Episode 149: B-Sides

Episode 149: B-Sides
Pat and Co-Host April Richardson flip their discs for a show comprised entirely of B-Sides! (with some bonus tracks and rarities thrown in too)
From May 15, 2014

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

April Richardson

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. April's feeling a little sleepy today. She was dancing terribly (on purpose) on Chelsea Lately to mock someone who filmed himself dancing terribly. Speaking of video taping yourself, a friend of April's little brother would tape himself playing Super Mario Bros. and go through the video over and over again looking for his mistakes.

We got a couple of phone calls, so let's hear 'em.

  • Luke from Grand Rapids, Michigan really likes the one-artist shows, so keep that up. On a side note, when Pat was still a stand up comedian, there were two states he hated performing in: Michigan and Louisiana. Does that partially make Pat an anti-statite?
  • Dan from Langhorn, PA has a show topic for us: Long song titles. Pat and April really like that idea.
00:05:00 Today's artwork was done by Jason Levy. We are two weeks away from Rock Solid live at the Limestone Comedy Festival, so get your tickets. Pat plugs the Rock Solid Guide, mentions how awesome I am, how I am vastly superior to everyone else, yada yada yada.
By the time this episode airs, April will be 35 years old. Happy birthday, April! You're one year closer to being the out-of-touch old person who doesn't "get it."
Father Time will make uncool geezers of us all, Ms. Richardson. Just look at Pat.
Before we get into today's topic, Pat's got something to play for us. Chrissie Hynde is finally releasing her first solo album since… well, since ever. She's always been releasing albums under the banner of The Pretenders, and this will be her first time doing it under her own name. The album is called Stockholm. Pat plays the lead single, "Dark Sunglasses". Pat and April love Chrissie Hynde. She's Pat's favorite female vocalist. Pat wants to interview her soooooo badly. She's supposedly best friends with Morrissey, according to April. "I'll see what I can do," she says. Fingers crossed, Pat.
Let's get into today's topic: B-sides, Bonus Tracks, and Rarities! Now, this is familiar territory for Rock Solid, having done the "Time to Play B-sides" episode way back when. But now, since April Richardson is the kinda gal who would have a TON of B-sides, bonus tracks, and rarities, it's only right that we get to hear what she would bring to the table. Spoiler alert: She's got her favorites. R.E.M., Billy Bragg, Morrissey, The Beautiful South, they're all locked and loaded and ready to be fired out of April Richardson's song shotgun.
00:10:00 Pat's also not shy of having a few B-sides. He's got a lot of Bruce Springsteen B-sides. No surprise, since Bruce has written about eight million unreleased songs.
April kicks us off with her first pick, R.E.M.. It's a B-side of the single "Near Wild Heaven" and it features Billy Bragg. It's a live cover of Suzanne Vega's song "Tom's Diner". Pat was playing Suzanne Vega's version of that song in the car with his daughter. His daughter was confused by the song. Pat explained that Suzanne was singing about everything she sees in Tom's Diner. Now Pat's daughter does the same thing at home. Adorable.
Pat's first pick is by Billy Joel. Since April is a big Elvis Presley fan, Pat plays "Elvis Presley Blvd.", which is a B-side for the single "Allentown". Billy Joel has very few extra tracks. He says that when he's dead, there will be no posthumous releases because there is nothing to release. He would record the songs on the album and that was it.
00:15:00 April's next pick is by a band called The Long Blondes. It's the B-side to their single "Weekend Without Makeup", a song called "Fulwood Babylon". The Long Blondes are broken up now because the lead guitarist had a stroke. April knows the bassist, Reenie Hollis. She became friends with the band when she mentioned that she heard them on a mix tape from her friend Dave Rotheray from The Beautiful South. How the hell does she meet these people? Pat wonders. She even stays at their houses sometimes. April admits that it's much easier for her, a woman, to get to know these famous musicians than it would be for guys. Pat agrees. Somehow, I don't think Susanna Hoffs would let a 50-year-old fan into her house for a sleepover.
00:20:00 Pat hates when there are B-sides that aren't on albums that are only nine songs long. Put them on the album, for Pete's sake! Pat's next pick is an example of such an occasion. It's by his favorites, Queen. The song is the B-side to "Radio Ga Ga". It's called "I Go Crazy".
April's next pick is a rarity in every sense of the word. It's by New Order and it is a reworked version of "Blue Monday" for a Sunkist commercial. Pat also plays some commercial jingles. The first is by Cheap Trick for Pepsi.
00:25:00 The other jingle is by The Babys for Dr. Pepper. April is very hypocritical when it comes to selling out. She doesn't like it when bands like The Rolling Stones or U2 do it because they don't need the money, but when indie bands do it, then she's all in. Get that money, yo! Cashing checks and breaking necks, what what!!
Pat's next pick is the B-side for the Fleetwood Mac song "Go Your Own Way". It's called "Silver Springs". Stevie Nicks signed her writing credit royalties for that song over to her mother.
For her next pick, April whips out a favorite, Morrissey. It's a studio outtake of a song he did with Vini Reilly. Originally, the song is called "I Know Very Well How I Got My Name", but since Vini plays a wrong note in the outtake that makes Morrissey laugh (a rarity in and of itself), the song is called "I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong".
00:30:00 April has spent so much money finding these B-sides and rarities. Now with the internet, a lot of the songs she's paid for over the years could have been hers for much less money, or even for free. April looked for a certain Morrissey B-side for years and finally found it and bought it for 40 dollars. 40 DOLLARS FOR ONE SONG! In what Orwellian nightmare society is that fair? Pat wonders when April dies, what will happen to her B-sides? Who will inherit them and appreciate them? CDs are worthless now. Pat suggests buying albums from Amazon because of AutoRip. April still likes Amoeba Records.
Pat's next pick is the B-side for the single "Gimme Some Slack" by The Cars. It's a song called "Don't Go to Pieces".
00:35:00 April's good friend and political song seamster Billy Bragg wrote a song for the movie Mama's Boy. The song is called "Bed, Bath, & Bullshit". It's an over-the-top, overly Billy Bragg-y song that Billy actually sings in the movie.
Pat goes to the Emerald Isle for his next pick, Thin Lizzy. It's the B-side to the single "Do Anything You Want To" and it's called "Just the Two of Us".
April's next pick is a rarity by The Ordinary Boys. She got it from one of those magazine compilation CDs. Officially, it's on a compilation album called NY2LON. The song is called "Little Bubble".
00:30:00 Pat is amazed that his next pick is everywhere in 2014: It's Kiss. The song Pat plays is a limited edition and Japanese edition track from their 1998 album Psycho Circus. The song is called "In Your Face" and it features Ace Frehley on lead vocals. Pat needs to ask Ace if it's okay if they play the song.

The song's chorus goes "The Ace is in your face." Kiss, ladies and gentlemen.
April's next song is by The Housemartins. It's the B-side for "Build". It's a song called "Forwards and Backwards".
00:45:00 Pat's next pick is ripped from vinyl because it hasn't been released on CD or MP3. It's by Genesis frontman/eternal grump/Mr. No Prenup Phil Collins. It's a B-side to his song "One More Night". The song is called "The Man with the Horn".
April's next pick is a single by The Beautiful South. The song is called "Pretenders to the Throne".
Before he plays his next pick, Pat informs us that the song was taken off of Tom Petty's second solo album Wildflowers by the record company. Instead, it was relegated to being a B-side for the single "You Don't Know How It Feels". The song is called "Girl on LSD". Gee, I wonder why they took it off the album?
00:50:00 April's next pick is on The Sisters EP. It's by the band Pulp and it's called "His 'n' Hers".
It's super group time for Pat Francis. He plays "The Dirt", which is a Japanese bonus track by Tinted Windows from their self-titled album. Man, those Hanson brothers sure do have a lot of kids. It's probably something to do with their Mormon religion. Is it officially written in Mormon law that you have to bang a lot? Because if that's true, sign me up. I'll be on a plane to Salt Lake City faster than you can say "Big Love."
Put on some eyeliner, dye your hair black, and get ready to sulk in silence alone because April's next pick is The Cure. From their single "The Walk", it's the B-side "The Upstairs Room".
Coachella is going on while they record the episode. April really wanted to see OutKast. They've been on hiatus for almost a decade.
00:55:00 Andre Benjamin (a.k.a. Andre 3000) is going to play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic. But, the film can't use any of Jimi's songs because his estate won't give them the rights. The film will (according to Rock Solid) use only covers. Wait, so there's going to be a Jimi Hendrix movie without Jimi Hendrix's songs? No "Purple Haze?" No "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)?" Come on!
Lieutenant Daniels, on the Hendrix biopic situation.
Well, it only took nearly an hour, but Bruce Springsteen has arrived. Pat plays "The Big Payback", which is a B-side to the single "Open All Night".
April's worried that she has too many songs to play. Pat's got six left, and he's more than willing to subject them to us all like the cruel godking he is, so April shouldn't feel too stressed out. April also makes a weird noise that sounds like Animal from The Muppets, so there's that too.
April's next pick is by The Lucksmiths from Australia. Did April stay with them too? Pat asks jokingly. Yes. Yes she did. April plays "The Cassingle Revival", which can be found on their compilation album Cartography for Beginners. The sound quality on cassettes was never that good, Pat thinks.
01:00:00 April has a bunch of cassettes that she wants to rip to MP3s. Pat just got rid of his collection of VHS bootleg concert tapes that he was never gonna watch. Why aren't those released on DVD? they wonder. Music rights, probably.
As Pat said, he's got six songs to go, but the first four are a bit rough to get through. His next pick is some nice Prog Rock bullshit. It's by Asia, and it's the B-side to the single "Don't Cry". The song is called "Daylight". Is it possible to have a joke Asia song? Probably not.
"This was like the Billy Bragg thing, but that's real."
- Kyle, discussing "Daylight" by Asia, with the line of the episode.
April's next pick is by They Might Be Giants and is off an EP called Back to Skull. The song is called "She Was a Hotel Detective". Pat doesn't own any They Might Be Giants, but they do make him laugh.
01:05:00 Pat's got a rare Cheap Trick song for us all. The Essential Cheap Trick came with a double A-side 45" that had too very rare Cheap Trick songs. One of them is the demo/lyrics version of a song called "Oh Boy". Pat plays that for us all. The vocals are barely audible.
Echobelly is the subject of April's next pick. She plays "On Turn On", the B-side to their single Great Things. Sometimes Pat's daughter asks him if a song has a male or female vocalist singing because it's hard to tell which. Hey, I know the feeling. For years, I thought Bob Dylan was just a woman with a head cold. Man, I really need to pay more attention to album covers.
Pat's next pick is that often forgotten gem of British rock and metal, UFO. Pat plays the B-side to the single "Let It Rain", a song called "Heel of a Stranger".
Will Michael Stipe ever record a solo album? April hopes so. He was April's crush before she knew what being gay was.
01:10:00 The other guys in R.E.M. don't really need to do anything big because they are LOADED. They could swim in their money like Scrooge McDuck. Pat also wonders what the deal is with the album Monster. It is apparently the most sold back album ever? April doesn't understand why, she loves the album. Anyway, April plays her next pick, which is R.E.M. featuring Michael Stipe's one-time girlfriend Natalie Merchant. The song is from a compilation album called Born to Choose. It's called "Photograph". By the way, will Natalie Merchant ever reunite with 10,000 Maniacs? Signs point to no.
Pat's next pick is by Steve Perry and it's the B-side to his big solo hit "Oh Sherrie". The song is called "Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving". Pat appreciates that when Steve Perry went solo, he tried doing something that sounded different from his Journey stuff. It wasn't really good, but at least he tried. A for effort, Steve.
01:15:00 April's next pick was the only single released by Norman Cook, a.k.a. Rockafeller Skank, under his own name. Then it turned up on the album Let Them Eat Bingo by his band Beats International. The song is called "Won't Talk About It". Fittingly, the song has Billy Bragg singing falsetto.
Pat's second to last song is the B-side to "Message in a Bottle" by The Police. It's a rockin' little number called "Landlord". Pat and April both miss the snotty, punky Sting, and don't like the newer, more mellow Sting. I guess those 8-hour fuck sessions really calm you down. Personally, I like mellow Sting (shout out to "Ten Summoner's Tales"), so keep on fuckin' away, Gordon!
"Oh, you want the old Sting, do you? Well, I would give a fuck, but I've used them all in last night's session… with your mother."
April plugs her podcast Go Bayside! She's only got ten episodes left, so she needs to think of a new podcast idea. Hey April, I got one word for ya: Matlock.
01:20:00 April's second to last pick is by Pavement. The song is the B-side to the single "Shady Lane" and it's called "Unseen Power of the Picket Fence".
Pat's last pick takes us back to Ms. Hynde with her band The Pretenders. Originally, the song was released as a Flexi disc single in a magazine, but was recently released on the box set Pirate Radio. The song is called "What You Gonna Do About it".
April's last pick takes us back to the beginning of this magical voyage into the rarer districts of rock and roll. She plays R.E.M. with their version of the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", which is a B-side for the single "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite". Pat likes it because it fits Michael Stipe's vocal range.
Pat promises April a long song titles episode, so she's got some homework to do. April hates homework, but I'm sure she'll pull through magnificently.
01:25:00 Kyle plays us out with--of course--Nine Inch Nails. The song is called "Not So Pretty Now" and is off of the NINJA 2009 Tour Sampler.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Dark Sunglasses Stockholm Chrissie Hynde Pat
00:10:00 Tom's Diner Near Wild Heaven R.E.M. feat. Billy Bragg April
00:10:00 Elvis Presley Blvd. Allentown Billy Joel Pat
00:15:00 Fulwood Babylon Weekend Without Makeup The Long Blondes April
00:20:00 I Go Crazy Radio Ga Ga Queen Pat
00:20:00 Blue Monday (Sunkist Edition) N/A New Order April
00:25:00 Silver Springs Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:25:00 I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong Morrissey & Vini Reilly April
00:30:00 Don't Go to Pieces Gimme Some Slack The Cars Pat
00:35:00 Bed, Bath, & Bullshit Mama's Boy Soundtrack Billy Bragg April
00:35:00 Just the Two of Us Do Anything You Want To Thin Lizzy Pat
00:35:00 Little Bubble NY2LON The Ordinary Boys April
00:40:00 In Your Face Psycho Circus Kiss Pat
00:40:00 Forwards and Backwards Build The Housemartins April
00:45:00 The Man with the Horn One More Night Phil Collins Pat
00:45:00 Pretenders to the Throne Single The Beautiful South April
00:45:00 Girl on LSD You Don't Know Know It Feels Tom Petty Pat
00:50:00 His 'n' Hers The Sisters EP Pulp April
00:50:00 The Dirt Tinted Windows Tinted Windows Pat
00:50:00 The Upstairs Room The Walk The Cure April
00:55:00 The Big Payback Open All Night Bruce Springsteen Pat
00:55:00 The Cassingle Revival Cartography for Beginners The Lucksmiths April
01:00:00 Daylight Don't Cry Asia Pat
01:00:00 She Was a Hotel Detective Back to Skull They Might Be Giants April
01:05:00 Oh Boy Oh Boy (Demo)/If You Want My Love (Demo) Cheap Trick Pat
01:05:00 On Turn On Great Things Echobelly April
01:05:00 Heel of a Stranger Let It Rain UFO Pat
01:10:00 Photograph Born to Choose R.E.M. feat. Natalie Merchant April
01:10:00 Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving Oh Sherrie Steve Perry Pat
01:15:00 Won't Talk About It Let Them Eat Bingo Beats International April
01:15:00 Landlord Message in a Bottle The Police Pat
01:20:00 Unseen Power of the Picket Fence Shade Lane Pavement April
01:20:00 What You Gonna Do About It Pirate Radio The Pretenders Pat
01:20:00 The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite R.E.M. April
01:25:00 Not So Pretty Now NINJA 2009 Tour Sampler Nine Inch Nails Kyle