Episode 108: Sun and Moon

Episode 108: Sun and Moon
Which bright object in the sky has inspired the best songs? You decide in this solar/lunar smackdown!

From August 1, 2013
00:00:00 The O.T. (Original Trio) is in the studio today.

Pat is finally taking the winner of the Pat Takes You To A Concert to see Joan Jett. The winner's name is Mike Funt. Snickers ensue.


On a similar topic, the TV show that Pat is currently working on is hosted by Mike Hawk. [ed. note: I love Mike Hawk. I bet you would like Mike Hawk too. Click the video below to see Mike Hawk out in the open.]

  Matt tells the story of the Hurwitz Sisters, who made the Alanis Morissette "Ironic" actually ironic.

Pat and Gary do a mini-episode/Best of 2013 so far/New Music Round-Up


They play:

  • Pearl Jam - "Mind Your Manners" from Lightning Bolt
  • Kings of Leon - "Super Soaker" from Mechanical Bull
  • Sheryl Crow - "Easy" from Feels Like Home
  • Franz Ferdinand - "Right Action" from Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
  • Black Sabbath - "Age of Reason" from 13
  • Mayer Hawthorne - "Her Favorite Song" from Where DThis Doo Go
  • Avril Lavigne - Here's to Never Growing Up from her self-titled album.
  • Jagwar Ma - "Come Save Me"
  • JP Jones - "Fancy Man" from Son of Jack
  • The Stooges - "Job" from Ready to Die
  • The Pride of Erie, PA - "Angelina Wants Blood" from Let's Start A Band

00:20:00 Gary plays some commercial clips to kick off the topic. He learned that if you Google "Walking On Sunshine Commercial" you will get a YouTube load of clips. That song has earned the Waves a load of dough.

This is Gary's favorite song nowadays. It's Eleanor Friedberger - "Stare at the Sun" from the album Personal Record.


Gary likes the album so much, he's giving it away! Just write a review of Rock Solid on iTunes.

  This is one of Pat's favorite U2 song on one of his least favorite albums: "Staring At The Sun" from the album POP.
00:30:00 Gary turns to an animated soundtrack for his first 'moon' song: Jenny Lewis - "Barking at the Moon" from the album Bolt Soundtrack.
  Plays a great song from a great album by one of the greatest bands of all time [ed. note: I'm a fan]: R.E.M. - "Man On The Moon" from the album Automatic For The People.
  When Gary first heard this song back in the day he thought it was so ahead of it's time that it would signal the end of the world. Heavy stuff from The Chemical Brothers - "Setting Sun" from the album Dig Your Own Hole.
00:35:00 Pat takes us back to 1967 with The Kinks - "Love Me Till The Sun Shines" from the album Something Else...
  Gary played that Seattle band that never quite made it: The Fastbacks - "Go Off to the Moon" from the album Zucker.
  This next song is taken from podcast host and NNF favorite Paul Gilmartin's favorite AC/DC album: "What's Next To The Moon" from the album Powerage.
00:40:00 Gary goes with a classic: The Walker Brothers - "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" from their Best of album.
  Pat cuts James Taylor's "Sunny Skies" and Duran Duran's "New Moon On Monday". Instead, he pulls out the big guns: The Beatles - "I'll Follow The Sun" from the album Beatles For Sale.

Gary serves up some ultra-tasty A.M. Gold with one of the best songs ever written [ed. note: I'm a fan]: Starbuck - "Moonlight Feels Right" from the album Moonlight Feels Right.


Side note: On episode 926 of Never Not Funny, guest Paul F. Tompkins suggests to the audience that they view the most 70s thing ever seen: Starbuck's video for this very song. At 1:48 be sure to check out the band member wearing a chest-baring skin tight full body suit while performing his xylophone solo. Yes, you read that right, I said a xylophone solo.


This deserves an extra big video

00:45:00 Pat considers this one of The Rolling Stones' most underrated album and last great album: "Moon Is Up" from the album Voodoo Lounge.
  Gary has little to say about his next song, except that it's pretty: Ben Kweller - "Sundress" from the album Ben Kweller.
  Pat plays the Jeff Lynn producted song from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - "Dark Of The Sun" from the album Into The Great Wide Open.

Oh boy! It's another


It's Boston's own Scruffy the Cat - "Moons of Jupiter" from the album Moons of Jupiter.

  Pat finishes up his list with the smooooooooth sounds of Van Morrison - "Moondance" from the album Moondance.
00:55:00 Gary plays the pride of Santa Cruz, CA: Camper Van Beethoven - "The Day Lassie Went to the Moon" from the album Telephone Free Landslide Victory.
  Matt takes us home with the ever-mellow Cowboy Junkies - "Blue Moon Revisited" from the album The Trinity Session.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:25:00Stare at the SunPersonal RecordEleanor FriedbergerGary
00:25:00Staring At The SunPOPU2Pat
00:30:00Barking at the MoonBolt SoundtrackJenny LewisGary
00:30:00Man On The MoonAutomatic For The PeopleR.E.M.Pat
00:30:00Setting SunDig Your Own HoleThe Chemical BrothersGary
00:35:00Love Me Till The Sun ShinesSomething Else...The KinksPat
00:35:00Go Off to the MoonZuckerThe FastbacksGary
00:35:00What's Next To The MoonPowerageAC/DCPat
00:40:00The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine AnymoreBest ofThe Walker BrothersGary
00:40:00I'll Follow The SunBeatles For SaleThe BeatlesPat
00:40:00Moonlight Feels RightMoonlight Feels RightStarbuckGary
00:45:00Moon Is UpVoodoo LoungeThe Rolling StonesPat
00:45:00SundressBen KwellerBen KwellerGary
00:45:00Dark Of The SunInto The Great Wide OpenTom Petty & the HeartbreakersPat
00:50:00Moons of JupiterMoons of JupiterScruffy the CatGary
00:50:00MoondanceMoondanceVan MorrisonPat
00:55:00The Day Lassie Went to the MoonTelephone Free Landslide VictoryCamper Van BeethovenGary
00:55:00Blue Moon RevisitedThe Trinity SessionCowboy JunkiesMatt