Episode 17: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. P

Episode 017: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. P
Choice cuts from the "P" section of Pat and Gary's iTunes.

From November 3, 2011
00:00:00 Gary says they received so much hate mail about the naughty episode that they played last week. Tipper Gore is up in arms!

Gary leads us into another segment of


Gary shares with us the hot (at the time) internet sensation Lana Del Rey. After Gary reads the names of her three sings ("Video Games," "Blue Jeans," and "Diet Mountain Dew" Pat theorizes that she's just trying to get an endorsement deal.


After hearing "Video Games" Pat is cautiously positive. He wants to hear more. Her voice reminds him to Riffraff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show (in a good way).


Gary is a bit more critical. He likens her to pumpkin products in October. When you have your first pumpkin flavored whatever you think "I love pumpkin! I should eat it all time!" But when November rolls around you're tired of it.


Pat thinks it's Justified; Gary thinks it's a bit Unwarranted. This leads to the shocking, first ever

00:11:50 To introduct this week's topic, Silent Partner Matt Belknap cuts off Pat in midsentence* to play the Pixies song that was kicked off of the Shrek 2 soundtrack titled "Bam Thwok."
*[ed. note: that is some cold-hearted shit, bro]
00:13:20 Gary kicks it off with the a band that wrote a song called the most depressing ever [ed. note: Nice way to start a show, Gary]. The Pernice Brothers - "The Weakest Shade of Blue" from Yours, Mine & Ours
00:15:55 Pat brings us a newcomer named Robert Plant. He covers a Los Lobos tune called "Angel Dance" on his album Band of Joy.
00:18:10 Gary gives us a grunge pop trio names Papas Fritas with "Hey Hey You Say" from Helioself.
00:20:20 Pat spins a fascinating yarn about early Journey. After three Journey albums that went nowhere the band decided to get a new singer. Once Journey's manager heard a demo tape by a guy in the band Alien Project, he knew they had their new singer. The song is "If You Need Me Call Me" and the singer is Steve Perry. Steve included this song on his Greatest Hits album.
00:24:10 From the great city of Cleveland, Ohio comes Pere Ubu with the "hit song" (according to Gary) "Final Solution"
00:26:05 Pat gives us "The Fixer" from the Pearl Jam album Backspacer
00:28:55 When Gary first moved to Portland he was just pulling out of the darkest period of his life. His first apartment was a dank flophouse. On the last day of staying there he walked out and saw the Canadian pop band The Pursuit of Happiness. He said hello and wound up hanging out with them and seeing their show. That was the turning point in his life. Here they are with their power pop masterpiece "She's So Young" from Love Junk
00:32:15 Pat claims that you can't have a "P" list without featuring Billy Squire's band Piper with "Who's your boyfriend" from Can't Wait
00:34:05 When you ready, I mean really ready, to get down and make sweet, sweet love, Gary demands that you play Teddy Pendergrass' "Close The Door" from an album of the same name.
00:36:35 Pat next gives us Tom Petty - "Waiting for tonight" from his box set Playback.
00:38:45 Gary next lays on us flat background vocals of Polara - "Source of Light" from Polara
00:41:35 Pat finishes up with Pink - "Raise your glass" from her greatest hits album.

Gary shares his apologies with Pavement, Pulp, John Prine, Louie Prima, Portastatic, Portishead, Pure Praire League, Prince, Phoenix, Pearl Jam, Peaches and Herb, Parliment, Prefab Sprout, Psychodelic Furs, Pilot, Stan Phillips and the Posies and their fantastic album Frosting On The Beater.


According to Gary, the best thing to come out of Belgium was Plastic Bertrand and his single "Ca Plane Pour Moi"

00:45:55 Pat shares his apologies with Graham Parker, Pink Floyd, Prince and The Psychodelic Furs.
00:46:15 Pat finishes the show with the supergroup SuperHeavy with the song "SuperHeavy" from the album SuperHeavy.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:11:50 Bam Thwok Single The Pixies Gary
00:13:20 The Weakest Shade of Blue Yours, Mine & Ours The Pernice Brothers Gary
00:15:55 Angel Dance Band of Joy Robert Plant Pat
00:18:10 Hey Hey You Say Helioself Paps Fritas Gary
00:20:20 If you need me call me Greatest Hits Steve Perry Pat
00:24:10 Final Solution Single Pere Ubu Gary
00:26:05 The Fixer Backspacer Pearl Jam Pat
00:28:55 She's So Young Love Junk The Pursuit of Happiness Gary
00:32:15 Who's Your Boyfriend Can't Wait Piper Pat
00:34:05 Close the door Close the door Teddy Pendergrass Gary
00:36:35 Waiting for tonight Playback Tom Petty Pat
00:38:45 Source of light Polara Polara Gary
00:41:35 Raise your glass Greatest Hits so far Pink Pat
00:43:45 Ca Plane Pour Moi Single Plastic Bertrand Gary
00:46:15 Superheavy Superheavy Superheavy Pat