Episode 220: All Paul

Episode 220: All Paul
Pat sits down with guest Co-Host and McCartney Super Fan Gwyn Ashley to discuss her chance meeting with Sir Paul and to play their favorite solo Paul songs!
From October 1, 2015

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Today we are doing a show all about the solo career of Paul McCartney. Say goodbye to The Beatles, wave tah-tah to Wings, and kiss The Fireman on the lips and boot it out the door. It's only solo McCartney. Pat is joined by a friend of his, Gwyn Ashley. They originally met in Chicago. Gwyn trained at Second City. In her class was Scott Adsit, who played Pete Hornberger on 30 Rock. She would also bump into Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Adam McKay from time to time. She moved to L.A. with an eye for acting.
00:05:00 Pat most recently met Gwyn at the Grammy rehearsals where they saw Paul perform. Pat has never seen him in concert. Gwyn says he still sounds great, but he's definitely lost some keys. And I don't mean for the car. Pat saw Frankie Valli lip sync 90% of his show. It was sad. Some older artists still have their original voice, but they are few and far between.
00:10:00 A big reason Gwyn is here (along with being a massive Paul McCartney fan) is that she has actually met Paul in person. She remembers the exact date: October 18, 1984 at 1:15 p.m. Gwyn was part of a McCartney fan club called Club Sandwich (har-dee-har-har) and she was randomly picked to meet him along with four other Chicago club members. It was at the Ritz Carlton. There were hordes of people there. She assumed it would be an autograph, a picture, and then skedaddle, but it didn't turn out that way.
00:15:00 They got to Paul's room and he opened the door himself and said hello. Gwyn wanted to distinguish herself, so she started talking to him. Paul was humming "No More Lonely Nights," Gwyn made a face and he stopped. Then Paul signed album after album after album. Gwyn brought a picture and a piece of paper for Paul to sign for a friend. For the pictures, Paul wanted the group to wear these Broad Street sweater jerseys. One cool moment was when Paul recognized Gwyn's name as Welsh and confirmed with Linda.
00:20:00 Paul made sure to wave to Gwyn as he left the hotel. And that was that. What's awesome is that the group photo is in the pre-show for Paul's Out There tour. Pat quickly points out that October 2 is when the Tug of War/Pipes of Piece remasters come out. He's gonna give some copies away to some lucky people. Hey wait a minute, we forgot about Kyle! What has the little scamp been up to recently? He saw Rocky Horror Picture Show with his girlfriend. They didn't dress up, but they did yell stuff.
00:25:00 Okay, let's play some music. Gwyn is going in chronological order, but Pat is going all over the place. Gwyn starts off with a song that hurts her heart. Off of Paul's first solo album McCartney, it's a song called "Every Night". Gwyn doesn't use iTunes, so this was a process.
Pat's first pick is a 45-second ditty from the same album called "The Lovely Linda". Pat gets sad when he thinks of Linda McCartney.
00:30:00 Ram is an album that is credited to both Paul and Linda. Gwyn plays "Too Many People". Paul is both Gwyn and Pat's favorite Beatle. Pat acknowledges how everyone goes for Lennon, but John doesn't have the kind of catalogue that Paul has (partly due to Yoko Ono, partly due to Mark David Chapman giving John an extra hole in his chest).
"Did you ever see that video of her screaming at a museum gallery?"
- Kyle, referring to Yoko Ono

"Because they wouldn't let her in?"
- Pat with the line of the episode
Pat plays a song from Tug of War called "Take It Away".
00:35:00 Gwyn's next pick is from McCartney II, which is more of an experimental album. The song is called "Waterfalls". It's an album that Pat will have to go back and see if it can grow on him.
The next album that Pat focuses on is Press to Play from 1986. He plays the song "Press".
00:40:00 It has a very 80s sound. Gwyn was one over by the music video. Pat remarks that Paul is must be one of the most recognizable faces in the world. He wonders how cautious he was after John was killed. Gotta be on your toes if you're a Beatle; hell, George got stabbed in his castle. Impenetrable my ass. Press to Play was released after Gwyn met Paul. She jumps to her pick from the album called "Move Over Busker". Paul namechecks Nell Gwyn, an obscure mistress of King Charles II who was also an actress. Hmmmmmmmm.
00:45:00 Pat's next pick is the single "Another Day" off the compilation album Wingspan: Hits and History.
Going back to McCartney II, Gwyn plays an odd song called "On the Way". Pat and Gwyn compliment Paul and Linda on their amazing mullets.
00:50:00 The next song that Pat plays is one that he dances along to with his daughter. Off the album Off the Ground, it's "Hope of Deliverance". Off the Ground is an album that Gwyn initially wrote off. Somehow the Bay City Rollers get brought up. Gwyn was not a fan, but her friend was. Pat was listening to a Bay City Rollers greatest hits album (yes) and he asked his daughter which one was the best-looking. She said none of them.
Stevie Wonder teamed with Paul for "Ebony and Ivory", but Gwyn plays a different song that they for which they teamed up. She plays "What's That You're Doing?" off of Tug of War. Despite hating "Ebony and Ivory," Pat couldn't stop singing it. It's so syrupy you could eat it with waffles.
00:55:00 Pat goes to 2007 and Memory Almost Full. He plays "Ever Present Past". It's a great late career album. Gwyn presumes it's because he's been working with the latest incarnation of his band for so long.
Gwyn plays another song from Tug of War called "Wanderlust".
01:00:00 Pat plays a song from Paul's latest album New called "Everybody Out There".
Tug of War and Pipes of Peace reunited Paul with his legendary producer George Martin. Gwyn plays a song from P.o.P. called "So Bad". The song was later redone for Give My Regards to Broad Street.
01:05:00 Paul's album Flaming Pie features a lot of guests including Jeff Lynne, Steve Miller, and Ringo Starr. Pat plays a song called "Young Boy". Pat notices that Paul put more and more songs on his albums as the years went by.
Gwyn absolutely loves Flowers in the Dirt, which was considered by many as a return to form for McCartney. She plays the song "Figure of Eight".
01:10:00 The album was marked by a collaboration between Paul and Elvis Costello. You can be damn sure Costello was bringing his A-game. Meanwhile Pat plays a song from the album Driving Rain called "From a Lover to a Friend". Heather Mills is credited with photography and arrangements on the album. Pat jokes that she could use her fake leg as a camera tripod. Oh, don't feel bad about that one. 50 million dollars in divorce money can wipe away a lot of tears.
"What happened with that?"
- Pat, referencing the Paul-Heather divorce

"She didn't have a leg to stand on."
- Kyle (shortly after, a wacky horn sounded)
01:15:00 What are Kyle's thoughts on the show so far? He's enjoying it. Okay then. Gwyn plays her next pick from Flowers in the Dirt called "Put It There".
Pat plays yet another song from Tug of War. It's called "Ballroom Dancing". It's just a fun song. Or perhaps it's a euphemism of sorts for doing the sideways tango?
01:20:00 Gwyn has a song from Flowers in the Dirt that features Elvis Costello called "You Want Her Too".
Pat follows this up with "My Brave Face" off the same album. Pat notes how McCartney was having a lot of fun at the Grammys rehearsal with just an acoustic guitar.
01:25:00 Pat proposes something impossible: Paul playing bass in Ringo's All-Starr Band. No. Nope. No no. Not gonna happen. The Beatles are a different beast all together. Paul is not doing anything longterm with Ringo. Gwyn laughs off Pat's ridiculous proposal by playing a song off of Off the Ground. The song is called "Biker Like an Icon".
01:30:00 The next song on Pat's list is from the album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. It's "Jenny Wren". That's one of the few songs Gwyn can sing in her car. Her old car, a VW Bug, had a cassette player. Now she has a Prius to keep her driving upkeep to a minimum. Gwyn has also been to London twice. She did walk across Abbey Road like everyone else who goes to England.
Flaming Pie came out when Gwyn's mom died. She gets choked up when she hears her next song "Little Willow". The song brings all those memories back. Gwyn did not cry on this podcast, which is one less thing she and Pat have in common.
01:35:00 Pat plays another song from Flaming Pie called "The World Tonight". Gwyn relays how she once met Denny Laine (Paul's Wings bandmate) at the formerly-named Beatlefest. There were sadly not a lot of people there. When Gwyn walked past drummer Hal Blaine, who was also there, he said to her "Hey girl, your motor's running."
01:40:00 Gwyn gives apologies to "Used to Be Bad" off of Flaming Pie. Instead she plays "This Never Happened Before" off of Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. The song is in the movie The Lake House.
Pat plays a rocker from Memory Almost Full called "Only Mama Knows".
01:45:00 Gwyn's song from Memory Almost Full is called "See Your Sunshine". This was the album that was released by Starbucks. Gwyn went to a "listening party" for the album at a Starbucks. Actually, it was less of a listening party and more a STARBUCKS!
Pat gives apologies to "No More Lonely Nights" from Give My Regards to Broad Street and "Fine Line" off of Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. Pat plays a song from New called "Save Us". McCartney will probably go until he can't. Pat suggests a residency in Las Vegas. Gwyn poo-poos it, saying that Paul wouldn't do something like that because he might find it cheesy.
01:50:00 Gwyn plays the song "Hosanna" from New. Pat makes Kyle read a list of the top five richest rock stars in the world. The only problem is that Kyle is not complying very well. It's a whole thing of not finding the right website or some such. Pat's list read that Bono was #1, McCartney was #2, and Madonna was #3. Kyle is just fumbling around. It's a real comedy of errors.
01:55:00 Pat thanks Gwyn for coming on the show. Gwyn thanks Pat for inviting her on. Hey, she's certainly proved her fandom. Gwyn's last pick is from New. It's a bonus track called "Get Me Out of Here".
"We've had some duds in this seat. [To Kyle] Name one."
- Pat

- Kyle
Pat ends this tour through the music of McCartney with the classic "Maybe I'm Amazed" off of McCartney.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:25:00 Every Night McCartney Paul McCartney Gwyn
00:25:00 The Lovely Linda McCartney Paul McCartney Pat
00:30:00 Too Many People Ram Paul McCartney Gwyn
00:30:00 Take It Away Tug of War Paul McCartney Pat
00:35:00 Waterfalls McCartney II Paul McCartney Gwyn
00:35:00 Press Press to Play Paul McCartney Pat
00:40:00 Move Over Busker Press to Play Paul McCartney Gwyn
00:45:00 Another Day Wingspan: Hits and History Paul McCartney Pat
00:45:00 On the Way McCartney II Paul McCartney Gwyn
00:50:00 Hope of Deliverance Off the Ground Paul McCartney Pat
00:50:00 What’s That Your Doing? Tug of War Paul McCartney feat. Stevie Wonder Gwyn
00:55:00 Ever Present Past Memory Almost Full Paul McCartney Pat
00:55:00 Wanderlust Tug of War Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:00:00 Everybody Out There New Paul McCartney Pat
01:00:00 So Bad Pipes of Piece Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:05:00 Young Boy Flaming Pie Paul McCartney Pat
01:05:00 Figure of Eight Flowers in the Dirt Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:10:00 From a Lover to a Friend Driving Rain Paul McCartney Pat
01:15:00 Put It There Flowers in the Dirt Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:15:00 Ballroom Dancing Tug of War Paul McCartney Pat
01:20:00 You Want Her Too Flowers in the Dirt Paul McCartney feat. Elvis Costello Gwyn
01:20:00 My Brave Face Flowers in the Dirt Paul McCartney Pat
01:25:00 Biker Like an Icon Off the Ground Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:30:00 Jenny Wren Chaos and Creation in the Backyard Paul McCartney Pat
01:30:00 Little Willow Flaming Pie Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:35:00 The World Tonight Flaming Pie Paul McCartney Pat
01:40:00 This Never Happened Before Chaos and Creation in the Backyard Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:40:00 Only Mama Knows Memory Almost Full Paul McCartney Pat
01:45:00 See Your Sunshine Memory Almost Full Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:45:00 Save Us New Paul McCartney Pat
01:50:00 Hosanna New Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:55:00 Get Me Out of Here New Paul McCartney Gwyn
01:55:00 Maybe I’m Amazed McCartney Paul McCartney Pat