Episoder 221: Side 2, Track 1

Episode 221: Side 2, Track 1
Music podcasts collide as Pat welcomes Jim Lenahan from the "Dad Rock" podcast to sit in the Co-Host chair as they play their favorite songs that kick off Side 2 of an LP.
From October 8, 2015

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Today we have a special guest co-host sitting in Rock Solid Studios opposite Mr. Francis. He's the co-host of his own fantastic music podcast, Dad Rock, on the USA Today podcasting network (and I should know because I'm a regular listener). It's Jim Lenahan, everybody! Pat was an early guest on Dad Rock, and now Jim is here to return the favor. Jim's co-host is another man named Pat, one Patrick Foster. The podcast came about because Jim felt like as he got older, he was talking fewer and fewer with his friends about music. He and Patrick work for USA Today and one day, Jim noticed a small cardboard standup of Elvis Presley on Patrick's desk. A quick chit chat about Elvis turned into a nonstop, everyday conversation about music. When USA Today decided to get in the nitty gritty of podcasting, they gave Jim and Patrick a show. And that's how Dad Rock was born.

That's Jim on the left, Patrick Foster on the right.
00:05:00 Dad Rock has been around for six months. They release full episodes on Fridays, while also putting out shorter bonus episodes (fittingly called "bonus tracks") during the week. They like to keep the full episodes to a tight sixty minutes. Compared to Pat, Kyle, and company practically going full Lord of the Rings every week, it's a quick and easy listen. Jim himself is a fan of Rock Solid. He enjoys the geek-out episodes like Geoff Tate and Tom Petty because they show how passionate people can be about their favorite music. Geoff has a new Petty tattoo. Jim has his own tattoo, a star tattoo, which is a coverup of a peace sign tattoo that he got 25 years ago and hated.
00:10:00 Dad Rock is located in the suburban D.C. area. Like Patrick, Jim is married with kids (otherwise, why call it Dad Rock?). He has a 14-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son (whose name is... Patrick Francis Lenhanan. Yup.) Jim notes how he gave his daughter a yearlong Spotify Premium account and a bluetooth speaker, which means she has no contact with physical media or stereos. This amazes Pat, who fondly reminisces on the days of heavy LP crates. Now Pat has to bribe his kids to let him pop into a record store on the way home. "Yeah I'll buy you an Xbox, just let me get this new Dennis DeYoung CD," Pat probably says.
00:15:00 Pat and Jim engage in some Foo Fighters talk. Pat saw them with Stevie Nicks, HAIM, and Jack Black playing special appearances. Jim saw them at a festival. Jim's daughter does not want to go to rock concerts with her dad, which puzzles Jim and Pat. The two also talk about choosing episode topics for their respective podcasts. Jim enjoys having guests on to discuss their favorite bands.
00:20:00 The conversation turns to bands that should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jim and Pat agree about Cheap Trick, while Jim vehemently argues in favor of The Cars (paging Christy Stratton). Editor's note: At the time of recording, these gentlemen were not aware that both of these bands would be nominated for the Hall of Fame today, October 8th, the day the episode is released. What a strange coincidence.
We're gonna get to today's topic, but FIRST! It's time for Pat to play some new material from older artists. That's right, it's

BUUUUUUUUUUUT also first! Jim brought some gifts for Pat and Kyle. They are coffee mugs from D.C.'s most popular rock club, the 930 Club.

Pat and Kyle enjoying their new mugs.
00:25:00 Jim advises Pat and Kyle to not drink coffee on the podcast because it messes with your voice. Hey, if it makes Kyle not sound like he's fourteen, I'm all for it. Okay, now we get to New Music Roundup. First up is a selection from Keith Richards' new solo album Crosseyed Heart called "Heartstopper". Jim likes it. Pat says it's a good album. Ragged, yet endearing.
Next Pat has a supergroup by the name of Hollywood Vampires. They are a group that includes guys like Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Matt Sorum, and Duff McKagan. Maybe you've never heard of some of those names. Maybe you've been in a coma for the past 30 years. In any event, they're based on a group of rock stars known for their drinking: Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon, Alice, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, among others.
00:30:00 Pat plays "Raise the Dead" off of their self-titled album. Jim is not really feeling that one.
Next Pat plays a song from the new album Paper Gods by Duran Duran. The song is called "Sunset Garage". Jim admires how Duran Duran is still plugging away and still maintain a fairly high profile for an 80s band. Plus they are great musicians.
"Are you a Duran Duran fan?"
- Pat

"Ummmmmm..... yes."
- Jim, with a very convincing answer.
00:35:00 Don Henley has a new country album out called Cass County. Pat plays a song called "Take a Picture of This". Jim's thoughts: "It's nice, it's pleasant." The album is way too countrified for Pat. It follows the trend of rock stars turning country, like Bon Jovi and Steven Tyler.
Finally, there is a new solo album from David Gilmour called Rattle That Lock. Pat plays the title track "Rattle That Lock". Once again, Jim has very little to say. "That sounded fine," he chimes in. He admits that music criticism is not in his repertoire.
00:40:00 Okay, today's topic is Side 2, Track 1: Your favorite songs that introduce an album's second act to your awaiting earholes. Pat's picks lean towards classic rock because the newer albums in his collection aren't on vinyl. Jim has some newer stuff because of the vinyl comeback, but he agrees that when it comes to 90s stuff, he's got very little. Jim actually has a handy introduction to today's topic from Canada's own Bob and Doug McKenzie:

For his overall picks, Jim tried to not go too obvious. But for his first pick, he brings to the table what may be the greatest side 2, track 1 of all time. Off of Born to Run, it's Bruce Springsteen with "Born to Run".
00:45:00 After a brief appearance from The Boss himself, Pat plays his first pick. It's "T.N.T." by AC/DC off of the album High Voltage. That's a song that never gets old, according to Pat.
00:50:00 In college, Jim had his prized Sony Walkman and a lot of cassettes. One of those cassettes changed his entire outlook on life. Jim plays "Cant Get There from Here" by R.E.M. from the album Fables of the Reconstruction. Jim was lucky enough to see them in college. Who did Pat see in college? Blue Oyster Cult. Yeah, the super hip indie stylings of.... Blue Oyster Cult.
Up next for Pat is the Fab Four with an opening slice from side two of A Hard Day's Night. It's The Beatles with "Any Time at All". Pat and Jim discuss sonic quality. Jim doesn't get sucked in with buying remastered albums, but he does like getting the bonus tracks.
Jim harkens back to his high school years with his next pick. It's Prince with "When Doves Cry" off the album Purple Rain.
00:55:00 Jim and Pat talk a little Prince. They concur that he could make music like Purple Rain now, but he just doesn't want to. Prince is on Jim's must-see dead or alive list. Other bands and artists on Jim's and Pat's lists include Elton John, Queen with Freddie Mercury, and The Ramones.
Pat's next pick is from Billy Joel's third album Streetlife Serenade. It's the second side opener "The Entertainer".
01:00:00 Billy, much like Elton, is an artist who can play an entire show of hits and still leave out some big songs. You can't say the same about Jim's next pick, though, because they are no longer around. Off the album Nevermind, it's "Territorial Pissings" by Nirvana. Jim remembers fondly about an MTV concert where the band was playing this song and going bonkers onstage.
01:05:00 Now we take a big left turn and go from Nirvana to Journey. Jim enjoys how different Pat's list is from his own. Pat believes that side two of Frontiers sucks eggs, but he does like the song that opens the side, "Edge of the Blade". Journey left off "Only the Young" and "Ask the Lonely" from Frontiers, which confuses Pat.
01:10:00 Uh oh, Jim admits to a little cheating on his part: His next pick is track one of side four. But technically, it is side two of a second disc, so it's allowed. Well played, Lenahan. When his kids were younger, Jim used to make mixes of songs that he thought they would like. This is one of those songs. Off of the triple album Sandinista!, it's "Police on My Back" by The Clash. Three discs, 36 songs. Even Bob Dylan would go, "Slow down, guys." Pat asks Jim what his first concert was? It was Hall & Oates on the H2O Tour. Second concert: The Stray Cats.
01:15:00 With the Stray Cats, Jim made the rookie mistake of wearing the concert t-shirt the very next day at school and he was mercilessly mocked. Pat had the opposite experience where he went to concerts with his friend, wore the t-shirt the next day at school, and everyone else was jealous. What Pat and Jim can agree on is the old system of buying concert tickets.
01:20:00 Pat and Jimmy Pardo were invited to the Grammy Museum to see An Evening with Bryan Adams, where the Groover from Vancouver would talk with fans and play songs from his new album, produced by Jeff Lynne. This factoid transitions nicely into Pat's next pick from Electric Light Orchestra. It's "So Fine" off the album A New World Record.
Jim has a classic from The Rolling Stones. Off the album Sticky Fingers, it's the side two opener "Bitch".
Pat has two songs from The Rolling Stones, so this is gonna be a Rolling Stones Triple Play! (cue laser sound effects) First up is "She's a Rainbow" off the album Their Satanic Majesties' Request. Pat and Jim discuss how Satanic Majesties is not up-to-snuff (read: awful). This is the album where the Stones realized they can't be The Beatles, says Jim.
01:25:00 The second Stones song from Pat is "Luxury" off of It's Only Rock 'n Roll. Pat feels like the Mick Taylor albums IORnR and Goats Head Soup are underrated. Jim thinks if the Stones can be underrated, they are. Jim and Pat talk about vinyl being on the comeback. There is actually a vinyl episode coming soon with Christy Stratton. Pat worked the turntable to spare young Kyle from any potential mockery. Now all that childish mockery for that episode will be directed towards Pat for screwing things up.
01:30:00 Jim's next pick was the best-selling vinyl album of 2014. No doubt because there are extra goodies that come with it. It's "Just One Drink" by Jack White off the album Lazaretto. The album has bits and bobs that go beyond the normal long player. Depending on where you drop the needle, you'll either get an electric or acoustic intro to the song. There are holograms, hidden songs under the label, one of the sides plays from inside to out. I heard the super deluxe edition has a pancake maker and can play Super Mario 3, but that's just a rumor.
Pat returns to the classic rock well once again with his next pick, "Jungle Love" by Steve Miller Band off the album Book of Dreams.
Jim plays to Murray Valeriano's heartstrings with his next pick. Off the album Majesty Shredding, it's "Learned to Surf" by Superchunk.
01:35:00 Pat gives apologies to "Hungry Heart", "Redneck Friend", and The Doobie Brothers. Instead he plays a song by Joe Jackson called "Breaking Us in Two" off the album Night and Day.
Jim has his own song by Mr. Jackson. It's "Baby Stick Around" off the album Look Sharp!.
Pat's next pick is "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" by Paul Simon off his self-titled album.
01:40:00 Jim has a couple of Psychobilly rockers by the names of Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper. He plays "Gin Guzzlin' Frenzy" off the album Bo-Day-Shus!!.
Pat deals out more apologies to The Ramones and Queen. He play his second to last pick, "Mama Kin" by Aerosmith from their self-titled album.
01:45:00 Jim has a newer band that has an album out on vinyl. He plays the band White Reaper and their song "Candy", off the album White Reaper Does It Again.
Pat has to make a choice for his last pick: The Kinks or The Police. Jim would prefer The Kinks. He liked The Police in high school, but has liked them less and less (most likely because of Sting). To him, every album with Sting (Police and solo) is a little bit worse than the one before it. Pat plays "Destroyer" by The Kinks off the album Give the People What They Want.
01:50:00 It's time for plugs. You can find Jim on Twitter @jlenahan and you can find Dad Rock on Twitter @DadRockShow. Thanks so much to Jim for being here and being very prepared for the task. Jim ends the show with one of his favorite bands, The Replacements. He plays "Bastards of Young" from the album Tim.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:25:00 Heartstopper Crosseyed Heart Keith Richards Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:30:00 Raise the Dead Hollywood Vampires Hollywood Vampires Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:30:00 Sunset Garage Paper Gods Duran Duran Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:35:00 Take a Picture of This Cass County Don Henley Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:35:00 Rattle That Lock Rattle That Lock David Gilmour Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:40:00 Born to Run Born to Run Bruce Springsteen Jim
00:45:00 T.N.T. High Voltage AC/DC Pat
00:50:00 Cant Get There from Here Fables of the Reconstruction R.E.M. Jim
00:50:00 Any Time at All A Hard Day’s Night The Beatles Pat
00:50:00 When Doves Cry Purple Rain Prince Jim
00:55:00 The Entertainer Streetlife Serenade Billy Joel Pat
01:00:00 Territorial Pissings Nevermind Nirvana Jim
01:05:00 Edge of the Blade Frontiers Journey Pat
01:10:00 Police on My Back Sandinista! The Clash Jim
01:20:00 So Fine A New World Record Electric Light Orchestra Pat
01:20:00 Bitch Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones Jim
01:20:00 She’s a Rainbow Their Satanic Majesties’ Request The Rolling Stones Pat
01:25:00 Luxury It’s Only Rock ’n Roll The Rolling Stones Pat
01:30:00 Just One Drink Lazaretto Jack White Jim
01:30:00 Jungle Love Book of Dreams Steve Miller Band Pat
01:30:00 Learned to Surf Majesty Shredding Superchunk Jim
01:35:00 Breaking Us in Two Night and Day Joe Jackson Pat
01:35:00 Baby Stick Around Look Sharp! Joe Jackson Jim
01:35:00 Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard Paul Simon Paul Simon Pat
01:40:00 Gin Guzzlin’ Frenzy Bo-Day-Shus!!! Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper Jim
01:40:00 Mama Kin Aerosmith Aerosmith Pat
01:45:00 Candy White Reaper Does It Again White Reaper Jim
01:45:00 Destroyer Give the People What They Want The Kinks Pat
01:50:00 Bastards of Young Tim The Replacements Jim