Episode 140: Mental Patient Songs

Episode 140: Mental Patient Songs
Songs you can play over and over and over again on a loop and never get tired of… that's a "Mental Patient Song." Let's listen as Pat and April play their favorites!
From March 13, 2014

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

April Richardson

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. He mentions how he and Kyle watch The Walking Dead in Pat's bedroom with the door locked. Nothing creepy about that. Before the podcast, he and April were talking about April's horrible love life… again. She's ashamed of constantly bringing it up and calls herself a "walking Cathy comic."
Pat explains today's topic: Mental Patient songs. These are songs you can listen to on a loop like a mental patient and never get sick of. Pat and April have a TON. April got hers from the play count tab on iTunes.
"Clever Girl."
"The things I like the most make me happy and sad at the same time."
- April's friend Janet, dispensing some wisdom
April kicks us off with the alternative dance supergroup Electronic with Bernard Sumner from New Order and Johnny Marr from The Smiths. From the album Electronic, it's "Getting Away with It".
00:05:00 Pat's first pick is by The Ramones and is off of their album End of the Century, which was the last album Phil Spector produced. It's "The Return of Jackie and Judy".
April keeps the Spector train a-rollin' with "River Deep – Mountain High" by Ike and Tina Turner from the album River Deep – Mountain High. April loves that song, so Pat naturally decides to ruin it for her by playing Neil Diamond's version of it. What an evil, evil thing to do.
00:10:00 Pat takes a deep cut off of Billy Joel's album Glass Houses. It's "Sleeping with the Television On".
In the ongoing war between Elton John and Billy Joel (who knew?), April is Team Elton John, but she doesn't mind that song. April refers to Billy Joel as "BJ." Yeah, that doesn't backfire for her at all.
Speaking of Elton John, April plays her next pick "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" from the album Honky Chateau.
The next song Pat plays is one of his top five favorite songs of all time. From Labour of Lust, it's "Cruel to Be Kind" by Nick Lowe. On a side note from Pat, Nick Lowe has a song on The Bodyguard Soundtrack, so he can do whatever the hell he wants.
00:15:00 April goes to a land down under for her next song: "Don't Dream It's Over" from Crowded House, off of the album Crowded House.
Pat drops a bombshell on everyone: Debbi Peterson, the drummer from The Bangles has recorded an episode with Pat. To celebrate, let's hear Pat's pick "In Your Room" from their album Everything. Pat used to pretend that Susanna Hoffs was singing directly to him in that song. He says he's "half-joking." Whatever you say, Pat. Whatever you say.
It's April's turn again, and she's moseying her way down to her hometown of Atlanta for some hip hop. From the album Even in Darkness, it's "6 Minutes" by the supergroup Dungeon Family.
00:20:00 To the surprise of no one, Pat's next song is by Cheap Trick. Off of One on One, it's "She's Tight".
Up next we get a back-to-back helping of The Clash. First up is April's pick "The Magnificent Seven" from the triple album Sandinista!. Pat's pick is "Train in Vain" from the double album London Calling.
00:25:00 April's next song is by a post-punk band called Au Pairs. She considers them to be a female version of The Clash. From Equal But Different: BBC Sessions 79-81, it's "Shakedown".
"You can call this 'The Gash.'"

- Pat, with the line of the episode
Pat really likes that song, but doesn't know how to spell "Au Pairs." April mentions that the band is in the documentary "Urgh! A Music War" and that the lead singer is currently a human rights lawyer.
Pat plays his next song by a band that he loves (agreed!), Thin Lizzy. It's "Jailbreak" from the album Jailbreak.
00:30:00 April goes glam with her next pick "Mambo Sun" by T. Rex, from the album Electric Warrior.
Pat breaks out an oldie but goldie, "I Can't Explain" by The Who from Who's Greatest Hits. Pat's played that song a bunch of times over the course of the show's history, and it NEVER gets old.
While Pat may be a fan of The Who, he isn't a fan of Elvis Presley, whom April has now brought to the table. She plays "Trying to Get to You" from his landmark TV special Elvis (aka The '68 Comeback Special). Afterwards, Pat and April chat a bit about Elvis, the special, and April's absolute love of it.
00:35:00 Strap in, kids, because old man Pat plays "Reelin' in the Years" by Steely Dan from their debut album Can't Buy a Thrill. To be fair, I like Steely Dan, but April's audible groan before the song plays is equally great.
Kyle and April aren't fans of Steely Dan. Pat used to be like them, but changed his mind. Pat tells a story about him and Jimmy Pardo going to see Steely Dan in concert. They saw a dad there with his wife and young kids, hoping to impress them with the greatness that is Steely Dan. Steely Dan played mostly deep cuts, leaving the dad very disappointed. For that, Steely Dan, you get a
00:40:00 April's next pick is what she refers to as "the Tom Hanks of songs" because everyone likes it. By Madness, it's "Our House" off of The Rise & Fall.
Pat's next song is by The Police and it's off of their debut album Outlandos d'Amour. It's a song called "Next to You". "What happened to that Sting?" bemoans Pat. Amen.
00:45:00 April whips out System of a Down for her next pick. It's "Aerials" from Toxicity.
Pat's next song is his favorite Led Zeppelin song. From their last real album In Through the Out Door, it's "Fool in the Rain". So, so good.
April has two more songs, and they're her "two favorite songs in the history of recorded music." The first one she plays is by The Smiths and it's called "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out", from the album The Queen Is Dead. That song was played while April walked down the aisle at her wedding.
00:50:00 Pat asks April for the one Smiths album that he should have. April personally prefers Meat Is Murder, but she thinks Pat should get The Queen Is Dead.
Pat's last song is from former guest of Rock Solid John Waite. The song is "Change" from his debut solo album Ignition.
April's last song is by her favorite band R.E.M. and is on April's favorite album Lifes Rich Pageant. It's her favorite song in the history of forever, "Fall on Me". Pat hopes R.E.M. get back together, while April is content with them staying broken up.
00:55:00 Kyle wraps it up with the band Taproot. From the album Plead the Fifth, it's "Fractured".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 The Return of Jackie and Judy End of the Century The Ramones Pat
00:05:00 River Deep – Mountain High River Deep – Mountain High Ike and Tina Turner April
00:10:00 Sleeping with the Television On Glass Houses Billy Joel Pat
00:10:00 Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters Honky Chateau Elton John April
00:10:00 Cruel to Be Kind Labour of Lust Nick Lowe Pat
00:15:00 Don't Dream It's Over Crowded House Crowded House April
00:15:00 In Your Room Everything The Bangles Pat
00:15:00 6 Minutes Even in Darkness Dungeon Family April
00:20:00 She's Tight One on One Cheap Trick Pat
00:20:00 The Magnificent Seven Sandinista! The Clash April
00:20:00 Train in Vain London Calling The Clash Pat
00:25:00 Shakedown Equal But Different: BBC Sessions 79-81 Au Pairs April
00:25:00 Jailbreak Jailbreak Thin Lizzy Pat
00:30:00 Mambo Sun Electric Warrior T. Rex April
00:30:00 I Can't Explain Who's Greatest Hits The Who Pat
00:30:00 Trying to Get to You Elvis Elvis Presley April
00:35:00 Reelin' in the Years Can't Buy a Thrill Steely Dan Pat
00:40:00 Our House The Rise & Fall Madness April
00:40:00 Next to You Outlandos d'Amour The Police Pat
00:45:00 Aerials Toxicity System of a Down April
00:45:00 Fool in the Rain In Through the Out Door Led Zeppelin Pat
00:45:00 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out The Queen Is Dead The Smiths April
00:50:00 Change Ignition John Waite Pat
00:50:00 Fall on Me Lifes Rich Pageant R.E.M. April
00:55:00 Fractured Plead the Fifth Taproot Kyle