Episode 205: Happy Father's Day

Episode 205: Happy Father's Day
This week Pat welcomes his daughter Sara and Kyle's dad Kirk as they celebrate Father's Day... Rock Solid style!
From June 18, 2015

With your host:

Pat Francis

Rita Dodson welcomes us to the show. That is Pat's second daughter. Today's episode is a 2-in-1 Father's Day Spectacular. The first half features Pat's first and 14-year-old daughter Sara Dodson! They begin the show talking about their different ways of discovering music. Pat had the radio; Sara has Spotify. Pat poo-poos Spotify. He prefers spinning the dial, thank you very much. Sara's first concert was The Wiggles. Pat graces us with a lovely ballad from the album Yummy Yummy called "Fruit Salad". Truly the magnum opus of our time.
00:05:00 Pat thinks The Wiggles rocked in concert. But he still hates sleepy Jeff and his narcoleptic ways. Sara wasn't into loud noises at the time, but she did get a Captain Feathersword hat. That's a check in the win column if I ever heard one. Sara kept making Pilar (Pat's wife, Sara's mom) music CDs and jealous Pat wanted one, so Sara made one for his birthday with 20 songs. It's got songs that Pat had never heard of, with the exception of Uptown Funk. Everyone loves that song; even cynical misanthrope Kyle has a soft spot for the catchy jingle. Sara and Pat agree that they do not like Ellie Goulding or Ariana Grande.
00:10:00 Sara recently finished her first year of high school. She barely knew anyone when she got there, but she very much enjoyed her photography class. She's gonna give Ansel Adams a run for his money. Does Sara have a favorite artist? She doesn't know; Taylor Swift, maybe. Pat doesn't like the rap part in the new song "Bad Blood," but Sara doesn't mind it. Pat digs into the CD with a cover of Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" by Mary Lambert off the album Heart on My Sleeve.
00:15:00 In case you were wondering (which Pat was), she didn't change the gender in the lyrics because she is gay. Sara mentions this is Mary's first album, and she had a few EPs before it. Old Man Francis gathers the children around the rocking chair and explains that back in his day, an EP was called an Extended Play and a full album was called a Long Play. Old Man Francis, it should be pointed out, still doesn't know how vinyl actually works. But hey, who does? Pat continues exploring the birthday album with the next artist, Florence + the Machine. Off the debut album Lungs, he plays "Kiss with a Fist". I bet that Luka kid knows ALL about those fist-kisses. And if he knows what's good for him, he'll keep his mouth shut about it.
00:20:00 Up next are the band The Shins. Pat plays "New Slang" from the album Oh, Inverted World. Sara discovered them when she exchanged music with her friend Georgia in French class instead of studying. The nerve of her! Proficiency in conjugating French verbs is, like, the first thing colleges look for in an applying student. Tsk tsk, Ms. Dodson. Tsk. Tsk.
Speaking of indie darlings, Pat plays a lovely lady named Ingrid Michaelson. Off the album Lights Out, it's a song called "Afterlife".
00:25:00 Pat plays another song by Ms. Michaelson off the same album called "Girls Chase Boys". It's a bit more poppy than she usually sounds like.
For Father's Day, Pat and Sara are going to eat cake and watch the new Pixar movie Inside Out. They enjoyed Big Hero 6 and hope this one will be just as good. And which band was featured in Big Hero 6 AND is on Sara's CD? It's Fall Out Boy with the song "Immortals" off the album American Beauty/American Psycho. Kyle throws some deep shade at Fall Out Boy. What else is new.
00:30:00 The second concert Pat took Sara to was Taylor Swift. It was a Top 5 concert for Pat. Sara was waving a giant sign the entire time because she wanted Taylor to notice her and bring her backstage. She was mad because she didn't get picked. Somehow I think Pat felt the same way.
00:35:00 Pat plays a song from Taylor's album Red. The song is called "Holy Ground".
The next band in the CD spotlight is a band called MisterWives. Sounds like a Bond villain's henchman. The song is "Imagination Infatuation" from the album Our Own House.
00:40:00 While Kyle is wearing Batman apparel for the umpteenth time, Sara is wearing a Rock Solid t-shirt. It's laundry day; it HAS to be. We're pretty much at the end of Sara's portion of the show. You can go to her Youtube page Probably Sara, or you can follow her on Twitter @Probably_Sara. Pat plays one more song from Sara's CD. It's "Closer" by Tegan and Sara from the album Heartthrob.
00:45:00 A fun fact: Tegan and Sara are fraternal twins, both of whom are lesbians. Wanna know the craziest thing? THEY'RE CANADIAN! CAN YOU BELEIVE THAT?! Anyway, Sara thanks her dad for bringing her on the show. She knew Kyle would judge her music. Don't worry Sara, Kyle judges everyone. He's a regular Lance Ito.

Welcome to Part 2 of the Father's Day Spectacular. This half of the show features Pat's brother and Kyle's dad Kirk Dodson. Kyle's brother Casey is in the background. Pat and Kirk will be playing songs about being a dad. Kirk lives in Hollidaysburg, PA, where he has lived for almost all his life. He is a 57-year-old high school teacher with tenure.
00:50:00 More information about Kirk: He was married for 7 years before Kyle came sputtering along. He was married at 24; Pat was married at 34. Kirk also remembers the exact weights and heights of Kyle and Casey at birth. Does Kyle have any fond memories of his youth with his dad? Kyle remembers going to Hershey Park. They didn't see any candy bar characters the whole day. Finally Kirk pointed out a guy dressed as a Bar None (which is extinct everywhere except for Mexico) and Kyle got his photo taken with him. Wow.
00:55:00 Pat and Kirk's dad Pap-Pap Joe is still alive at 78-years-old. It's always a tricky card purchase for Pat every year at Father's Day because none of the sweet writings on those cards apply to Joe. Kirk wants to watch what he says, even though his parents are basically Amish when it comes to computers.
The first dad song that Pat plays came out the same year as when Sara was born. It reminds him of taking her home from the hospital. The song is "Taking You Home" by Don Henley from the album Inside Job.
01:00:00 Kirk says there is nothing like the bond between father and child; he knows without a shadow of a doubt that he would sacrifice himself for Kyle and Casey. "What about me?" spits Pat. Welp, I guess we know Kirk's priorities lie. Kirk will jump in the way of a bulletstorm, leaving Kyle and Casey safe and sound ; Pat will be turned into swiss cheese while Kirk is enjoying a nice cherry popsicle on the other side of town. Lucky for Pat his revenge comes in the form of having two songs in a row. The song is "I Can't Deny It" by Rod Stewart from the album Human. It was the only song that Sara would fall asleep to as a baby. Pat and Pilar played it incessantly.
01:05:00 Kirk went with Casey to Dodgers Stadium for the first time last night. Kirk is a massive baseball fan and his first song is from a cassette tape of baseball songs he used to have back in the day (or "Before Bud Selig ruined baseball," as Kirk puts it). Off the compilation album Baseball's Greatest Hits, the song is “D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song (Oh, Really? No, O’Malley)” by Danny Kaye. Kyle used to call it the horsey song because there was a race track horn section at the beginning. Adorable. What was Kyle's childhood nickname? Kyle was Ky-Ky. Casey was Case. Kirk's favorite president is JFK, so Casey's middle name is Kennedy.
01:10:00 A fun fact about Kyle: He was originally going to be named Patrick Kyle Dodson, but Pat and Kirk's sister dissuaded Kirk from doing so. Thank God she did, because this recap would be A LOT more confusing. Similarities continue with Pat's next pick. October 13th is not only the birthday for his daughter Rita, but also the birthday of Sammy Hagar. Pat plays "Ten 13" from the album Ten 13 in honor of Rita's birthday.
Pat's daughters do not have their mother's dark complexion, but Rita does have Pilar's brown eyes. Pat honors this fact with the song "Mama's Face" by Billy Falcon off the album Letters from a Paper Ship.
01:15:00 Kirk notes that Kyle and Casey are very different. Kyle is more like Pat, while Casey is more like Kirk. When Casey was very young, there was one movie that he would watch over and over and over again. It was the original True Grit. Casey became obsessed with the film; he got a cowboy hat, a cowboy outfit, a fake sixshooter, a rocking horse. He would act out the entire movie. Kirk plays the song "True Grit" by Glen Campbell from the soundtrack to the film.
01:20:00 Here is something Pat observes: Rita and Sara are "California Girls." So Pat plays "California Girls" by The Beach Boys from the album Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!). Glen Campbell actually guitar for The Beach Boys. And the first 45 single that Pat can remember seeing is a Glen Campbell song.
01:25:00 Kirk describes Pap-Pap Joe as a complicated man. He wasn't the most pleasant of gentleman. But Kirk says Joe always provided for them. And he was always in your corner. And he really likes buying socks. Like, a LOT of socks. Pat isn't as generous. He doesn’t think Joe’s providing status gives him carte blanche to be an asshole. Kirk remembers that no one in the family can sing a lick of a tune, but Joe would sing two songs over and over again. The first is "O Come All Ye Faithful," but in Latin.
01:30:00 The second song is "Blue Tail Fly" by Burl Ives from the album Blue Tail Fly. The song is better known as "Jimmy Crack Corn."
Pat's two songs about his dad are both from the same album, Devil's Playground by Billy Idol. The first song is called "Scream". The second song is called "Yellin' at the Xmas Tree". Yes, Pap-Pap seemed to emit his voice at a louder volume than others would like. Kirk tries to play Devil's Advocate, but Pat keeps laying on the salt against Pap-Pap Joe nice and thick.
01:35:00 If you haven't noticed already, Kirk is a very old soul. He graduated high school in 1976, but the music that sticks with him from his youth are the ones that he listened to with his grandparents. Kirk tears up a bit; those songs remind him of them. Kirk spent the first six years of his life exclusively with those people because Pat wasn't born yet. Speaking of weeping like a washwoman, there is a chance Pat might cry with his next pick. The song was originally played on the country episode with Murray, and Pat certainly bawled like a baby when he played it. Off the album American Man: Greatest Hits Volume II, the song is "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins. Thankfully, Pat does not cry this time.
Kirk's second-to-last pick features the late Mary Travers. It's "For Baby (For Bobbie)" by Peter, Paul and Mary off the album The Peter, Paul and Mary Album.
01:40:00 Kyle had Beezer, a stuffed bear. It's still on his bed, but Beezer is falling apart. Some say alcoholism, others say heroin. Sad, really. Casey has a stuffed dog named Wolf Wolf, as well as Curious George. Kirk plays his last pick which both reminds him of Kyle and Casey's youthful days and makes him cry. It's "Return to Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins off the album Return to Pooh Corner. Oftentimes Kirk will go into Kyle's childhood bedroom, look around, and....... *sniff*.... Kirk wells up again. Raising kids is a beautiful thing until the time comes for them to fly away.
01:45:00 Kirk can be found on Twitter @IrishGolfer8. He says there is nothing like being a father, and he hopes that he's done a half-decent job of raising Kyle and Casey. Kirk also says that there are fewer people he has seen in his life that are better dads than Pat. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
01:50:00 Thank you to Kirk and Casey for being here for Part 2 of the Father's Day Spectacular. And a Happy Father's Day to you, the reader. Pat ends the show with "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon from the album Surprise.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:00:00 Fruit Salad Yummy Yummt The Wiggles Pat
00:10:00 Jessie’s Girl Heart on My Sleeve Mary Lambert Pat
00:15:00 Kiss with a Fist Lungs Florence + the Machine Pat
00:20:00 New Slang Oh, Inverted World The Shins Pat
00:20:00 Afterlife Lights Out Ingrid Michaelson Pat
00:25:00 Girls Chase Boys Lights Out Ingrid Michaelson Pat
00:25:00 Immortals American Beauty/American Psycho Fall Out Boy Pat
00:35:00 Holy Ground Red Taylor Swift Pat
00:35:00 Imagination Infatuation Our Own House Kiss Pat
00:40:00 Closer Heartthrob Tegan and Sara Pat
00:55:00 Taking You Home Inside Job Don Henley Pat
01:00:00 I Can’t Deny It Human Rod Stewart Pat
01:05:00 D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song (Oh, Really? No, O’Malley) Baseball’s Greatest Hits Danny Kaye Kirk
01:10:00 Ten 13 Ten 13 Sammy Hagar Pat
01:10:00 Mama’s Face Letters from a Paper Ship Billy Falcon Pat
01:15:00 True Grit True Grit Soundtrack Glen Campbell Kirk
01:20:00 California Girls Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) The Beach Boys Pat
01:30:00 Blue Tail Fly Blue Tail Fly Burl Ives Kirk
01:30:00 Scream Devil’s Playground Billy Idol Pat
01:30:00 Yellin’ at the Xmas Tree Devil’s Playground Billy Idol Pat
01:35:00 You’re Gonna Miss This American Man: Greatest Hits Volume II Trace Adkins Pat
01:35:00 For Baby (For Bobbie) The Peter, Paul and Mary Album Peter, Paul and Mary Kirk
01:40:00 Family Analog Man Joe Walsh Pat
01:45:00 Return to Pooh Corner Return to Pooh Corner Kenny Loggins Kirk
01:50:00 Father and Daughter Surprise Paul Simon Pat