Episode 101: Rocksolid-opedia Vol. QXY

Episode 101: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. QXY
They are the forgotten ones. The unloved. The orphans. Now Pat and Gary devote a whole episode to these wastrels of the Rock Solid-opedia: Q, X and Y. Won't you please give them an hour of your time?

From June 11, 2013
00:00:00 Gary mistakes himself for Pat, to hilarious comic effect. You so crazy, Gary!
  Kyle Dodson is dubbed the new and improved
  Gary went to see Inara George in concert, who is now amount his favorite vocalists, especially now that the great Blossom Dearie has passed away.

Pat has a new iPod Shuffle. It's great, because its internal computer voice will tell you the name of the song that's playing.

Curiously, though, Pat's iPod has become sentient! It has now become:


"Taylor Swift: I would hit that ass so hard.'"

- Dirty iPod

Gary has some apologies:

  • Episode 099 was suggested by Ron Brandt from Long Island, NY.
  • Some phone calls didn't come through, but Gary got the gist.
  • Ray from Ohio (the birthplace of Devo) calls to bitch share constructive feedback about Episode 097 - "Family Tree". He claims that they didn't mention Julian Lennon.
  • James from Brooklyn has two episode suggestions: "Hitting the high notes" (bands with falsetto singers) and "Great sibling bands". As an example he makes an Instant Request for "Emmylou" by the Swedish band First Aid Kit.
  • A call all the way from Italy! Luigi asks if the gang can do a whole show about rainbows.
    Both Gary and Pat feel that they could do it. As a preview, Gary plays The Doors classic "Reading Rainbow."
00:15:00 Gary kicks off the topic with some Quasi - "California" from the oddly titled album Featuring "Birds"
  Pat takes us back to the 80s with Portland's own Quarterflash with "Take me to heart" from Take another picture
Gary shares that Quasi and Quarterflash are both from Portland and that Quarterflash's original name was Seafood Mama, which was a Portland restaurant. Gary has the 45 of Seafood Mama's more indy version of "Harden My Heart." Check it out.
  Gary plays the latest from Queens of the stone age - "I sat by the ocean" from Like clockwork
00:20:00 Pat breaks out Suzi Quatro (a.k.a. Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days) "Stumblin' in" from If You knew Suzi
  Gary shares that Danny Wilde, from the Rembrandts, was also in a band called The Quick. They played a grandiose song called "Hilary" from the album Mondo Deco.
  Pat wonders if The Rembrandts made much dough from the Friends theme. Well, according to this article, the band made an estimated $4.5 million from the tune. Not bad.
00:25:00 The quintessential Q band for Pat is Queen. He chose o play "Don't Stop me now" from Jazz
  Gary moves into X with X-ray Specs - "Oh bondage up yours"
  Pat goes super-meta with X - "Fourth of July" from See how we are.
00:30:00 Gary's band is twice as good as Pat's: XX - "Crystalized" from their self-titled album.
  Pat's next tasty tune is from XTC - "Senses working overtime" from English Settlement.
00:35:00 Gary sneaks in a B-B-B-BONUS-S-S-S XTC clip - "Respectable street" from Black Sea.
  Gary's real next song is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest album - "Sacrilege" from mosquito
  Pat breaks out some RAWK with Y&T - "Summertime Girls" from Down for the count. [ed note: one of Mrs. Editor's all-time favorites]
  This was Gary's song back when Rock Solid started: Yuck - "Get Away" from their self-titled album.
00:40:00 Pat goes hick with Trisha Yearwood - "Walkaway, Joe" from an album of the same name.
  Gary reaffirms his indy cred by playing Yo La Tengo - "Tom Courtenay" from an Electropura
  Pat takes us back to the era of synthecizers with Yes - "Love will find a way" from Big Generator
00:45:00 Pat almost played a song from a "supergroup" made up of members of Toto and Yes. Put those two band names together and you get the (awful) new name Yoso. We dodged a bullet on that one.

Here's another


The super-catchy "I don't see her anymore" from Yanks

  Pat goes classic with Neil Young's "Rockin' in the free world" from Freedom.
  Gary and Janie were thinking about who The Bird and the Bee should cover next. They though that Neil Young would be good. They also thought about Lionel Richie [ed. note: ding, ding, ding!]
00:50:00 Gary plays a good group undone by a dumb name: Urusei Yatsura - "Kewpies Like Watermellon"from Stunray
  Pat teases an annoucement that will happen on Episode 105 (hint: you're reading in right now)
  Matt plays us out with Rock n Roll Hall of Famer: Terminator X - "Buck Whylin'" from Terminator X and the Valley of Jeep Beets
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Emmylou The Lion's Roar First Aid Kit
00:15:00 California Featuring "Birds" Quasi Gary
00:15:00 Take Me to Heart Take another picture Quarterflash Pat
00:15:00 I sate by the ocean Like Clockwork Queens of the stone age Gary
00:20:00 Stumblin' In If you knew suzi Suzi Quatro Pat
00:20:00 Hilary Mondo Deco The Quick Gary
00:25:00 Don't Stop me now Jazz Queen Pat
00:25:00 Oh bondage up yours Single x-ray specs Gary
00:25:00 Fourth of july See how we are x Pat
00:30:00 Crystalized XX XX Gary
00:30:00 Senses working overtime English Settlement XTC Pat
00:35:00 Respectable Street Black Sea XTC Gary
00:35:00 Sacrilege Mosquito Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gary
00:35:00 Summertime Girls Down for the count Y&T Pat
00:35:00 Get away Yuck Yuck Gary
00:40:00 Walkaway, Joe Walkaway, Joe Trisha Yearwood Pat
00:40:00 Tom Courtenay Electropura Yo La Tengo Gary
00:40:00 Love will find a way Big Generator Yes Pat
00:45:00 I don't see her anymore Single Yanks Gary
00:45:00 Rockin' in the Free world Freedom Neil Young Pat
00:50:00 Kewpies Like Watermellon Stunray Urusei Yatsura Gary
00:50:00 Buck Whylin' Terminator X and the Valley of Jeep Beets Terminator X Matt