Episode 158: Title Fight

Episode 158: Title Fight
Two songs with the same title enter, but only one can emerge victorious! Pat, Co-Host Mike Siegel and Producer Kyle Dodson will decide the outcome in this second round of "Title Fight."
From July 24, 2014

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. We're recording this episode on Mother's Day. Mike is old school and always sends flowers or chocolates to his mother. He also travels around the world 90% of the time, so his siblings will actually give her love and affection in person like normal people do. Mike's mom also has a new knee. Pat and Mike are dreading having to contemplate getting new knees. Kyle I'm sure is reveling in his youth. Pat would rather have a knee than an ankle injury because an ankle seems more delicate. Kyle thinks there should be a recall on people's ankles.
Tonight all three of them will be seeing Rick Springfield at a solo acoustic concert, featuring a Q+A. Mike does not want to be there for the Q+A because half the questions will be 45-year-old women saying "Can I get a hug?" And then Rick Springfield will feign a smile and try to hug them quick enough so they don't see him roll his eyes. Rick also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They just give those things to anyone, don't they?
00:05:00 If you are listening to this podcast today, then it was recorded a LONG time ago. The funk episode hasn't even come out yet. Mike sets up some theater of the mind, saying the funk episode was great and a big success. What a professional.
Before we delve into today's topic, Pat has a new song he brought to the table. Off their new album Ghosts of Download, it's Blondie with the song "Winter". Pat thinks the album is a bit too dancey. He hopes to get Debbie Harry in studio one day. Pat and Mike saw Blondie in concert and Debbie wore some kind of lime green sweatsuit. Not to disparage a legend like Debbie Harry, but the cameltoe was in full effect that day. As comedian Jim Norton might say, "It looked like Freddie Krueger coming through the walls."
With new business out of the way, let's get right into today's topic:

That's right folks, it's the return of Title Fight! Pat, Mike, and Kyle will get two different songs with the same title by different artists and must decide which one is better. Here's how it works: Mike will play a duo, and Pat and Kyle will choose the winner. If there is a tie, Mike will pick the winner. It will be vice versa for Pat's songs. Sound good? Alright, then…


This is an 80s heavyweight battle. Both bands are at the top of their game. Kyle doesn't know which one to choose. Not because he likes them both, it's because he doesn't like them both. Kyle picks Survivor. Mike picks Survivor.

Mike likes both of them, but he goes with The Kinks because of the experience factor. Kyle goes with Velvet Revolver. The split decision goes to Pat. No surprise he goes with his favorites, The Kinks.


On paper, this seems like a huge mismatch. The powerhouse Led Zeppelin versus the spunky but small Pat Benatar. This is a tough battle. Kyle goes with Pat Benatar because he doesn't like the Led Zeppelin bullshit. Pat also goes with Pat Benatar. What an upset!

BUT WAIT! It seems someone missed the weigh-in for the fight:

Not only did Loverboy miss the weigh-in, they didn't even make it into the arena because that song SUCKS. Mike Reno must have eaten a few too many hoagies last night because the scales were not in his favor.

Two massive bands, but only one can win, folks. Mike goes with the Stones because the song comes from his favorite era of The Rolling Stones, when they were with Mick Taylor. Kyle agrees. Pat thinks that Goats Head Soup is an under-the-radar Stones album. The Stones remain undefeated. Nothing can stop those old geezers. They're the Expendables of rock and roll.


Another 80s clash from Mike. Kyle goes with Tears for Fears and Pat goes with The Go-Go's. The Go-Go's are on cocaine and Belinda Carlisle has the weight advantage, so Mike breaks the tie in favor of The Go-Go's. Also, Murray likes Tears for Fears and we don't want to let that guy win anything.

Speaking of Murray, he's got a late entry battle for us:

Aretha Franklin wins across the board. Pat surprisingly doesn't like Bad Company that much. Let's face it, one large Black soul woman versus four slender British rock guys? I'm picking the sista every single time.


Pat and Kyle saw Bryan Adams on the Bare Bones tour. Pat got his autograph. It was the worst autograph he's ever gotten. INXS win because Bryan Adams cowered in the corner while they took turns punching him in the face.


This might seem like a slam dunk for Judas Priest because Rick Allen only has one arm. But don't worry, Def Leppard compensated by duct taping a boxing glove to his stump. Kyle goes with Judas Priest. Pat goes with Def Leppard. Mike breaks the tie and goes with Def Leppard. And for those that think Rob Halford wouldn't get in there and scrap with the best of them, well… you've got another thing comin'.

"One of those guys is susceptible to a right hook."
- Kyle, with the line of the episode.

Buckingham lasted a few minutes, but Paul McCartney doesn't suffer fools. He wins in a unanimous decision. Flaming Pie is another under-the-rader album according to Pat. It was produced by Jeff Lynne and George Martin.


Bruce is here as a celebrity judge. He votes for himself, the cheater. When this show goes up, the live episode will have already aired and the Rock Solid listeners will already have been introduced to Bruce Puppet. He shows a picture of it to Mike. Kyle thinks the Bruce song is creepy, so he votes for Dwight. Mike goes with Dwight just to spite the puppet. This is the second upset of the night!


Eric Carr, Rock in Peace. Ace is on the cover of Creatures of the Night, but Vinnie Vincent plays on the album. Pat attempts a Brian Johnson impression, but it just sounds like Sean Connery. This is a battle between two gigantic bands with iconic logos. Mike gives the fight to AC/DC and Kyle gives it to Kiss. Pat votes for AC/DC because their song is from 2008 and they still hadn't lost their fire, unlike a certain face-painted band we know.

The Styx song isn't some pansy piano rock, it kicks ass, dammit. Mike spared us from Kenny Rogers' "Lady." Kyle goes with the other river, Styx. Wordplay humor! Pat also votes for Styx.


Pat saw Jackson Browne do "Take It Easy" by Eagles live acoustically. This wasn't even a fight. This was a one hit KO. Andy Taylor might as well have just lain down as soon as the bell rang.


Nick Lowe wrote a song on The Bodyguard Soundtrack, so he can do anything he wants for the rest of his life. It sold over 45 million copies worldwide, but that doesn't help him because Sam Cooke wins this one.

Mike made fun of Quarterflash at the Jimmy Pardo bachelor roast. This looks to be an interesting contest between the two bands. BUT WAIT! Who is that stepping into the ring?

Stevie Nicks has turned this fight into a Three-Way Dance. And she's swinging a chair at Quarterflash and Scandal! She's beating them within an inch of their lives. Mike and Kyle vote for Stevie.
01:00:00 Stevie Nicks is standing tall in the ring. BUT WAIT! Another entrant has stepped up to immediately challenge Stevie!

With Ace Frehley and Kiss in the ring, who wins now? Mike votes for Stevie and Kyle votes for Kiss. Pat immediately gets Ace Frehley on the line and asks him if it's okay if he gives the victory to Stevie.

Pat goes with Los Lobos and Kyle votes for Matthew Sweet. Mike breaks the tie and gives Los Lobos the W. Kyle thinks Los Lobos are a band out of time. Pat asked Sofia Vergara who she wanted to win and she gave Los Lobos a "Si!" The boys take turns doing a Sofia Vergara impression. At least it's better than Pat's Brian Johnson impression.

01:05:00 Mike was on a sitcom with Sofia Vergara. This was years before Modern Family. In rehearsals, he couldn't understand a word she said because of her thick accent. Half the studio audience couldn't understand her, for God's sake. She couldn't get the comedy beats right. It was a bigger mess than when Manute Bol guest starred as the Mall Santa's elf on Empty Nest.

Bryan Adams is back because he's a glutton for punishment. "Heaven" by Warrant would come on in the middle of the night in one of those Buzz Ballads CD commercials. "Every rocker has his soft side" and all that shit. Pat gives it to Warrant. This is tough for Kyle, but he ends up giving the nod to Warrant as well.


This one isn't even a contest for Pat, he votes for Pretenders. Kyle agrees.

There are way too many of these to do in just one episode, so Pat and Mike need to do this topic again someday. Pat gives apologies to guys like The Foo Fighters, Hall and Oates, Ted Nugent, Adam and the Ants, Billy Joel, The Killers, Journey, and Tom Petty. And apologies to Bryan Adams for getting the shit beat out of him so many times.

It's the final round and this time Pat and Mike are the judges. Pat is tired of Green Day, so he goes with Madonna. Mike goes with Green Day. Kyle gives the decision to Green Day. They get the honor of being this episode's play out song.

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Winter Greatest Hits Sly and the Family Stone Pat
00:10:00 Is This Love When Seconds Count Survivor Mike
00:10:00 Is This Love Whitesnake Whitesnake Mike
00:10:00 Set Me Free The Ultimate Collection The Kinks Pat
00:10:00 Set Me Free Contraband Velvet Revolver Pat
00:15:00 Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin Mike
00:15:00 Heartbreaker In the Heat of the Night Pat Benatar Mike
00:15:00 Heartbreaker Rock 'n' Roll Revival Loverboy Pat
00:20:00 Winter Brothers Soundtrack U2 Pat
00:20:00 Winter Goats Head Soup The Rolling Stones Pat
00:20:00 Head over Heels Songs from the Big Chair Tears for Fears Mike
00:20:00 Head over Heels Talk Show The Go-Go's Mike
00:25:00 Rock Steady Young, Gifted and Black Aretha Franklin Murray
00:25:00 Rock Steady Bad Company Bad Company Murray
00:30:00 This Time Cuts Like a Knife Bryan Adams Pat
00:30:00 This Time Listen Like Thieves INXS Pat
00:30:00 Love Bites Defenders of the Faith Judas Priest Mike
00:30:00 Love Bites Hysteria Def Leppard Mike
00:35:00 Great Day Flaming Pie Paul McCartney Pat
00:35:00 Great Day Gift of Screws Lindsey Buckingham Pat
00:35:00 I'm on Fire Sincerely Dwight Twilley Band Mike
00:40:00 I'm on Fire Born in the U.S.A. Bruce Springsteen Mike
00:40:00 War Machine Creatures of the Night Kiss Pat
00:45:00 War Machine Black Ice AC/DC Pat
00:45:00 Lady Sleeper Catcher The Little River Band Mike
00:45:00 Lady Styx II Styx Mike
00:50:00 Take It Easy Eagles Eagles Pat
00:50:00 Take It Easy Thunder Andy Taylor Pat
00:50:00 Rome Wasn't Built in a Day At My Age Nick Lowe Mike
00:55:00 Rome Wasn't Built in a Day Ain't That Good News Sam Cooke Mike
00:55:00 Talk to Me Back into Blue Quarterflash Pat
00:55:00 Talk to Me Warrior Scandal Pat
00:55:00 Talk to Me Rock a Little Stevie Nicks Pat
01:00:00 Talk to Me Unmasked Kiss Pat
01:00:00 Evangeline Girlfriend Matthew Sweet Mike
01:00:00 Evangeline How Will the Wolf Survive? Los Lobos Mike
01:05:00 Heaven Reckless Bryan Adams Mike
01:05:00 Heaven Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich Warrant Mike
01:10:00 Human Crash The Human League Mike
01:10:00 Human Viva el Amor! Pretenders Mike
01:15:00 Holiday Madonna Madonna Kyle
01:15:00 Holiday American Idiot Green Day Kyle