Episode 196: Title Fight: Round 2

Episode 196: Title Fight: Round 2
Two songs with the same title enter, but only one can emerge victorious! Pat, Co-Host Mike Siegel and Guest Referee Murray Valeriano will decide the outcome. Are you ready to rumble because it is time for "Title Fight: Round 2"
From April 16, 2014

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel

Murray Valeriano (as Special Guest Referee)

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Today's episode has a special guest referee by the name of Murray Valeriano. He wants a good clean fight; no hair pulling, biting, or spitting. Okay, maybe a little spitting. This is a re-record of an episode that was accidentally deleted by one Patrick Francis Dodson. That gold is lost to the void, but we're here again to give Title Fight another shot. Mike's setlist is different from the one that was lost. Mike was drug tested for today's bouts, in case you were wondering. "The Snowman" tested clean, so it's obvious that he stole someone else's urine. Meanwhile, Pat was listening to some Madonna on the way in. He went to Goodwill and bought a few CDs including Erotica and Like a Prayer. Murray was listening to a band called Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear.
00:05:00 They are a mother/son Americana duo. We listen to a clip of them on Letterman. It must be hard to get groupies with your mom there. Mike thinks Letterman is going more obscure because he's on his final days. But enough about those lovely people, because it's time to talk about today's topic!
Here's how Title Fight works in case you are new to the program. Pat or Mike will play two songs with the same title. The other host and Murray will vote on which song they liked better. If it's a tie, the tiebreaker will go to the host who played the songs. To kick things off, it's a FOUR MAN BATTLE ROYAL! HOLY MOSES!
Mike saw Sarah McLachlan at a PETA benefit for Paul McCartney after Linda died. She played "Angel" and everyone was weeping like washwomen. Pat votes for the cheesy Aerosmith ballad. Murray, in a complete shock, votes for Aerosmith by default: He hates John Hiatt, is disappointed by Madonna, and bored to tears by Sarah McLachlan.
00:15:00 Pat's first battle features a trio of pussies teaming up for a brawl.

Mike and Murray actually enjoyed the Whitesnake song. Mike chooses Whitesnake, while Murray takes the pile of pussy. Pat Francis with the tiebreaker: It's Whitesnake!
Mike's next punching tango takes place between "a disheveled smoking jerk from Indiana" and some rockers of the female variety.
00:20:00 Rock in Peace Sandi West. This was a tough choice for Murray, but he goes with The Runaways. Pat goes with The Runaways too out of sympathy for their lack of hits.

We talk briefly about The Runaways movie. Pat approves Kristen Stewart's performance of Joan Jett and Michael Shannon's performance of Kim Fowley, even if they don't think the movie was that good. The three agree that the CBGB movie was garbage. Joan Jett and Lita Ford are on tenuous circumstances. Before he was a co-host, Murray actually listened to this show. He was listening to the Lita Ford episode in an airport, turned around, and Lita Ford was standing right there.
00:25:00 Pat Francis has a battle between the Cabo Wabo and the Glasses... um... Wasses? (Meh, what do you want from me?)

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge: F.U.C.K. Get it? Ha ha ha, what a bunch of rascals! Mike goes with Van Halen. Murray isn't a Van Hagar fan, but he admits it's a great song. He feels that Crenshaw is a Buddy Holly derivative, so he picks Van Halen.

Murray has TWO Van Halen rumors for us all to mull over.

  1. The cover for the album Balance (with the conjoined twins) was not allowed in Japan. This is TRUE.
  2. The album title OU812 is in response to David Lee Roth's solo album Eat 'Em and Smile. We assume that it is true because we all know that signature Van Halen humor.
00:30:00 It's punk vs. drunk with Mike's next title fight.

But wait! A third challenger is coming in from the audience and entering the ring!

Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company's performance of "Ball and Chain" at Monterey is said to be one of the festival's biggest highlights.
"They showed Mama Cass in the audience with her mouth open..."
- Mike, describing the reaction to Janis Joplin singing "Ball and Chain".
"...sticking a sandwich in it."
- Murray, with the line of the episode (and decade).
Pat gives it to Big Brother. Murray feels self-conscious about his refereeing skills because he failed to keep this fight a one-on-one contest. He gives it to Social Distortion. Mike casts his vote in favor of Social Distortion as well.
00:35:00 One of the songs featured in Pat's next musical combat came out on the day they are recording this very episode!

Pat loves the new Toto album wholeheartedly. A 10 out of 10 from Mr. Francis. Murray struggles with reviewing things that he loves. He asks Pat how he reviews things that he loves. Pat tries to be as objective as possible.
00:40:00 Mike votes for Toto. Murray goes with Toto as well. What an upset!

Steve Lukather will hopefully be on the podcast soon. Pat has all ten toes crossed for that interview to occur.
Two songs with the same girl's name go head-to-head with Mike's next fracas.

"Throw in the towel Green Day, I'm ending the fight early," says referee Murray. Both he and Pat go with Blondie on this one.
Murray has a love/hate relationship with Green Day. Today was certainly a hate period.
00:45:00 Somehow we get to talking about Paul Blart 2. Pat gets sad when people laugh at the trailer in movie theaters. But hey, people like Kevin James. Murray was in Vegas while they were filming the movie and they were hiring a bunch of comedians to be in it. "Meanwhile Judd Apatow makes a movie about stand up comedy and hires no stand ups," opines Mike Siegel. Murray brings up another rumor. Ralphie May took down a photo of Seth Rogen from the wall of comedians at the Melrose Improv because Seth isn't a comedian. Interesting, interesting. Of course, Murray then tells us that he has Ralphie's wife's phone number and he can just text her about it, saving us all a boatload of time speculating. Come on, Valeriano, get it together!
Anyway, Pat's next fray struggles to contain a Hebrew Hammer and a Motley Monster.
00:50:00 Pat made Mike and Murray guess who the second artist was and they had no idea that it was Tommy Lee. It doesn't matter though, because they both go with Jewish Elvis on this one.

The Jazz Singer: a bad movie, according to all three hosts. Neil is in blackface, Laurence Olivier is a Cantor, it's a whole big mess.
The next title fight on Mike's docket occurs between an elderly British man and the most beautiful man from Timbuktu to Portland, Oregon... or Portland, Maine, for that matter.

Murray can't get into Lenny Kravitz. Pat picked up a few Lenny CD's at a used CD store. But where are these magical used CD stores, Pat? The world (and your co-hosts) want to know! Pat votes for Lenny, Murray votes for Dave.
00:55:00 Mike breaks the tie by choosing beauty before age and giving the duke to Lenny.

Pat saw Lenny open for Aerosmith one time. The scarf fights that must have gone backstage, my god. Another rumor: Aerosmith asked Lenny to join the band during one of their more tumultuous periods with Steven. Pat looks up a photo of Lenny wearing a huge scarf and wants me to put it up on the site. Voila, Pat:

It seems David Coverdale is running the gauntlet today based on Pat's next title fight:

01:00:00 Pat's been getting into some early Whitesnake after he picked up a few albums recently. He brings up the cover for the album Lovehunter. Murray takes one look at it and instructs me to also put it up on the website after I finish masturbating to it. Um......... okay.

In any event, Mike and Murray both vote for Eurythmics.

Murray was at the Beatles at the Bowl event recently. He describes Dave Stewart as a charisma black hole. The event as a whole was not very good either.
01:05:00 Mike is up again with a rumble between a sibling duo and a man with quite possibly the greatest name in music.

Pat goes with Carpenters. Whatever happened to Richard Carpenter? He's 68-years-old, by the way. Murray is reminded of an old joke: If Mama Cass and Karen Carpenter shared the same sandwich, they would still be around today. Murray votes Carpenters.

Rock in Peace Karen Carpenter and Jesus Christ.
01:10:00 Up next for Pat Francis: Two bands whose hairspray usage has done more damage to the ozone layer than a decade's worth of factory smoke.

Bon Jovi left that song off of Slippery When Wet. "Because it was the lowest on the list," says Murray. Mike and Murray don't like Bon Jovi. Well, I guess they don't like the working man. They argue that he sings songs about trying to get out of a small town, even though he's from Jersey and can hop a train to New York for 3 bucks. Get a grip, Jon.

01:15:00 This next one is gonna be bowling shoe ugly.

Pat goes with Tom Petty, while Murray goes with Cyndi. We're all reminded of what Cyndi once told Mike when he worked for VH1: "How come you guys don't play my records no more?" It seems Mike has no mercy for Cyndi Lauper, because he goes with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

01:20:00 Pat's next battle for title supremacy features a disco queen and......... oh, for god's sake, are you serious?

Yes, Whitesnake is here again. They're pulling a Mick Foley from the 1998 Royal Rumble. Mike and Murray send Whitesnake back to the showers by voting for Donna Summer.

Mike mentions that he may need to move his car to avoid getting a ticket. If we pause the show, there's a chance that Pat will screw up the recording, but we risk it anyway. We're back and we're okay.
01:25:00 The next title fight from Mike seems like quite the squash match.

Pat goes with Irene Cara. Murray thinks about it... and goes with David Bowie. He never got on the Fame train, whether TV show or movie. Mike has to deliberate, and he gives the UPSET TO IRENE CARA! BAH GAWD, KING!
.............*sigh*.............just.........just show the damn card.

01:30:00 But wait! Someone is fighting their way down the entrance ramp to make this thing a Three-Way Dance!

Mike goes with Ms. Jones, Murray goes with The Naked and Famous, and Pat... well, Pat goes with Whitesnake, making this showdown a draw!
Mike's last fight of the night features a band that has worse luck than the people in the Final Destination movies.

Badfinger had a torrent of bad luck befall them during their lives. Pat still insists that they suck.
01:35:00 Pat, surprise surprise, gives it to Pretenders. Murray gives it to Badfinger. Mike breaks the tie in favor of Badfinger because someone needed to throw them a bone. It's a sympathy vote, but it still counts.
It's plugs time. Remember to listen and subscribe to Mike's podcast Travel Tales with Mike Siegel and Murray's podcast Roadstories. Also, Murray has a brand new stand up comedy album coming out on May 1st called Rusty Cow which you can buy on his website HERE.
01:40:00 Murray ends tonight's festivities with a title fight of his own.

Pat and Mike agree on giving it to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They get the honor of closing out the show.
Time Song Movie Artist Who
00:05:00 Angel Permanent Vacation Aerosmith Mike
00:05:00 Angel Perfectly Good Guitar John Hiatt Mike
00:10:00 Angel Like a Virgin Madonna Mike
00:10:00 Angel Surfacing Sarah McLachlan Mike
00:15:00 All for Love The Three Musketeers Soundtrack Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, & Sting Pat
00:15:00 All for Love Good to Be Bad Whitesnake Pat
00:15:00 Cherry Bomb The Lonesome Jubilee John Mellencamp Mike
00:15:00 Cherry Bomb The Runaways The Runaways Mike
00:25:00 Right Now For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Van Halen Pat
00:25:00 Right Now Downtown Marshall Crenshaw Pat
00:30:00 Ball and Chain (Live) Live at the Roxy Social Distortion Mike
00:30:00 Ball and Chain Too Long in Exile Van Morrison Mike
00:30:00 Ball and Chain (Live) Monterey International Pop Festival Big Brother and the Holding Company Murray
00:35:00 Burn Toto XIV Toto Pat
00:35:00 Burn Burn Deep Purple Pat
00:40:00 Maria No Exit Blondie Mike
00:40:00 Maria International Superhits! Green Day Mike
00:45:00 Hello Again The Jazz Singer Soundtrack Neil Diamond Pat
00:45:00 Hello, Again Tommyland: The Ride Tommy Lee Pat
00:50:00 Again Dave Edmunds Mike
00:50:00 Again Greatest Hits Lenny Kravitz Mike
00:55:00 Would I Lie to You? Be Yourself Tonight Eurythmics Pat
00:55:00 Would I Lie to You Come an’ Get It Whitesnake Pat
01:05:00 Superstar Carpenters Carpenters Mike
01:05:00 Superstar Jesus Christ Superstar Murray Head Mike
01:10:00 Edge of a Broken Heart Vixen Vixen Pat
01:10:00 Edge of a Broken Heart Cross Road Bon Jovi Pat
01:15:00 Change of Heart True Colors Cyndi Lauper Mike
01:15:00 Change of Heart Long After Dark Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Mike
01:20:00 Hot Stuff Bad Girls Donna Summer Pat
01:20:00 Hot Stuff Come an’ Get It Whitesnake Pat
01:25:00 Fame Young Americans David Bowie Mike
01:25:00 Fame Fame Soundtrack Irene Cara Mike
01:25:00 Rickie Lee Jones Rickie Lee Jones Pat
01:25:00 Young Blood Saints & Sinners Whitesnake Pat
01:30:00 Young Blood Passive Me, Aggressive You The Naked and Famous Murray
01:30:00 Straight Up Badfinger Mike
01:30:00 Day After Day Pretenders II Pretenders Mike
01:40:00 Zero Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness The Smashing Pumpkins Murray
01:40:00 Zero It’s Blitz! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Murray