Episode 181: 2014 Year In Review

Episode 181: 2014 Year In Review
The whole Rock Solid team (minus April) checks in with its best and worst albums and songs of the year.
From January 1, 2015

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano

Mike Siegel

Christy Stratton

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Happy New Year, everybody! We got the whole Rock Solid crew (minus April) around the table today. April got the call for a last-minute stand-up gig in Atlanta, but we still got Mike, Murray, and Christy. And Kyle too, of course, the little scamp is in the producer's chair as always. We got a phone call from April:

  • April is in Atlanta, doing shows and visiting parents. April's biggest music things of the year: Morrissey had a new album and als-

April's phone cuts off there. Oops. Although that call is pretty appropriate, because for April it's basically Morrissey and then everything else.
Christy Stratton is here and she is looking fabulous. She's got nothing to say about Morrissey, but she has PLENTY to say about Bill Cosby. Ah, yes. Mike will never listen to the Junkyard Gang the same way again. Is the legacy ruined? Most likely. It's strange, Christy can't listen to Michael Jackson, but she can watch The Naked Gun movies with OJ Simpson. It's tricky sometimes to separate the art from the artist. A lot of musicians are horrible people, but we still listen to them.
00:05:00 Kyle is off-mic because we don't have any extra microphones. He's also off-headphones because we don't have any extra headphones. Welcome to Rock Solid, everybody. Bill Cosby talk transitions to Roman Polanski films talk. Welcome to Comedy Film Nerds, everybody! Don't worry guys, Kyle is going to be playing a few of his picks today, so Pat has to hand Kyle his headphones when it's his turn.
Today's topic: The 2014 Year in Review! Our favorite albums and songs of the year, plus some of 2014's clunkers. How does this year compare to last year? Christy didn't have to search too far for music. It started slow for Pat, then picked up speed late in the year. Murray's year was front-loaded. Pat mentions the Bruce Springsteen album High Hopes that came out in January, which he calls disappointing. Not according to Rolling Stone Magazine, which ranked it #2 of the year. What a joke. It's all for magazine sales anyway. When Murray had a Rolling Stone subscription, it was made out to Murphy Volcano, which is the greatest thing I've ever heard. He said inner-city kids asked him to buy magazine subscriptions from them, or else they'll do drugs or something. Murray got it in 1997 and had the subscription for 15 years and never paid a dime. But wait, didn't he give the kid a credit card? Uh oh.
00:10:00 There's a good chance we'll get some overlap this year in terms of picks. Taylor Swift, perhaps? Nah, just kidding, that's Pat's territory all the way. Murray brings up a band called Perfect Pussy, while Mike brings up a band called Fartbarf. Which name is better? You be the judge.
Christy starts us off. She looks to Glamour Magazine for many things. One of those things sometimes is new music. It is there she discovered her first pick. Off the album This Is All Yours, it's "Left Hand Free" by alt-J. They're from Leeds, England. Murray likes them.
00:15:00 Pat gives fair warning that his first pick might clear the room. But it's not his turn yet, it's Murray's. One morning, Murray went surfing and got a text from Pat: New U2 in your iTunes right now. Murray bolted his keister back home to hear Songs of Innocence by U2. People complaining about getting it in their iTunes. Well guess what people, it's free! Free, for fuck's sake. And it's a great album. Murray plays the last song on the album called "The Troubles". Pat gave Murray his birthday present: a framed picture of U2 and the lyrics of "Every Breaking Wave." Awwwwwwwwwww FRIENDSHIP!!!!!! Murray was gonna try and get it signed tonight because he had backstage U2 tickets, but Bono crashed his bike. Two things Murray has learned about the new album: 1) It took U2 one day to get the new album into the same number of homes that took The Joshua Tree 30 years. 2) They didn't give the album away for free, Apple bought it for A LOT of money.
00:20:00 Does Christy like U2? When she was younger, anything that seemed pretentious she would reject. When U2 came along, there was something about them that was a little too unrelatable. Then she camped out for 24 hours in Dallas for The Unforgettable Fire tour. That whole experience soured her further. She couldn't get into the pretentiousness of R.E.M.. And yet, she liked Peter Gabriel. With Nirvana, she got none of it. It was too sad for her. She calls Kurt Cobain "Captain Bringdown." Pat feels the same with John Lennon's solo stuff, he just couldn't get into it. Murray camped out for Rattle and Hum.
"Hey Kurt, whatcha doing?"
"Being sad."
Mike and Pat saw Chrissie Hynde last week. She berated people for using their cell phones. There were multiple warnings to not take out the phones, but as soon as she came out, out came the phones. Finally, at the encore, she relented and everyone got their phones out. She said they all looked like idiots. Pat and Mike agree that she sounds and looks great for a 62-year-old.
00:25:00 Mike's first pick is "House of Cards" by Chrissie Hynde off her first solo album Stockholm. It's Pat's favorite album of the year. Christy is showing off her legs today. Pat earlier said that she had very athletic-looking legs, which creeped everyone out. Pat protests his innocence, but I think we all know that he wants Christy's legs for the human Barbie doll in his basement. I've got my eye on you, Francis.
Kyle is up for his first pick, so everyone get ready because the youngster is gonna teach us what's hip these days. He plays "The Black Market" by Rise Against, off the album The Black Market. It's actually not that bad, so Kyle is 1-0 with his picks. Keep it up, Kyle.
Pat doles out the first of his 2014 Thank You's. Thank You to all of the Facebook cover photo artists: Erin Gould, Glen K. Amo, Jason Levy, Jamie Whitlock, Adam Jones, and Phillip Dufour. Great job fellas.
Pat's first pick is "The Groover from Vancouver" Bryan Adams and EVERYONE GROANS. To be fair, Pat did not come up with that nickname, but Bryan Adams is from Ontario for crying out loud. Bryan put out a covers album this year called Tracks of My Years.
00:30:00 Pat plays the only original song on the album called "She Knows Me". Mike is okay with the song. Murray? PU! It sounds like latter day Bon Jovi. Pat would actually prefer more originals. Murray would prefer being deaf.
Christy's next song is her song of the year. It's a single by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars called "Uptown Funk". Hot damn is that some funky goodness. Christy went to SNL a little while ago and Bruno Mars was the guest. Funny, talented, charismatic, and versatile. Pat calls him the new Prince, while Murray calls him the new James Brown. Unlike Prince, Bruno Mars has a sense of humor.
00:35:00 Murray's next pick comes from a rather disappointing covers album called The Art of McCartney. It's chockfull of people that Pat Francis loves like Alice Cooper, Heart, and Steve Miller. But it just doesn't work. It breaks Murray's two rules of covers albums: 1) Artists should only get one song each and 2) If you're gonna do a cover, you have to bring something new to the table. Nothing is added here and the production is sterile. Yet there are a few good songs. Murray plays Willie Nelson's version of "Yesterday". Willie puts his own spin on it. Pat chimes in with a clunker, which is "My Love" by Harry Connick, Jr..
00:40:00 Not good. Christy is disappointed because she's a Connick fan. Murray repeats that you gotta make the songs your own. He recommends the Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved tribute album. And Murray HATES Kiss, so that is saying something.
Mike Siegel brings the balls with his next pick. Off the album World on Fire, it's Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators with the song "World on Fire". It's some good hard rock. Where did Myles Kennedy come from? asks Murray. He first became big as the lead singer of Alter Bridge (formed with the members of Creed minus Scott Stapp) and now he pulls double duty as the lead singer of Slash's solo band.
Kyle doesn't have that many songs so we'll skip him this go round. Pat gives some more Thank You's to this year's special guests: Lisa Loeb, Stephen Bishop, Debbie Peterson, Elliot Easton, Susanna Hoffs, David Wild, Martha Quinn, Bobbie Brown, Geoff Tate, Travis Kennedy, Lisa Goich, and Christine Blackburn, to name a few. Murray is annoyed that he didn't get to co-host with ANY of those guys. Poor Murray.
0:45:00 Pat's next pick is a December entrant. Off the album Rock or Bust, it's "Rock or Bust" by AC/DC. Wacky year for AC/DC. Malcolm Young co-wrote the lyrics, but had to retire because he has dementia. And Phil Rudd tried to hire a contract killer! Christy says Phil was the hot one in the group, but not anymore. Mike says that Phil wanted some dirty deeds done, and they were done dirt cheap. Heyoooo! Christy goes to AC/DC shows to be the hot one. The gang list their favorite AC/DC lines. It's a whole big barrel of AC/DC fun.
00:50:00 Christy Stratton, defender of popular things, believes the funniest movie of the year was The Lego Movie. She plays "Everything Is Awesome" by Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island from The Lego Movie Soundtrack. Lot of praise for The Lego Movie from all hosts.
Murray's gotta play his girl, Sinead O'Connor. Off her album I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss, Murray plays "Take Me to Church". It's odd to see Sinead with hair, even if it is just a wig.
Up next is Mike Siegel, who says that his next pick is what I like to call a

Off her 2013 album Prism, but released as a single in 2014, it's Katy Perry with "This Is How We Do".
00:55:00 "Buying bottle service with your rent money." Yuck. Thanks for bringing that to the table, Mike. Katy Perry writes her own stuff, yes, but after listening to that song, none of us is sure that that is a good thing. Pat's daughters are not into Katy Perry. Well if they are not being subjected to that song, then Pat is being an A+ parent.
Kyle is back on the mic and he's brought some Slipknot, so that means we're expecting some awesome heavy metal. But wait, the song is "Goodbye" off the new album .5: The Gray Chapter. And boy, is this song slow and depressing, especially considering this is the first album without Paul Grey (R.I.P.) and Joey Jordison, who left the band. It's too slow for Christy, who needs more pep.
01:00:00 It's time for Pat's girl Taylor Swift. Christy still doesn't like her personality. Pat plays "How You Get the Girl" off the album 1989. "That's fine," says Christy. Pat is all aboard with this shit. "Let's talk about country," Murray says. "It sucks." Apparently there are rapping country boy bands now? What the shit? That's not what country is about. Country is about getting drunk, getting your heart broken, and getting hit by a train. Murray says it's everything you hate about Kid Rock amplified by a hundred.
This year Christy lived a dream when she got to meet Elliot Easton. She can't talk about it too much or else she'll cry. She plays "Soul Deep" by Elliot's new band The Empty Hearts off their self-titled album.
01:05:00 Alas, Murray will never know the euphoric joy of interviewing a guest. He's stuck with Pat through and through. Christy actually had a Christmas ornament made of her and Elliot. The co-hosts compliment the episode as being one of the best of the year. Christy feels that it was nice to hear Elliot's side of things. He was honest, but he didn't come across as bitter. We actually have an open phone line to Elliot…

Christy was very conscious about how she acted. But then at the end, the waterworks just let loose. Hey, it's nice to have another crier besides Pat. Christy literally spent the night before the interview at a hotel and got her makeup done.
01:10:00 Murray believes that his next pick The Endless River by Pink Floyd is another album that Pat hated. But Pat says no, he doesn't hate it, he just isn't interested in instrumental albums. The album is based on the late Richard Wright's keyboard playing. Roger Waters fired him after The Wall, but they kept him on as a hired gun until The Division Bell. Murray says that it's the most Pink Floyd-sounding album in a long time. He plays "Talkin' Hawkin'", which features a brief vocal clip from Stephen Hawking.
Mike's next pick has a big legacy and an even bigger noggin. Off his album Lullaby and… the Ceaseless Roar, it's Robert Plant with "Rainbow". Plant likes to take chances. But don't mention "The Crunge" to Christy or else she'll throw a shoe at you. Murray saw the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss tour and it was very good.
01:15:00 Meanwhile John Paul Jones continues to be the underrated one of Led Zeppelin who actually looks the best. I guess that makes Mike Siegel the John Paul Jones of Rock Solid. Mike is coy, but we all know he's the looker.
Pat gives a Thank You to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, my recaps are the talk of the town and get high praise (as usual) from the co-hosts. "Original," they say. "Funny," they say. Yes, yes, please, save your praises, I've heard enough of them to fill an ark. But let's get to a phone call I sent in, giving my favorites of 2014:

  • Rock or Bust - AC/DC
  • Redeemer of Souls - Judas Priest
  • Stockholm - Chrissie Hynde
  • Songs of Innocence - U2
  • Gravitas - Asia
  • Once More 'Round the Sun - Mastodon
  • Royal Blood - Royal Blood

There were not a lot of phone calls, but dammit they DON'T GIVE OUT THE PHONE NUMBER!!! 330-81-ROCKS.
Pat and Kyle are going to see The Foo Fighters… in September. I'm sure they are brimming with anticipation. Pat plays "In the Clear" off their new album Sonic Highways.
01:20:00 Murray isn't as hot as on this album or the previous Foo Fighters album. But he's seen them live three times and loves them. They talk about the Sonic Highways TV series and how disappointing the LA episode was. Christy never got into the Foo Fighters. Maybe it's because they're an offshoot of those downers Nirvana. To clarify, she wasn't a hair metal person, she was a fun 80s rock person. Though she did love Twisted Sister's "Stay Hungry," so there you go.
Christy's next pick is some more funky goodness. Off their self-titled album, it's Jungle with "Busy Earnin'". It's a little bit of Earth, Wind & Fire, a little bit of Europe. "I don't like Europe," says Pat. "Well who does?" replies Murray.
01:25:00 We get some lovely random talk about Later with Jools Holland. An American version host, who would fill such a role? Paul Shaffer will be available soon. Murray checks his Facebook and Kyle sent him a message. I'm sorry Kyle, are the elders in the room boring you? Speaking of elders, Murray is rocking his old man hat. He says it's from Scotland, but that hat has 1930s newspaper boy written all over it.
Murray MacValeriano in 30 years
The next item on Murray's docket is from Beck. Off his album Morning Phase, it's "Say Goodbye". Mike decides to jump on Murray's train and play another Beck song "Blue Moon". A new character named "Chet" appears. He's a big Beck fan. Everyone hopes that Chet dies. Except Pat, who is mysteriously not in the room when Chet is around.
01:30:00 Mike gets two songs in a row because yes. He plays not Bryan Adams, but Ryan Adams. It's "Gimme Something Good" off of his self-titled album.
"This is not 'The Groover from Vancouver,' this is Ryan Adams"
- Mike

"Ah yes, the "Asshole from Wherever He's From."
- Murray, with the line of the episode
Some info on Ryan Adams. He was gonna do some stuff with Willie Nelson, but he pissed off Willie and got kicked off the project. Do you know how much of an asshole you have to be to make lovable stoner grandpa Willie Nelson mad? Pat and Mike saw Ryan Adams at the Roxy. Ryan stayed seated, however, so Pat and Mike couldn't even see him.
Kyle is up again, so strap in. Off the EP Go Down in History, it's "What's in the Box?" by Four Year Strong.
01:35:00 Pat calls them "Blink-181." Murray DESPISES it. He hates this pop punk stuff. Too generic.
Pat's next pick is former guest of the podcast Melissa Etheridge. Off her album This Is M.E., it's a song called "I Won't Be Alone Tonight". If you wanna get chicks, go to a Melissa Etheridge show… wait. Christy and her legs would clean up at those shows for sure. Then again, so would Cosby. Hey now!
Christy brings up "All About That Bass." It's certainly encapsulated America, enough to inspire a boatload of parodies. The message is a bit meh, though. Be comfortable with yourself, but make sure boys like you.
01:40:00 Christy plays a different song by a fat girl about being comfortable with yourself. Off the album Heart on My Sleeve, it's Secrets by Mary Lambert. Mike says he's been about that bass for a long time, if you catch his drift, wink wink, nudge nudge.
Murray's going indie on all our asses with his next pick. He plays "Red Eyes" by The War on Drugs from their album Lost in the Dream.
Uh oh, it's time for another

Mike calls the band Magic! a band that makes you want to punch every member in the face. Off the album Don't Kill the Magic, it's "Rude". The song is about a guy asking a father for his daughter's hand in marriage. The dad says no, so the guy calls him rude. Seriously? Rude?
01:45:00 Even worse, they are a Canadian Reggae Fusion band and they have an exclamation point in their name. Douchebags. Murray says to leave all punctuation marks out of your band name except commas if you need them. Christy goes off on P!nk and k.d. lang, with her art school rebellion nomenclature. Pretentious bands, get our of her way. Then again, Bono and The Edge aren't exactly the most down-to-earth names either.
Pat's next pick is his other favorite album of the year. Off the album Kings & Queens of the Underground, it's "Bitter Pill" by Billy Idol. Christy saw him live a little while ago and he was awesome.
01:50:00 When you live in LA, you just see artists performing around town every now and then. Murray came to LA and saw Duran Duran in a Baja Fresh parking lot. Mike was in Venice and The Red Hot Chili Peppers did an impromptu music video on the roof of a hotel. It got broken up by the cops. Venice police officer Todd is here and he tells a story about how he busted up the Chili Peppers' music video……… for fuck's sake Pat, I can't. I just can't. Thankfully Todd leaves fairly quickly. Hopefully he gets kicked off the force for corruption.
Another bit of overlap, as Christy's next pick was also brought in by Murray. They are on point today. Is there a spin-off podcast in the near future, where Murray's cantankerous old man soul clashes with Christy's sweet, bubbly personality? One can only hope. Anyway, Christy plays "Seasons (Waiting on You)" by Future Islands off their album Singles. The thing about the band is that the lead singer looks like any random schmuck.
01:55:00 The album doesn't capture the guttural growl that the lead singer does live. He's also got really bad dance moves. When the band was on The Late Show, Letterman freaked out over them.
Murray goes back and forth on his next pick The Black Keys. They claim they're a two person band, but speculation is rampant. Off their album Turn Blue, Murray plays "Gotta Get Away". Pat doesn't like it, it's too muddled.
Mike's next pick is Stevie Nicks, which prompts Pat to do his pitch-perfect Stevie Nicks impression.
02:00:00 Mike plays "24 Karat Gold" off the album 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault. Stevie sounds very good. Fleetwood Mac sound great these days too, but those ticket prices… yikes.
Pat warns us all that me might cry with his next pick by Bob Seger. Christy snickers at the notion of Bob Seger in 2014 making Pat cry. But this is PAT FRANCIS we are talking about here. The man is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. He plays "You Take Me In" off the album Ride Out. Pat didn't cry. Seger is the anti-Stevie Nicks of stage patter. Christy actually liked the song. Eating your words there, Ms. Stratton?
02:05:00 In the 90s, Christy was Sex and the City-ing it up with her appletinis and listening to The Donnas. Her next pick reminds her of such a time. She plays "Bored in This City" by a band called Tweens off their self-titled album.
This year the band Nickel Creek reunited. Murray plays "Destination" from the album A Dotted Line. Murray wants to get Sara Watkins in studio. She could be the guest that Murray has been waiting for.
Prepare for more audio cancer because Mike Siegel has another trademark

This is a woman whom Mike believes is completely talentless. It's Nicki Minaj with "Anaconda" off the album The Pinkprint. It's basically a "Baby Got Back" rip-off and it's awful. There is nothing empowering about that. Christy doesn't like it because it isn't groovy enough.
"The video is an ass-a-thon."
- Murray

"So is this show."
- Pat, with the other line of the episode
02:10:00 Get ready for this: Neil Diamond has a new album out called Melody Road and you can bet your bottom dollar that Pat is going to play something off of it. The whole album is about love. There is no irony with Neil Diamond, so bare with us as we listen to "Seongah and Jimmy". It's… um…… it's a thing, alright. Christy actually has a question about the Diamond song "Done Too Soon": Does he say John Wilkes Booth? Yes, yes he does.
02:15:00 Christy is outraged and shocked by this. I think everyone else is more outraged at that "Seongah and Jimmy" song. Christy is legitimately upset. Mike is down with the message of "Seongah and Jimmy," but the presentation is shit.
Christy's last pick is by a woman named Nicky Egan. Off the album The 45 Homestead Project, it's a song called "Rules Within".
02:20:00 Murray's last pick is a band that people really hate, including Kyle. Off their album Ghost Stories, it's Coldplay with "A Sky Full of Stars". The disdain from Kyle towards Coldplay is thick and juicy like a nice steak. Chris Martin filled in for Bono at a U2 show and did a pretty good job. Bruce Springsteen, on the other hand, did not. Bruce can't his those high notes.
Mike said earlier he was all about that bass and his last pick proves it. This is actually a Jazz cover of the song. Off the album Historical Misappropriation, it's "All About That (Upright) Bass" by Postmodern Jukebox.
Pat's wife Pilar is here to record her podcast On the Page, so Pat gives apologies to Marshall Crenshaw, Loverboy, Suzanne Vega (who will hopefully be on the show soon), Jackson Browne, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
02:25:00 We can't leave yet without naming

Congratulations to Ted Nugent and his album Shutup & Jam! for being the worst album of the year. Pat graces us with Uncle Ted's presence with the song "Trample the Weak Hurtle the Dead". I'm not making that up.
Pat wants to end the show, but we still got one phone call left from longtime listener Tom Neuerburg:

    Here are Tom's Top 11 Albums of the Year:
  1. Songs of Innocence - U2
  2. Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams
  3. Get Hurt - The Gaslight Anthem
  4. Hypnotic Eye - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  5. Stay Gold - First Aid Kit
  6. Ghost Stories - Coldplay
  7. Teeth Dreams - The Hold Steady
  8. Lost in the Dream - The War on Drugs
  9. English Oceans - Drive-By Truckers
  10. After the Disco - Broken Bells
  11. High Hopes - Bruce Springsteen
    Tom also says that he enjoys listening to the podcast and is proud to have made a few friends along the way. Thanks Tom!
2014 is over and so is this show. Pat sends us out with "Dirty White Boots" by Lenny Kravitz off the album Strut
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Left Hand Free This Is All Yours alt-J Christy
00:15:00 The Troubles Songs of Innocence U2 Murray
00:25:00 House of Cards Stockholm Chrissie Hynde Mike
00:25:00 The Black Market The Black Market Rise Against Kyle
00:30:00 She Knows Me Tracks of My Years Bryan Adams Pat
00:30:00 Uptown Funk Single Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars Christy
00:35:00 Yesterday The Art of McCartney Willie Nelson Murray
00:35:00 My Love The Art of McCartney Harry Connick, Jr. Pat
00:40:00 World on Fire World on Fire Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Mike
00:45:00 Rock or Bust Rock or Bust AC/DC Pat
00:50:00 Everything Is Awesome The Lego Movie Soundtrack Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island Christy
00:50:00 Take Me to Church I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss Sinead O'Connor Murray
00:50:00 This Is How We Do Prism Katy Perry Mike
00:55:00 Goodbye .5: The Gray Chapter Slipknot Kyle
01:00:00 How You Get the Girl 1989 Taylor Swift Pat
01:00:00 Soul Deep The Empty Hearts The Empty Hearts Christy
01:10:00 Talkin' Hawkin' The Endless River Pink Floyd Murray
01:10:00 Rainbow Lullaby and… the Ceaseless Roar Robert Plant Mike
01:15:00 In the Clear Sonic Highways The Foo Fighters Pat
01:20:00 Busy Earnin' Jungle Jungle Christy
01:25:00 Say Goodbye Morning Phase Beck Murray
01:25:00 Blue Moon Morning Phase Beck Mike
01:30:00 Gimme Something Good Ryan Adams Ryan Adams Mike
01:30:00 What's in the Box? Go Down in History Four Year Strong Kyle
01:35:00 I Won't Be Alone Tonight This Is M.E. Melissa Etheridge Pat
01:40:00 Secrets Heart on My Sleeve Mary Lambert Christy
01:40:00 Red Eyes Lost in the Dream The War on Drugs Murray
01:40:00 Rude Don't Kill the Magic Magic! Mike
01:45:00 Bitter Pill Kings & Queens of the Underground Billy Idol Pat
01:50:00 Seasons (Waiting on You) Singles Future Islands Christy
01:55:00 Gotta Get Away Turn Blue The Black Keys Murray
02:00:00 24 Karat Gold 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault Stevie Nicks Mike
02:00:00 You Take Me In Ride Out Bob Seger Pat
02:05:00 Bored in This City Tweens Tweens Christy
02:05:00 Destination A Dotted Line Nickel Creek Murray
02:05:00 Anaconda The Pinkprint Nicki Minaj Mike
02:10:00 Seongah and Jimmy Melody Road Neil Diamond Pat
02:15:00 Rules Within The 45 Homestead Project Nicky Egan Christy
02:20:00 A Sky Full of Stars Ghost Stories Coldplay Murray
02:20:00 All About That (Upright) Bass Historical Misappropriation Postmodern Jukebox feat. Kate Davis Mike
02:25:00 Trample the Weak Hurtle the Dead Shutup & Jam! Ted Nugent Pat
02:25:00 Dirty White Boots Strut Lenny Kravitz Pat