Episode 113: 4:12

Episode 113: 4:12
Pat and Gary explore the myriad ways artists can fill up a 4 minute and 12 second musical canvass.

From September 5, 2013

The gang is recording this week's show on the birthday of comedian and host of the Road Stories postcast, Murray Valeriano.


The reason this is relevant is because Murray pointed out an egregious error that Pat made on the during Episode 109: Somebody and The Somethings. Pat attributed "Rock Around the Clock" to Bill Haley & The Comets.




As everyone knows, it's Bill Haley & His Comets. It is with a heavy heart and a disheveled spit curl that I have to give Pat a


Gary is extra punchy today because he's starting to sleep with a CPAP machine.



Dramatic recreation


Apparently a side effect of the CPAP is short-term memory loss, which Gary is experiencing in spades. Best of luck, Gary!


Gary realized after the John Waite episode that they didn't play any Babys songs. So, to make up for it Pat and Gary play some hot licks:


  • Pat plays "If you got the time" off of their self-titled debut album
  • Gary likes the song "Head First" from their album of the same name, because it talks something that's rarely addressed in song: the middle of a relationship.
  • Next Pat plays the title song from the album Broken Heart.
  • Pat keeps rollin' with "Every Time I Think of You" from Head First.
  • Pat finishes up with "Turn and Walk Away" from On The Edge.
Gary doesn't know why The Babys doesn't get the respect they deserve from the power pop geeks.


Here are a couple of tracks that Gary has been playing on repeat lately:


  • L.A. band Haim with "The Wire"
  • Another L.A. outfit, this one with a more country-rock flavor: Dawes with "Most People"

And now, a word from our sponsor

00:15:00 This is the second time the gang has used song length as a topic (the first being Episode 47), which indicates that they are officially out of show ideas [ed. note: ZING!]. But seriously, it's fun to see what songs have the same length.
  Gary starts out with the indie's anthem about sexual harrassment: it's Glasgow's Belle & Sebastian - "Step Into My Office Baby" from the album Dear Catastrophe Waitress.
  Pat's on a mission from God: The Blues Brothers - "She Caught The Katy" from the Blues Brothers Soundtrack.
00:20:00 Here's another movie related track from Gary: Grant Lee Buffalo - "The Whole Shebang" from the Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack.
  Pat asks that classic question: What happens when you take a guy from Night Ranger and you get him together with a guy from Styx? You might think the answer would be "nothing worth recording." Well, you be the judge: Shaw-Blades - "My Hallucination" from the album Shaw-Blades. Surprisingly listenable!

Here's one of Gary's favorites: The New Pornographers - "Mutiny, I Promise You" from the album Challengers.


Gary recommends checking out the adorable video for this song, which stars comedians Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler. Check it out!


"It's never too early to get your kids involved with pornography.'"

- Parent Gary Lucy, speaking (hopefully) about The New Pornographers
  Pat's next jam is the little played, but down and dirty song by the The Rolling Stones - "Dance Little Sister" from the album It's Only Rock 'N Roll.

Matt interjects to say that Gary has produced the most "Gary-ish" playlist for this show, which includes Gary's next track: The Hold Steady - "Stuck Between Stations" from the album Boys and Girls in America.

00:30:00 The Hold Steady is from Minneapolis, or as Pat's mom says it "Minaplis". This last weekend Pat's mom also offered him a Zero Coke and the Cheerios with the nuts in it (i.e. Honey Nut Cheerios).
  Here's a jam for a lil' Irish banded named U2 - "No Line On The Horizon" from the album of the same name.
  This band from Omaha has a tap-dancing precussionist. That's somethin'. Tilly & The Wall - "Lost Girls" from the album Bottoms of Barrels.
  Remember when Aerosmith was good? Pat does. Here's the Bad Boys from Boston with "Sick As A Dog" from the album ROCKS.


Gary gives the callers some love


  • Benjamin from Calgary recommends Sage Francis - "Hell of a Year" from the album Human the Death Dance.
  • A fine caller from San Diego (sorry, I missed the name) suggests the classic LL Cool J - "Going Back to Cali" from the album Walking with the Panther.
00:40:00 Gary goes down under (if ya know whadImean) to play The Sleepy Jackson - "Good Dancers" from the album Lovers.
  Pat plays a song from The Cars lead singer and apparent warlock (Paulina Porizkova? Really?!) Ric Ocasek - "Touchdown Easy" from the album Fireball Zone.
  Gary spins a song from America's Greatest Band [ed. note: amen, brother!] Wilco - "Leave Me (like You Found Me)" from the album Sky Blue Sky.
00:45:00 When Gary saw Wilco a few weeks ago they brought out Nancy Sinatra to sing "Bang, Bang" and "These Boots are Made for Walkin'"
  Pat plays past Rock Solid guest John Waite - "More" from the album Temple Bar (jpeg attached).
  Gary next brings us another Irish band: The Thrills - "Nothing Changes Around Here" from the album Teenager.
  The last Steve Perry song that he recorded with Journey is from the 1996 album titled Trial By Fire: "I Can See It In Your Eyes".
00:50:00 Gary plays a very 80s and very catchy song from the movie Streets of Fire (which starred the sexy Diane Lane and somewhat less sexy Wilem Defoe): Dan Hartman - "I Can Dream About You" from the album I Can Dream About You.
  Pat finishes up with one of his faves: Foo Fighters - "D.O.A." from the album In Your Honor.
00:55:00 Matt finishes up with a little known mid 90s hip hop joint by Rumpletilskinz - "Attitude" from the album What is a Rumpletilskinz?
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:5:00If you got the timeIf you got the timeThe BabysPat
00:5:00Head FirstHead FirstThe BabysGary
00:5:00Broken HeartBroken HeartThe BabysPat
00:5:00Every Time I think of youEvery Time I think of youThe BabysPat
00:5:00Turn and Walk AwayOn The EdgeThe BabysPat
00:15:00Step Into My Office BabyDear Catastrophe WaitressBelle & SebastianGary
00:15:00She Caught The KatyBlues Brothers SoundtrackThe Blues BrothersPat
00:20:00The Whole ShebangVelvet Goldmine SoundtrackGrant Lee BuffaloGary
00:20:00My HallucinationShaw/BladesShaw/BladesPat
00:25:00Mutiny, I Promise YouChallengersThe New PornographersGary
00:25:00Dance Little SisterIt's Only Rock 'N RollThe Rolling StonesPat
00:25:00Stuck Between StationsBoys and Girls in AmericaThe Hold SteadyGary
00:30:00No Line On The HorizonNo Line On The HorizonU2Pat
00:30:00Lost GirlsBottoms of BarrelsTilly & The WallGary
00:30:00Sick As A DogROCKSAerosmithPat
00:35:00Hell of a YearHuman the Death DanceSage FrancisGary
00:35:00Going Back to CaliWalking with the PantherLL Cool JGary
00:40:00Good DancersLoversThe Sleepy JacksonGary
00:40:00Touchdown EasyFireball ZoneRic OcasekPat
00:40:00Leave Me (like You Found Me)Sky Blue SkyWilcoGary
00:45:00MoreTemple Bar (jpeg attached)John WaitePat
00:45:00Nothing Changes Around HereTeenagerThe ThrillsGary
00:45:00I Can See It In Your EyesTrial By FireJourney Pat
00:50:00I Can Dream About YouI Can Dream About YouDan HartmanGary
00:50:00DOAIn Your HonorFoo FightersPat
00:55:00AttitudeWhat is a Rumpletilskinz?RumpletilskinzMatt