Episode 009: Rock Solid-opedia Vol. Z

Episode 009: Rock Solid-opedia Volume Z
Choice cuts from the "Z" section of Pat & Gary's iTunes.

From September 8, 2011

00:00:00 "Bruce Springsteen" starts off the show with a poorly executed knock-knock joke.
00:01:40 Pat picked up London Calling based on Gary's recommendation from Episode 008. He's now a Clash convert

Pat thinks that The Clash's Sandinista should be cut down significantly. "Bruce" does a mini count off to count the number of track on the album.

00:02:30 Pat suggests that all of the sad parts of The Who's Tommy could be cut out to make it a happy story. It'd be called Tom!
00:03:15 Gary shares Glen Campbell's cover of "Hold On Hope" by Guided By Voices. He recommends the entire album Ghost On the canvas.

One of the show topic suggestions that fans have given is "When good artists do bad songs." Pat came up with two while working on this episode:

  • Joan Jett rapping on "Black Leather"
  • REO Speedwagon doing a reggae version of "Keep on loving you"
"I'm ch-ch-ch-cherry bummed.'"

- Gary, commenting on the Joan Jett song
00:10:50 Gary kicks off the first Rock Solid-opedia with Philadelphia's Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer. Gary plays "This was All a bad idea."

Pat heard this song in a record store and thought it was Mick Jaggar. It was actually Billy Corgan's band Zwan ("Honestly"). This was Zwan's only album, which led Pat to call this album their Zwan song. This elicits a Rock Solid Thumbs Down from

The Silent Partner!

00:14:15 One of Gary's favorite obscure nuggets is The Zulus with "I Cant wait to tell you the news"
00:16:40 Pat goes obvious with ZZ Top ("Tush"). He talks about ZZ Top's obsession with sex, the subject of ALL of their songs.
00:18:40 Gary plays the non-hair metal 80s band Zebra - "Tell Me what you want". Pat then reveals that his next song was ALSO Zebra. That's a Rock Solid-oincidence, friends!
00:21:30 Gary tells the tale of Zapp, a five piece 70s funk band. The initial modest success led a "too much too soon" downward spiral, cuminating in a murder/suicide involving two members of the band. Gary plays their most influencial song "more bounce to the ounce" which was the precursor to the West Coast G-Funk sound.
00:24:45 Pat, unsurpisingly, plays some Robin Zander - "Reactionary Girl"
00:27:05 According to Gary, this is the record you need to get: The Zombies - Oddessy And Oracle. He plays the lovely "This will be our year"
00:29:20 Gary gives away Patton Oswalt's entertaining book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland. Check it out, fools!
00:30:40 In another Rock Solid-oincidence, Pat's next pick was also The Zombies - "She's not there"
00:32:45 Gary: Before The New Pornographers, Carl Newman was in the Burt Bacharach influenced Zumpano - "oh that atkinson girl"
00:35:10 Pat plays some Zappa! Dweezel Zappa, that is. He plays "My Guitar Wants to kill you mamma"
00:36:25 Gary breaches the Zappa subject. Both he and Pat do not get Frank Zappa (ed. note: amen to that, brother!). Gary feels that he had a contempt for the listener.
00:37:45 Pat next choice is Warren Zevon - "I was in the house when the house burned down" from Life will kill you.
00:39:30 Pat gives away a digital copy of The Foo Fighter's Wasting Light.
00:37:45 Gary closes out the show with some more of The Zombies - Care of Cell 44
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:03:15 Hold On Hope Ghost on the canvas Glen Campbell Gary
00:06:25 Black Leather Good Music Joan Jett Pat
00:06:25 Keep on loving you '89 REO Speedwagon Pat
00:10:50 This was All a bad idea The Popsicle eP Zolof the rock & roll destroyer gary
00:12:20 Honestly Mary star of the sea zwan pat
00:14:15 I can't wait to tell you the news Down on the floor The zulus Gary
00:16:40 Tush Fandango! ZZ Top Pat
00:18:40 Tell me what you want Zebra Zebra Gary
00:21:30 More bounce to the ounce Zapp Zapp Gary
00:24:45 Reactionary Girl Robin Zander Robin Zander Pat
00:27:05 This will be our year Odessey and Oracle The Zombies Gary
00:30:40 She's not there Begin here The Zombies Pat
00:32:45 Oh that atkinson girl Look what the rookie did Zumpano Gary
00:35:10 My guitar wants to kill your momma My guitar wants to kill your momma Dweezel zappa pat
00:37:45 I was in the house when the house burned down Life'll kill ya Warren zevon Pat
00:40:45 Care of Cell 44 Odessey and Oracle The Zombies Gary