Episode 222: The Warmth of Vinyl

Episode 222: The Warmth of Vinyl
No CDs, no mp3s, no wav files not even a computer because this week Pat and Co-Host Christy Stratton are playing nothing but good old-fashioned records. So sit back and get ready to enjoy pops, crackles, skips and hopefully some laughs because it's time to hear the warmth of vinyl.
From October 15, 2015

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Christy Stratton

00:00:00 "Drop the needle on the record, Pat." The crinkly pops of "Song Away" by Hockey plays as Pat, Christy, and Kyle welcome us to the show. Yes, the theme song was played on classic vinyl, as will ALL of the music played today will be. That's right, Rock Solid is turning to the most inconvenient method of playing music to play some music. Why? Because they love us. Christy thanks Pat for personally getting her off John Corbett's shitlist. Last we heard, Corbett had blocked Christy on Twitter for no reason. But Pat tweeted a few times to the man and JC found it in his hunky heart to unblock Christy. The only computer we have this episode is for recording. All other information must be discerned from the album sleeve. Pat gives Christy some Canadian maple syrup, courtesy of former co-host Ben Weber. It's as heavy as an Emmy, says Christy.
00:05:00 Christy doesn't have an Emmy, nor does her husband Gary. Only the certain people get them, especially if they're higher on the food chain. But never mind that, because Kyle has a

Pat and Christy make their guesses based on Kyle's clues:
  • She is a female, primarily from the past. --- Latoya? No.
  • She is wildly successful. --- Benatar? Lauper? Madonna? No. No. No.
  • She is a white woman.
  • Other people were noticing her. --- Christy: "Were other people noticing her because she was dressed like a bag lady?" No.
  • Mariah Carey? No.
  • She was eating dinner at Musso and Frank's. --- Streisand? Middler? No and no.
  • She was part of a group and has not been on the podcast. --- Belinda Carlisle? No.
  • Was it Stevie Nicks? YES!
Stevie Nicks was eating near Kyle at Musso and Frank's. Lucky Kyle, getting to chow down near rock royalty. Pat, meanwhile, is upset that Kyle didn't notify him as soon as possible. Stevie was wearing sunglasses indoors. "That's okay," says Christy.
"[to Kyle] Why didn't you call me so I could run over with my Rumours album?"
- Pat

"Oh please."
- Christy
00:10:00 Okay, let's get going because with vinyl, you never know how long this thing is going to take. We could be here till sun-up trying to hit the right groove. Christy starts us off with The Psychedelic Furs. She plays "Forever Now" from the album Forever Now. All those pops and crackles. Really sets the mood (if the mood is annoyance). Some of the albums Pat brought are new vinyl. Kyle brought an LP too which we'll get to... um... eventually. Pat and Christy just have stacks of vinyl in front of them to choose from. Kyle suggests going real old school and getting a bunch of milk crates.
"You know I did use to carry them around in milk crates. Oh, memories: going to college, crying.... What?"
- Christy, reflecting on her past
00:15:00 Here's a sentence no one has ever said ever: "Let's listen to some Chickenfoot on vinyl." "Sure, that's um... that's fun," responds Christy. Pat plays "My Kinda Girl" off of their self-titled album. Oh Sammy. Never change.
Christy has an album from the Swan Song label, so we have some Led Zeppelin on the docket. Off of In Through the Out Door, she plays "In the Evening". Crackles galore. "The warmth of vinyl," notes Pat. "It's so warm, it's like wrapping yourself in bubblewrap."
00:20:00 Christy never had that many albums because she couldn't afford them. Pat always had jobs in high school, so he was buying two records a week. Kyle can't wrap his head around how an LP works. He gets a CD, because it's digital data that a laser reads, but the grooves of vinyl just cannot be fathomed by his young mind. Pat is using a Crosley turntable to play the records (which, according to the Facebook page comments, is a piece of shit in comparison to other ones). This is actually the second turntable he's bought because the first one couldn't play any of his records. Maybe it saw his collection and went "Nah." Pat bought a second one, which he intends to promptly return to Target tomorrow.
00:25:00 Pat's next album was given to him from a friend in England because he couldn't find any in America. The song is "Glad All Over" by Dave Clark Five off the album 25 Thumping Great Hits.
Christy has some rock and roll from a band called Fastway. It was started by "Fast" Eddie Clarke from Motorhead and Pete Way from UFO (though Way went am-scray without playing a single note on record). Christy plays "Say What You Will" from their self-titled album. There are songs on this album that Christy had never actually heard, so Pat flips the record over and we hear a little of "Easy Livin'."
00:30:00 Pat is not a fan of the clear sleeve with no pictures or lyrics. It pisses him off, dammit. But Pat calms down enough to play his next vinyl pick. Off the album Never Enough, it's Patty Smyth with "Never Enough". This is just a hang, no hard and fast choices with this episodes. Pat and Christy reminisce about having members of the opposite sex in their bedrooms. Pat could have girls in his room. No boys were allowed in Christy's room. Although, according to Christy, boys weren't exactly banging down her door. High school era Christy Stratton wasn't a man magnet, she says.
00:35:00 Christy remembers holding for Elliot Easton on Rockline and her mother was screaming at her to turn it off. Speaking of Christy's mom, a certain subsection of Christy's albums were her mother's, including her next pick. She plays "Dr. Feelgood (Love Is a Serious Business)" by Aretha Franklin off the album I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You. It sounds vintage. Not old, vintage. This leads to Quentin Tarantino talk, who recorded songs off his vinyl collection for Django Unchained. Christy is on board with QT. She doesn't like Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, though. She just can't connect with them.
00:40:00 She connects more with other movies of his like Kill Bill. Pat only doesn't like Inglorious Basterds. But enough about Tarantino and his foot obsession, Pat has Rush to play! RUSH! He plays his favorite Rush song, "Subdivisions" off of Signals. Pretty good. Prettaaaaaay, prettaaaaaay, pretty good.
Christy follows this up with a new wave delight, Heaven 17. She plays "Penthouse and Pavement" off of their first album Penthouse and Pavement.
00:45:00 Jimmy Pardo, says Pat, only plays 180 gram vinyl. If that's the Jimmy Pardo fun fact you've been waiting all day for, congratulations. Prado worked in a record store and he got a lot of tail, if you know what I mean. He picked up some chicks, if you catch my drift. Threw quite a bit of ass, if you know what I'm saying. Christy longed to work in a record store. She constantly applied, but nobody bit. All her friends got the cool jobs, but not Christy; it was Foot Locker and Baskin Robbins for Ms. Stratton. Pat worked at three record stores (thanks for rubbing it in, Pat) and it was the best job. He sops up some of Christy's tears with his next pick, The Foo Fighters. He plays "Walk" off of Wasting Light. But wait, he plays it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow. It sounds like Dave Grohl is melting. Thankfully he corrects it and the song plays at regular speed.
00:50:00 Christy couldn't afford albums, so she would often go to the cut-out bin. What are cut-outs? When LPs didn’t sell, record stores would send back the unsold copies to manufacturers. Manufacturers would cut out a notch in the spine (or cut off a corner, or whatever), then re-sell them to retailers at a discounted price. Christy always thought they were accidental. Oh, you sweet, naive doe. That said, Christy dedicates her next song to ME! Because I politely requested it to her a few days before the episode recorded! Oh, you sweet, beautiful angel! Christy plays "Night of the Long Knives by AC/DC from the album For Those About to Rock We Salute You.
00:55:00 Even Kyle, who doesn't like AC/DC, admits to liking that song. Christy is appalled that Kyle doesn't like AC/DC. Pat meanwhile whips out a Brian Johnson impression that is actually good. We're see how long that lasts. In the meantime, Pat plays "Cecilia" by Simon & Garfunkel off of Bridge over Troubled Water. Pat speeds it up to chipmunk level. Christy notes that it sounds a lot like "Some Nights" by fun. Remember them? That was a fun four seconds. Pat wanted Art Garfunkel for the podcast, but Art likes to conserve his voice when he's on tour, so no dice.
Christy's next pick is another multi-man charity song. It's "Sun City" by Artists United Against Apartheid from the album Sun City.
01:00:00 Pat relates a story of Robin Quivers on The Tonight Show. Linda Ronstadt was on too, and she was taking a few snipes at Howard Stern. Robin snapped back with a quip about Linda playing Sun City. Sick burn. Pat busts out a 45(!) vinyl with his next song. He doesn't know why the 45 has a bigger hole and wants me to find out for him. It's because the 78s had smaller holes which couldn't fit onto jukebox spindles, so they made the 45 holes bigger. That's about it. Pat plays "Time for Me to Fly" by REO Speedwagon off the (awfully named) album You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Tuna Fish.
01:05:00 R.I.P. Gary Richrath. He got very bloated in his later years, so Vintage Vinyl News used a picture of bloated Mick Taylor on their website by mistake. Pat was quick to Twitter with that one. Christy plays her next pick. Off the album Prince Charming, it's Adam and the Ants with "Scorpios".
01:10:00 Pat dedicates his next pick to listener Jim Glass. It's Blue Oyster Cult with "Burnin' for You" off of Fire of Unknown Origin. While the song was playing, Pat was putting the inner sleeve up to his face, cracking Christy up.
"It's happening, it's happening," says Christy. She's playing some Bee Gees. She plays "A Day in the Life" off of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Soundtrack.
01:15:00 Kyle's dad (a.k.a. Pat's brother) thinks George Burns is the greatest, so Pat plays a little of George Burns doing "Fixing a Hole" from the same soundtrack. It's not good. Christy hasn't seen the movie in a while. Pat saw it a bunch of times in the theater because he thought it was great.
"Fix that hole in his mouth. Fill it in."
- Pat, with the line of the episode
Pat dedicates his next song to... Christy?! Yes, he does. It's Ric Ocasek with "Something to Grab For" off his solo album Beatitude. Christy was fine with it being a solo Ricky O song as opposed to being a Cars song. She got the album from her mother on Valentine's Day (her only Valentine, she comments).
01:20:00 Pat and Christy share a little more Cars talk, including real last names and the Ocasek/Orr acetate. Then they get to Christy's next pick, Van Halen. She plays "Sinner's Swing!" off of Fair Warning. Normally the record skips, but this time it doesn't.
01:25:00 For Pat's birthday, he got a glorious copy of Stranger in Town by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band from Christy's friend. Musician Alto Reed gets brought up. "His real name is Sax O. Phone," jokes Kyle. Hey, Christy laughed. Pat plays "Feel Like a Number".
With her next pick, Christy had to right down the lyrics from the radio because it was so mind expanding. It was a turning point for her musically, as was Supertramp's Breakfast in America. She plays "Games Without Frontiers" by Peter Gabriel off of Peter Gabriel: Melt. Hell yeah. You got your Peter Gabriel, you got your Kate Bush singing French. What's not to love?
01:30:00 Pat rocks it up with his next pick, Def Leppard. Off of High 'n' Dry, he plays "Let It Go". The problem is that it's skipping like a madman.
Oh hey, Kyle has a vinyl. This sounds... promising. It's a Swedish melodic death metal band (surprise, surprise) called Soilwork. He plays "This Momentary Bliss" off the album The Living Infinite. It's actually listenable. You win this time, Dodson.
01:35:00 Time to go live with Christy's next pick. She plays "Under My Thumb (Live)" by The Rolling Stones off the live album "Still Life" (American Concert 1981). Christy is absolutely bewildered by the lyrics to "Love Is Strong" and other recent Stones songs.
01:40:00 A recent band is next up for Pat's picks. Off the album Eureka, it's Rooney with "I Can't Get Enough". Unfortunately, it's another skipping record.
Well look at this, the title of Christy's next song is "Solid Rock". It's by a band called Goanna and it's off of an album called Spirit of Place. There is some didgeridoo in there, as well.
01:45:00 Pat wows the crowd with his next pick, which is a maxi single. He plays "Mighty Wings" by Cheap Trick off of the Top Gun soundtrack. "Pat, that's terrible," says Christy. It is pretty cheesy. Pat doesn't think it's even Cheap Trick, just Robin and a bunch of scrubs.
Christy goes very old school with her next pick by Fred Astaire of all people. It's from the soundtrack to a movie called Pennies from Heaven. The song is called "Let's Face the Music and Dance".
01:50:00 While that sweet song was playing, Pat was holding up different album covers and putting them over his body parts, earning chuckles and guffaws across the board. He follows this up by playing his last song. It's "Sherry Darling" by Bruce Springsteen off of the double LP The River. Bruce shows up to remind people that there are 1! 2! 3! 4! sides of the album.
01:55:00 Neil Young's audiophile Pono player is brought up. Pat says it looks like a Toblerone and he ain't wrong. Pat gives apologies to UFO, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Loverboy, The Monkees, and Hall & Oates, among others. Christy gives apologies to The Who, Divinyls, America, Billy Thorpe, and Nazareth.
02:00:00 This was a fun show. Extra special thanks to Christy for putting up with the Crosley and the scratched LPs. Maybe next time we'll break out the 8-tracks. Christy takes us out with "Do It Again" by The Kinks off of Word of Mouth.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Forever Now Forever Now The Psychedelic Furs Christy
00:15:00 My Kinda Girl Chickenfoot Chickenfoot Pat
00:15:00 In the Evening In Through the Out Door Led Zeppelin Christy
00:25:00 Glad All Over 25 Thumping Great Hits Dave Clark Five Pat
00:25:00 Say What You Will Fastway Fastway Christy
00:30:00 Never Enough Never Enough Patty Smyth Pat
00:35:00 Dr. Feelgood (Love Is a Serious Business) I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You Aretha Franklin Christy
00:40:00 Subdivisions Signals Rush Pat
00:40:00 Penthouse and Pavement Penthouse and Pavement Heaven 17 Christy
00:45:00 Walk Wasting Light The Foo Fighters Pat
00:50:00 Night of the Long Knives For Those About to Rock We Salute You AC/DC Christy
00:55:00 Cecilia Bridge over Troubled Water Simon & Garfunkel Pat
00:55:00 Sun City Sun City Artists United Against Apartheid Christy
01:00:00 Time for Me to Fly You Can’t Tune a Piano but You Can Tuna Fish REO Speedwagon Pat
01:05:00 Scorpios Prince Charming Adam and the Ants Christy
01:10:00 Burnin’ for You Fire of Unknown Origin Blue Oyster Cult Pat
01:10:00 A Day in the Life Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Soundtrack Bee Gees Christy
01:15:00 Something to Grab For Beatitude Ric Ocasek Pat
01:20:00 Sinner’s Swing! Fair Warning Van Halen Christy
01:25:00 Feel Like a Number Stranger in Town Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Pat
01:25:00 Games Without Frontiers Peter Gabriel: Melt Peter Gabriel Christy
01:30:00 Let It Go High ’n’ Dry Def Leppard Pat
01:30:00 This Momentary Bliss The Living Infinite Soilwork Kyle
01:35:00 Under My Thumb (Live) ”Still Life” (American Concert 1981) The Rolling Stones Christy
01:40:00 I Can’t Get Enough Eureka Rooney Pat
01:40:00 Solid Rock Spirit of Place Goanna Christy
01:45:00 Mighty Wings Top Gun Soundtrack Cheap Trick Pat
01:45:00 Let’s Face the Music and Dance Pennies from Heaven Soundtrack Fred Astaire Christy
01:50:00 Sherry Darling The River Bruce Springsteen Pat
02:00:00 Do It Again Word of Mouth The Kinks Christy