Episode 104: Boys and Girls

Episode 104: Boys and Girls
Pat and Gary go on a gender-specific joyride as they play songs with "Girl" or "Boy" in the title.

From July 4, 2013
00:00:00 The gang, as well as Preston, are in the house. There is a now a "one relative per show" rule now. Eventually even Matt's daughter Zoe will make it to the show.
  Gary plays a song he heard on a Lexus commercial.

It's "Je T'adore" by The Figgs, a band from New York state that have been kicking around for some years. They recently came out with a career retrospective titled 1000 People Grinning. Gary highly recommends it.

00:05:00 In episode 103 Pat unrecommended The Rolling Stones album Their Satanic Majesty's Request. This week he brings proof: the terrible track "In another Land" written by Bill Wyman. Truly awful.
  Pat learned recently that Johnny Rzeznick was not the original singer of the Goo Goo Dolls. It blows his MIND (and rightfully so).
00:10:00 Pat can't believe they forgot to mention Hansen in their Trios show. Gary reveals that he worked with a Hansen brother once.
  • Andrew from Boston offers a trivia question about Motorhead mascot Snaggletooth. Gary gives some insight into how to write a trivia question.
  • Myron from South Dakota offer the question: what is the only billboard #1 single that was orignally released on Rhino records?
00:20:00 Pat starts off with a "girl" song: "How do you talk to girls?" - Rick Springfield from Success hasn't spoiled me yet.
  Gary goes with a boy song with the classic: The Cure - "Boys don't Cry" from an album of the same name.
  Next is a Dave Edmunds tune written by Elvis Costello - "Girls Talk" from Repeat when Necessary

Gary dedicates next song to loyal listener Brian from Green Bay, who going through a tough breakup. Two things keep him going: Rock Solid and the music of Ra Ra Riot - "Boy" from The Orchard.

Pat generously gives Brian a pep talk about getting back in the saddle again.

  Pat plays an early MTV song: Graham Parker - "Local Girls" from Squeezing out sparks.
00:30:00 Gary is stoked to play this Swedish band: Bettie Serveert - "Tomboy" from an Palomine.
  Pat goes with the oldie: The Four Seasons - "Big Girls Don't Cry" from Sherry & 11 Others.
  Next is the indie darling Best Coast - "Boyfriend" from Crazy for you.
00:35:00 Pat goes minimalist with his last girl song: "Girls" by Marshall Crenshaw from the album Marshall Crenshaw
  Gary double dips with Imperial Drag - "Boy or a Girl" from the album Imperial Drag.
  Pat plays a song from an album that can get lost in the shuffle: The Rolling Stones - "Where the Girls go" from Emotional Rescue.
00:40:00 Here's a great song by a poorly named band: The Academy is... - "About a girl" from Fast Times at Barrington High.
  You can't go wrong by playing The Pretenders - "bad boys get spanked" from Pretenders II
  Next comes Gary with Bram Tchaikovsky (aka Peter Bramall) with "Girl of my dreams" from Strange Man Changed Man
00:45:00 This is a song sung by a girl, written by a boy who some people consider feminine: Susanna Hoffs with her cover of David Bowie's "Boys keep swinging" from When you're a boy
  Next is a Scottish lad named Edwin Collins - "Girl Like You" from Gorgeous George
00:50:00 From David Bowie's awesome comeback album the next day comes "Dirty Boys"
  Gary goes back to 1984 with The Dream Syndicate - "Daddy's Girl" from Medicine Show
  Pat's last is Pete Townshend - "Rough Boys" from Empty Glass
  Gary finishes up with The Paul Collins Beat - "Rock n roll girl" from The Beat
00:55:00 Matt takes us home with Tenacious D - "Wonderboy" from their self-titled debut album.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:00:00 Je T'adore Palais The Figgs Gary
00:20:00 How do you talk to girls? Success Hasn't spoiled me yet Rick Springfield Pat
00:20:00 Boys don't Cry Boys don't Cry The Cure Gary
00:20:00 Girls Talk Repeat when necessary Dave Edmunds Pat
00:25:00 Boy The Orchard Ra Ra Riot Gary
00:25:00 Local Girls Squeezing out sparks Graham Parker Pat
00:30:00 Tomboy Palomine Bettie Serveert Gary
00:30:00 Big girls Don't Cry Sherry & 11 Others The Four Seasons Pat
00:30:00 Boyfriend Crazy for you Best Coast Gary
00:35:00 Girls Marshall Crenshaw Marshall Crenshaw Pat
00:35:00 Boy or a girl imperial drag Imperial drag Gary
00:35:00 Where the girls go Emotional Rescue The Rolling Stones Pat
00:40:00 About a girl Fast times at barrington high The academy is... Gary
00:40:00 Bad Boys get spanked Pretenders II The Pretenders Pat
00:40:00 Girl of my dreams Strange man changed man Bram Tchaikovsky Gary
00:45:00 Boys keep swinging When you're a boy Susanna Hoffs Pat
00:45:00 Girl like you Gorgeous George Edwin Collins Gary
00:50:00 Dirty boys The Next Day David Bowie Pat
00:50:00 Daddy's Girl Medicine Show The Dream Syndicate Gary
00:50:00 Rough Boys Empty Glass Pete Townshend Pat
00:50:00 Rock n roll girl the beat The paul collins Beat Gary
00:55:00 Wonderboy Tenacious D Tenacious D Matt