Episode 179: Rainbow Bands

Episode 179: Rainbow Bands
This week the show is brought to you in living color as Pat and Co-Host April Richardson play songs by bands (and solo artists) that have a color in their name.
From December 18, 2014

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

April Richardson

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. April was in Nashville recently at a Foo Fighters concert. She saw them on Halloween, but she didn't wear a costume. Her fallback is usually Wednesday Addams, but not this year. The Foo Fighters covered "Under Pressure" and a Cheap Trick song. They were wearing metal corpse paint in lieu of Halloween, although considering the amount of sweat Taylor Hawkins expels during a concert I'm sure they looked like a melted oil painting. April and her friend got to go backstage (they had laminates!) and hang with the Foos. Free pizza and water too! Seeing a band on Halloween is cool because the crowd usually dresses up. Pat saw Kiss on Halloween at Dodgers Stadium. Kyle is actually seeing GWAR tomorrow.
00:05:00 A GWAR reference leads to Marilyn Manson talk. April's friend used to manage him. He's actually quite the gentleman offstage. Manson is also obsessed with a particular Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor that they deliver it to his house. Tommy Lee has a Starbucks setup in his house. Wait, does that mean some poor bastard has to work there? An 8-hour shift with nothing but mochiattos, drum fills and hookers can tire a man out after a few days.
April is still on funemployment. She's freelancing it, going on auditions, doing a press junket for Big Hero 6 and being on @midnight. Hang in there, April. The elusive stable paycheck will be in your grasp soon, I'm sure.
00:10:00 Pat and April really enjoyed the Saxual Harassment show, but that's not what we're talking about today. Now, today's topic is Rainbow Bands! No, not the actual band Rainbow, but bands and artists with colors in their names: blue, green, red, off white, Macaroni and Cheese, burnt sienna, Tickle Me Pink. There are A LOT of colors out there, although a lot of them are either blue or black, according to April. One more thing about the Foo Fighters: It was a 3 hour show and Dave Grohl doesn't sleep. He just keeps putting out awesome stuff.
April starts us off at the one end of the rainbow with her first pick. Off their album Scorpio's Dance, it's Shocking Blue with "Mighty Joe".
00:15:00 Pat's first pick is by Green Day. The song is "The Grouch" off their album Nimrod.
April stays a right turn onto hardcore punk rock boulevard with her next band, Black Flag. Off their EP TV Party, it's the song "TV Party". Pat was bopping his head along to Black Flag. April drops some Black Flag trivia. They put out a new album last year without Henry Rollins.
00:20:00 Pat and April chat about Henry Rollins and his recent comments about Robin Williams' suicide. This leads to suicide talk and then homeless people talk. Pat sees a woman at the bus stop with a suitcase who talks to herself everyday. April asks Pat if he ever talks to her. That's a big NO from Pat. I agree, you don't want to have homeless crazy on your hands. The two transition to talking about catcalling. Pat laments how you can't just say hi to people anymore. April actually yells back at street harassers.
"Hello there, attractive woman. I find myself drawn to your physical appearance, although I'm sure your personality is wonderful as well, and I would like to form an intimate relationship with you, preferably one that involves the act of coitus but would also include heartfelt and deep conversations about our lives and characteristics."
00:25:00 Do couples actually meet from catcalling? "Well son, your mother and I met when I yelled to her from across the street that she had nice tits. And we've been in love ever since." Pat again laments not being able to just say hello. He's just a friendly, lovable chap. Kyle simply prefers not to talk to people. He's young, jaded, and doesn't care about your life.
Okay, enough of that serious shit, back to music. Pat's next pick is Black Sabbath with Ian Gillan as lead singer. Off the album Born Again, it's a song called "Digital Bitch". Strange song, because it's 1983. What's so digital about this bitch? The song is about Sharon Osboune, so the "bitch" part makes sense, but where does the "digital" part come from? WE NEED ANSWERS, GEEZER BUTLER! ANSWERS!
Brother and sister? Husband and wife? Whatever the relationship, they are April's next pick. It's The White Stripes with "Fell in Love with a Girl" from the album White Blood Cells.
00:30:00 April saw The White Stripes before they were famous. She had no idea how big they were going to be. Jack White now looks like a Johnny Deep character. Meg White is… well, she's Meg White.
"Was she a good drummer? What was she like on the drums?"
- Pat, asking about Meg White

"Ehhh, she's nice. … She seems nice."
- April, with the line of the episode
Pat shows some love for the ladies with his next pick, Pink. Off her album Funhouse, it's the song "Please Don't Leave Me". Pink is a total badass. "Insane prison body," as April says. "Pink is the New Black," as Pat retorts. Har dee har har.
Are we counting blonde as a color? Yup, because April's next pick is The Long Blondes. The song is "Guilt" off the album "Couples". The band and April are friends.
00:35:00 April tells the story again about how they met. The band isn't around anymore because the guitar player had a stroke at 28. Rough. The band had everything going for them but they had to stop. Pat looks at a photo of them and finds the lead singer rather fanciful to his visual predilections. He wonders what to catcall her. "Hey lady, you look nice." Yeah, that sounds about right.
It's Pat's pick again and he plays The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Off their album I'm with You, it's the song "Factory of Faith". Can Anthony Kiedis sing, asks Pat. There are far worse singers than him. He just has a unique voice. Also, is he dating a 20-year-old? Yes he is. "He has the mustache for it," says Kyle.
00:40:00 Kiedis is actually 52 and dating a 20-year-old. God bless him, he's an inspiration to us all. But enough about Anthony Kiedis, April has another color band. AND IT'S A RAP GROUP! Off their album A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, it's Black Sheep with "Strobelite Honey".
Drink the kool-aid and get ready for the mothership to arrive, because Pat's next pick is Blue Öyster Cult. He plays "In Thee" off the album Mirrors. Kyle hates the song "Godzilla." BÖC played at Pat's college during his freshman year, but he didn't go.
00:45:00 Pat hated every second of his time at college. April went to college at 23 because she spent a bunch of time in England. She had no social obligations at all because she was older than the other students. She also got married at 23. Pat and April love the UK, but they agree that the grass is always greener. April takes us back to the music with a band called The Bluetones. The song is "Unpainted Arizona" off their album Return to the Last Chance Saloon.
00:50:00 Pat says that when April brings all these obscure bands to the show, he is reminded that there is just too much music. April herself has about 10,000 physical CDs! Pat only has about 1100, but she has THOUSANDS!!! April lost her iTunes library so she has to rip all her CDs again and it is a process. She can't get meticulous with it yet because she's only on the C's.
We heard his band earlier, now let's hear some Jack White solo. Pat plays "Sixteen Saltines" off his album Blunderbuss. Jack White is the last sole rock dude. Can you have a career in music anymore? Pat doesn't think so. The system has changed. Nowadays it isn't about getting your song on the radio, it's about getting them in commercials. YouTube is now a credible credit.
00:55:00 People got up in arms when U2 gave away their album because it devalues music. Of course, it also helps that U2 can afford to give away their music for free because they already have an audience. They can afford to take the album sales hit because the live revenue will always be there. That's why older bands can tour until the day they die and not put out a new album because people will still go to them no matter what.
It wouldn't be an April Richardson episode without a little post punk. She plays "Rip It Up" by Orange Juice off the album Rip It Up.
01:00:00 April fears that she may need the Renee Zellweger face surgery. She has "hooded eyes," which is an extra layer of skin that causes the eyelid to look smaller. Speaking of body matters, is Morrissey dying? No, probably not. He just made people worried with the whole cancer thing. April's got the Morrissey hotline, so people were calling her. April is just bummed that Morrissey is mortal. Pat wonders which rock star will make America collectively weep. Probably Bruce Springsteen, although judging by how active he is in his 60s, don't expect to weep anytime soon. The man works hard and keeps fit. As April Richardson calls him, he's "a man of the field."
How many abs does Bruce have? ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX!
01:05:00 Have you ever heard of a band called New Riders of the Purple Sage? Of course not, no one has… except for Pat Francis. He plays a song about smoking some of that green tea called "Panama Red" off the album The Adventures of Panama Red. April can't help but laugh because it's a straight up country song. The lyrics sound like an anti-drug song, but the music couldn't be more jolly. April goes back to worrying about her hooded eyes. April's mom has the same thing.
01:10:00 April's next pick sheds some love for the whites. It's a band called Whtie Town and their song "Your Woman" off the album Women in Technology.
A lot of metal bands have "white" in the title, as Pat notes: Great White, White Zombie, White Lion. And Pat's next pick, Whitesnake. Off the live album Starkers in Tokyo, it's an acoustic version of "Here I Go Again". The album is only David Coverdale and guitarist Adrian Vandenberg doing an acoustic set in front of a small crowd of Japanese businessmen. What an odd thing for Japanese businessmen to request. No hookers, no blow, no rare caviar. Just two members of Whitesnake and an acoustic guitar.
01:15:00 Pat and Kyle do some Asian impressions. April makes it known that she did not do any impressions. BUT! Pat says that her hooded eyelids make it look like April is squinting. Her hooded eyes have betrayed her! April also had really bad teeth when she was a kid. She needed a lot of dental work done. No headgear, but she had to get her palate split and jaw brought forward because she had both an overbite and and underbite. She stopped wearing her retainer though. Kyle thinks that retainers are a racket. It's like wearing a cast every night after you broken arm has healed.
April can't tell a lie, this next artist is her jam. Off the Ghostbusters II Soundtrack, it's Bobby Brown with "On Our Own". Pat saw Bobby Brown at a Chili's in Tarzana a few years ago. They were both with their kids. Bobby passed their table and gave Pat an "understanding parent" head nod.
01:20:00 Pat picks one of the more obscure colors of the rainbow with Indigo Girls. He plays "Closer to Fine" off of their self-titled album. April follows that up with another song off the album called "Kid Fears" featuring Michael Stipe. Will R.E.M. get back together, Pat asks April for the third time. Who knows, the future is an opaque mistress. April wonders if The Rolling Stones still enjoy doing it. Well, men of that age sometimes don't have the virility to keep an erec- OH! You mean being in a band. Pat says that at their age, it's either go on the road or wait for the reaper to come calling.
01:25:00 Maybe Mick Jagger has had some work done and maybe he hasn't, who knows. April is certainly intrigued. She does blast Paul McCartney for having his awful, wispy old man red hair dye job. She says that he has "Meg Ryan hair." Paul, you're a Beatle, it's okay. You don't need to keep reminding people that you are a rocker. April, Matt Belknap, and Jimmy Pardo are seeing Culture Club. And then Pat and April are seeing Johnny Marr. Pat is gonna bring an LP to be signed. April assures Pat that Johnny is very fan-friendly.
To be fair, Paul has had WAY worse haircuts.
Pat dedicates his next pick to that dreamboat Mike Siegel. Off the album I'm Still in Love with You, it's Al Green with the song "I'm Still in Love with You". That's a sexy tune for a sexy man. Mike Siegel, you beautiful bastard, here's to you.
01:30:00 April's second to last pick is a band called Trembling Blue Stars. She plays "For This One" off the album Her Handwriting.
Pat gives apologies to Redbone for "Come and Get Your Love", The Black Crowes for "Remedy" and Deep Purple for "Highway Star". Instead of those great songs, Pat gives us The Blues Brothers for his last pick. Off their live album Made in America, it's a song called "Going Back to Miami". Pat loves The Blues Brothers and he listens to their music IN HIS FREE TIME.
01:35:00 April's last pick is a band called Black Box Recorder. Off their album The Facts of Life, it's the song "The English Motorway System". April likes her weird English music.
Plugs galore. April's Saved by the Bell podcast Go Bayside! is done, but April has another podcast mulling in her mind. What could it be about? The Ropers? Street Sharks? After-MASH? Only April knows that. Kyle thinks April should do a show called "Borisssey" where she bores people about Morrissey. Clever clever, Mr. Dodson.
We're done. The end of the rainbow has been found, so let's celebrate with some gold. Kyle takes us out with "Superman" by Goldfinger off the album Hang-Ups.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Mighty Joe Scorpio's Dance Shocking Blue April
00:15:00 The Grouch Nimrod Green Day Pat
00:15:00 TV Party TV Party EP Black Flag April
00:25:00 Digital Bitch Born Again Black Sabbath Pat
00:25:00 Fell in Love with a Girl White Blood Cells The White Stripes April
00:30:00 Please Don't Leave Me Funhouse Pink Pat
00:30:00 Guilt "Couples" The Long Blondes April
00:35:00 Factory of Faith I'm with You The Red Hot Chili Peppers Pat
00:40:00 Strobelite Honey A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Black Sheep April
00:40:00 In Thee Mirrors Blue Öyster Cult Pat
00:45:00 Unpainted Arizona Return to the Last Chance Saloon The Bluetones April
00:50:00 Sixteen Saltines Blunderbuss Jack White Pat
00:55:00 Rip It Up Rip It Up Orange Juice April
01:05:00 Panama Red The Adventures of Panama Red New Riders of the Purple Sage Pat
01:10:00 Your Woman Women in Technology White Town April
01:10:00 Here I Go Again Starkers in Tokyo Whitesnake Pat
01:15:00 On Our Own Ghostbusters II Soundtrack Bobby Brown April
01:20:00 Closer to Fine Indigo Girls Indigo Girls Pat
01:20:00 Kid Fears Indigo Girls Indigo Girls feat. Michael Stipe April
01:25:00 I'm Still in Love with You I'm Still in Love with You Al Green Pat
01:30:00 For This One Her Handwriting Trembling Blue Stars April
01:30:00 Going Back to Miami Made in America The Blues Brothers Pat
01:35:00 The English Motorway System The Facts of Life Black Box Recorder April
01:35:00 Superman Hang-Ups Goldfinger Kyle