Episode 012: Going Solo

Episode 012: Going Solo
What's the number one reason bands break up? Solo albums! Pat and Gary discuss their favorites.

From September 29, 2011
00:00:00 Pat and Gary try some stage patter.
00:01:15 Gary appeared on the great On The Page podcast, which is hosted by Pat's lovely and talented wife Pilar Alessandra.
00:01:30 Gary was infected by the Salena Gomez bug while listening to some Top 40 radio. He's mesmerized by her hit "Love Song."
00:04:50 As a topic appetizer, Pat plays the English and Spanish version of Diamond David Lee Roth's "Yankee Rose." Dave recorded a version of Crazy From The Heat in both languages.
00:09:50 Pat leads with Joey Ramones' posthumously released album Don't Worry About Me ("Squakbox")
00:11:50 Gary counters with Frank Black's second post-Pixies album Teenager of the year ("Headache").
00:13:20 Pat: In 1980 Barry Goudreau, the rhythm guitarist from Boston released a self-titled album that only barely counts as a solo effort, because he use Boston's singer and drummer to play on the album. ("Dreams" and "Hard Luck")
"That's more Boston than that movie 'The Fighter'.'"

- Gary
00:16:20 Gary: Former child actor Jenny Lewis, of popular L.A. band Rilo Kiley, released Rabbit Fur Coat.
00:19:45 Pat: During a time of turmoil, when the Rolling Stones weren't really talking to each other, Keith Richards released Talk Is Cheap with the song "How I Wish"
00:21:55 Gary: Another older fella is Lindsey Buckingham. He released a solo album in 2011 titled The Seeds We Sow ("That's The Way Love Goes"). Pat also endorses Lindsey's album Gift Of Screws
00:24:20 One of Pat's favorite albums from 2010 is The Killers' Brandon Flowers effort Flamingo ("Jilted Lovers And Broken Heart" and "Was It Something I Said")
00:26:40 Pat and Gary talk about their respective experiences witnessing marriage proposals at concerts (at Bon Jovi and The Bird & The Bee shows, respectively). They agree that public, spectacle proposals are lame.
00:28:10 Gary talks about a weasley guy on Millionaire Matchmaker who wants twin baby girls. Click here to see his audition. He finally mentions the twin baby girls right before the end.
00:30:10 Gary shares Fred Schneider's solo album, which was a huge departure from his usual B-52s fare (ed. note: do you smell that? It's fresh irony). Fred Schneider and the Shake Society - "Monster"

Pat doesn't like the J. Geils Band, but he loves Peter Wolfe's solo stuff, including "Tragedy" and "I don't want to know" from Midnight Souvenirs.

Gary shares an interesting side note: his first concert was The J. Geils Band with special guest U2.

00:36:50 According to Gary, for record nerds the holy trinity of solo albums is Ore by Skip Spence, I Am The Cosmos by Chris Bell and Pacific Ocean Blue by Dennis Wilson ("The River Song")
00:40:25 Pat's favorite Kiss solo album is Ace Freely's. Peter Kriss' is awful.
00:41:40 Gary's favorite Beatles solo album is Paul McCartney's Ram ("Too Many People").

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Pat Recommends

00:46:48 Gary's new sign-off: "Rock n roll is good-time music. Why don't you listen to it?"
00:46:55 Gary closed out the show with Morrissey's "First of the gang to die" from the album You are the quarry.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:01:30 Love Song Salena Gomez
00:04:50 Yankee Song Crazy from the heat David Lee Roth
00:09:50 Squakbox Don't Worry about me Joey Ramone Pat
00:11:50 Headache Teenager of the year Frank Black Gary
00:13:20 Dreams Barry Goudreau Barry Goudreau Pat
00:13:20 Hard Luck Barry Goudreau Barry Goudreau Pat
00:16:20 Rabbit Fur Coat Jenny Lewis Gary
00:19:45 How I Wish Talk is Cheap Keith Richards Pat
00:21:55 That's thw way love goes The seeds we sow lindsey buckingham gary
00:24:20 Jilted lovers and broken hearts Flamingo brandon Flowers pat
00:24:20 Was it something i said Flamingo brandon Flowers Pat
00:30:10 Monster Fred Schneider and the Shake Society Fred Schneider Gary
00:32:40 Tragedy Midnight Souvenirs Peter Wolfe Pat
00:32:40 I don't what to know Midnight Souvenirs Peter Wolfe Pat
00:36:50 The River Song Pacific Ocean Blue Dennis Wilson Gary
00:41:40 Too Many People Ram Paul McCartney Gary
00:46:55 First of the Gang to die You are the quarry Morrissey Gary