Episode 173: "Like"

Episode 173: "Like"
They like us. They really really like us. That's why Pat and Co-Host Christy Stratton are only playing songs with "like" in the title. Mike Siegel sits in as producer.
From November 6, 2014

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Christy Stratton

Mike Siegel (as Producer)

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Mike Siegel is sitting in the producer's chair today. Christy is excited about some sort of lockers set up going on that I have no idea about because it's AUDIO. What's in Mike Siegel's locker? Cocaine. Boy, that joke has legs. Pat's locker has a photo of Cheryl Tiegs in a swimsuit. Christy's locker has roller-skates and some photos from rock magazines. Remember those? Creem, Circus. Remember when people actually cared about rock?
David Wild is sitting in the background as a fan. Everyone is jealous of his cool celebrity stories. Christy feels like she would get too nervous around celebrities to have cool stories. Well we've seen how she acted around Elliot Easton. Christy turned into a misty-eyed school girl. And speaking of young Christy Stratton, Mike has a brand new drop-in clip for us all to listen to. Please enjoy teenage Christy Stratton calling in to a radio station to talk to Elliot Easton:

Coincidentally, I say that to myself in the mirror every day. Mike has another drop-in for us. Let's ask Lenny Kravitz what he would say to Rush Limbaugh if he met him:

Okay Lenny, thanks for answering.
00:05:00 Christy had that southern twang as a teenager. How did she get rid of it? At her college radio station, they told her to drop the accent, so she did.
Cheerleader Christy Stratton
Pat does post production for his wife Pilar's podcast On the Page. During one episode, Pilar talks about Pat's taste in music. Pat has a clip and we hear it. Pilar doesn't like music anymore because of Pat. She lost the ability to appreciate old music. He keeps playing songs that remind her of high school. Ouch. Well damn, Pilar, you married the man, didn't you? You should have known what you were getting yourself into: a life of Foreigner deep cuts and Loverboy albums. Pat has no apologies for his taste in music. David has to go, by the way. Probably has a meeting with one of his big shot celebrity friends. Stupid David Wild and his fun life.
00:10:00 Pat just wants to play tennis with David Wild. Going back to Lenny Kravitz, he is still a very sexy man. Wouldn't a week as Lenny Kravitz be great? Banging supermodels, wearing giant sunglasses, and being a generally awesome dude. Christy's husband Gary is not really a music fan. She needs a concert husband like Pat has a concert wife. Pilar doesn't like crowds, so Pat usually doesn't go to concerts with her. Chris takes Gary to concerts. He has a couple "road sodas" to dull the senses, if you catch my drift. Lenny has some words for Pilar and her criticism of Pat's music:

Hey, that's Lenny's opinion, not mine.
Let's get to today's topic. Pat suggested to Christy a show about "love" songs. But Christy thought that was boring, so this week we're doing "like" songs: Songs with the word "like" in the title.
00:15:00 Christy has a lot of 80s like songs, but Mike is actually gonna start us off. It's a band called Gerry and the Pacemakers with their single "I Like It". The 60s were a much more chaste time in pop music, holding hands and such, although this song is a bit randier than you might think. It's good, though. Even Pilar might like it. Maybe.
In 1983, a movie called Valley Girl came out and Christy was all into it. Her first pick is a song by Bonnie Hayes with the Wild Combo off the album Good Clean Fun. The song is called "Girls Like Me".
00:20:00 Pat's first pick is a pop classic. Off their self-titled album, it's The Romantics with "What I Like About You". Pat likes the song, but he doesn't think it's on par with "My Sharona." Christy disagrees.
Christy's next pick came out in 2012, which means Pat has never heard of it. Off the album Til the Casket Drops, it's "Move Like U Stole It" by ZZ Ward.
00:25:00 Pat's next pick is from 2002, which is TWELVE years ago already. It's "Times Like These" by The Foo Fighters, off the album One by One. Mike is quick on the fade for the song. Producing isn't as easy as it looks. He has newfound respect for Kyle. Actually, that's not true, but it's a nice thing to say, isn't it?
For her next pick, Christy goes a bit deeper into the Bob Dylan catalogue. Off his album Infidels, Christy plays "Sweetheart Like You". Despite Mark Knopfler producing the album, the guitar solo belongs to Mick Taylor. And in 1983, that was Dylan's 22nd album! The guy is a machine.
Up next for Pat is Steve Miller Band, but it's not what you think. Pat plays "Heart Like a Wheel" off the album Circle of Love. It's okay. At least it isn't Abracadabra.
00:30:00 Christy's next pick is the rarely played studio version of "Do You Feel Like We Do" by Peter Frampton, off the album Frampton's Camel. Back in her college radio DJ days, Christy put the live version on, then went and smoked one of those marijuana cigarettes with another DJ. Reefer madness knows no bounds. But Christy hasn't touched the drugs in a long time. Mike, on the other hand…*snooooort*. Mike and Pat are going to see Tom Petty tonight. Christy is going to Laguna Beach with her family. She wants to get some quality mommy time in.
00:35:00 On a strange note, Christy likes watching obscure Willem Defoe matches. She used to like watching obscure Rutger Hauer films, but she's seen them all. She's a little attracted to Willem Defoe and his strange face. Anywaaaaay, Pat's next pick is a cover of a Morrissey song. It's "Everyday Is Like Sunday" by Pretenders off the Boys on the Side Soundtrack. Chrissie Hynde says Morrissey is her favorite songwriter, so there you go. Morrissey got's The Big C, and I don't mean a Laura Linney DVD box set. Poor guy. In all seriousness, we hope he gets better.
That jaw is so sharp, it could cut grass.
Get some pep in your step with Christy's next pick. Off their album Ta-Dah, it's Scissor Sisters with their song "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'". Christy says the song reminds of her Leo Sayer. And speaking of Leo Sayer...
00:40:00 Pat's next pick is indeed Leo Sayer. Off his album Endless Flight, it's "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing". Leo was on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, which… yeah, not good. Leo also co-wrote the songs on Roger Daltrey's first solo album.
Christy goes obscure for her next pick. It's "She Looks a Lot Like You" by The Clocks, off their self-titled album.
00:45:00 The next song on the docket for Pat is by Joe Jackson Band. The British Joe Jackson, not the Black Joe Jackson. Off the album Volume 4, it's a song called "Take It Like a Man". Joe Jackson hated doing music videos, but once he stopped doing them, his career took a nose dive. Christy read about it in an MTV book. Mike used to work for VH1. Ironically, "Take It Like a Man" is something the Black Joe Jackson would tell his kids. Christy had no idea that there was a Rebbie Jackson. Neither did I. Pat has a song in his iTunes that is a duet between Rebbie Jackson and Robin Zander. Here is what Mike thinks of that whole thing:

00:50:00 Christy is the queen of password protected songs. But we're gonna hear another one of her picks anyway. It's The Boomtown Rats, with "I Don't Like Mondays" off the album The Fine Art of Surfacing. Bob Geldof: Big in the UK, but not so much in the US. Christy thinks there will never be anything like Live Aid again. Pat, Christy, and Mike agree that "Do They Know It's Christmas?" is a better song than "We Are the World." And Pat STILL won't play Sun City, no matter how much money they are offering him.
Pat's next pick are his old favorites, The Kinks. From their compilation album The Ultimate Collection, it's "I'm Not Like Everybody Else".
00:55:00 Pat isn't feeling his song list. He enjoys listening to Christy's songs more. On an unrelated note, Gary Mann has a Superman outfit. No Superman underwear, though. He wears boxer briefs. I don't know why we're discussing Gary's underwear, but here we are.
At some point, says Christy, Alvin and the Chipmunks got weird. As proof, she plays their version of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" off of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Soundtrack. There's some strange moaning in the song. Like Christy said, weird. And Pete Burns from Dead or Alive is looking awful these days. He looks like someone punched Cher in the face over and over again.
01:00:00 Let's cleanse the palate with some heavy metal. Off their album Blackout, it's Scorpions with the hit "No One Like You". Mike's friend got hearing loss from standing next to an amp at a Scorpions concert. Smart move.
Christy brings the nasty with her next pick. It's "My Love Is Like…Wo" by Mya off her album Moodring. One of the lines in the song is "My ass is like wo." There are no words.
Pat's next song is from his favorite album by Cyndi Lauper called Hat Full of Stars. The song is called "Like I Used To".
00:55:00 Story time! Cyndi Lauper was the first rock star Mike ever talked to in his legendary 13 week stint at VH1. It was the summer of 1997, and VH1 sent Mike and another guy to Milwaukee for a music festival. The first day they interviewed John Mellencamp, who swore like a drunken sailor. They were supposed to interview Tina Turner, but she blew them off, so instead they interviewed her opening act, Cyndi Lauper. Mike introduced himself to Cyndi (who was 8 months pregnant at the time) as being from VH1, and Cyndi asked him one of the most awkward things you can say:
"How come you guys don't play my records no more?"
- Cyndi Lauper, with the saddest line of the episode
Mike still has the footage somewhere. Also, when Mike was at VH1, George Harrison was getting interviewed in studio, but Mike didn't get to meet him.
01:10:00 To the delight of everyone, Mike says he has a photo of him wearing an awful pair of shorts that VH1 gave him. And here, for your viewing pleasure, is the photo:

Mike "Yes, I'll wear these shorts, just please don't fire me" Siegel
Getting back to the music, Christy loves songs about rocking, such as her next pick. It's "I Like to Rock" by April Wine, off the album Harder … Faster. Pat took this song off his list at the last second. April knew nothing about April Wine before the podcast. We take a quick pause so Pat can feed the meter, and we're back seamlessly through the magic of editing. Pat likes April Wine. He runs through his April Wine songs on iTunes. Mike says that's a whole other show, songs about people saying how much they like to rock. (Editor's note: There was an episode like that. Episode 22: "Meta Rock"). Christy plays another song, "Roller," on her phone, but then can't turn it off.
01:15:00 Alright, Pat's next pick is Huey Lewis and the News. Off the album Picture This, it's "Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do". You would get a lot of flack in the 80s for liking Huey Lewis because he doesn't have any street cred. But dammit, the man can play. Pat saw them open up for Loverboy back in the day. Loverboy, another band that has no street cred. Although, let's be fair, their lack of street creed is probably justified. But Pat LOVES Loverboy. There's brief talk about the Get Lucky album cover. It seems that isn't Mike Reno's leather-bound ass nor is it his arm. Utterly fascinating.
Christy's next pick is by Echo & the Bunnymen. Off their self-titled album, it's "Lips Like Sugar".
01:20:00 Christy thinks the song reminds her of those making out days. All those making out songs, making girls like Christy conscious of their breath and lips. You can't just go in for a kiss all willy nilly. There's preparation involved, dammit.
Pat's next pick is by Soul Asylum. The song is "Just Like You", off the album Let Your Dim Light Shine. Soul Asylum passed Christy by. Dave Pirner was supposed to be on the podcast, but he couldn't because his LA dates were postponed.
01:25:00 Christy's last pick is a hip hop drop. Off their album Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space), it's a band called Digable Planets and their song "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)".
Pat's last pick is a song by Van Morrison. It's "Someone Like You", off the album Poetic Champions Compose. We're just about done here. Christy invites Mike to lunch. Pat wants to come too, so Mike immediately and wisely rescinds his acceptance. No one wants to spend an entire lunch talking about the intricacies of Mike Reno's career.
This was a fun episode. The 2014 Year in Review is coming up with all four co-hosts. Christy doesn't like it, because she is shy. Pat and Mike try to pep talk her. We're cracking the shell that is Christy Stratton. Besides, she HAS to do it. Because, you know… she's Christy Stratton! We need her adorable optimism to counterbalance Murray's Sarlacc pit of a soul.
01:30:00 We got plugs. Christy keeps writing things that don't get produced. Hey, at least she's getting meetings. She went to a 9-person meeting yesterday. If a podcast with five other people is bad for Christy, then I can imagine what a 9-person meeting is like. According to Christy, she needed "half a Xany" just for that.
The show is over, so Mike sends us out with some groovy 70s disco. Off their self-titled album, it's KC & the Sunshine Band with "That's the Way (I Like It)".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00 I Like It Single Gerry and the Pacemakers Mike
00:15:00 Girls Like Me Good Clean Fun Bonnie Hayes with the Wild Combo Christy
00:20:00 What I Like About You The Romantics The Romantics Pat
00:20:00 Move Like You Stole It Til the Casket Drops ZZ Ward Christy
00:25:00 Times Like These One by One The Foo Fighters Pat
00:25:00 Sweetheart Like You Infidels Bob Dylan Christy
00:25:00 Heart like a Wheel Circle of Love Steve Miller Band Pat
00:30:00 Do You Feel Like We Do Frampton's Camel Peter Frampton Christy
00:35:00 Everyday Is Like Sunday Boys on the Side Soundtrack Pretenders Pat
00:35:00 I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Ta-Dah Scissor Sisters Christy
00:40:00 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Endless Flight Leo Sayer Pat
00:40:00 She Looks a Lot Like You Clocks The Clocks Christy
00:45:00 Take It Like a Man Volume 4 Joe Jackson Band Pat
00:50:00 I Don't Like Mondays The Fine Art of Surfacing The Boomtown Rats Christy
00:50:00 I'm Not Like Everybody Else The Ultimate Collection The Kinks Pat
00:55:00 You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakwell Soundtrack Alvin and the Chipmunks Christy
01:00:00 No One Like You Blackout Scorpions Pat
01:00:00 My Love Is Like…Wo Moodring Mya Christy
01:00:00 Like I Used To Hat Full of Stars Cyndi Lauper Pat
01:10:00 I Like to Rock Harder … Faster April Wine Christy
01:15:00 Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do Picture This Huey Lewis and the News Pat
01:15:00 Lips Like Sugar Echo & the Bunnymen Echo & the Bunnymen Christy
01:20:00 Just Like Anyone Let Your Dim Light Shine Soul Asylum Pat
01:25:00 Rebirth of Slick (Cook Like Dat) Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) Digable Planets Christy
01:25:00 Someone Like You Poetic Champions Compose Van Morrison Pat
01:30:00 That's the Way (I Like It) KC and the Sunshine Band KC and the Sunshine Band Mike