Episode 019: Road Trip!

Episode 019: Road Trip!
It's a Rock Solid road trip -- so behave yourself or we'll turn this podcast right around!

From November 17, 2011
00:00:00 Gary starts out by (uncomfortably) complimenting Pat on his handsomeness and the general attractiveness of Pat and his wife as a couple. Pat accepts the compliments hesitantly.
00:01:45 Pat reveals that he's been listening to Journey's Greatest Hits Vol. 2 all week. It uses the word "hits" loosely.
00:03:15 Rock Solid's Facebook page has reached the 500 follower mark!

Gary presents a very special edition of

The legendary unfinished Beach Boys album Smile was finally released this week. Gary plays the song "Vegetables," which reportedly has a percussively chomped-on carrot that was eaten by Paul McCartney.

"Is this The Wiggles?'"

- Pat, listening to Smile

After some hemming and hawing, Gary proclaims that the buzz for Smile is

00:13:00 The gang kicks off this week's topic, songs with a geographic name in the title, by playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Road Trippin" from Californiacation.
00:15:40 Pat starts it off appropriately with "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" from Billy Joel's 1976 album Turnstiles.
00:16:35 Gary forgot his phone, so we have to stop at "Van Nuys" - by Los Abandoned from Mix Tape.
00:18:55 Pat forgot his ATM card, so they have to stay in "California" - by Lenny Kravitz from Baptism. Gary applauds Pat's bravery for playing the over-criticized LK.

Gary now goes all the way over to Florida for Wayne Cochran (aka "The White Knight of Soul") "Going Back to Miami" from Get Down With it

Just look at that glorious bastard

Ed. note: I do not know how it is humanly possible that I have never seen or heard of this magnificent being before. Now that I know of The White Knight, For the first time in my life I feel that I am whole.


00:24:25 Jesus, Pat! He left his curling iron on, so we have to stay in "California" with The Casanovas - from the album All Night Long
00:26:40 Gary and That Dog takes us back to 1990s "Minneapolis" - from their album Retreat from the Sun.
00:30:30 Okay, we're all ready to go, right? What's that...? GODDAMN IT PAT!! You didn't stop the mail?!? Fine, here's "California" from The Awakening` by Melissa Ethridge.
00:33:15 Gary, (a man who actually has his shit together, Pat!) plays for us "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens from the appropriately named album C'mon, feel the Illinois.
00:35:50 Alright Pat, you have one last shot. What have you got? "California" from The Babies' album Head First? You, Patrick Francis, can go straight to "HELL!!
00:38:35 Gary pulls through again while others languish in the southwest. Here's "El Paso" from Hit by a train by The Old 97s
00:39:10 Guess what? Pat plays another fucking California song, this one is "California" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from the album Pat Is Playing Too Many California Songs (aka She's The One)


  • It's the 40th anniversary of Queen, so all of Queen CDs have been remastered. Plus, a sweet book titled Forty Years of Queen is now available for under $30.
00:42:35 Gary closes out with The Hold Steady song "Sequestered In Memphis" from Stay Positive.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:13:00 Road Trippin' Californiacation Red Hot Chili Peppers Pat
00:15:40 Say goodbye to Hollywood Turnstiles Billy Joel Pat
00:16:35 Van Nuys Mix Tape Los Abandoned Gary
00:18:55 California Baptism Lenny Kravitz Pat
00:21:30 Goin' Back to Miami Get Down With It Wayne Cochran Gary
00:24:25 California All Night Long The Cassanovas Pat
00:26:40 Minnesota Retreat from the sun That Dog Gary
00:30:30 California The Awakening Melissa Ethridge Pat
00:33:15 Chicago C'mon Feel the Illinoise Sufjan Stevens Gary
00:35:50 California Head First The Babies Pat
00:38:35 El Paso Hit By a Train The Old 97s Gary
00:39:10 California She's the one Tom Petty & the heartbreakers Pat
00:42:35 Sequestered In Memphis Stay Positive The Hold Steady Gary