Episode 111: "I" Tunes

Episode 111: "I" Tunes
There's no "I" in team but there is one "I" in every song played on this week's show. Karrie Kirchgessner joins the fun for the most self-centered episode ever.

From August 22, 2013

The gang is joined by Karrie K, the host of Dirty Laundry TV, the online indie music interview show that takes place in a laundry mat.


Karrie pictured here with Pat and Gary doing their famous
"Wave, Pray, Punch" routine

Karrie grew up in Harrison, Ohio, the home of the Wildcats and goetta, the oatmeal, pork and fat combo that is a delicacy in the Cincinatti area.

Sign me up!

Goetta reminds Pat of another weird regional food, the phallic looking geoduck clam from the Pacific Northwest.

  Besides being a host and a DJ, Karrie is also bass player. Her band, Delta Mirror, is in studio working on their second album.
00:10:00 Pat saw Joan Jett for the first time recently and she did not disappoint. Pat plays a "Any Weather" off of her new album Unvarnished.

For the Rock Solid Book Club, Gary suggests you check out Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke, Rob Sheffield's follow up to Love is a Mix Tape. In the book Rob recounts how he used karaoke to overcome the death of his wife.


Before the boys dig into today's topic, a commercial word:



KISS solo album commercials

00:15:00 Karrie kicks it off with the recently passed J.J. Cale - "I Wish I Had Not Said That" from the album Shades.
  Pat goes with the San Francisco's finest singer: Steve Perry - "I Believe" from the album Street Talk.
  Gary travels to the nation's capitol for Bad Brains - "I Against I" from the album I Against I.

Gary asks Karrie what her first album was. She demonstrates her cred by answering Songs In The Keys of Life by Stevie Wonder. Then she loses her cred by saying her second purchase was New Kids on the Block. P.S. Here fav NKOTB was Jonathan.


  Karrie keeps it non-mainstream with the first album recorded directly to digital: Giorgio Moroder - "I Wanna Rock You" from the album E=MC2.

Pat gives us all musical whiplash by playing Kiss - "I Just Wanna" from the album Revenge.


Luckily Paul Stanley drops by to explain the song.

00:25:00 Gary plays some solo work for Big Star's Chris Bell - "I am the Cosmos" from the album I am the Cosmos.

Karrie's next track comes from jolly ole England (pip-pip!): The Vaccines - "I Always Knew" from the album Come Of Age. Not so coincidentally, Dirty Laundry TV hosted The Vaccines back in March. Check it out:


The Vaccines on Dirty Laundry TV

00:30:00 Pat played his next song pretty much so that Eric in Minnesota will finally get off his friggin' back! It's The Gopher State's own Bob Dylan - "I Want You" from his Greatest Hits.


  • Mike from CT's "I" song suggestion is "I Just Show Myself in the Foot Again" by Mark Mulcahy. Gary liked the artist, but he went with the newer song "I Taketh Away" from the album Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You.
  • Frank from Bend, OR votes for "I remember the Sun" by XTC from the Big Express.
  • That snide jerk Joshua from St. Louis mouths off with Dredg with "I Don't Know" from The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion.
  • The winning call, according to Gary, is Scott from Kansas City who suggest "I Wanna to go Where the People Go" by The Wild Hearts from the album 100 Rock Hits.
00:40:00 Karrie wrenches control away from Gary to play Tashaki Miyaki - "I Wonder if I Care As Much" from the album Tashaki Miyaki sings the Everly Brothers.
  Pat skips The Raspberries' "I Want To Be With You" in order to play Steven Tyler - "I Love Trash" from the album Elmopalooza. Wow.
00:45:00 Gary loves this album. He says that no one tells the story of a simple song better than Linda Ronstadt - "I Can't Let Go" from the album Mad Love.

Pat tells the story of Linda Ronstadt and Robin Quivers having it out on the Tonight Show back in 1995. I couldn't find a clip, but here's Robin talking about the aftermath of the interview with Howard Stern


Howard and Robin: The next day
  Karrie says she uses this song to warm up her base before a gig: The Stone Roses - "I Wanna Be Adored" from the album The Stone Roses.
  Gary asks Karrie why there seems to be so many cute girl bassists. Karrie teasingly responds that she doesn't know why the bass makes men want to objectify women. Ouch! You can hear Gary's face turn a little red.
"My favorites bassists are just the slutty, trampy girls .'"

- Pat talking about his favorite bassists
00:50:00 Pat (mercifully) skips the Miley Cyrus/John Travolta song "I Thought I Lost You" from the motion picture Bolt and instead goes with the catchy tune Split Enz - "I Got You " from the album True Colours.
  Gary continues the catchy song streak with Sunset Valley - "I Got Fair" from the album Boyscout Superhero.
  Next, Karrie goes with the underappreciated and funny L.A. band Sparks - "I Wish I Looked A Little Better" from the album In Outer space.
00:55:00 Pat finishes up his list with past Rock Solid guest Kathleen Wilhoite - "I Stopped Asking" from the album Shiva.
  Kathleen remains busy. She now has her own podcast titled Suck The Joy and she's the narrator for audiobook version of Where'd You Go Bernadette?, which was written by former Arrested Development writer Maria Semple.
  Gary already bumped this band from the Rock Solid-opedia Y show, so he can't skip them this time: Yo - "I Meant to Tell You" from the album Once in a Blue Moon.
  Karrie finishes hard: Motörhead - "I Am The Sword" from the album Bastards.
01:00:00 Be sure to follow Dirty Laundry TV on all of its social media iterations (Twitter | Facebook | YouTube)
  Matt plays us out with a prom staple from back in the day: New Kids On The Block - "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" from the album Hangin' Tough.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00I Wish I Had Not Said ThatShadesJ.J. CaleKarrie
00:15:00I BelieveStreet TalkSteve PerryPat
00:15:00I Against II Against IBad BrainsGary
00:20:00I Wanna Rock YouE=MC2Giorgio MoroderKarrie
00:20:00I Just WannaRevengeKissPat
00:25:00I am the CosmosI am the CosmosChris BellGary
00:25:00I Always KnewCome Of AgeThe VaccinesKarrie
00:30:00I Want YouGreatest HitsBob DylanPat
00:30:00I Taketh AwayDear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love YouMark MulcahyGary
00:35:00I Remember the SunThe Big ExpressXTCGary
00:35:00I Don't KnowThe Pariah, the Parrot, the DelusionDredgGary
00:35:00I Wanna to go Where the People Go100 Rock HitsThe Wild HeartsGary
00:40:00I Wonder if I Care As MuchTashaki Miyaki sings the Everly BrothersTashaki MiyakiKarrie
00:40:00I Love TrashElmopaloozaSteven TylerPat
00:45:00I Can't Let GoMad LoveLinda RonstadtGary
00:45:00I Wanna Be AdoredThe Stone RosesThe Stone RosesKarrie
00:50:00I Got You True ColoursSplit EnzPat
00:50:00I Got FairBoyscout SuperheroSunset ValleyGary
00:50:00I Wish I Looked A Little Better In Outer spaceSparksKarrie
00:55:00I Stopped AskingShivaKathleen WilhoitePat
00:55:00I Meant to Tell YouOnce in a Blue MoonYoGary
00:55:00I Am The SwordBastardsMotörheadKarrie
00:60:00I'll Be Loving You ForeverHangin' ToughNew Kids On The BlockMatt