Episode 148: Deep Album Cuts

Episode 148: Deep Album Cuts
No top 40 hits, no FM radio rock staples just deep album cuts from Pat and Christy's favorite LPs.
From May 8, 2014

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Christy Stratton

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. They're recording this episode on Easter Sunday morning. Christy's husband Gary is of the Jewish persuasion, so no Easter candy for their son Johnny. Just hugs and love. Pat's daughter Rita, on the other hand, wants candy. Lots of candy. Pat begrudgingly gives her sweets while his wife Pilar is asleep. Atta boy, Pat. Win her love with sugar.
Christy and Pat were both recently involved in Passover Seders. Christy's husband is Jewish, while Pat's mother in law is a born again Jew. Pat and Pilar had their daughters baptized and also had a Jewish naming ceremony. Pat's mother in law is very stubborn and very controlling. She pronounces Vincent Van Gogh as "Vincent Van Gog." She also changes words in the Haggadah (the Passover prayer book.)
00:05:00 Christy is very excited about watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on HBO. Bruce Springsteen, according to Pat, spent about 90 minutes inducting each member of the E Street Band. He went on and on with his speech. Bruce, we know you like doing the long concerts, but could you hurry it up? My bladder has been "Born to Run" for the past twenty minutes.
The artwork this week was done by Jason Levy. You can check that out on the Facebook page. Also, a reminder that Rock Solid will be doing a live podcast on May 31st at the Limestone Comedy Festival. The topic will be, coincidentally, the music of Bruce Springsteen. We also get another lovely plug and compliment for the Rock Solid Guide from Pat and Christy. Thanks guys!

A phone call must be played, and so it shall:

  • Ned from Denver calls about the Rocksolid-opedia Vol. R episode. Since Pat likes The Raconteurs, he should check out Brendan Benson, who plays for The Raconteurs. At least, I think that's what he said. His phone call sounded like it was coming from a buoy in the Atlantic Ocean.
Pat always loves the energy that Christy brings to the show. Today she's wearing a Malibu t-shirt, a vintage Chanel necklace from the 80s, and a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. Christy, like Elton John, has a lot of glasses. Maybe ten pairs worth. What she does is, she takes selfies of herself wearing different glasses, then picks which one she should wear for that day. She also has an app that logs which outfits she wears for certain occasions. Who knew that Christy was such a fashionista! Christy worries that the listeners will get impatient about not hearing any music, but Pat reassures her that they haven't gotten any complaints.
This is Elton John's glasses collection. Your move, Stratton.
00:10:00 Christy introduces today's topic: deep cuts! Songs that aren't hits, but are still great songs. Pat and Christy have mixed criteria when it comes to selecting their songs. Christy's criteria is that it couldn't be from an album that everybody has. No Led Zeppelin, No Police "Synchronicity", etc. Christy also picked albums that mean something to her, and which it would be hard for to pick just one song. Pat's criteria is that it can't be a single, nor could it get any FM radio play. These songs are also deep enough where if you weren't a big fan of the artist, you most likely wouldn't know the song.
Pat starts us off with his first pick. He plays "Wonderin'" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, off their album Pure and Simple.
Christy's first pick is a band that she discovered in 1995, Elastica. From their self-titled debut album, it's "Smile".
Jumping back a bit to Pat's mother in law, Pat regales us with the story of driving in the car in Florida with his family. Pat's mother in law decided to point out practically every thing that they drove past and give some historical background about it. "Oh look, there's the Baskin Robbins where Ed Begley Jr. headbutted the rodeo clown." "Oh you see that stop sign? That's where Mick Mars threw up after eating a Jolly Rancher out of a stripper's vagina." Stuff like that. As she was talking, Pat kept repeating in his head, "I don't care. I don't care. I don't care." Whenever that stuff happens to Christy, she composes an email in her head. Sometimes she keeps it in her brain, sometimes her fingers get a-clickin' and a-clackin' on the keyboard.
00:15:00 Pat's next pick is a nice big dose of Love Potion No. 9 to Christy's heart, because he plays one of her favorites, The Cars. Pat plays "Think It Over" from the album Shake It Up. Pat doesn't like when people say that they can't tell who is singing lead vocals on a Cars song. Christy agrees, the differences between Benjamin Orr and Ric Ocasek are stark.
Christy's next pick is pretty interesting, considering that she actually went on a couple dates with the guy. Just a few kisses, she swears that's all it was. His name is Gary Mynick. The song is "Honk If You Love Jesus", from his album Waltz of the Scarecrow King.
00:20:00 It must really suck to not get recognition for making something creative. You write a book, it doesn't get read. You make an album, it doesn't get bought. I know how it feels. I wrote a movie about a hat detective, who solves mysteries centered around people missing their hats. Can you believe no one's picked it up for a trilogy? Pat wonders why every musician doesn't have their music on iTunes. It's not that hard to get it on there.
Pat's next pick is by Billy Joel. Off his Grammy winning album 52nd Street, Pat plays "Half a Mile Away". Pat and Christy agree that there could have been more hits off that album, and not just "Big Shot" and "My Life."
In other Billy Joel news, Pat got an early copy of Billy Joel's new, expanded edition of his live album Kontsert, which took place in Russia. They're expanding it to include the full concert, which Pat says is much better than the original single CD. It also comes with a DVD of the concert, and a documentary about how the Russia tour came to fruition. When Pat was watching the documentary, Christie Brinkley would come on screen from time to time. As soon as she started to talk, Pat thought, "You couldn't be married to her for too long." A little while later, Pilar, who was in the room while Pat was watching the documentary, said about Christie Brinkley, "Hey, maybe that breakup wasn't because of Billy Joel, huh?" Ouch.
Another interesting thing about the documentary is that Billy Joel goes crazy. Seriously, he goes crazy. During one concert, the director kept lighting the audience. Every time he did that, the audience would stop dancing and getting into the music because they were afraid the Russian military would take them away. Eventually, Joel got so frustrated, he shouted, "Stop lighting the fucking audience!" and pushed his keyboard over. He then picked up his microphone stand and started beating it against the fallen instrument. Holy crap.
"I swear to fucking God, I can't play fucking 'All for Leyna' if nobody is fucking dancing! For fuck's sake, if those lights come on one more fucking time, I'm gonna light my bass player on fucking fire!"
00:25:00 Let's be honest, Kurt Cobain spoiled the party for the rest of us. All that whiney grunge got in the way of having a good time rockin' and laughin'. At least, according to Christy. Then, like a leotard-wearing, glitter-covered angel, The Darkness came into being. They were the perfect balance of hard rock and a sense of humor. Christy plays "Love on the Rocks with No Ice" from their first album Permission to Land.
Pat just can't seem to get behind Justin Hawkins' lead vocals. It's too cartoony for him. Pat's going to see Queen + Adam Lambert, and he's a little worried that Adam Lambert will sing in a high register for the entire show, which Freddie Mercury didn't do. Christy went to an American Idol show where Lambert performed with Kiss. Christy was blown away by his performance.
00:30:00 We're going deep into the back catalogue of a former Rock Solid guest, Melissa Etheridge. From her album Skin, Pat plays "Down to One".
One of Christy's favorite albums of all time was I, Assassin by Gary Numan. Yes, that Gary Numan. It was hard for her to pick a song, but she plays "The 1930s Rust".
00:35:00 We get into Pat and Christy's teenage work years. Christy worked at Baskin Robbins, Foot Locker, and also babysat. She spent all her work money. Pat spent all his work money on albums. Pat bought so many albums that he would have to sneak them past his parents so they wouldn't annoy him about it. Ser Davos Seaworth would be proud, Pat.
Pat's next pick is not only a deep cut by Journey, it's a deep cut by Journey without Steve Perry. And without Arnel Pineda too! In between Perry and Pineda, Journey had a guy named Steve Augeri on lead vocals for two albums. Pat plays a song from the first one, Arrival. The song is called "Signs of Life".
Christy loves her 90s chicks. She loves that whole Alanis Morissette vibe. Christy's girl this week is Meredith Brooks, who most people know for having the song "Bitch." Christy plays a song from that same album, Blurring the Edges, called "Birthday".
00:40:00 Pat likes that song a lot. Christy can remember being that kind of girl. Does that part of Christy Stratton still reside deep down in her spirit? Maybe. Christy cries in her car at least once a week, so your guess is as good as any.
Let's harken back to the good old days of 1974 with Pat's next pick, Steely Dan. Off their album Pretzel Logic, it's the song "Barrytown". Barrytown is an actual place in New York, near Bard College, where Donald Fagen went to school. Christy loves Steely Dan's album Two Against Nature, which controversially beat Eminem for Album of the Year at the Grammys. Steely Dan, always the scrappy underdogs.
"Donald, do you mind giving us a smile?"
"What do you mean? I am smiling."
00:45:00 Christy heads to the end of the alphabet for her next pick, ZZ Top. The album is El Loco, and the song she picked, "Heaven, Hell or Houston" is… a song, I suppose. Billy Gibbons calls an ex-girlfriend, telling her about his life and that he's in town. Actually, it kind of sounds like Ned from Denver's phone call. Ned, are secretly a member of ZZ Top? Be honest with us.
Pat's next pick is by Soul Asylum. The song is "No Time for Waiting", off the album Candy from a Stranger.
00:50:00 Christy was never a fan of Pearl Jam. There was something about Eddie Vedder's voice, and the voice of nearly all 90s grunge singers, that just turned her off. "Hiemlich Maneuver Rock" says Pat. BUT… Christy saw the film Into the Wild, which Eddie Vedder did the soundtrack for, and loved it. From the soundtrack, Christy plays "Hard Sun".
Pat finds himself gravitating to artists' albums that don't sell very well. For example, his next pick comes from an album by Stevie Nicks called Street Angel. Not only is it the least successful album of her solo career, it was also recorded during the tail end of an 8-year-long dependency on Klonopin. Pat plays the song "Rose Garden".
00:55:00 Stevie Nicks wrote the song "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?" for Joe Walsh, after his three-year-old daughter died. As parents, that's rough for Pat and Christy. Christy walked out of The Hunger Games because she couldn't stand the kids killing each other. Gary, meanwhile, stayed and watched the film. Hey, considering the price of movie tickets these days, I don't blame him. When Pilar was pregnant, she and Pat saw John Q, the Denzel Washington movie where he takes the hospital hostage in order to get his son a life saving operation. Pilar left during the film, and Pat went with her.
After graduating from college in Florida in 1993, Christy got to be a PA for MTV Spring Break. She shlepped sandbags, got sandwiches for Dr. Dre, Ed Lover, and Lenny Kravitz, and had to plug in the coffee maker outside in the rain. The Black Crowes were there too. She describes them as "impossibly skinny." Off their second album The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, Christy plays "No Speak No Slave".
01:00:00 Christy likes the mix of clear and abstract lyrics in the Black Crowes' songs. They're like Zeppelin lyrics, but without all the Lord of the Rings references. Ring wraiths, Gollum, Mordor. Do those guys have a sponsorship deal with J.R.R. Tolkien?
Pat's next pick is by Queen. It's the song "Misfire", from the album Sheer Heart Attack.
For her next deep cut, Christy brings up Rod Stewart. Pat went to an album signing at Tower Records and Rod Stewart played a concert in the parking lot for everybody there. No open guitar case on the ground, though. That guy has "Do You Think I'm Sexy" money.
01:05:00 Christy plays "Weak" by Rod Stewart from the album When We Were the New Boys.
Pat was never a big fan of The J. Geils Band, but he loves the lead singer, Peter Wolf. Off his album Fool's Parade, it's the song "The Cold Heart of Stone". Pat saw Peter Wolf play a concert a few years back at a really small venue. Maybe 100 people were there. There wasn't even any front signage, you had to enter through the back to get in.
01:10:00 Christy's first concert was The J. Geils Band. She was in sixth grade. Who takes a sixth grader to a J. Geils Band concert? A teacher, that's who. Young, innocent Christy Stratton immediately wondered what "the smell" was at the concert.
Christy's next pick is by the band Sparks. It's a song called "The Decline and Fall of Me", from their album Angst in My Pants. Pat bemoans the fact that Christy grew up with such a wide variety of music. His hometown radio stations didn't have anything like Sparks.
Pat gives apologies to both Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. We will not be hearing any solo outings from either of those two men today. Who Are You? Who cares! Hit the bricks, you lousy Brits.
01:15:00 Pat's second to last pick is by The Boss. It comes from Bruce Springsteen's album Human Touch, which came after the E Street Band broke up. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this album didn't get brought up during Bruce's 90 minute speech. The song is "Cross My Heart".
Christy's second to last pick is by a local LA band called All Day Sucker. Christy was introduced to them by comedian Wayne Federman. The lead singer's name is… wait for it… Morty Coyle. Move over, Jack Hughes of Wang Chung, 'cause the Best Name in Rock bus has a new driver. From their self-titled album, Christy plays "Worst Case Scenario".
01:20:00 Morty Coyle used to be married to Jodi Sweetin from Full House. She certainly enjoyed the special catering she got from that show if you know what I mean……………… drugs. I mean drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. What is it with child stars? Lindsay Lohan used to be a great little actress and now she's a mess. Pat is watching the Lindsay Lohan documentary series made by Oprah (hopefully because his wife is forcing him to. Hopefully.) All they do is follow her around, filming the train wreck from day to day. She was great in movies like The Parent Trap, says Christy. Pilar can't watch The Parent Trap, according to Pat. Natasha Richardson is the main woman in that, and she died in a freak skiing accident. Pilar can't handle that.
Anyway, Pat's last deep cut comes from his favorites, The Pretenders. Off their album Viva el Amor, it's the song "Nails in the Road".
01:25:00 Pat announces that Christy Stratton will return in: Contraction Junction.
It's Christy's last song, and she picks "From a Whisper to a Scream" by Robert Palmer from his album Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley. Robert Palmer had a lot more range as an artist than people give him credit for. He's not just the suit wearing pop guy of "Simply Irresistible" and "Addicted to Love." The guy had a very diverse music career.
We're wrapping things up as another episode comes to a close. Kyle plays us out with the band Breaking Benjamin. Off the album Phobia, it's a song called "Topless".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Wonderin' Pure and Simple Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Pat
00:10:00 Smile Elastica Elastica Christy
00:15:00 Think It Over Shake It Up The Cars Pat
00:15:00 Honk If You Love Jesus Waltz of the Scarecrow King Gary Myrick Christy
00:20:00 Half a Mile Away 52nd Street Billy Joel Pat
00:25:00 Love on the Rocks with No Ice Permission to Land The Darkness Christy
00:30:00 Down to One Skin Melissa Etheridge Pat
00:30:00 The 1930s Rust I, Assassin Gary Numan Christy
00:35:00 Signs of Life Arrival Journey Pat
00:35:00 Birthday Blurring the Edges Meredith Brooks Christy
00:40:00 Barrytown Pretzel Logic Steely Dan Pat
00:45:00 Heaven, Hell or Houston El Loco ZZ Top Christy
00:45:00 No Time for Waiting Candy from a Stranger Soul Asylum Pat
00:50:00 Hard Sun Into the Wild Eddie Vedder Christy
00:50:00 Rose Garden Street Angel Stevie Nicks Pat
00:55:00 No Speak No Slave The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion The Black Crowes Christy
01:00:00 Misfire Sheer Heart Attack Queen Pat
01:05:00 Weak When We Were the New Boys Rod Stewart Christy
01:05:00 The Cold Heart of the Stone Fool's Parade Peter Wolf Pat
01:10:00 The Decline and Fall of Me Angst in My Pants Sparks Christy
01:15:00 Cross My Heart Human Touch Bruce Springsteen Pat
01:15:00 Worst Case Scenario All Day Sucker All Day Sucker Christy
01:20:00 Nails in the Road Viva el Amor The Pretenders Pat
01:25:00 From a Whisper to a Scream Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley Robert Palmer Christy
01:25:00 Topless Phobia Breaking Benjamin Kyle