Episode 013: Rock Solid-opedia, Vol. A

Episode 013: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. A
Choice cuts from the "A" section of Pat & Gary's iTunes.

From October 6, 2011
00:00:00 It's Rock-Thirty, so it's time for Pat and Gary.

Gary gives the answers to last week's Name That Solo contest:

  • AC/DC - "Highway to Hell"
  • Thin Lizzy - "Boys Are Back In Town"
  • The Pixies - "Monkeys Gone To Heaven"
  • Steely Dan - "Reeling in the Years"
  • Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain"
  • Pat Benetar - "Shadows of the Night"
  • Weezer - "Buddy Holly"

Another "Not So Great Moments in Hip Hop History."

Ed McMahon singing the Free Credit Score Rap. So sad.

"It's hard out there for a gimp.'"

- Pat commenting on Ed M's skillz

Game time


The Letter "A" Quiz


•  She sold 12 million copies of her debut album Songs In A Minor.  Show answer

•  In ABBA, what do either one of the A's stand for?  Show answer

•  Kenny Loggins inspired by the work by A.A. Milne?  Show answer

•  Carrie Underwood sang what Heart song during American Idol?  Show answer

•  The hometown of Crissie Hynde and Devo?  Show answer

•  In the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs' song "MAPS", what does the A stand for?  Show answer

00:10:30 Gary's first entry is some unapologetic grungy fun: Arches of Loaf - "Web In Front" (from Icky Loaf)
00:11:45 Pat kicks it off with American Hi-fi - "Flavor of the Week" from their self-titled debut album.
00:13:30 Gary feels that bands like American Hi-fi or Blink 182 should believe and belt out their melodies more. The Boss stops by to demonstrate how it's done.
00:13:45 Gary's next song has it all: pirate costumes, native American war paint, kookiness: Adam and the Ants - "Beat Our Guest" from Antics in the Forbidden Zone.
00:15:55 In Australia this band in called The Angels, but in God's Country (USA! USA! USA!) they're called Angel City - "Take A long line" from Face to Face

Gary had SOOOOOO many "A" artists that we wanted to play that he had to have a separate ceremony in the backroom of the Menchies in Encino. The turnout was disappointing, but he still wanted to play some of the highlights :

  • Award for Best Song by a Band Whose Greatness is Kinda Hard To Get Across in Just One Song: American Music Club - "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
  • Award for Best Song by a Band Who, If They Were The Subject of a Biopic, The Lead Singer Would Almost Certainly be Played by Patton Oswalt: Accept - "Balls To the Wall"
  • Best Jackie Chan Tribute: Ash - "Kung Fu"
00:20:55 Gary follows up with The Auteurs - "Showgirl" from New Wave
00:22:38 Pat serves us up some Fiona Apple - "Get Him Back" from Extraordinary Machine.

Gary hates this song. It's part of the Yacht Rock that Gary called Cuckold Rock, about wussy guys being wussies about being wronged. It's Ace with "How Long" from Five-A-Side.


Other offenders include:

00:28:30 Pat first heard this song during a promo for the show One Tree Hill. It got stuck in his head and now he's sharing it with us. Augustana - "Boston" from All the Stars and Boulevards
00:30:00 Gary shares another badly named band. Athenaeum - "What I Didn't Know" from Radiance
00:32:00 Before he took a puss pill, Pat liked Brian Adams - "Lonely Nights" from You want it you got it.

Gary checks back in with the ceremony at Menchies to see what's going on:

  • Best Song by a Properly Names Emo Band: The Academy Is - "About A Girl" from Fast Times at Barrington High
  • Best Drinking Song that will Make You Never Want to Drink Again: Azure Ray - "The Drinks We Drank Last Night" from Hold On Love
  • Best Band Named After a Middle Eastern Political Party or a Crocheted Hair Piece: The Afghan Whigs - "Gentlemen" from Gentlemen
00:36:05 Gary's digging this band right now, because they have something in common: they both have no musical ability. It's Art Brute - "Direct Hit" from It's a Bit Complicated.
00:38:10 StarchildPaul Stanley comes by to discuss why he's not as entrepreneurial as Gene Simmons.
00:39:00 Country and Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Trace Adkins sings a song that makes Pat cry like a little BITCH! Whoa, sorry! I channeled my inner frat boy there for a second. It's "You're gonna miss this" from American Man.
00:42:00 After Pat's trip to Bummertown, we take a lighter hearted detour with The Avalanches - "Since I Left You" from an album of the same name.
00:43:20 Pat turns to the bad boys from Boston: Aerosmith - "Lightning Strikes" from their underappreciated album Rock and a hard place.
00:45:15 Gary's next song is Jon Auer's cover of "Green Eyes" from the album 6 1/2
00:46:55 Pat's next song is a track by the "supergroup" Asia - "Finger on the Trigger" from Omega
00:49:00 It's like the old saying goes, you never forget your first. This was Gary's' first digital download from a music blog. It's Arkansas' Ashtray Babyhead - "Bomb" from the album Radio
00:51:10 Pat takes it on home with AC/DC - "Anything Goes" from Black Ice

Gary closes out the ceremony at Menchies:

  • Best 80s Pop Nugget by a Scotish and/or Austrailian Band - Male Vocalist: Aztec Camera - "Oblivious" from the album High Land, Hard Rain
  • Best 80s Pop Nugget by a Scotish and/or Austrailian Band - Female Vocalist: Altered Images - "I could be happy" from Pinky Blue
  • Best Electronic Album for People Who Think They Don't Like Electronic Music: Air - "Moon Safari" from an album of the same name
  • The Fruit and Fiber Lifetime Achievement Award: The Apples In Stereo
00:57:05 The boys end the show with "For Now" from the broadway show Avenue Q
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:30 Web in front Icky Loaf Arches of loaf Gary
00:11:45 Flavor of the Week American Hi-Fi American Hi-Fi Pat
00:13:45 Beat our guests Antics in the Forbidden Zone Adam and the ants Gary
00:15:55 Take a long line Face to Face Angel City Pat
00:18:00 Johnny Mathis' Feet Mercury American Music Club Gary
00:18:00 Balls to the wall Balls to the wall Accept Gary
00:18:00 Kung Fu 1977 Ash Gary
00:20:55 Showgirl New Wave The Auteurs Gary
00:22:38 Get Him Back Extraordinary Machine Fiona Apple Pat
00:24:50 How Long Five-A-Side Ace Gary
00:28:30 Boston All The start and boulevards Augustana Pat
00:30:00 What I didn't know Radiance Athenaeum Gary
00:32:00 Lonely Nights You want it, you got it Brian Adams Pat
00:34:20 About a girl fast times at barrington Hight The academy is Gary
00:34:20 The drinks we drank last night hold on love Azure ray gary
00:34:20 Gentlemen Gentlemen Afghan Whigs Gary
00:36:05 Direct Hit It's a bit complicated Art Brute Gary
00:39:00 You're gonna miss this American Man Trace Adkins Pat
00:42:00 Since I left You Since I left You The Avalanches Gary
00:43:20 Lightning Strikes Rock and a hard place Aerosmith Pat
00:45:15 green eyes 6 ½ Jon Auer Gary
00:46:55 Finger on the trigger Omega Asia Pat
00:49:00 Bomb Radio Ashtray Babyhead Gary
00:51:10 Anything goes black Ice AC/CD Pat
00:53:50 Oblivious High land, hard rain Aztec camera Gary
00:53:50 I could be happy pinky blue altered images gary
00:53:50 moon safari moon safari air gary
00:53:50 The apples in Stereo gary
00:57:05 for now The original broadway cast Avenue Q Gary