Thoughts and Prayers...

Dear Readers,

Things are a bit different today. As you've probably read over the past month or so, Pat recorded an episode of Rock Solid live at the Limestone Comedy Festival last Saturday, May 31. The guests were comedians Brad Wilhelm and Matt Holt. That episode was supposed to be released today, June 5. Tragically, mere hours after the episode was recorded, Brad's wife Cheryl unexpectedly passed away. Out of respect for Brad and his family and to honor Cheryl, Pat has decided not to post Brad's episode for this week. Rock Solid is therefore taking the week off.

Since there is no new episode to recap, the Rock Solid Guide is also taking the week off. Although I have never met Brad Wilhelm, my heart certainly goes out to him and his family. I understand firsthand how losing someone so close to you can be innumerably difficult. Pat has nothing but extremely kind words to say about Brad, sentiments which I'm sure everyone who knows him also have. With that in mind, I would like all of Rock Solid's fans to keep Brad and his family in your thoughts and prayers over this tough time. I know that myself, Pat, and the entire Rock Solid team will be doing the same.



If you would like to hear Pat's message from the podcast, click here.