Episode 003: CD Force Feed

Episode 003: CD Force Feed
Pat and Gary "force feed" each other CDs from their opposing genres. Will the guys spit out these strange new tastes, or will there be a "Mikey likes it" moment?
From July 28, 2011

00:00:00 Gary tries out a new sign-on: "one-two, one-two, you don't stop"
00:01:00 Rock Solid is getting great reviews and a general outpouring of love.
Gary challenges Pat to a "Van Halen Spoken Word Quiz" where Pat has to identify the song in which Diamond David Lee Roth does a spoken word interjection. Pat DOMINATES!

• "I reach down between my legs, ease the seat back" Show answer
• "I brought my pencil!" Show answer
• "One break, coming up!" Show answer
• "I like the way the line runs up the back of those stockings" Show answer
• "Have you seen junior's grades?" Show answer
00:04:10 Pat gave Gary the latest Cars album called Move Like This and Gary gave Pat Brothers by The Black Keys.
00:04:37 Pat thinks the Brothers album "is for trust-fund hipsters." Gary is incredulous.
00:04:45 Pat had a hard time getting past the "look how clever and cute we are" album cover. Gary informs Pat this won the the Grammy for best packaging and is an homage to an album by Howlin' Wolf.
00:11:30 Once Pat gets home he will delete the album from his iTunes. Gary sounds aghast.
00:12:15 Gary feels he should have gone first, because he felt that The Cars new album is "not too shabby." He doesn't understand why The Cars broke up, since "no one [in The Cars] did anything [of merit.]" Pat points out that Rick Okasic made six solo albums. Gary doesn't seem impressed.
00:15:25 Gary was going to give the album his full recommendation of "full buffet," but in light of Pat's scathing comments about Brothers, he will give The Cars album "a la carte."
00:16:20 Gary says that people may wonder why go through this exercise? He counters "do you just want to get by or do you want to flourish [by expanding your horizons]?"
00:17:40 They both agree that "Sad Song" from The Cars album is tasty.
00:22:00 The boys triy to review The Foo Fighters album is titled Wasting Light, but they don't actually have the album handy. Whoops! Instead Gary shares some Dave Grohl stories.
"Yeah, that was the best part of Thor: the end.'"

- Gary Lucy
00:28:05 Pat tells a story of meeting Taylor Hawkins at a gas station. Fist bumps were exchanged.
00:30:20 Gary's favorite Foo Fighters song is the acoustic version of "Monkey Wrench."
00:33:50 Pat: "iTunes is the greatest and worst thing to happen to music."
00:34:25 Pat reviews new releases:
  • Kelly Rowland - Here I am
  • Joss Stone - LP1
  • America - My Back Pages (covers album)
  • Aretha Franklin - 30 Greatest Hits
  • The Blues Brothers on Blue Ray

Gary tries his latest sign-off: "Grease for peace!"

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:06:30 Tighten Up Brothers The Black Keys Pat
00:17:40 Sad Songs Move Like This The Cars Gary
00:38:10 Get Away Yuck Yuck Gary