Episode 102: Sweet Nothings

Episode 102: Sweet Nothings
Songs about sugary stuff, guaranteed to rock your teeth out.

From June 20, 2013
00:00:00 The three fellas are in the hizzy as well as
  "The boss" got a mention on Buzzfeed's 8 Comedians You Need To Get On Board With RIGHT NOW. Pat thinks Gary's talking about THE Boss, which of course leads to
  Cards and letters are pouring in for moreUnfortunately, Dirty iPod is currently incarcerated in a drunk tank in Calabasas


Pat challenges the guys to a game based on the the book VJ: The Unplugged Adventures of MTV's First Wave. Each chapter is named after a rock lyric from the era. Pat wants Matt and Gary to name the song.


•  I hope when this issues gone I can see you when your clothes are on.  Show answer

•  You play the guitar on the MTV  Show answer

•  You may find yourself in a beautiful house  Show answer

•  I don't want to lose your love tonight  Show answer

•  Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune  Show answer

•  I'm a cool rockin' daddy in the U.S.A.  Show answer

•  I might let you better if we slept together  Show answer

•  Every time I think of you I always catch my breath  Show answer

•  There comes a time we heed a certain call  Show answer

•  I want to be the one to walk in the sun  Show answer

•  That's my soul up there  Show answer

•  I was there to match my intellect on national TV  Show answer

  Pat recommends the book. Mark Goodman admits to being an asshole. There's a story of Paul Stanley taking Martha Quinn bowling. The Starchild comes to the studio to recreate the scene.
00:10:00 Gary remembers a MTV themed porno (a friend told about it, he swears).

New Music Round-up

  • Gary shares a clip from the new Robin Thicke jam "Blurred Lines"; an early candidate for the Song of Summer.
  • Pat plays a song from Thin Lizzy (sorta). One of the original members is now in a band called Black Star Riders, who released the song "Bound for Glory."
  • Pat follows up with Rod Stewart's latest "She Makes Me Happy"
  • Guided By Voices shares a cautionary tale: "With Glass In Foot"
  • Gary finishes up with the song "Husbands" by the latest SXSW darlings Savages.
  • Fleetwood Mac released a new digital-only EP. Pat plays "Sad Angel"
00:20:00 Pat had box seats at the Hollywood Bowl to see Fleetwood Mac.
"I once spent the night in Stevie Nicks' box'"

- Dirty iPod channeled thru Matt Belknap



Gary introduces today's topic by YET AGAIN forgetting who suggested it. This earns the whole gang a

  Pat kicks it off with Rockpile - "If sugar was as sweet as you" from Seconds of Pleasure
  Gary shares the baritone version of Iggy Pop - "Candy" from Brick By Brick.
"I've seen Iggy Pop shirtless more than I've seen my wife naked.'"

- Pat Francis
  Pat plays the Bad Boys from Boston: Aerosmith - "Cheesecake" from Night in the Ruts
00:30:00 Gay breaks out Nellie McKay's "Cupcake" from Pretty Little Head
  It's time to get dirty with Christine Aguilera - "Candyman" from Back to Basics
  Gary wants some "Ice Cream" from the New Young Pony Club
  Pat goes classic with "Brown Sugar" from Sticky Fingers
00:35:00 Gary gives us the surprising commercially successful song from The Flaming Lips - "She Don't Use Jelly" from Transmissions from the Satellite Heart

Pat and Suzanne Vega gives some sweet, smooth "Caramel" from 99.9F°.

The song is interrupted by Pat's upstairs neighbor. Their fucking kid is messing with Pat's stuff. That kid deserves a beating!

00:40:00 Friend of the show Amanda Zimmerman shared her suggestion for the show: "Sweet Disposition" from the Temper Trap from their self-titled album.
  Gary shares a similarly tempered song with TV on the Radio - "Return to Cookie Mountain" from an album of the same name.

After sharing his apologies with Fall Out Boy for skipping "Sugar, We're Going Down", Pat goes into Billy Falcon - "Sugar" from his album Made Man.

  Gary gets folksy/Elliott Smithy with Mary Lou Lord - "Shake Sugary" from Got No Shadow

Pat's songs are dropping like flies! He has to apologize to The Four Seasons for not playing "Candy Girl" [ed. note: good call]. Instead he plays the title track from Counting Crows [ed. note: bad call] album "Hard Candy"


During the introduction of this song Pat hits his mouth on the mic stand. Pat's sure that it's the fault of that god damn upstairs neighbor kid. Man-oh-man, he is going to get it when Pat gets home!

00:45:00 Gary brings the southern rockabilly with NRBQ - "RC Cola and Moon Pie" from Uncommon Denominators
  The Red Rocker makes an overdue appearance with Montrose - "Rock Candy" from their badass self-titled album.
  Gary recommends some beach reading Tenth of December by George Saunders which is a funny book with addresses the alienation of modern life. The group Grandaddy perfectly captures this bittersweet feeling with their song "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake" from Sumday.

Pat is stalking this woman (or, more accurately, this woman's representation) to get her on the show. In the meantime, we can only enjoy her records: Lisa Loeb - "Taffy" from the album Tails.

Gary says he could watch a taffy pulling machines all day. [ed. note: I wholeheartedly agree!!]

  Gary brings us the beautiful, feedback laden tones of Jesus and Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey" from the album Psychocandy.

Pat finishes up with the New Wave classic "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow.


Gary says that Bow Wow Wow has one of the greatest album titles of all time:

See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy

00:55:00 Pat shares an outstanding review from a new listener.
  Matt plays us out with The Jackson 5 - "Sugardaddy" from their Greatest Hits album
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Blurred Lines Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Gary
00:10:00 Bound For Glory All hell breaks Loose Black Star Riders Pat
00:10:00 She makes me happy Time Rod Stewart Pat
00:10:00 With glass in Foot English Little league Guided by voices Gary
00:10:00 Husbands Silence Yourself Savages Gary
00:10:00 Sad Angel Fleetwood Mac EP Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:25:00 If Sugar was as sweet as you Seconds of pleasure Rockpile Pat
00:25:00 Candy Brick by Brick Iggy Pop Gary
00:25:00 Cheesecake Night in the ruts Aerosmith Pat
00:30:00 Cupcake Pretty Little Head Nellie McKay Gary
00:30:00 Candyman Back to basics Christine Aguilera Pat
00:30:00 Ice Cream 7" Single New Young Pony Club Gary
00:30:00 Brown Sugar Sticky Fingers Rolling Stones Pat
00:35:00 She don't use Jelly Transmissions From The Satellite Heart The Flaming Lips Gary
00:35:00 Caramel 99.9F° Suzanne Vega Pat
00:40:00 Sweet Disposition The Temper Trap The Temper Trap Gary
00:40:00 Return to Cookie Mountain Return to Cookie Mountain TV on the Radio Gary
00:40:00 Sugar Made Man Billy Falcon Pat
00:40:00 Shake Sugary Got no shadow Mary Lou Lord Gary
00:40:00 Hard Candy Hard Candy Counting Crows Pat
00:45:00 RC Cola & Mood Pies Uncommon Denominators NRBQ Gary
00:45:00 Rock Candy Montrose Monstrose Pat
00:45:00 Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake Sumday Grandaddy Gary
00:50:00 Taffy Tails Lisa Loeb Pat
00:50:00 Just like Honey Psychocandy Jesus and Mary Chain Gary
00:50:00 I want Candy Last of the Mohicans Bow Wow Wow Pat
00:55:00 Sugar Daddy Greatest Hits The Jackson 5 Matt