Episode 207: Walk Don't Run

Episode 207: Walk Don't Run
It's a 3 Host Rock Solid extravaganza as Pat, Christy and David Wild celebrate the "Fit Bit" by playing their favorite songs with the word "walk" in the title.
From July 2, 2015

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Christy Stratton

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Christy Stratton has returned to the show with her inexpendable charm, and look who is here as well for his third time in the co-host seat: It's writer/producer David Wild! Yes, David is finally teaming up with "Legs" Stratton, as he likes to call her. David had a wonderful Father's Day: his wife and son literally cleaned out his messy closet, which was full of t-shirts and cassette tapes. There's always the risk of the loved ones discovering something naughty (an issue of Swank, perhaps), but no worries, David's closet is naughty-free. Some stuff was thrown out, though David wasn't too emotionally attached to it. He did have an emotional time at his prep school reunion recently, where he gave a speech. He normally doesn't go to those things.
00:05:00 Yet when he saw the school sign, his eyeballs immediately flooded with tears. In his mind's eye, he saw his dad driving him to the school in the midst of his parents' bloodbath of a divorce. At the reunion he saw his ex-girlfriend who still looks good after all these years. He saw all of the old friends in his life that he hadn't seen for a long long time and David was weeping like a washwoman for two days straight. The school wanted an hour-long speech, so David decided to tell stories about his heroes when he was in high school, whom David subsequently met in his adult life.
00:10:00 Meanwhile Christy is chugging along with the release of her webseries Everyone's Crazy But Us. It's coming soon, people! Christy showed it off to some bigwigs, the bigwigs decided to bark up some other trees, so Christy is taking the reins herself like a champion. The webseries even has its own store! Click HERE for Everyone's Crazy But Us t-shirts, trucker hats, pajamas, coffee mugs, and much more. Christy actually reveals she was going to quit the show (!!!!) because a guy on Facebook said he wanted April to be the permanent co-host (even though that comment was made back in 2013).
00:15:00 But cooler heads prevailed, Christy has rubbed that dirt off her shoulders, and she is going to stay. Plus, an upcoming disco show has her name written all over it. Pat brings up how the Dire Straits show got a lot of positive emails in response. David gives his vote for Christy to be permanent co-host, so there. Pat enjoys seeing Christy in the opposite chair every time they record, just as I and every other listener enjoy hearing her on the show. You are the best, Christy. The. Best.
00:20:00 Today's topic is called Walk Don't Run. Or, as I wanted to call it, Walk on the Wild Side. David once kissed Lou Reed on the lips, but that's a story for another day because David has a bone to pick with David Lee Roth. David wants DLR to apologize to him because DLR attacked David at the Billboard Awards! He yelled at him like a mother to a child! Years ago, David was writing the liner notes to the greatest hits album The Best of Both Worlds, which had both DLR and Sammy songs on it. Eddie Van Halen didn't want David mentioning or talking to DLR at all. That same night, David went to the Comedy Cellar with Ray Romano and Brad Garrett on the night of the Everybody Loves Raymond finale.
00:25:00 They went upstairs to Cafe Wha?, previously owned by DLR's uncle Manny Roth, for some drinks. Who walks in but DLR himself. DLR was nice to David, but David kept his word to Eddie about not engaging in conversation with DLR. But David did fight to mention DLR in the liner notes, with Sammy Hagar defending David for doing so. Cut to the Billboard Awards, where DLR is accusing David of trying to keep him out of the liner notes. He's in the notes, so David was utterly flabbergasted being called out by a rock icon in public. Maybe DLR didn't even read the notes but heard it from someone else, or maybe DLR is just three french fries short of a Happy Meal, but in any event David wants an apology. And now Eddie is saying nasty things about Michael Anthony and DLR. "Oh boo hoo," says Christy.
00:30:00 Before we get into the topic, it's time for a quick bit of

Pat has two copies of the new James Taylor #1 album Before This World. Pat plays the song "Angels of Fenway". David now has a bone to pick with James Taylor! He interviewed him for the liner notes of a greatest hits, then Taylor never used the liner notes and used the interview format for a successful tour. Damn you Taylor!
The reason we're doing a walking episode today is because of David's Fit Bit. The man walks a lot, people, and he enjoys counting the steps. David tries to keep the daily average above 20,000.
00:35:00 David likes to get 10,000 steps in before work. And when his Fit Bit doesn't work, David gets into a tizzy because he needs to see the number, dammit! But let's play some music since that's why we're all here. David's first pick is by a band called The Left Banke. The song is "Walk Away Renee" off the album Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina. David once met the main guy in the band Michael Brown, and realized he was a loon.
00:40:00 Speaking of not meeting your heroes, Pat has a James Taylor story. He and his wife Pilar met him backstage at the Universal Amphitheater. Pat had two albums he wanted signed. When Taylor walked past them, Pat called out to him multiple times until Taylor eventually stopped, sighed, and turned around. Taylor snatched the albums, furiously scribbled his signature on them, and shoved them back into Pat's arms. David has another James Taylor story as well. He once interviewed Yusuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens) who was dressed in traditional Muslim garb. Even so, he still asked David if James Taylor was making the same goddamn record every year. In his mind, Yusuf is still competing in some way with James Taylor.
00:45:00 Christy has a story of her own, thank you very much. When she wrote for King of the Hill, they used to send the writers down to Austin to hang out with Mike Judge. It was there that she discovered her next band, Southern Culture on the Skids. Off the album Dirt Track Date, it's "Camel Walk".
00:50:00 Pat's first pick is by Joe Walsh's other band, James Gang. The song is "Walk Away" off the album Thirds.
Up next for David is a rockabilly man with a punky edge. Off the album Fresh Fish Special, it's "The Way I Walk" by Robert Gordon w/ Link Wray.
And in an ironic twist, Cars superfan Christy Stratton decides to honor her automobile idols on an episode devoted specifically to walking. Christy plays "Take a Walk" by Ric Ocasek off the album Beatitude.
00:55:00 The Eliot Easton episode reignited David's love of The Cars. He and Christy gush over the song "Heartbeat City." Christy hates that The Cars are not considered cool and cool people do not put them in their movies or induct them into their cool halls of fame. They discuss Cheap Trick not going in the Hall either and how it took Rush years and years to finally get in. Maybe the reason they aren't talked about more is because there isn't enough sensationalized backstory about them. David points out that they went out with a whimper with their last album Door to Door, which probably didn't help.
01:00:00 Pat takes a strut down to Graceland with his next pick. Off his self-titled album, Pat plays "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn.
With David's next pick, he was the fifth person ever to hear this song. Off the album Y Not, it's "Walk with You" by Ringo Starr feat. Paul McCartney.
01:05:00 Will there ever be a McCartney/Starr co-tour, asks Pat? Nope, says David. Paul is so busy with his own solo shows and he has his own awesome band that messing with that formula for an entire tour would be a bit complicated. David says that Paul is not used to other people getting the attention. And the tensions between Paul and Ringo are still real. David once talked to Ringo and called him a Beatle. Ringo quickly corrected him, saying "Ex-Beatle."
Christy apparently loves the show Empire. She can't get enough of the drama and the music and the weaves. They even gave an arc to Courtney Love, who is Christy's next pick. She plays "Walk Out on Me" from Empire: Original Soundtrack from Season 1.
01:10:00 Whenever David talked to Courtney Love, she was a total blabbermouth. Just non-stop talking for hours on end. And Pat's next pick The Babys has a guy named John Waite who talked on this show. How's that for transitions, huh? He plays "Turn and Walk Away" off the album Off the Edge.
01:15:00 David never talks bad about anyone in the music business on Twitter, but he recently called out Skid Row for not getting Sebastian Bach back in the band when they needed a new vocalist. Pat wants Sebastian on the show, but no responses so far from management. Christy pokes David for stories about Led Zeppelin. According to David, Robert Plant knows more about early rock and roll than anyone else. Plant did a cover of a 60s song by an obscure American singer named Kenny Dino who got out of music. When Dino met Plant, Plant pulled out all of Dino's singles that he owned and Dino started crying because he never thought anyone knew his music. When David interviewed Jimmy Page for Rolling Stone, he got a serious "fuck you" vibe from Page. David asked him what was wrong; Jimmy was still mad at Rolling Stone giving Led Zeppelin I a bad review all those years ago. And John Paul Jones was very elegant, very posh, as opposed to the other members of the band.
01:20:00 David takes a break from his stories to play his next pick. It's a collaboration between Elvis Costello and The Roots from an album called Wise Up Ghost. The song is called "Walk Us Uptown". Christy resumes her story prodding. "What about Billy Squier," she asks. David doesn't really have any Squier stories; he met him once outside a Woody Allen film screening.
01:25:00 The three discuss how "Rock Me Tonite" imploded Billy's career. Pat once waited outside a venue after a Billy Squier show to meet him. Billy talked to Pat for a really long time and was very open. Once the story ends, Christy plays her next pick. It's Green Day with "Walking Contradiction" from the album Insomniac.
01:30:00 Pat has two Rock Solid dream guests: Rick Springfield and his next pick, Jackson Browne. Pat plays "Walking Slow" from the album Late for the Sky. David interviewed Browne once, then JB asked David to interview his friends like Crosby, Stills and Nash and Bonnie Raitt for a TV show about his past. The conversation turns to other female artists like Rickie Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell. Joni is another girl who liked to talk David's ear off.
01:35:00 Joni has called David plenty of times and talked to him until the wee hours of the morning. Then after explaining to Joni about needing to sleep, Joni hung up the phone, waited four hours, then calling David again and continuing the conversation where she left off. The conversation turns to Paula Abdul. David's first day in L.A. consisted of him interrupting a shot in Paula's "Rush Rush" music video. D'oh!
01:40:00 David's next pick is a father/son duo known as Spanic Boys, whom infamously got onto SNL after Sinead O'Connor dropped out because Andrew Dice Clay was hosting. David plays "Keep on Walking" off their self-titled album.
Christy offers the people a taste of what's to come with the Disco episode with her next pick, Donna Summer. David once sat next to her on a plane (Christy gasps). David's divorced dad discovered and fell in love with Donna; you can be damn sure there was a quite a lot of horizontal tangos going on with "Love to Love You Baby" spinning in the background. She was the soundtrack to his dad's midlife crisis. Christy plays "Walk Away" from the album Bad Girls.
01:45:00 David and Christy discuss the "Disco Sucks" movement. David sees it as an act of suppression against blacks and gays. White America didn't like popular music being taken away from them, so they rebelled against it and the disco acts suffered for it. David brings up hanging with Barry Gibb and Christy gasps again. He actually met all three Bee Gees and they were firing off one another like they had one mind. David also wrote the liner notes for a Bee Gees box set.
01:50:00 The David-Christy bridge extends as Christy prods David for stories about Mark Knopfler. Knopfler hired David to interview him for a documentary, but David couldn't get out of Iron Chef America to do it. David did get to talk to Jimmy Iovine and he bugged him the whole time about Making Movies. And David makes Christy gasp AGAIN when he admits that he doesn't like Brothers in Arms. Sacrebleu!
Pat's last pick is by Aerosmith, but it's not the song you're thinking of. He plays "Walkin' the Dog" from their self-titled debut album.
01:55:00 Pat apologizes to James Taylor, AC/DC, Annie Lennox, Journey, and The Foo Fighters. David gives apologies to Donald Fagen, James Taylor, Kanye West, and The Pursuit of Happiness.
We have reached the end of our walking musical journey and our Fit Bit is bursting with step counts. Thank you to David for being on the show again. You can find him on Twitter @Wildaboutmusic. David takes us out with his last pick, John C. Reilly. It's "Walk Hard" off of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Soundtrack.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:30:00 Angels of Fenway Before This World James Taylor Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:35:00 Walk Away Renee Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina The Left Banke David
00:45:00 Camel Walk Dirt Track Date Southern Culture on the Skids Christy
00:50:00 Walk Away Thirds James Gang Pat
00:50:00 The Way I Walk Fresh Fish Special Robert Gordon w/ Link Wray David
00:50:00 Take a Walk Beatitude Ric Ocasek Christy
01:00:00 Walking in Memphis Marc Cohn Marc Cohn Pat
01:00:00 Walk with You Y Not Ringo Starr feat. Paul McCartney David
01:05:00 Walk Out on Me Empire: Original Soundtrack from Season 1 Courtney Love Christy
01:10:00 Turn and Walk Away On the Edge The Babys Pat
01:20:00 Walk Us Uptown Wise Up Ghost Elvis Costello and The Roots David
01:25:00 Walking Contradiction Insomniac Green Day Christy
01:30:00 Walking Slow Late for the Sky Jackson Browne Pat
01:40:00 Keep on Walking Spanic Boys Spanic Boys David
01:40:00 Walk Away Bad Girls Donna Summer Christy
01:50:00 Walkin’ the Dog Aerosmith Aerosmith Pat
01:55:00 Walk Hard Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Soundtrack John C. Reilly David