Episode 014: Should Have Been Hits

Episode 014: Should Have Been Hits
In a perfect world, these songs would have topped the charts... at least according to Pat and Gary!

From October 13, 2011
00:01:20 Pat went to see Nick Lowe. The show was awesome, but, like at a lot of rock shows, the actual show didn't start until WAY after the time on the ticket. But, the show was good and he scored an autograph!
00:3:25 Gary acknowledges that it's Rocktober, but he also likes to get a jump on his taxes, so for him it's also H&R Blocktober.
00:04:15 Time for another "Not so great moment in hip hop history"
From 1998: Joe Pesci - "Wise Guy"

"What Is Your Rock Star Destiny" according to Tiger Beat Magazine

After a number of question, the results were:
  • Pat is a Selena Gomez
  • Matt is a Ke$ha
00:11:25 Pat started with the semi-super group Tinted Windows - "Can't Get a Read on You" from their self-titled album.
00:13:35 Gary kicks it off with what he calls the best song from 2005: Rilo Kiley - "Portions for Foxes" from More Adventurous
00:16:15 From 2007, Jesse Malin, formerly from D Generation, favors us with "Broken Radio" from Glitter in the Gutter featuring Bruce Springsteen.
00:18:20 Pat and Gary recreate the first interaction between Jesse and The Boss
00:20:00 In the late 90s this San Francisco group seemed like they would be the next Third Eye Blind, but they never took off. Creeper Lagoon - "Big Money Struggle" from Watering Ghost Garden
00:22:10 From 2006 the Gin Blossoms released their comeback album titled Major Lodge Victory and the single "Learning the Hard Way" Gary affectionately calls Pat the "Golden Retriever of music fans" due to his loyalty to groups who are past their popular peak.
00:24:25 Gary tries to shy away from willful obscurity, but this band is a little tough to track down. He calls them the Creeper Lagoon of the 80s, another San Francisco band that should have taken off: Yanks - "I Don't See Her Anymore"
00:26:55 Off of Pat's favorite albums from 2010 it's Bad City - "Take Me for a Ride" from Welcome to the Wasteland
00:29:50 In 2010, about the same time that Foster the People came out with "Pumped Up Kicks", The Limousines released the single "Very Busy People." Gary thinks that the wrong song became the big hit.
00:32:30 From Roger Daltrey's last proper solo album, Rocks in the Head, comes "Days of Light"
00:36:05 Gary's going all the way back to 1969 [ed. note: my brotha!] comes "the greatest song of all time" according to Gary: Bubble Puppy with "Hot Smoke & Sassafras" from A Gathering of Promises
00:38:45 From Chrissie Hynde comes JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys - "If You Let Me" which tells the story of Chrissie and JP's May-December romance.
chimes in on a similar subject: Sinead O'Connor looking for a boyfriend via Twitter.
00:44:40 Here's some Brit Pop from 1994: "King of the Kerb" from Echobelly's album On.
00:46:20 From the 1998 album Candy from a Stranger, "No Time for Waiting" from Soul Asylum
00:47:25 The boys pontificate on why Soul Asylum faded away while Bon Jovi still tours. Gary feels that David Pirner's hair was not a sustainable commodity.
00:49:20 This is a power pop guy who never broke through: Tommy Keene - "Places That Are Gone" from an album of the same name
00:51:25 Pat talke about Rooney a lot and for good reason. They make good music and they're underappreciated. Case in point: "I Can't Get Enough" from Eureka
00:53:05 Gary talks about the Digivangelist Christopher Coppola, brother of Nicolas Cage. In one of the episodes he talks about shooting a video for Rooney.
00:54:00 From 1977 comes an album much sought after by vinyl nerds: Van Duren with "Oh Babe" from Are You Serious?
00:55:30 Pat finishes up with Rockpile, a weird pseudo-band that featured Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Terry Williams and Billy Bremner. For years they couldn't record under their name, since both Nick and Dave where under solo contracts. Instead, they would record either Nick's or Dave's solo stuff. Finally in 1980 they released their one album under the Rockpile name titled Seconds of Pleasure. The single for which is "When I Write the Book"
00:58:25 To close out Pat plays The Bangles - "Annalee" from Sweetheart of the Sun
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:11:25 Can't Get a Read on you Tinted Windows Tinted Windows Pat
00:13:35 Portions for Foxes More Adventurous Rilo Kiley Gary
00:16:15 Broken Radio Glitter In the Gutter Jesse Malin Pat
00:20:00 Big Money Struggle Watering Ghost Garden Creeper Lagoon Gary
00:22:10 Learning the Hard Way Major Lodge Victory Gin Blossoms Pat
00:24:25 I Don't See Her Anymore Yanks Yanks Gary
00:26:55 Take Me for a Ride Welcome to the Wasteland Bad City Pat
00:29:50 Very Busy People The Limousines The Limousines Gary
00:32:30 Days of Light Rocks in the Head Roger Daltrey Pat
00:36:05 Hot Smoke & Sassafras A Gathering of Promises Bubble Puppy Gary
00:38:45 If You Let me JP, Chrissie and the Fairground boys Chrissie Hynde Pat
00:44:40 King of the Kerb On Echobelly Gary
00:46:20 No Time for Waiting Candy from a Stranger Soul Asylum Pat
00:49:20 Places That Are Gone Tommy Keene Tommy Keene Gary
00:51:25 I Can't Get Enough Eureka Rooney Pat
00:54:00 Oh Babe Are You Serious? Van Duren Gary
00:55:30 When I Write the Book Seconds of Pleasure Rockpile Pat
00:58:25 Annalee Sweetheart of the Sun The Bangles Pat