't call him "Fly Honey" for nothing!
Pat and Mike also recently saw Art Garfunkel in concert. They sat next to Stephen Bishop, former guest of the show. They also unknowingly sat next to Art's publicist, so thank Christ neither Pat or Mike badmouthed the guy.
00:15:00 After the show, Pat knew exactly where to stand to get an autograph. Soon a couple of old guys walked out. Mike looked back and retroactively recognized one of them as Jack Nicholson! He walked right past them and they didn't even notice! Eventually Mike bailed after 40 minutes (places to go, people to see, cocaine to snort), so Pat stayed. A guy came out in a sweater and baseball cap. Pat sneakily walked towards him and it was indeed Art Garfunkel. Art was touched that Pat had stayed all that time. He was really sweet (and slightly drunk) and signed all of Pat's stuff. It was a wonderful experience for all parties involved.
00:20:00 Mike keeps us up-to-date on all rock and roll death news. Rock in Peace to Allen Touissant, noted singer/songwriter whose works have been recorded by many artists. Mike pays tribute by playing Touissant's song "Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley" by Robert Palmer off the album Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley.
Today's topic: Two Hit Blunder. These are the singles that came out after the one hit wonder that did not make quite as big an impact. We'll be playing the one hit wonders first to jog people's memories, then delving into the blunders. Pat has info on each song's placement. Mike had a lot of difficulty finding some of these blunders. He kicks us off with the hit song "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks off the album Seasons in the Sun. That went to #1.
00:25:00 Here's the blunder: "If You Go Away" off the same album. That went to #68. It's a real go-to-sleeper. "Wake up!" shouts Mike to Mr. Jacks. Terry went from something to nothing real quick. Pat wonders if he would rather have that one hit, then fall off the mountain, or never reach the summit at all?
Pat's first pick is the band The Ides of March. Off the album Vehicle, the song is "Vehicle". That peaked at #2. Very nice, Ides of March. What about the follow up single "Superman"? Yeesh. Not only does the song suck, but it only went to #64. Mike notices that failed follow up singles either sound exactly the same as their predecessor or completely different.
00:30:00 Grab your bucket hats, Mike plays New Radicals with "You Get What You Give" off the album Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too. That went to #36 on the Hot 100, but it also went to #8 on the Alt charts. Mike plays the follow up "Someday We'll Know" from the same album, which DID NOT CHART. To be fair, the band effectively broke up before the second single came out, so the record company didn't even bother promoting it.
00:35:00 How about a little classic rock? Pat plays "All Right Now" by Free off the album Fire and Water. That went to #4. Then Free does a song called "The Stealer" off of Highway, which sucks a big fat egg at #49. Very bland and completely hookless.
Mike goes 80s ballad with his next pick, "To Be with You" by Mr. Big off the album Lean Into It. That was a #1 hit for Billy Sheehan and the boys. What about the next single, "Just Take My Heart"? Wait a minute, that went to #16! That's not a blunder, that's a stumble at best! Oh Mike. Mike doubts the rockiness of Mr. Big, so Pat plays "Undertow" to prove that the band can indeed rock solidly.
00:40:00 Pat's next one hit wonder is R. Dean Taylor's "Indiana Wants Me" off the album I Think Therefore I Am. That peaked at #5. The follow up, "Ain't It a Sad Thing", did not fare so well: #66. Pat and Mike discuss the differences between the old music market and the current one. Bands and artists got more chances back in the day to get a hit. Pat suggests a Top 20 show, where they listen to songs on the Top 20 list. I can only imagine the screams that would emit from such an episode.
00:45:00 Mike goes with a rather obscure one hit wonder, "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora off the album Living in the Background. That went to #13. And the next single, "Woody Boogie" (a truly god awful song), DID NOT CHART. Awful, awful stuff.
Think back to the year 2005. You've probably heard this song a bajillion times: Off his self-titled album, it's Daniel Powter with "Bad Day". Mr. Powter scored a #1 hit with that song. The blunder was "Free Loop", which DID NOT CHART. This perplexes Pat and Mike, as it has a similar sound to "Bad Day." So why not that? Mike says that it reminds him of singers like Dido. What happened to her? Mike saw Dido close an outdoor venue, which was a big mistake.
00:50:00 Dido has co-written songs for Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, so she's got that going for her. Kyle plays a little of her hit "Thank You," which Eminem later sampled for "Stan." "How about 'No Thank You,'" says Kyle. Boom, comedy! Mike steers the ship towards a different harbor now, dance music. Off the album World Clique, it's "Groove Is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite. That went to #4. Deee-Lite tried to strike gold twice with the follow up "Power of Love", which only went to #47.
Up next is a band that formed from the remnants of The Zombies. Pat plays Argent"Hold Your Head Up" off the album All Together Now. That song peaked at #5. The next single "Tragedy" was not as successful, since it DID NOT CHART.
00:55:00 Sooner or later, it had to come to this: A song that Mike fervently, unabashedly, intensely HATES. It's "What's Up?" by 4 Non Blondes off the album Bigger, Better, Faster, More!. Mike hates it, he HATES IT, I tell you. #14, that's what that song went to. The follow up "Spaceman" DID NOT CHART. Even with such news, Mike is still angry. "Awful, awful, I hate her!" he shouts. And he hates the giant hat too.
Pat has an actress-turned-one hit wonder for his next pick. Off the album The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, it's Vicki Lawrence with the #1 hit "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia".
01:00:00 Mama Thelma's follow up "He Did with Me" did not have quite the smash success as its predecessor. It only went to #75.
"That's the night the lights went out on the singing career."
- Mike, with the line of the episode
Oh man, this one brings back a lot of memories. Mike plays "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks off the album Blurring the Lines. This fit right in with the whole Alanis Morissette/Jewel/Sarah McLachlan "edgy chick with a guitar" explosion. Mike remembers playing this video every day when he was a VH1 VJ. It went to #2. The next single, "What Would Happen", only managed to hit #46.
01:05:00 A fan of Louis CK's show Louie? You'll recognize Pat's next one hit wonder, Brother Louie by Stories off their self-titled album. Despite its crazy lyrics, the song went to #1. The follow up single, "Mammy Blue" (seriously) off the album Traveling Underground, floundered at #50.
Mike keeps things going with a guy named Sammy Johns. Off his self-titled album, it's "Chevy Van". Sammy got a #5 hit out of that one. His follow up "Early Morning Love" turned out to be a blunder at #68.
Two. That's how many Grammys Pat's next band won. TWO! It's the iconic, magical Starland Vocal Band with "Afternoon Delight" off their self-titled album. That was a #1 single.
01:10:00 Their next single, on the other hand, was "California Day", which slunk the band down the charts to #66. It has a very Laurel Canyon sound. Nonetheless, it didn't help. Goodbye Starland Vocal Band, we hardly knew ye.
Mike takes us back to the 90s with his next pick, Semisonic. Off the album Feeling Strangely Fine, it's the #11 hit "Closing Time". Unfortunately for Semitonic, their next single "Secret Smile" DID NOT CHART.
Pat now has a television theme song in store of us. Off the album America's Greatest Hero, it's Joey Scarbury with "Believe It or Not". Congrats, Mr. Scarbury, you have a #2 hit.
01:15:00 And then, he had "When She Dances", which could have been a hit for others, but for Joey only went to #49. Then Pat plays George Costanza's answering machine message, which always gets a laugh.
Mike's next pick is the soulful "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass off their self-titled album. The band "doo doo doo doo'd" their way to #1. Their next song, "Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne" off the album Subway Serenade, only went to #33. Not a complete blunder, but nowhere near the success of "Brandy."
Pat's got another actor, this time from one of his favorite TV shows. It's Hutch himself, David Soul, with the #1 hit "Don't Give Up on Us" off his self-titled album.
01:20:00 Pat loves Starsky & Hutch so much. As a kid he had a Starsky sweater, action figures, and the Hutch plastic gun, which looked so realistic that I'm surprised young Pat was never accidentally shot by Sgt. Al Powell. He also had a Freddy Boom Boom Washington throw rug. Remember guys: Pat Francis owned a litany of black pop culture stuff as a kid. "That's because you never saw any black people," says Mike. Pat even had a LESTER DOLL! I can't even. Anyway, Pat plays the blunder, "Going in With My Eyes Open" off the album Playing to an Audience of One. It only went to #54.

I still can't even.
01:25:00 One last thing, something which Pat has said before: The only reason Pat bought Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life was because that's the album Starsky played when he was with the ladies. Smooth as peanut butter, that Pat Francis. But what isn't as smooth is Mike's next pick. Jock Jams of the world unite! It's "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba off the album Tubthumping. Pat HATES that song, which went to #6. Their follow up "Amnesia" got knocked down to #101 and it did not get back up again.
Here's a guy I've never heard of: Pat plays Alan O'Day with "Undercover Angel" off the album Appetizers. That went to #1. The follow up, "Just You", DID NOT CHART.
01:30:00 Here's another guy I don't know, but it seems Mike does. Off the album Thunder Island, it's Jay Ferguson with "Thunder Island". That went to a nice #9. The follow up song "Shakedown Cruise" off the album Real Life Ain't This Way took Jay down a few pegs to #31. It's apparently about a sexual cruise with plenty of innuendo. We wouldn't have it any other way.
01:35:00 Pat's next pick is a favorite among many, "Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest off the album Dancing in the Moonlight. That went to #13. Their next single, "A Little Bit Like Magic" off of The Lost Tapes, only went to #19. It was very much more of the same from King Harvest.
Mike's second to last pairing begins with the #2 hit "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" by Georgia Satellites off their self-titled album. The follow up "Battleship Chains" only managed to hit #86. "Miss," says Kyle.
01:40:00 Mike reminisces some more about being a VH1 VJ. It's not as fun as you think it might be. Less time for riffing, more time for introducing Sister Hazel music videos. And of course there was the now infamous moment when Cyndi Lauper asked Mike "How come you don't play my records no more?" Fun times in late 90s music television. Anyway, Pat plays his last pairing. First he plays "How Long" by Ace off the album Five-A-Side. That went to #3. The next single, "I Ain't Gonna Stand for This No More" off the album Time for Another, DID NOT CHART.
01:45:00 Plugs time. Mike is gonna be on a cruise during Thanksgiving week. He'll be eating turkey on the high seas while making people laugh their heads off. Have fun, Mike. We end this journey of a thousand downward spirals with Mike's last pick. First he plays "Midnight at the Oasis" by Maria Muldaur off her self-titled album. That went to #6. The blunder was "Three Dollar Bill", which DID NOT CHART.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:20:00 Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley Robert Palmer Mike (Allen Toussaint tribute)
00:20:00 Seasons in the Sun Seasons in the Sun Terry Jacks Mike
00:25:00 If You Go Away Seasons in the Sun Terry Jacks Mike
00:25:00 Vehicle Vehicle The Ides of March Pat
00:25:00 Superman Single The Ides of March Pat
00:30:00 You Get What You Give Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too New Radicals Mike
00:30:00 Someday We’ll Know Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too New Radicals Mike
00:35:00 All Right Now Fire and Water Free Pat
00:35:00 The Stealer Highway Free Pat
00:35:00 To Be with You Lean Into It Mr. Big Mike
00:35:00 Just Take My Heart Lean Into It Mr. Big Mike
00:40:00 Indiana Wants Me I Think Therefore I Am R. Dean Taylor Pat
00:40:00 Ain’t It a Sad Thing I Think Therefore I Am R. Dean Taylor Pat
00:45:00 Tarzan Boy Living in the Background Baltimora Mike
00:45:00 Woody Boogie Living in the Background Baltimora Mike
00:45:00 Bad Day Daniel Powter Daniel Powter Pat
00:45:00 Free Loop Daniel Powter Daniel Powter Pat
00:50:00 Groove Is in the Heart World Clique Deee-Lite Mike
00:50:00 Power of Love World Clique Deee-Lite Mike
00:50:00 Hold Your Head Up All Together Now Argent Pat
00:50:00 Tragedy All Together Now Argent Pat
00:55:00 What’s Up? Bigger, Better, Faster, More! 4 Non Blondes Mike
00:55:00 Spaceman Bigger, Better, Faster, More! 4 Non Blondes Mike
00:55:00 The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Vicki Lawrence Pat
01:00:00 He Did with Me The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Vicki Lawrence Pat
01:00:00 Bitch Blurring the Lines Meredith Brooks Mike
01:00:00 What Would Happen Blurring the Lines Meredith Brooks Mike
01:05:00 Brother Louie Stories Stories Pat
01:05:00 Mammy Blue Traveling Underground Stories Pat
01:05:00 Chevy Van Sammy Johns Sammy Johns Mike
01:05:00 Early Morning Love Sammy Johns Sammy Johns Mike
01:05:00 Afternoon Delight Starland Vocal Band Starland Vocal Band Pat
01:10:00 California Day Starland Vocal Band Starland Vocal Band Pat
01:10:00 Closing Time Feeling Strangely Fine Semisonic Mike
01:10:00 Secret Smile Feeling Strangely Fine Semisonic Mike
01:10:00 Believe It or Not America’s Greatest Hero Joey Scarbury Pat
01:15:00 When She Dances America’s Greatest Hero Joey Scarbury Pat
01:15:00 Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) Looking Glass Looking Glass Mike
01:15:00 Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne Subway Serenade Looking Glass Mike
01:15:00 Don’t Give Up on Us David Soul David Soul Pat
01:20:00 Going in With My Eyes Open Playing to an Audience of One David Soul Pat
01:25:00 Tubthumping Tubthumper Chumbawamba Mike
01:25:00 Amnesia Tubthumper Chumbawamba Mike
01:25:00 Undercover Angel Appetizers Alan O’Day Pat
01:25:00 Just You Appetizers Alan O’Day Pat
01:30:00 Thunder Island Thunder Island Jay Ferguson Mike
01:30:00 Shakedown Cruise Real Life Ain’t This Way Jay Ferguson Mike
01:35:00 Dancing in the Moonlight Dancing in the Moonlight King Harvest Pat
01:35:00 A Little Bit Like Magic The Lost Tapes King Harvest Pat
01:35:00 Keep Your Hands to Yourself Georgia Satellites Georgia Satellites Mike
01:35:00 Battleship Chains Georgia Satellites Georgia Satellites Mike
01:40:00 How Long Five-A-Side Ace Pat
01:40:00 I Ain’t Gonna Stand for This No More Time for Another Ace Pat
01:45:00 Midnight at the Oasis Maria Muldaur Maria Muldaur Mike
01:45:00 Three Dollar Bill Maria Muldaur Maria Muldaur Mike