Episode 105: Specials Guests

Episode 105: Specials Guests
Special guest Mike Siegel helps Pat and Gary kick off Year 3 with songs that celebrate... special guests!

From July 11, 2013
Dirty iPod is given the opportunity to kick off Season Three of the big show, but he instantly goes blue. I guess we shouldn't be surprised.
Pat announces this website! They say some very nice things about the site and me. Very exciting!

  • Mitch from Chicago has a couple of trivia question:
    • What is the longest running rock trio without line-up changes?
    • What is the only number one song by a fictional band?
  • Dan from PA with a show idea: songs with guest musicians.
Hunky comedian and host of the Travel Tales podcast Mike Siegel joins the boys today.
Mike is an avid traveller, having been to more than 5,000 countries (country count is approximate). This summer he's heading back to Croatia.

Here's Mike vacationing in Viet Nam
00:10:00 Mike kicks it off with the 1984 hit Rockwell - "Somebody's Watching Me" from the album Rockwell (w/Michael Jackson)
00:15:00 Nowadays every song has a "featuring" on it, but back in the day, no one was doing it. That is until Sonic Youth (+Chuck D) - "Kool Thing" from the album Goo
Pat's favorite vocalist makes an appearance Motley Crue (w/Robin Zander) - "She Goes Down" from the album Dr. Feelgood.
00:20:00 Mike brings us a all O.C. special: Sublime (w/Gwen Stefani) - "I Saw Red" from the album Sublime.
"There was no scooter parking in front of the studio that day.'"

- Gary, refering to the recording of "I Saw Red"
Gary says this is why you get famous: so you can work with your heroes. Pet Shop Boys (w/Dusty Springfield) - "What Have I Done to Deserve This" from the album Actually.
Pat loves Mickey J's solo stuff. For this collabo he partnered with a slightly lesser rock n roll giant. It's Mick Jagger (w/Bono) - "Joy" from the album Goddess In The Doorway.
00:25:00 Mike takes us back to the sweet soul sounds of 1962: Sam Cooke (w/Lou Rawls) - "Bring it on Home to Me" from the album Animal Tracks.
This featured artist was everywhere in the 70s, but we haven't heard much from him lately...until now! Okay, that was needlessly dramatic. Gary Daft Punk (feat. Paul Williams) - "Touch" from the album Random Access Memories.
00:30:00 This is one of Pat's favorite albums of the new millenium. Pat Foo Fighters (w/Bob Mould) - "Wasting Light" from the album Dear Rosemary.
Mike plays a K-Tel favorite [ed. note: and a favorite of mine, when I was youngun]: John Stewart (w/Stevie Nicks) - "Gold" from the album Bombs Away Dream Babies.
Surprise! Gary is playing some Decemberists. Seriously Gary, get a room! The Decemberists (w/Laura Veirs) - "Yankee Bayonet" from the album The Crane Wife.
Pat goes to the dark time of Rush, and Aimee Mann for that matter: Kinda catchy, though: Rush (w/Aimee Mann) - "Time Stand Still" from the album Hold Your Fire.
Mike takes us back to Motown with Little Stevie Wonder during his funky phase where he could do no wrong. He won the Album of the Year Grammy three times in four years for Christ's sake! Anyway, I digress: Stevie Wonder (w/The Jackson 5) - "You Haven't Done Nothin'" from the album Fulfillingness' First Finale.
00:40:00 Gary, unfortunately, plays Rilo Kiley (feat. Too $Hort) - "Dejalo" from the album RKives. A rare miss for R.K.
00:45:00 How can someone so pretentious suck so bad? Don Henley (w/Belinda Carlisle) - "She's On The Zoom" from the album Vision Quest Soundtrack.
Mike brings a surprising combo: Nick Lowe (w/Huey Lewis) - "I Knew the bride" from the album The Rose of England.
00:50:00 Gary isn't sure if he likes this 1969 song or not [ed. note: I vote nay]: Bob Dylan (& Johnny Cash) - "Girl from the North Country" from the album Nashville Skyline.
Pat's next song is the only one by the artist where he has shared a cowriter credit. It's Billy Joel (w/Cyndi Lauper) - "Code Of Silence" from the album The Bridge.

On Pat's recommendation, Gary picked up Billy Joel's 'Glass Houses' album. The verdict was 'so-so.'
00:55:00 Mike, by his own admission, does an obvious two-fer with The Beatles (w/Eric Clapton) - "While my Guitar Gently Weeps" from the album The Beatles (White Album) and The Beatles (w/Billy Preston) - "Get Back" from the album Let It Be.
2012 was a collaboration-heavy year for Aimee Mann. She played on Ben Gibbard's album and she collaborated with The Shins' James Mercer on "Living a Lie" from the album Charmer.
01:00:00 Pat shares his apologies with Cheap Trick w/Chrissie Hynde, Elton John w/Stevie Wonder from "I Guess That's Why The Call It The Blues", Carly Simon w/Mich Jaggar from "You're So Vain".

Instead he goes with Pat Tom Petty (w/The Bangles) - "Waiting For Tonight" from the album Playback Box Set Disc 6: Nobody's Children.
Mike finishes up with David Bowie (w/Stevie Ray Vaughan) - "Let's Dance" from the album Let's Dance.
01:05:00 Matt takes it on home with KeSha (w/Iggy Pop) - "Dirty Love" from Warrior
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00Somebody's Watching MeSomebody's Watching MeRockwell (w/Michael Jackson)Mike
00:15:00Kool ThingGooSonic Youth (w/Chuck D)Gary
00:15:00She Goes DownDr. FeelgoodMotley Crue (w/Robin Zander)Pat
00:20:00I Saw RedSublimeSublime (w/Gwen Stefani)Mike
00:20:00What Have I Done to Deserve ThisActuallyPet Shop Boys (w/Dusty Springfield)Gary
00:20:00JoyGoddess In The DoorwayMick Jagger (w/Bono)Pat
00:25:00Bring it on Home to MeAnimal TracksSam Cooke (w/Lou Rawls)Mike
00:25:00TouchRandom Access MemoriesDaft Punk (w/ Paul Williams)Gary
00:30:00Wasting LightDear RosemaryFoo Fighters (w/Bob Mould)Pat
00:30:00GoldBombs Away Dream BabiesJohn Stewart (w/Stevie Nicks)Mike
00:35:00Yankee BayonetThe Crane WifeThe Decemberists (w/Laura Veirs)Gary
00:35:00Time Stand StillHold Your FireRush (w/Aimee Mann)Pat
00:35:00You Haven't Done Nothin'Fulfillingness' First FinaleStevie Wonder (w/The Jackson 5)Mike
00:40:00DejaloRKivesRilo Kiley (w/ Too $Hort)Gary
00:45:00She's On The ZoomVision Quest SoundtrackDon Henley (w/Belinda Carlisle)Pat
00:45:00I Knew the brideThe Rose of EnglandNick Lowe (w/Huey Lewis)Mike
00:50:00Girl from the North CountryNashville SkylineBob Dylan (w/Johnny Cash)Gary
00:50:00Code Of SilenceThe BridgeBilly Joel (w/Cyndi Lauper)Pat
00:55:00While my Guitar Gently WeepsThe Beatles (White Album)The Beatles (w/Eric Clapton)Mike
00:55:00Get BackLet It BeThe Beatles (w/Billy Preston)Mike
01:00:00Living a LieCharmerAimee Mann (w/ James Mercer)Gary
01:00:00Waiting For TonightPlayback Box Set Disc 6: Nobody's ChildrenTom Petty (w/The Bangles)Pat
01:00:00Let's DanceLet's DanceDavid Bowie (w/Stevie Ray Vaughan)Mike
01:05:00Dirty LoveWarriorKe$ha (w/Iggy Pop)Matt