Episode 121: Replacement Players

Episode 121: Replacement Players
Pat is joined by the first of his four new co-hosts, comedian Murray Valeriano, to play songs from bands that replaced a key member and then continued on to further success.
From October 31, 2013


With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano
00:00:00 Pat kicks off this week's episode by introducting the first of four new rotating cohosts: Murray Valeriano, who you will remember from the Beatles episode.
  The gang talks about what instrument they would play in the new "Pat and the Rotators" band.
  This leads to a discussion of what the remaining Beastie Boys are up to.
00:05:00 Pat asks the gang if they would rather have their band put out a great album every four years or a mediocre album every year. Pat goes with mediocre, while the others go for great.

Murray plays some songs from Pearl Jam's latest album Lightning Bolt. He likes the rockin' stuff, but not the mellow stuff.


Murray thinks that Eddie Vedder sometimes sounds like Paul Stanley. Paul stops in to comment.

00:10:00 The new Under the Covers album from Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs is now out. Pat gives it a mixed review.
00:15:00 Pat excitedly talks about the upcoming release of the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. It comes out in October.
00:20:00 Murray kicks off the replacement show with The Replacements - "Talent Show" from the album Don't Tell A Soul.
  Pat plays the first post Keith Moon album from The Who - "Daily Records" from the album Face Dances.
00:25:00 Most of this next band has been replaced except for the bass player and the head honcho Jeff Tweedy: Wilco - "Hate It Here" from the album Sky Blue Sky.
  Next are the Bad Boys from Boston: Aerosmith - "Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)" from the album Rock In A Hard Place.
00:30:00 In 1990 the non-Michael Stipe members of R.E.M. quasi-replaced him with Warren Zevon and formed the Hindu Love Gods - "Raspberry Beret " from the album Hindu Love Gods.
00:35:00 Pat's next is the Scott Weiland-less Stone Temple Pilots - "Out Of Time" from the album High Rise.
00:40:00 Murray makes his mark by playing one of the weirdest double shots in history: Audioslave - "Cochise" from the album Audioslave and Tears For Fears - "Woman In Chains" from the album The Seeds Of Love.
00:45:00 This band had to replace two of its members due to overdose: Pretenders - "Time The Avenger" from the album Learning To Crawl.
  Poor Adam. Malcom McClarin influenced all of the Ants to leave and form Bow Wow Wow. But Adam bounced back. Here's the new Adam and the Ants - "Stand and Deliver" from the album Prince Charming.
00:50:00 Pat shares his apologies with Foreigner, UFO and Motley Crue. Instead he goes with countrified version of Fleetwood Mac - "When The Sun Goes Down" from the album Behind The Mask.
  Murray breaks new ground by playing a band that's never been on the show before: Grateful Dead - "Alabama Getaway " from the album Go To Heaven.
00:55:00 More apologies to Heart, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Styx. Pat goes with Yes - "Into The Lens" from the album Drama.
  Murray hates the band, but loves the story of Genesis - "Follow You, Follow Me" from the album And Then There Were Three.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:20:00 Talent Show Don't Tell A Soul The Replacements Murray
00:20:00 Daily Records Face Dances The Who Pat
00:25:00 Hate It Here Sky Blue Sky Wilco Murray
00:25:00 Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat) Rock In A Hard Place Aerosmith Pat
00:30:00 Raspberry Beret Hindu Love Gods Hindu Love Gods Murray
00:35:00 Out Of Time High Rise Stone Temple Pilots Pat
00:40:00 Cochise Audioslave Audioslave Murray
00:40:00 Woman In Chains The Seeds Of Love Tears For Fears Murray
00:45:00 Time The Avenger Learning To Crawl Pretenders Pat
00:45:00 Stand and Deliver Prince Charming Adam and the Ants Murray
00:50:00 When The Sun Goes Down Behind The Mask Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:50:00 Alabama Getaway Go To Heaven Grateful Dead Murray
00:55:00 Into The Lens Drama Yes Pat
00:55:00 Follow You, Follow Me And Then There Were Three Genesis Murray
00:60:00 Simple Song Port of Morrow The Shins Matt